What if the UNIVERSAL Logo was REAL?

  • Publicado el 24 sep 2023
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    What would happen if the Universal Studios logo ACTUALLY appeared in orbit above earth? In this video Wren takes you along on a journey to find out!
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    Chapters ►
    00:00 What Would Happen if the Universal Logo was Real?
    02:05 The Challenge of Recreating the Logo
    02:55 How it Would Look, Depending on Where you Are
    04:48 Calculating the Core Physics
    07:01 Calculating the Gravitational Forces
    08:27 Our Hero, Scott Manley Explains All
    11:06 Could the Logo Lift You Off the Ground?
    11:54 The True Chaos that Would Ensue
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  • SmarterEveryDay
    SmarterEveryDay Hace 3 meses +5717

    This was a fun thought experiment. I think you’d enjoy the book “Seven Eves” for many many reasons.

    • CarBENbased
      CarBENbased Hace 3 meses +73

      Hey Destin! Pretty cool to catch you over here on Corridor Crew!

    • Mark
      Mark Hace 3 meses +43

      An extremely fun book with one heck of an acid trip for a third act.

    • WastedDad
      WastedDad Hace 3 meses +25

      This is proof destin has been using cgi and all his experiments are fake! Lol just kidding

    • Steffko
      Steffko Hace 3 meses +17

      Yes! Another book that popped into my head was "The Three Body Problem" by the Chinese writer Liu Cixin. Also very interesting and fun to think about!

    • Ben Reyes
      Ben Reyes Hace 3 meses +9

      Destin! It would be awesome to see a cross over with you and Wren!

  • General Jellyfish114
    General Jellyfish114 Hace 2 meses +2018

    I legitimately want you guys to try to pitch this movie idea to Universal Studios.

  • Corridor Crew
    Corridor Crew  Hace 2 meses +2259

    FINALLY FIXED!!!! ESclips Editor glitched out and this video was unlisted for a bit. It's all back and fixed now, thanks for being patient. Enjoy the show!

  • Joe Lewis
    Joe Lewis Hace 2 meses +416

    I can say with certainty that the Universal Logo that was introduced about 25 years ago or so was made of Solid Brass - about 1.25 inches thick. I made them for the design studio that was commissioned to create the new Universal opening. I used a company that had a Wire EDM machine (Electro Discharge Machining) to cut the letters into separate pieces. It was shot with a motor control camera system that "flew" the letters in one by one , with the proper offset to give the proper spacing for the letters. I would assume that the letters are now on some execs office at Universal . . they were each very heavy !

    • mrkrazy_king
      mrkrazy_king Hace 2 meses +5


    • Rhettorical
      Rhettorical Hace un mes +28

      So it would be a lot lighter in total, but if it ends up melting, doesn't brass give off toxic fumes when it melts? I wonder what impact that would have.

    • PrimeTF
      PrimeTF Hace un mes +19

      I'm gonna assume you're talking about the 1990 logo that was a complex rig before they switched to CGI.

    • Zacabeb
      Zacabeb Hace un mes +22

      There's a fun story about the opening titles for Waterworld. The concept in those titles is that the Universal logo appears as normal, then the Universal text fades out and the camera starts descending towards Earth while the oceans flood the continents. The VFX company hired to do the opening titles, PSF, assumed that the then current Universal logo (mid-90s) had been done with CGI and asked for the assets to be sent over. They did get the assets sent over - a 4-foot globe encased in a wooden crate.
      In the end they had to recreate the Earth and surrounding space elements from scratch, with the Universal text carefully rotoed and composited in from a scan of the existing optical title elements.

    • HauntedPancake
      HauntedPancake Hace 19 días +2

      @Zacabeb PSF: "Yup, 4ft box. Takes up a lot of (1995) harddisks". 🤣

  • Aasim Yousaf
    Aasim Yousaf Hace 2 meses +437

    Your videos are so good that I'm prepared to watch them even when the audio is completely out of sync 😂😂

    • Nyshal
      Nyshal Hace 2 meses +45

      My god, I thought I was the only one having this out of sync audio issue since I couldn't find any comments about it 😂

    • Bagenius
      Bagenius Hace 2 meses +20

      I started watching it last night. There was a clip right before the Corridor logo pops up where you can see the logo moving in the sky. I think ESclips cut the video part out for copyright reasons.

    • blake wilson
      blake wilson Hace 2 meses +6

      Jesus Christ, I was trying to find my computers audio problem the whole time!! thank you

    • Infinity Edits
      Infinity Edits Hace 2 meses +1

      lmao i thought i was the only one having this issue

    • Zack Miller
      Zack Miller Hace 2 meses +2

      I love wren but this was hard to watch 😅

  • Absolute Foot
    Absolute Foot Hace 3 meses +2480

    Such a niche concept, yet so _universally_ epic

  • eamonia
    eamonia Hace 2 meses +61

    Dude, you just got so many kids interested in space because of this. I've been into Scott Manley, Marcus House, Fraser Cain, Felix Schlang Joe Scott, Sabine Hossenfelder etc. for years and I'm pretty sure you may have single handedly influenced hundreds of young minds to shape out future. Rock 'n' roll, Wrenski...

  • Joe Lewis
    Joe Lewis Hace un mes +20

    The Solid Brass Logo that I fabricated for the Universal Studios Logo, was for a company I believe called Studio Effects - they had also been part of the refresh for the Paramount Studios Movie Introduction . This was shot at a facility called the Chandler Stages located in the Marina Del Rey area of LA, where they had the large Motion Control Cameras System that shot the Letters as separate elements. If there was any CGI it would have been in the very early days of Digital Compositing - but that was in post production which I had no involvement.

  • RoyalBurger
    RoyalBurger Hace 2 meses +28

    I would love to see a movie about the universal logo and have references to all the other movies they made

  • WolfRevo
    WolfRevo Hace 3 meses +41

    Seeing you together with Scott Manley in both of your videos really made one of the best cross over experiences for me I ever had ❤

  • Anthony Robertson
    Anthony Robertson Hace 2 meses +14

    I appreciate how you clipped the movie Another Earth in this video! It's always cool to see perhaps lesser known stuff getting some attention!

    CYGNIUS Hace 3 meses +1594

    *I think Wren and Michael from Vsauce should start a channel that focuses on stuff like this. I'd watch every second.*

  • RageKivi
    RageKivi Hace 3 meses +17

    So cool seeing two youtube personalities that I watch separately collaberate together - love it !

  • Posting7
    Posting7 Hace 3 meses +12

    Please make more of the concept/ what if/ size comparison vids!!!

  • ShaeisGae
    ShaeisGae Hace un mes +3

    Love how Wren managed to turn this insane world ending scenario into something wholesome at the end

  • BarlowFilms
    BarlowFilms Hace 2 meses +21

    Wren's videos are always my favorite. Science and space are my spirit animals!

  • Zeus
    Zeus Hace 2 meses +31

    You guys make some of the best videos out there, somehow flipping apocalyptic cataclysms into hopeful and optimistic sci fi. I love it and can't wait for more!

  • Wyatt Rose
    Wyatt Rose Hace 3 meses +942

    This is a question I’ve never asked, but I in fact never knew I needed the answer to. Thank you Wren for reporting only the highest of intellectual questions!

    • Jess_Marie_G
      Jess_Marie_G Hace 3 meses +5


    • Warren Badial
      Warren Badial Hace 3 meses +3

      I know right man

    • TylerC161
      TylerC161 Hace 3 meses +3

      Dude right? This was awesome to think about. Especially when he went into the fact another object would be in space looking back at us; this was running through my head as soon as we got started - especially since that's how our moon was formed.

    • Wren
      Wren Hace 3 meses +2

      -Lol you're welcome-
      But yes, same.

    • SuperQuesty
      SuperQuesty Hace 2 meses +4


  • MetaBallStudios
    MetaBallStudios Hace 3 meses +67

    I am glad that my video has helped you in some way in your project.

    • Justin Matthew Menorca
      Justin Matthew Menorca Hace 3 meses +3

      Oh hello! I loved that Universal logo video and I loved it. I also love your channel.

    • Leafrin
      Leafrin Hace 2 meses +5

      Goated content.

    • Hugo Ortiz
      Hugo Ortiz Hace 2 meses +2

      Santos bacalaos, ¡es el jefe!

  • Chaos Builder
    Chaos Builder Hace 2 meses +12

    Honestly that would be an awesome movie. I hope someone makes an actual movie like that

    • Garblo Jones
      Garblo Jones Hace 2 meses

      It was a little bit of a joke because it sort of IS a movie (not the universal logo bit, but the ending bit about there being another earth) and it wasn't put out by universal. It's called "Another Earth" and it's actually quite good!

  • 21centdregs
    21centdregs Hace un mes +1

    excellent stuff. would love to see more science/tech focused episodes from you guys

  • Thomas Grimm
    Thomas Grimm Hace 3 meses +13

    Hats off to Scott for making it to Corridor Crew. You are about to get famous.

  • Jeff Myers
    Jeff Myers Hace 2 meses +7

    Would love to see a video on the visual effects of studio film logos

  • mailmanonfire
    mailmanonfire Hace 3 meses +448

    Wren seems like the person who could be friends with literally anyone. Seems like a great guy

    • J.J. Hazy
      J.J. Hazy Hace 3 meses +9

      He seems like a guy who's cool on camera but in reality is cool

  • jgrywacheski
    jgrywacheski Hace 3 meses +26

    Wren is so engrained in the digital world that he pronounces equator as if it's short form for electronic quator.

  • Sam
    Sam Hace 2 meses +5

    I think this is one of the best vids you guys have done. That was so interesting I want more!

  • Green&Gold Highlights
    Green&Gold Highlights Hace 2 meses +5

    This is my fav series. Always wished wren did more of these. But the audio being so bad, i cant do it.

  • Rainestorm Entertainment
    Rainestorm Entertainment Hace 12 días

    When I first saw this logo I was pretty close to the screen and I found it pretty terrifying. My friends and family made fun of me but I feel so vindicated now ❤

  • Merennulli
    Merennulli Hace un mes +1

    I know your scenario was using some magic force to keep the logo (generally) in place, but it would be fun to see it play out all the way. The logo is well within the Roche limit so it would be ripped apart and rain down on Earth, but as it did, it would also fall closer to Earth and have greater gravitational impact as the center of the letters mass descended. There would be a point where the remnants of the letters would have greater local gravitational pull than the Earth from the surface of Earth, though it would probably be VERY brief. Of course, that one's not so easy of a calculation. You might have to get Scott to take over the spreadsheet at that point.

  • Squidward Tentacles
    Squidward Tentacles Hace 3 meses +464

    Imagine having a friend like Wren. There'll never be dull moments.

  • Genesis Massey
    Genesis Massey Hace 2 meses +6

    A movie about the universal logo would be funny. Such a niche concept, yet so universally epic.

  • Hello344
    Hello344 Hace 2 meses

    What an amazing content. And I didn’t even needed to pay for watching it. You guys are awesome

  • salim prajapati
    salim prajapati Hace un mes

    great video Wren. but i think you should do these crazy ideas videos more often.

  • Max Shepard
    Max Shepard Hace 3 meses +1

    I really liked the plot idea at the end. Great video!

  • Noah Reed
    Noah Reed Hace 15 días

    you are a very underrated youtuber ill be watching your videos alot more, i didnt even know you existed but thanks for making this its very entertaining!

  • jove Dutch
    jove Dutch Hace 3 meses +5674

    A movie about the universal logo would be funny
    Edit: does this mean I'm famous now? Maybe my dad will finally come back with the milk now

      UNIT GAMEX Hace 3 meses +40


    • HOT CAT
      HOT CAT Hace 3 meses +20

      A move?

    • jove Dutch
      jove Dutch Hace 3 meses +88

      @HOT CAT shhhhhht I already corrected it 😂

    • Brian Sadler
      Brian Sadler Hace 3 meses +13

      *could be funny

    • urbanshadow777
      urbanshadow777 Hace 3 meses +37

      Only through the movie scientists are debating if its natural or aliens but what they don't know is its the universal logo till the very end of the film.

  • Borkosaurus
    Borkosaurus Hace 18 días

    Love scott, such an enjoyable guy

  • magmatron 07
    magmatron 07 Hace 14 días

    @CorridorCrew I think it’s great that you chose platinum as the main material of the letters for aesthetic purposes, but can solid platinum hold its density without collapsing into a black hole? The heaviest element a star fuses before it collapses into itself is iron, and platinum is way heavier than iron, so I was just wondering if the letters might all spontaneously become black holes.

  • Satish Pillai
    Satish Pillai Hace un mes

    Very idea of the logo coming into real life scenario was just brilliantly awesome, and the process steps trying to figure out the mass n gravity is mind bending, very inspiring 😊 love u guys the entire corridor crew 👏👏👏👏

  • Rishu Kesarwani
    Rishu Kesarwani Hace 2 meses

    This was the smartest and funny science experiment on the internet
    Love your efforts

  • pippo baudo
    pippo baudo Hace 18 días

    never in my 23 years of life i imagined the universal logo to be real in a disaster movie way, Wren never lose your imagination, you just made me happier with it in the first 20 seconds of this video

  • SIMIskits
    SIMIskits Hace 3 meses +927

    Wren is genuinely the greatest asset Corridor has. Seems like he constantly has ideas for interesting videos and they all convey his vision and the points of the videos perfectly.

    • 949 0867
      949 0867 Hace 3 meses +28

      Wren was one of their first hires way back and has always been a great addition to the team.

    • Flo-tography
      Flo-tography Hace 3 meses +1

      Ya go wren!!

    • Michael Lacey
      Michael Lacey Hace 3 meses +1


    • Steeljaw XXI
      Steeljaw XXI Hace 3 meses +1

      Most people ask "Why" or "Why not?" Wren is like the drive thru lady in "Dude, Where's My Car."
      What if the Universal logo was real?
      Wren: "And then?"
      Scientifically what would that mean?
      Wren: "And then?"
      Uh....what's the worst case scenario of this?
      Wren:" . . . . . And.......THEN??????"
      That's the video?
      Wren: "And then?????"

    • Colonel Corn
      Colonel Corn Hace 3 meses

      @Steeljaw XXI Everyone is asking "Why" is Wren, we should all be asking "How" is Wren.

  • Rolly Buendia
    Rolly Buendia Hace 29 días +1

    This video is so U N I V E R S A L !!! 🌍🌎🌏 From analyzing, math and what ifs, so aesthetically great job done! 🤩👏 Hands down to the Corridor Crew! New fan from the Philippines! 🇵🇭❤️

  • Damien Krawczuk
    Damien Krawczuk Hace 3 meses

    Oh gosh I've imagined and wondered this for decades, a incredibly entertaining watch

  • Conker V 809
    Conker V 809 Hace 2 meses +1

    I love how curious and passionate Wren is 😊

  • Carboy45
    Carboy45 Hace 2 meses

    I never would've thought i would want to see a movie about the universal logo so much 😂

  • Art
    Art Hace 3 meses +551

    This episode is definitely a testament to why science fiction is so damn compelling as a genre

    • Doremi Fasolatido
      Doremi Fasolatido Hace 3 meses +3

      I hate this planet.

    • PoggersFloppa
      PoggersFloppa Hace 3 meses +19

      @Doremi Fasolatido then stop being on it

    • Vladimir Irkhin
      Vladimir Irkhin Hace 3 meses +7

      ​@PoggersFloppa"I don't want to live on this planet anymore"

    • [F-22]
      [F-22] Hace 2 meses +3

      @Vladimir Irkhin i live on mars

  • Ckretlow
    Ckretlow Hace 3 meses +2

    Bro that would be so dope if they did this, like a panoramic view down to the surface of Earth at all the people looking up at these giant letters that appeared outta nowhere, that would be incredibly meta and I would absolutely watch it

  • SimonSaysRetroGame
    SimonSaysRetroGame Hace 3 meses +8

    Great video! Just a thought: wouldn’t the vector-math-cancellation of opposite forces only work if the letters on both side are of equal mass? For example, the ‘i’ in universal would probably have less mass than ‘s’ on the opposite side. So there maybe some more chaos! Haven’t watched Scott’s video yet, so maybe it’s addressed there.

    • xXxShadow2xXx
      xXxShadow2xXx Hace 5 días

      unrelated, but your pfp screams: HELLO INTERNET WELCOME TO GAME THEORY

  • BuzzyBees
    BuzzyBees Hace un mes

    That would be such a good movie. I'd pay a hundred dollars to see it, maybe more

  • Kainui Penaloza
    Kainui Penaloza Hace un mes

    I love seeing them making other videos during this video because it’s so weird without context

  • Eric Derickson
    Eric Derickson Hace 3 meses +111

    Wren and Scott Manley; the crossover I didn't know I needed. Thanks guys!

    • Anna Aira Hála
      Anna Aira Hála Hace 3 meses +7

      I saw both show up on my subscriber feed and my first thought was that they happened to have the same idea at the same time before I realized it was a collab...

      EAT👏THE👏RICH Hace 3 meses +5

      ​@Anna Aira Hálasame haha I was convinced it was an amazing coincidence

  • James
    James Hace 3 meses

    Cool video! The book Seveneves has a similar plot to this. It’s well worth a read.

  • Andrew Young
    Andrew Young Hace 3 meses +4

    Gotta love Wren explaining, in detail, complicated subject matter and yet can't read the sign "DO NOT GO ONTO ROOF UNLESS ITS EMERGENCY"

  • The Red Fox
    The Red Fox Hace 2 meses

    Hi, all of these visual effects are awesome! I'm only eleven but I think it would be really cool if I started doing stuff like this. I just don't know what software you use and how to even do anything. great video! I just wish I was able to make stuff like this. What software do you use to create and render stuff like this?

  • Krimzon
    Krimzon Hace 3 meses

    Wren is a very creative presenter I'm sure he would be a great teacher.

  • sk1
    sk1 Hace 2 meses

    Even after like 20 years or so. I still always feel like the earth will turn into a rim every single time the intro is featured in a movie. (2F2F if you don’t know)

  • Jérémie Stern
    Jérémie Stern Hace 3 meses +201

    I love how everyone is coordinating to turn on the lights every time the letters cast a shadow

    • TheRealAlpha2
      TheRealAlpha2 Hace 3 meses +15

      I'm just imagining millions of light sensors going crazy. That's why the logo goes around the night time size of the planet, to be more courteous.

  • Jonny Ray
    Jonny Ray Hace 3 meses

    Wow! This video is so much better than I even expected. I really appriciate the science.

  • Sophia Wasylinko
    Sophia Wasylinko Hace 3 meses +1

    It went from fun to terrifying really fast.

  • Peter Productions
    Peter Productions Hace un mes

    What a genius concept. 💀 I’m so sad I didn’t think of this.

  • Le Riske Band
    Le Riske Band Hace 3 meses

    Surprisingly great video!!! I thought it was gonna be silly but the terror and science and math involved got me hooked

  • Łukasz Lipski
    Łukasz Lipski Hace 2 meses

    Such a cool idea to use two shots one shaded and the other one in the sun to make this effect in 7:51. Thats some creative filmmaking if i ever seen one.

  • Lily Pads
    Lily Pads Hace 3 meses +86

    Wren just freely gave a multi-million dollar idea for any movie company that are serious enough to actually make this into a movie

    • Graham W-h
      Graham W-h Hace 3 meses +2


    • Jeffool
      Jeffool Hace 3 meses +2

      Now they just need to add on the annotation that says "And let us make it for you!"

    • Darragh O Donovan
      Darragh O Donovan Hace 3 meses

      Another Earth (2011)

    • John Derat
      John Derat Hace 3 meses

      @Darragh O Donovan I might just watch that movie now

    • Ville Myllylahti
      Ville Myllylahti Hace 3 meses +3

      Universal: The Movie, coming to theaters in 2027 near you.
      For the people who dared to say: ”you cannot make a movie about Battleship or Tetris”, we say: ”hold on to your inflatable water donuts, for you are in for a surprise!”

  • Anhjin Kakar
    Anhjin Kakar Hace 3 meses

    I'm wondering if Universe Sandbox would have helped to calculate and theorize what would happen in these cases...

  • Switchy beatz
    Switchy beatz Hace 3 meses

    This would totally make sense for a Universal Studio Movie

  • H1S the burrito guy -Official

    Now i'm curious to see what the TCS logo would look like in real life

  • Braden Young
    Braden Young Hace 3 meses +1

    I would like to see a movie where life evolved on two planets that were so close together.

  • FigBloppa
    FigBloppa Hace 2 meses +1

    And imagine if somehow this video was preserved for the humanity billions of years later to see...

  • NinjaNightFury Gaming
    NinjaNightFury Gaming Hace 3 meses +145

    Depending on how fast the logo would rotate, people could more efficiently tell the time by looking up into the sky and seeing where the logo is located and what letters are visible.

    • Otopon
      Otopon Hace 3 meses +17

      for the brief seconds before they obliterate

    • Dastvan
      Dastvan Hace 2 meses +36

      "Hey mate do you have the time?"
      "Oh yeah it's about _looks up_ Half past E"
      "Thanks man."

    • Dubspore
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      Oh so like the sun? 🤣

      NAGA SRI HARSHA BOORADA Hace 2 meses +1

      Only if there are any people😅

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      Duck Song Fans Hace 2 meses

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  • The Canadian Hoser
    The Canadian Hoser Hace 3 meses

    I'd love to see a Corridor Short of these events unfolding!

  • Gingergreek
    Gingergreek Hace 3 meses

    NGL the Science in this video is even more interesting than anything the VFX could produce. Pure awesome

  • Pennywise Rex
    Pennywise Rex Hace 2 meses +1

    That is sooooo cool there should definitely be a movie about it

  • Dustin Kreidler
    Dustin Kreidler Hace 3 meses +1

    I *HIGHLY* recommend the book Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. Much of this conceptualization aligns with his theories on what would happen if the moon were to suddenly explode. During the book, he goes from the hard sci-fi of the physics of such a cataclysm, to increasingly speculative forms as the story travels deeper and deeper into the future. @wren, maybe a collab episode exploring those ideas with him?

    • Connor Grantham
      Connor Grantham Hace 3 meses

      I'm pretty sure I heard wren say hard rain at some point

    ATADEMO Hace 2 meses

    could you imagine if universal had enough courage in creativity to make an actual blockbuster disaster movie with this as the premise

  • Chris Gilbert
    Chris Gilbert Hace 3 meses +163

    Since Universal is a movie company, I think the letters should be made as if they are props. My assumption is they would be wood with the minimal amount of internal structure. Gathering enough wood to make that would cause its own set of massive ecological issues.

    • JJ Brothers
      JJ Brothers Hace 3 meses +3

      Then polishing that wood would be a huge hassle too, because the letters appear shiny. Or maybe they would just be made from metal. Who knows! 😊

    • TheRedRanger
      TheRedRanger Hace 3 meses +11

      @JJ Brothers Since Universal needs to save money, the letters are hollow, covered only with a metal foil that is a few atoms thick.

    • Jake Knapp
      Jake Knapp Hace 3 meses +2

      What if other movie studios should the same thing of doing it in real life

    • swagdog100
      swagdog100 Hace 3 meses +1

      I think plastic

    • JJ Brothers
      JJ Brothers Hace 3 meses +1

      @swagdog100 nah, plastic is a cheap material, being outside the atmosphere it would definitely break, and we see no cracks or breaks in it at all. Probably metal.

  • Milo Santos
    Milo Santos Hace 3 meses +3

    The last bit about the two planets remind me of the 2012 movie Upside Down, except the planets there are of equal size and the laws of physics is just weird. It’s a mix of romance and sci-fi and I found it to be very fascinating.

  • Virendra Singh
    Virendra Singh Hace 3 meses

    I liked without even watching because i loved the concept so much. Make more videos like these. Cheers.

  • Mowbz
    Mowbz Hace 2 meses

    I was skeptical clicking this but you nailed it! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • PHREAKii
    PHREAKii Hace 2 meses

    Would be a great movie for sure!

  • TheJPomp
    TheJPomp Hace 2 meses

    Might be neat to see the amount of food and drink the average person (or even including the not-average person) goes through in a lifetime. I think there's a good bit to explore in this idea.

  • Aesri [INC]
    Aesri [INC] Hace 3 meses +167

    I love this thought experiment! It would fit so well into Randall Munroe's "What if?"-Series, which I highly recommend!

    • johonn
      johonn Hace 3 meses +1

      Absolutely! Someone should ask it in "What If?"

    • Mark Eichin
      Mark Eichin Hace 3 meses +4

      ooh, would love to see Corridor Digital do a complete What If series...

    • Mr. Carroll
      Mr. Carroll Hace 3 meses +1

      I was thinking of "What If?" the entire time watching this video. Helps me realize how much work Randall puts into each one of his questions.

    • John Stevens
      John Stevens Hace 3 meses +1

      Time for a collab!

    • thevalarauka101
      thevalarauka101 Hace 3 meses +2

      lol yes

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    This video was a lot of fun to watch!

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      Also op asked for a "realistic" take on the idea, so i pumped out something more or less realistic.

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