VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 114 (ft. Todd Vaziri)

  • Publicado el 25 sep 2023
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    Niko and Wren are joined by visual VFX artist and Supervisor Todd Vaziri from Industrial Light & Magic to break down some of the best visual effects from his legendary career in the Film Industry.
    Thanks SO much to Todd for allowing us to pick his brain! You can follow his work here;
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    Chapters ►
    00:00 Welcome to VFX Artists React
    00:48 Mission: Impossible III
    04:44 AG1 by Athletic Greens
    06:39 Transformers (2007)
    11:25 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
    14:25 Tomorrowland
    17:34 Thanks For Watching
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Comentarios • 0

  • alabaster461
    alabaster461 Hace 16 días +2475

    Todd has been one of my all time favorite guests. He seems super nice, down to earth, and he gives credit to his whole team taking none for himself. So cool

    • Jeff McNabb
      Jeff McNabb Hace 16 días +35

      Totally agree! He’s been one my favorite guests- he is very well-spoken about the work and his colleagues, but also really expresses joy for the hard work, while having great chemistry with the Crew. Hope they can have him back again, it’s amazing how many all-timer memorable shots he has been a part of, mind-boggling.

    • CABLE 715
      CABLE 715 Hace 16 días +10

      100% agree, seeing he was the guest this week put a smile on my face.

    • Nigel Morse
      Nigel Morse Hace 16 días +2

      Thank you Todd for showing us your amazing work. I love movies, I also love the behind the scenes stuff too.

    • Nigel Morse
      Nigel Morse Hace 16 días +3

      If possible can you take us behind the scenes of Forbidden Planet. I know it’s an old film, it’s probably the movie I’ve seen the most.

    • Tom Martinek
      Tom Martinek Hace 16 días +6

      I can assure you he is as genuinely nice in person as he appears to be on this show.

  • Bind Media
    Bind Media Hace 16 días +523

    Todd gave more credit and recognition to his fellow VFX artists in 30 minutes of footage than the Academy has in 20 years of the Oscars

    • Half Vader
      Half Vader Hace 13 días +5

      Ha right! Conversely, while many miss out, many in the biz know if you wanna get your name in the credits of the actual movie, work in VFX because they're the last on/post when people go around checking for names for the credits! Ya win some ya lose some!

    • th3giv3r
      th3giv3r Hace 5 días

      And he didn't interrupt their acceptance speeches by playing them off!

  • ElectroBOOM
    ElectroBOOM Hace 12 días +33

    Damn, I watched through the entire sponsor segment just for the plot and acting!!

    • Pxnk_N_Disorderly
      Pxnk_N_Disorderly Hace 5 días

      Deans “wow” when the tray got knocked out of his hands had me rolling on the floor

    • Goksan Isil (Alumni)
      Goksan Isil (Alumni) Hace 3 días

      Athletic Dean :D

    • 廖宏偉
      廖宏偉 Hace un día +1

      Me too. Corridor actually try to make sponsor segment fun to watch.
      And it work!

    • McDodgerson
      McDodgerson Hace un día

      That sponsor segment had me dying XD

  • Rifty
    Rifty Hace 16 días +509

    Wren your bless you joke didn't go unnoticed don't worry champ.

    • Bando, Taking It Easy
      Bando, Taking It Easy Hace 15 días +2

      bless you

    • Terran Bricklin
      Terran Bricklin Hace 15 días +3

      Bless you

    • Greg Zinn
      Greg Zinn Hace 14 días +1

      Please explain it to me haha it was bothering me so much trying to figure it out

    • Magjee
      Magjee Hace 14 días +4

      @Greg Zinn 10:35. Kinda sounds like gesundheit (like a sneeze)

    • Yuukanhan
      Yuukanhan Hace 14 días

      Rifty????? The fortnite TikTok reaction guy???

  • Maverick Titan
    Maverick Titan Hace 15 días +81

    Honestly, Todd speaks so highly of the team he works with, I would love to see you bring an entire effects team to the couch at once.

    • Sam Scott
      Sam Scott Hace 12 días +1

      This!! >>

    • Kuutti
      Kuutti Hace 12 días +1

      Im pretty sure you need bigger couch :p

    • Excessum
      Excessum Hace 7 días +2

      @Kuutti nah, they can fix it in post.

  • Tim D Nchantr
    Tim D Nchantr Hace 19 horas +1

    Todd is definitely a source of inspiration. It's amazing that he was responsible for pretty much all the memorable moments. Thanks for the content

  • Scott
    Scott Hace 16 días +474

    I love how Todd makes a point to fully name the people who worked on the shots and spotlight them. That's the kinda guy you want to work with.

    • dimitreze
      dimitreze Hace 16 días

      because he hasn't made anything major besides photoshop some layers

    • Judd Buttermilk
      Judd Buttermilk Hace 16 días +37

      That's an extremely ignorant thing to say, especially considering that your entire channel is just other peoples content played side by side. Real hard work, champ /s@dimitreze

    • Langit Ken Sahaja
      Langit Ken Sahaja Hace 15 días +12

      ​@dimitrezethat's one of the hardest things to do in the process lmaoo.

    • dimitreze
      dimitreze Hace 15 días

      @Langit Ken Sahaja it's not

    TGDRAW Hace 11 días +11

    I love how Todd is so quick to give credit to the additional artists that worked with him. Very endearing, and he's so competent with making these shots work. Great guest.

  • mattkidroske
    mattkidroske Hace 15 días +19

    Love how Todd is constantly giving props to the people he worked with. Great video!

  • Will’s in the Air
    Will’s in the Air Hace 16 días +22

    I was in a theatre in Toronto at a premiere for Transformers and when that helicopter transformed the audience erupted with a cheer so loud it felt like a live sporting event. One of the most memorable pop culture moments of my life.

  • W Y
    W Y Hace 8 días +1

    This man is such a ray of sunshine. It's so easy to take these amazing effects in movies for granted. These type of breakdowns really increases your appreciation for the people skills, time, and energy that goes into a single shot.

  • Midnight Sky
    Midnight Sky Hace 16 días +13

    I love how Todd always credits the amazing team who worked on each shot by name

  • PantsuMann
    PantsuMann Hace 16 días +411

    Todd absolutely loves his team. You can flatter him all you want, he will bring up his team. Love having him on the couch. And he's totally involved in every single jaw dropping scene I have seen.

    • Zak Eden
      Zak Eden Hace 16 días +12

      That’s what I love the most about him as a guest, he doesn’t just say “my team” or “someone” he calls out everyone by name and gives them the proper credit for their amazing work. Class act!

  • Kent Slocum
    Kent Slocum Hace 12 días +1

    So happy that Tomorrowland was featured; it's a very underrated film.

  • David Asher
    David Asher Hace 6 días

    Not sure how nearly 20 minutes passed by so quickly. Todd is super chill and humble. Y'all need to keep bringing him back!

  • The Olmstead Workshop
    The Olmstead Workshop Hace 15 días +1

    I love seeing Todd and he's so good at name dropping every artist, key, grip, and riggers who worked on shots

  • David Tate
    David Tate Hace 14 días +4

    Todd Vaziri has a gift. Not just for compositing, but for explaining what he did in his composites. All of the reference footage I'm assuming he brought along with him from ILM also helped demonstrate what he was talking about beautifully. More Todd, please!

  • n64billy
    n64billy Hace 6 días

    More of Todd please. ❤
    The sincere appreciation he has for the talent of everyone he works with is needed more in this world.

  • J'sDesireForAKittycatPersists
    J'sDesireForAKittycatPersists Hace 16 días +394

    Hope Todd keeps coming back. Every guest is great but Todd is one of the ones who I could listen to explain shots for hours.

  • DBG
    DBG Hace 15 días +5

    I love how much care he gives to naming the artists for each shot. Stand up guy.

  • Matt Grayford
    Matt Grayford Hace 15 días +2

    I'd like to see an actor end up on the couch and go through some of their movies. It would be interesting to hear their perspectives on how they deal with "we'll cg that in later." Or about any stories where they did a scene that basically got cg'd over them :D Keep up the great videos and details.

  • Profileno
    Profileno Hace 9 días

    What an amazing reaccuring guest! the synergy is unbelievable between Todd and the guys

  • J. No
    J. No Hace 11 días

    Awesome episode guys, this really makes me appreciate how hard these visual effects artists have to work, and with the deadlines and the requirements growing year after year, it's okay when they flub things, Sometimes. They genuinely care about their art form.

  • James Corder Jr
    James Corder Jr Hace 16 días +6

    I love that Todd calls out all the other artists that worked on the shots for recognition. Understands teamwork

  • davidsirmons
    davidsirmons Hace 16 días +393

    Keiji Yamaguchi is a 3d modeling and animation God. TF1 annihilated my reservations, the Transformers looking absolutely real without fail. Perfect in every regard.

    • X D
      X D Hace 16 días +2

      Get use to your "gods" living in India and Ukraine. Vfx is 3rd world now. The industry has always hated artists

    • X D
      X D Hace 15 días +3

      @Jase there is no future in vfx. It's a horrible industry that forces you to freelance and chase project to project. Film to film. Only a few get full-time work

    • Riley
      Riley Hace 14 días +1

      ​@X DGood thing it's just sitting at a computer with zero risk, then. Maybe they should consider getting real jobs.

    • Dimitris
      Dimitris Hace 13 días

      ​@RileyLmao so occupations like accounting aren't an actual job?

  • TeaPardee
    TeaPardee Hace 11 días

    What an awesome guest. Bravo guys. This show has come such a long way.

  • Spoony 849
    Spoony 849 Hace 16 días +7

    Very very happy that Todd constantly credits the artists who worked on these shots alongside him, especially because a lot of these people rarely get credit for the amount of work and time they put in. A majority of the time, it just falls under the name of the studio. Or even just the movie.

  • Michael McCants
    Michael McCants Hace 16 días +2

    “Pause it right there, and feel my pain” might be the best line I’ve ever heard on this show ever

  • GloomGaiGar
    GloomGaiGar Hace 10 días

    Absolutely love that Todd knows all the people he worked with by name and mentions them here. Excellent and inspiring work ethic.

  • Half Vader
    Half Vader Hace 13 días +2

    Todd and the whole team are amazing (and cool Shining socks!) and all the shots are great! But one thing I can never get past no matter how well it's done is Tom being blown PERPENDICULAR to the blast/at right angles to the explosion, into the car. I mean, all that great work and...!! I'm not a literal-thinking type and if it has an emotional or internal logic I'm all in. But...

  • Jo Bar
    Jo Bar Hace 16 días +15

    Iconic shot for sure but what bothered me was that I never understood the physics of Tom cruise being push to the side and not forward when the missile exploded. It always bugged me...

    • Scott Sollars
      Scott Sollars Hace 15 días +1

      Yep, noticed that the first time I saw the trailer!

    • smm855
      smm855 Hace 15 días +1


  • Wendys444
    Wendys444 Hace 14 días

    I think my favorite part of these guests is how they credit other people who also did so much work to bring a shot to life. Just shows the true amount of teamwork and creativity that goes into film making.

  • TheString Breaker
    TheString Breaker Hace 16 días +5

    *Todd is awesome! Please give us more episodes with him!*

  • Michael Blowers
    Michael Blowers Hace 13 días

    Loving having Todd on the show, incredible insights.

  • Ruskasielu
    Ruskasielu Hace 15 días

    Todd is back ! Always a treat. For someone who's worked on so many huge movies, he's so chill

  • Brendan
    Brendan Hace 16 días +30

    That exact helicopter shot in Transformers is probably the main thing that inspired me to get my job in visual effects.

    • scarletspidernz
      scarletspidernz Hace 16 días +2

      it's still the best Transformers shot ever imo
      just goosebumps all the time!

  • Chandy K.
    Chandy K. Hace 13 días +1

    While Nick's Dad is my favorite guest, Todd might be second. Such an enjoyable episode. Hope he comes back again.

  • Frostad Gaming
    Frostad Gaming Hace 15 días +1

    2/2, loving Todd being a guest on these. Keep bringing him back please. Honestly, the Tomorrowland wipe with light to digi double, is perfect. 3 frame wipe, and I still can't detect it. PERFECT!

  • KillerTacos
    KillerTacos Hace 15 días

    Todd is such a legend! Thanks for bringing him back! Also thanks for reacting to Mission Impossible! My favourite ongoing action series of all time

  • NeverendingWeekend Automotive

    Ok. Usually I skip the commercials but, man! Jordan makes it interesting to watch and him and dean almost convinced me to buy AG! Well done corridor crew, well done. 👏

  • Gerard Liandri
    Gerard Liandri Hace 8 días

    Todd looks like he adores the things he does, great job man

  • austin ohlrich
    austin ohlrich Hace 16 días +69

    Love how this dude shouts out everyone else involved in these shots.

  • NDP Productions
    NDP Productions Hace 15 días

    Todd is one of my favourite guests you've had on, its great to see him giving credit to the other artists who he worked with! 👏

  • JamesMH
    JamesMH Hace 16 días +1

    One of my favorite parts of the new ILM doc was seeing the amateur home video in the first episode. I’d love to see some of that on the show

  • Smart Solutionz
    Smart Solutionz Hace 16 días +1

    Todd is my favorite guest yet! Amazing episode!

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G Hace 16 días +1

    The camera shake change on the Tomorrowland shot is amazing

  • CGI Andy
    CGI Andy Hace 16 días +135

    10:06 Honestly this unfinished shot is so beautiful. Then you showed the finished one and my brain melted. Such a beautiful film that holds up well today.

  • Wdomino
    Wdomino Hace 13 días +1

    6:52 I will never forget my goosebumps seeing that shot the first time, and I didnt fully know what transformers was about. That shot was to me the CGI / animation I have seen for that era.

  • R T
    R T Hace 14 días +1

    Todd is an amazing talent! And an excellent guest.
    Loving his episodes!

  • tyzerp
    tyzerp Hace 15 días

    I would love to see Todd more. He’s such an incredible talent and yet so humble.

  • Steve Selinsky
    Steve Selinsky Hace 11 días

    the scene with Blackout transforming was one of the most mind-blowing things i had ever seen...i really didn't expect the effects for the Autobots and Decepticons in the first Transformers movie to be this amazing...

  • ElementPaul
    ElementPaul Hace 15 días +1

    Absolutely love Todd, could watch him breaking down shots forever.

  • Ham Sandwichson
    Ham Sandwichson Hace 16 días +35

    What a humble guy. Gives credit to all his fellow artists. Respect.

  • Welding, metal and all things DIY

    Really enjoyable episode, but soooo impressed at the number of shout-outs that Todd did to all of the incredibly talented people who worked with him on these shots.

  • Alex Salesa
    Alex Salesa Hace 14 días +1

    Theres a shot that I absolutely love in the opening of Get Rich Or Die Trying. The shot of the mirror and reflection being rattled by the music. It's a short shot but it so good to open the movie with 👌

  • Megaton Bomb
    Megaton Bomb Hace 14 días

    I love how he gives credit to the people that worked on these shots!

  • Xinnabon
    Xinnabon Hace 15 días +3

    I would really love to see some cinematographers on the couch! Like imagine getting Greg Fraser on the couch... he has to know so much about the post workflow at the absolute highest level of todays industry (in terms of quality). I know its VFX artists react but it's episodes like these that remind us all how integral the collaboration is. Part of doing VFX is being able work with amazing footage. Also hats off to Todd (again) the sheer transparency and detail in every explanation is just... wow. So much immediate translatable value.

  • Alexis Dela Rosa
    Alexis Dela Rosa Hace 12 días

    Todd is someone we need in these videos a lot

  • sexBenis
    sexBenis Hace 16 días +72

    I’d love the crew to challenge themselves to create a realistic looking transformer. Not a lot of people outside professional studios have made something as real looking as the movies

    • Zebra
      Zebra Hace 16 días +8

      That does sound awesome, but might not be up their alley - I think they could pull it off amazingly, but the problem will always be time. Modeling and animating so many moving parts would be hell, and their style seems to be more 'quick and accessible' because they do have an upload schedule and probably cannot afford to work weeks or months on a shot. :')

    • sexBenis
      sexBenis Hace 16 días +5

      @Zebra very true, although it would be fun to see how much they could get done in a short time frame like many of their other challenges

  • C. Pettway
    C. Pettway Hace 16 días

    I do love to see more of your animation reacts videos. There's a whole lot of potential to have guests well known in the animation industry to star in this. Tom B. was one of the a great starts.

  • Craig Matchan
    Craig Matchan Hace 15 días +1

    it would be nice to see you do a breakdown on some old disaster films like The Towering Inferno which as far as I know used practical effects and models. I'm CG wasn't around then. It would be a good comparison to illustrate just how far effects have come.

  • Smilo Gosa
    Smilo Gosa Hace 15 días

    My woooooooooord, Todd is such a humble creative gem. Great interview

  • Andrew Ybarra
    Andrew Ybarra Hace 15 días

    This episode was an absolute BANGER🔥

  • Patrick Colin
    Patrick Colin Hace 15 días

    Another fantastic guest! I love when you can see their enthusiasm

  • Larry Cloud
    Larry Cloud Hace 14 días +2

    Todd included the people that made it happen for every story. He could have easily just said, "I did this and this and this" but didn't. Respect!

  • Snow Cult
    Snow Cult Hace 16 días +52

    Keep bringing Todd back. He fits so well with the crew

  • Jungle Buoy
    Jungle Buoy Hace 15 días

    Not sure of their name(s) but if you could get Fortress Films as a guest on an episode, that would be crazy!!! A few months back they released a full length movie made in Source Film Maker. Honestly, it's one of the most well made films I've seen been made on SFM. I know it's not a big name or whatever and I don't think they've been in mainstream stuff but damn is it good

  • Just Another Chad
    Just Another Chad Hace 15 días

    "Bless you"
    This was the most ridiculously missed comment of the episode.
    Wren, your humor is not lost on us. Never change.

  • in the m-a-King
    in the m-a-King Hace 16 días

    I remember in 2006 that Mi:III shot changing from the trailer to the movie version. I hope this guy is still in movie production, he got style that's missing from today's movies.

  • F V
    F V Hace 16 días

    Wow out of all your episodes this one stands out because of Todd 🔥

  • hisroyalillness
    hisroyalillness Hace 16 días +2

    Todd is such an amazing dude. Thanks for getting him on the show!

  • Andres Arosemena
    Andres Arosemena Hace 16 días +36

    I really like how Todd names a lot of the artists that worked on those shots. It would be great if you guys could do some text inserts to those named and include links to their websites / social media profiles in the description. It's time for people to start following and getting to know vfx artists of their favorite movies like they do with the actors.

    • TheOkayGuy
      TheOkayGuy Hace 16 días +2

      Bump this comment, please.

  • Charles Hollingsworth
    Charles Hollingsworth Hace 15 días

    Fantastic video, amazing content, as always, thanks Corridor Crew!

  • Kytetiger
    Kytetiger Hace 15 días

    The Blackout scene is still giving me chills, they are so well done !

  • Paul Ricci
    Paul Ricci Hace 16 días +1

    A David Fincher's movies episode would be nice considering how much vfx and cgi he uses and how welle he uses it

  • Peter Degtjarewsky
    Peter Degtjarewsky Hace 16 días

    Tomorrowland was underrated and more fun than I anticipated.

  • og87
    og87 Hace 16 días

    That Mi3 shot was how I used to show off my surround sound set up. It’s perfect sound. So much going on but it’s never lost. I was blown away. Amazing.

  • Arte550
    Arte550 Hace 16 días +127

    I love robot tansformation in Transformers movies. It always gives me shivers down my spine. And the mechanical sounds are just perfect.

    • NonsensicalVids
      NonsensicalVids Hace 16 días +12

      especially in the first to because it not being super quick is just super epic

    • El Mecko
      El Mecko Hace 16 días +1

      ónptimus prime hu-hu-hu ah-ah

    • Arte550
      Arte550 Hace 16 días +3

      @NonsensicalVids When Optimus was transforming in front of Sam and Mikaela and you saw all the parts moving, it was so epic to see

    • Blacky
      Blacky Hace 15 días

      if this was the man who give us all the cgi of transfomers movies im mad because he should be more famous that the directors and big stars.

  • WindyClear
    WindyClear Hace 15 días

    This series never gets old!

  • Fredrick Featherston Fitzgerald III

    12:49 Dude is humble as hell. Shouts out his team and everything

  • Max Shepard
    Max Shepard Hace 15 días

    Gotta say, it is really awesome to see how much the compositing does to the basic render. Always thought the render before compositing do look more "finished". Really valuable insight!

  • ClamidiaaVD
    ClamidiaaVD Hace 15 días

    I love to see a react not on movies or TV shows, but on visual effects they've done in commercials. May be hard cause it's basically free advertisement for the company the commercial is based on but would be fun to see how a low budget commercial could do some good visual effects.

  • Ignazio Krachuha
    Ignazio Krachuha Hace 15 días +1

    Please invite Todd Vaziri back on the show. As great as all your episodes are with great guests from various branches and departments, you can tell he loves what he's doing as well as the people he is working with and enjoys giving great insights into his work.
    He also seems like a genuinely great guy as well.

  • Jun’s Corner
    Jun’s Corner Hace 16 días +40

    I cannot emphasize enough just how wonderful it is to have Todd on again. His insights, his processes, the skills and talent and most importantly, his vision, he executes in his work is sublime.

  • indigozulu9
    indigozulu9 Hace 16 días

    Anyone else love the subtle yet cultured Shining-carpet socks that Todd is wearing? The man's got taste

  • Sean S.
    Sean S. Hace 13 días

    The amount of details these artists share, really shows how much work and time it all is.

  • Eric Kerkhoven
    Eric Kerkhoven Hace 13 días +1

    Gareth Edwards as a guest would be epic!
    Indie VFX legend that did a whole feature film & BBC drama series basically from his bedroom, now directing big films like Rogue One, Godzilla & The Creator.
    Fun to look up: In 2008 he taught a 10hour After Effects course on fxphd. Showing how he did the 250 vfx shots for his BBC series "Attilla the Hun". I watched the course when it just came out, it's a real gem.

  • PookDaWook
    PookDaWook Hace 15 días

    I just wanted to say that this is by far my favorite series on ESclips. Been a part of my Saturday evenings for what like over two years now!?

  • Luke Burrow
    Luke Burrow Hace 14 días +1

    Lots of people have already said it, but I’m going to pile on-Todd’s two episodes have been the best VFX Artists React episodes of all time, hands down.

  • Dermot Sheehan
    Dermot Sheehan Hace 16 días +6

    I always found it odd that Tom Cruise is blown sideways in that shot despite the explosion coming from behind. I thought they would talk about that.

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown Hace 15 días

    I'd love to see you guys talk about Little Shop of Horrors. Particularly the puppetry and the director's cut ending.

  • Josh
    Josh Hace 15 días

    We are lucky to have people like him who mostly go unrecognized to majority of movie viewers

  • Daniel
    Daniel Hace 16 días

    Todd is the best! So charismatic and humble too.

  • Aidor Rocks
    Aidor Rocks Hace 16 días

    todd is an amazing guest, i hope you have him back. thank you todd for sharing your secrets with us.
    get kevin parry on & do a stop motion special of animators react. as you know he's fantastic.

  • Michael L.
    Michael L. Hace 15 días

    I love your channel. These are some iconic shots. You are all very talented.

  • MattyB
    MattyB Hace 15 días

    Probs to Todd for knowing all the artists per shot on an Induvidual basis. Respect

  • TackTickle
    TackTickle Hace 16 días +19

    "Pause it right there and feel my pain" is one of the most accurate statements on filmmaking ever uttered in the history of everything.

  • Laugh
    Laugh Hace 13 días

    I'd love to see you revisit Arcane. Season 2 is expected in about a year but I hope you have it on your schedule 😁

  • Free Range MTB
    Free Range MTB Hace 15 días +2

    I would love to see an interview with John Knoll himself!

  • Baptiste Soury
    Baptiste Soury Hace 15 días

    More of Todd, this guy is amazing and so interesting