Animators React to Bad & Great ANIME 2

  • Publicado el 18 ago 2023
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    Niko and Wren sit down once again with Veteran Animator and Director Alex Snow of DreamWorks Animation, to break down some of the best and worst anime in pop culture today.
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Comentarios • 0

  • Goach_art
    Goach_art Hace un mes +2079

    I love animators react. Hope you get Genndy Tartakovsky for one of these. His shows are legendary.

    • Nundulan
      Nundulan Hace un mes +26

      This would be incredible!!!

    • Congratulations, It's a....... Squid
      Congratulations, It's a....... Squid Hace un mes +27

      I honestly wonder what he thinks about AI. That can be an issue.

    • RogueBeats
      RogueBeats Hace un mes +15

      ​@Congratulations, It's a....... Squidbet that's the reason they will never invite him

    • Luis Sierra
      Luis Sierra Hace un mes +27

      @Congratulations, It's a....... Squid AI is just a tool and people's opinion on it don't matter because it is going to change things whether they want it or not

    • Eric Derickson
      Eric Derickson Hace un mes +3

      My head would explode if they got Genndy! He's one of my favorites!

  • PookDaWook
    PookDaWook Hace un mes +442

    The new Trigun got a lot of flack for not being exactly like the source material, but I absolutely loved it. The passion put into it was super apparent

    • Art Burnell
      Art Burnell Hace un mes +25

      I appreciated that they were doing something different and for the most part as a big fan of the original I enjoyed it, just a few design choices for Vash that I absolutely hated. But over all its really good and Studio Orange is just really damn excellent

    • Noir Angel
      Noir Angel Hace un mes +55

      Funny how its more faithful to the manga than the og anime.

    • Gabe Weymouth
      Gabe Weymouth Hace un mes +7

      It got flack for the same reason most remakes do - It sucked! In this case, the original still holds up, so unless it turns out to be AMAZING, it's going to fail. We've seen this at least a dozen times but for some reason these show runners keep trying to go with "safe bets" like live action remakes which then tank immediately. Ugh.

    • The Lover Boy
      The Lover Boy Hace un mes +1

      ​@Gabe Weymouth
      Exactly, Vash's redesign alone is a goddamn red flag.

    • Eclipse
      Eclipse Hace un mes +2

      ​@Gabe Weymouth Because it's a PREQUEL to the OG anime.

  • Bagus (@topikbagusid)
    Bagus (@topikbagusid) Hace un mes +464

    The breakdown of Trigun Stampede and Chainsawman is just a love letter to the animator and a big middle finger to the "fans" that keep whining this and that about those two great anime ❤

    • French Fried Bagel
      French Fried Bagel Hace un mes +26

      CSM’s episode 1 had the worst CGI of the whole season.
      I just stuck out more than all the other instances of it throughout the season.

    • The Lover Boy
      The Lover Boy Hace un mes +19

      Lol ok shill.

    • Mustafa Qasimi
      Mustafa Qasimi Hace un mes +39

      ​@ngultrum1 im sorry that you saw berserk 2016 once and now have the authority to say what is and isn't good animation

    • The Lover Boy
      The Lover Boy Hace un mes +5

      @Mustafa Qasimi
      Nope, I also saw it's 2nd season & know even moreso what is or isn't shit animation.

  • Trey Swartz
    Trey Swartz Hace un mes +153

    Wren’s face watching Chainsaw Man at 4:43 is priceless 😂

    • Tobifam
      Tobifam Hace 7 días

      2:16 is also an amazing look haha

  • Aubry Oakes
    Aubry Oakes Hace un mes +51

    The blood-bending episode in Avatar: The Last Airbender is pretty dark. They did a pretty great job of creepifying the normally kung-fu-styled bending animations.

  • Dan Silverhound
    Dan Silverhound Hace un mes +217

    LAND OF THE LUSTROUS. In my opinion, it's Studio Orange's underappreciated masterpiece, what they do with the animation and storytelling is masterclass level

    • KindDmoN
      KindDmoN Hace un mes +30

      Literally the show that cemented them as the 3d animation power house of japan and yet was dismissed by everyone and refused to give it a chance for being a 3d anime. Doesnt help it came out around the same time of berserk 2016.

    • Leonardo Scardicchio
      Leonardo Scardicchio Hace un mes +10

      Still craving season 2 goddammit!

    • Hendrik Ripfl
      Hendrik Ripfl Hace un mes +12

      Is it the one with the different minerals as characters?
      I loved this show and I never see anyone talking about it

    • Captain Teeko
      Captain Teeko Hace un mes +7


    • The Eternal Nightmare
      The Eternal Nightmare Hace 29 días +3

      ​@Leonardo ScardicchioI think if they go for a 2nd season there's not a good stopping point if it goes for ~35 chapters like the 1st season. So perhaps they're waiting for more chapters to come out and make a good season ending? Right now we're at ch 104 I believe. So ~70 chapters to work with.

  • Ryan Elliott
    Ryan Elliott Hace un mes +521

    “Oddly dark or twisted episode.”
    My brain went straight to courage the cowardly dog. One of the strangest designs in cartoons and even CGI sometimes.

    • Ssppiieegg
      Ssppiieegg Hace un mes +10

      same here lmao

    • Crimson Ghoul
      Crimson Ghoul Hace un mes +18

      @ryanelliott6706 I can't believe they marketed that Cartoon as a kids show. That was really frightening when i watched it as a kid.

    • UnicornHunter CG
      UnicornHunter CG Hace un mes +3


    • Luis Sierra
      Luis Sierra Hace un mes +3

      Made in Abyss. I will say no more

      STARPHASE Hace un mes +23

      Return the slaaaaaab

    GISHOESKI Hace un mes +70

    The show Chowder from Cartoon Network had a cool texture effect going on, where the people would move but the texture would stay in the same place. Always thought it was unique

    • Jessie C
      Jessie C Hace un mes +3

      There's an anime called Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo that does the same effect and predates Chowder. There may be other even earlier shows, but that's the one I know of.

    • Brandon Minix
      Brandon Minix Hace un mes

      honestly quite a few cartoons do this, I'm certain its just a faster way to fill and color in frames, but it sure looks cool :P

    • Lant0rn
      Lant0rn Hace un mes +1

      Honestly its just a clipping mask which is like one click lol bit the fact that they are the only show to use that effect does make it cool

    • Dee Aka
      Dee Aka Hace 15 días +1

      Misadventures of flapjack! Anyone remember that? ... damn cartoon network had a lot of dark shows now that i think about it

  • MPT Productions
    MPT Productions Hace 27 días +11

    Love the chainsaw man appreciation, the anime is so unique with style and camera shots seeing it get that appreciation from an animators eye is awesome

  • Roman Nardone
    Roman Nardone Hace un mes +244

    Alex was absolutely playing his cards pretty tight to his chest when talking about the corridor animatic... Would love to hear more of his genuine views on both how AI fits in this medium but how well this short aped more authentic anime...

    • stupidmonkey089
      stupidmonkey089 Hace un mes +7


    • Illusionaire1
      Illusionaire1 Hace un mes +21

      Truth is that for different people at different times of their careers, AI will affect differently.
      For older animators, at the top of the food chain. AI art sounds like a great way to automatically clean up/in-between frames they draw. Saving them costs and money (if they run their own studios).
      For someone like Alex, who is advanced in his career, but still has to do a lot of hand animation, things are differently.
      It's undeniable that AI animation will cut off some jobs. It may not replace an entire 3D Animation Team, but we can expect some jobs to fizzle out.
      How much the guests care about these jobs or not, is very rooted in how far are their careers: For a director, lead animator and other big jobs, AI is a dream come true. For people starting out in the industry, it's a nightmare.

    • BeyondTrash
      BeyondTrash Hace un mes +16

      I doubt you'd get the answer you want. Most veteran animators seem to be confident enough in their value that they don't see AI as a threat. Multiple veteran animators reacted to the first Rock, Paper, Scissors similarly.

    • London
      London Hace un mes +11

      Yeah that was a very diplomatic answer without actually giving his opinion on the piece. Most likely because he didn't want to offend. But it was nice to see him genuinely appreciate cool shots in it.

    • SmallFry Skilledge
      SmallFry Skilledge Hace 25 días +1

      Understandable that he didn’t want to make things awkward by saying it looked bad.

  • ModestMouseTrap
    ModestMouseTrap Hace 17 días +1

    Anyone who hasn’t watched Trigun Stampede yet, it’s an absolute must watch. My favorite show of 2023. Amazing animation and a beautiful and melancholy reimagining of Trigun.

  • noodles
    noodles Hace un mes +29

    Since the fall season is slowly creeping in seeing y’all react to Over The Garden Wall would be cool especially the last few episodes fitting in with the somewhat dark theme

  • WarFan40k
    WarFan40k Hace un mes +328

    Studio Orange is the anime studio that has been getting cg anime done right. They do such a clean job animating and marrying the characters into the environments. And it doesn't feel like they are just trying to make an anime but in cg or awkwardly sticking 3d models in with 2d animation. They have also been adapting really enjoyable series which makes it very easy to tell people to watch their stuff.

    • kageyame
      kageyame Hace un mes +28

      Their first venture was land of the lustrous i think, and honestly, that was the first anime you could say it was great BECAUSE of the CGI, not great DESPITE of the CGI.

    • Pup_Majestic
      Pup_Majestic Hace un mes +3

      One of the best, underrated ones, goes to Beastars. Everything about the design is just pure beauty.

    • MarxIsDead
      MarxIsDead Hace un mes +2

      It's a shame they butchered the hell out of Trigun with Stampede.

    • Turnt Reynolds
      Turnt Reynolds Hace un mes +24

      @MarxIsDead huh? Stampede is magnificent in nearly every element wdym

    • Šídlo
      Šídlo Hace un mes

      A1 Pictures also

  • 𝕿𝖍𝖆𝖙𝕲𝖚𝖞𝕰𝖗𝖆𝖟𝖔

    12:41 Episode 5 of Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 is absolutely amazingly animated, but the visuals are so much more gritty and dark than the show's artstyle usually is.

  • Jack Statton
    Jack Statton Hace un mes +68

    I'd love to see Phil Tippet on an episode of the show, idk if it's animators or stop motion artists or what, but he's been in the industry for years and is still making fantastic art like Mad God.

    • Richard Birdsall
      Richard Birdsall Hace un mes +2

      "I think I've just become extinct..."

    • Joost
      Joost Hace un mes +1

      Oh, that's an excellent suggestion!

  • RAFDOG2k7
    RAFDOG2k7 Hace un mes +15

    I love when Alex is on the show, everything about his insights and experience is amazing.

  • SKy_the_Thunder
    SKy_the_Thunder Hace un mes +9

    Trigun looks like someone took all the character intro and special attack animations from a fighting game and turned them into an anime. All those little things that have to grab your attention in the couple seconds they play for between gameplay, but it's one scene after the other with no intermission.
    And I mean that in the best way possible.

    • Man Bat
      Man Bat Hace 22 días +1

      it's Guilty Gear but as a series

  • Coconut Jewce
    Coconut Jewce Hace un mes +24

    CSM is so damn good. It was frustrating that a lot of contrarians were ragging on the CG animation when it wasn't even CG. lol Even if it was CG, it was great and Mappa always delivers amazing animation.

    • psy 99
      psy 99 Hace 29 días +1

      The problem was they were using the CG when it wasn't necessary. When the camera was in motion the CGI was good and even necessary but when they'd use it in stills and it just feels wrong. Also keep in mind that when everything is good the bad becomes glaring. There aren't many of those scenes but they're there.

    • Andre Amaral
      Andre Amaral Hace 24 días +3

      And the CG was actually good looking asf

    • Ayoul
      Ayoul Hace 18 días

      @psy 99 You say when it "wasn't necessary", but I think that's misguided. It's not because they used it in stills that it didn't serve a certain purpose. Maybe it was cost, a test they couldn't replace, consistency between scenes, etc.

    • YaMom’sPotatoSalad
      YaMom’sPotatoSalad Hace 11 días

      @Andre Amaralit really wasn’t. It was pretty bad

    • Andre Amaral
      Andre Amaral Hace 11 días

      @YaMom’sPotatoSalad Hell no not even close

  • Deta
    Deta Hace un mes +128

    Man, courage the cowardly dog had tons of episodes that just felt dark and such. The main one I can remember is the "return the slab" episode, always creeped me out as a child

    • KazikoWhite
      KazikoWhite Hace un mes +6

      Was literally going to suggest the same thing

    • SamuraiBeluga
      SamuraiBeluga Hace un mes +2

      thats the go to for a lot of people but honestly theres way "worse" in the series.

    • sLeeeTo
      sLeeeTo Hace un mes +4

      And “you’re not perfect”

    • Deta
      Deta Hace un mes +2

      @SamuraiBeluga oh for sure
      It's just the most memorable imo

    • David Conant
      David Conant Hace un mes +1

      Especially since they included it on the Scooby Doo alien dvd as a bonus.

  • Anszja
    Anszja Hace un mes +6

    You talked so little about Trigun Stampede. Orange made a tool that would change the mesh of the characters depending on the perspective to mimic the anime style. (Sorry if I described it incorrectly, I'm not good with terminology) It's absolutely mind-blowing how much they evolved from Land of the Lustrous to Trigun. They're definitely the future of cgi anime.

    • Ugrena
      Ugrena Hace 12 días

      Even Land of the lustrous was so awesome looking. I honestly was just expecting more of that, but somehow they managed to improve even more. Awesome studio, and I really hope they get some sort of mainstream hit in the future. They're so under-appreciated.

  • KillerTacos
    KillerTacos Hace un mes +8

    I'm so happy you guys finally brought this series back. Hopefully you talk about more anime, and particularly the 2D animation.

  • Thorns
    Thorns Hace un mes +5

    Hands down for most dark twist to a visually not-dark show is Made in the Abyss.
    I could point out plenty of scenes but i would say the elevator scene in particular or episode 10 of the first season where one of the characters receives a pretty horrific injury.
    It's just such an absurdly brutal show conceptually when it's artstyle is super chibi and cute. REALLY interesting core concept to the world and series, I think you guys would like it.

  • Luthfan Ahmadhani Akbar
    Luthfan Ahmadhani Akbar Hace 27 días +1

    i love this, many people doesn't like anime not being purely hand drawn, but nowadays, many anime applies CG in some part, at least in some of their scenes and i think it's inevitable. Can you guys react more about these stuff? I really expect more about anime that that fully CG such as expelled from paradise and arpeggio of blue steel

  • Green
    Green Hace un mes

    Man, the original trigun anime was a huge part of my childhood. Such an awesome anime. I wished I could be Vash. 😂

  • Phoenixdan17
    Phoenixdan17 Hace un mes +230

    Studio Orange is one of the biggest names in 3D anime. It's really cool to see you guys covering their work. If you decide to look at more of their work, I highly recommend Land of the Lustrous. There are some amazing scenes in it with some really cool use of camera perspective. It's all the more amazing since it's one of Studio Orange's earlier works. The Trash Taste podcast had one of their animators on for an episode which explained a lot of Studio Orange's process. They talked a lot about Trigun and was very informational regarding 3D anime.

    • Congratulations, It's a....... Squid
      Congratulations, It's a....... Squid Hace un mes +2

      I need to see this! The whole process behind TriStamp is so cool!

    • Kriss_941
      Kriss_941 Hace un mes +14

      Yeah, Land of the Lustrous was probably one of the first "fully CG" anime that managed to actually look good and started changing the perception of CG in anime. Up untill that point CG was always associated with jank and just bad animation in general although you had some shows like Ajin where the CG was actually pretty solid (hallway fight was sick), but land of the lustrous was the big turning point where alot of people started going "damn, this CG stuff can actually look really fucking good!".
      Another studio that does CG really well is Ufotable, not in the same way, but the way they blend their animation with CG effects makes for some of the most stunning scenes in anime, incredible art, effects and animation. They've been setting and raising the bar for what everyone else are measured against ever since Kara No Kyoukai, then with the fate series and now Demon Slayer.

    • MxCn
      MxCn Hace un mes +4

      id also add beastars to that list.

    • Gabriel87100
      Gabriel87100 Hace un mes +8

      Land of the Lustrous is a must have to be in this channel.

    • Rendra
      Rendra Hace un mes

      Studio Orange has the 3D animation vibes of anime games like Punishing Gray Raven or Arknights. Like, its clean, so clean.

  • ryan berry
    ryan berry Hace un mes +4

    weird how 2 of the most memorible works that have been on the react shows were commercials. this snap and the train are insane works of art

    • Zanockthael
      Zanockthael Hace un mes +2

      Well, it's like he said. Commercials are lower risk so you can be more creative. It's a hard sell to say "I'll add this thing, that might not work, to a Marvel movie. By the way, if it doesn't work, we'll probably make 20 million less at the box office."

  • Lauren Da Silva
    Lauren Da Silva Hace un mes +7

    When it comes to dark animation, I immediately think of Watership Down- there are several different styles shown in it, from the very stylised parable of El-ahrairah at the start, to Fiver's nightmare vision, to the base animation itself - its one of the few animated films in which the style is highly realistic and gritty but still expressive enough to convey character emotions.

  • Zach Salter
    Zach Salter Hace 28 días

    Love this. I hope there’s more coming in the future

  • RegalPlays
    RegalPlays Hace un mes +8

    I want to see them react to some of what studio Ufotable's put out, since they specialize in making almost photo-real backdrops for their projects

  • Bald_Man
    Bald_Man Hace 19 días +1

    I was hoping they would do " land of Lustrous " its one of the best cgi anime i have seen

  • JS 2K
    JS 2K Hace un mes +64

    "The Southern Raiders" episode of Avatar The Last Airbender had a surprisingly dark exploration of revenge. "The Puppetmaster" episode as well. Granted ATLA is a much more mature than usual animated series. But those episodes still stood out as exceptionally dark.

    • Jza
      Jza Hace un mes +2

      Two of the best episodes

    • JS 2K
      JS 2K Hace un mes +3

      @Jza That show goes hard. I put it up there with literary classics like Shakespeare. It's a brilliant and vibrantly written show.

    • Luis Sierra
      Luis Sierra Hace un mes +5

      The Puppetmaster is one of my top ATLA episodes, I didn't expect them to go that dark

    • Phenon
      Phenon Hace un mes +2

      Was literally just about to comment this 😂

    • Ribotto Studios
      Ribotto Studios Hace un mes +3

      One of my favorite episodes is the Beach. It's not DARK, it's not ACTION PACKED, but it dives into the lives and personalities of the show's villains in a way that not many other shows have. "My own mother...thought I was a monster. She was right of course but it still hurt." For an episode that is all about playing on the beach tropes in anime, it got real deep REAL fast.

  • Jungle Buoy
    Jungle Buoy Hace un mes +1

    I'd really love to see the guy(s) from Fortress Films come in and talk about Source Film Maker (SFM). They released a full length movie (Emesis Blue) using the TF2 IP and had such a crazy story and amazing lighting and animation as well!

  • Fattymicfatfat
    Fattymicfatfat Hace 12 días

    I would like to recommend 2007's sword of a stranger, specifically the final climb up the tower and the final fight. Absolute master class animations for 2007. And fantastic story.

  • Cellardoor
    Cellardoor Hace un mes

    I can't unsee Alex doing reference vids for Olaf in Frozen 2 in the BTS doc on Disney+. He's definitely one of my favorite animators because of it.

  • Sammmy 94
    Sammmy 94 Hace un mes

    Speaking of 3D elements mixing with 2D ones, I'd love to see you guys have a look into the Lord Tengen vs. Gyutaro fight from Demon Slayer. Or really anything from UFOTable. Some really impressive scenes there!

  • Brian Brant
    Brian Brant Hace un mes

    A lot of episodes of Courage the Cowardly Dog were dark, but one that always stuck out to me as a kid was the episode “The Mask.” I remember it dealt with domestic abuse and prostitution and just had an overall chilling, noir-ish feel to it.

  • deRangutang
    deRangutang Hace un mes +253

    THE LAST UNICORN is a classic animated film from my childhood that I loved specifically because it was SO much darker than anything else I was allowed to watch. I'd love to see someone tackle it on the show!

    • Blind0825
      Blind0825 Hace un mes +4

      I just rewatched it the other day, most of it still holds up really well, the Red Bull scared the shit out of me when I was like 4 or 5.

    • Nighty7894
      Nighty7894 Hace un mes +1

      That Movie is still one of my favorite Movies to this day. As a Kid i was so afraid after watching it, i was so scared of that bull :D

    • daniel s
      daniel s Hace un mes +1

      I saw that when I was very young and it blew my mind when I heard a swear word when she said "damn you". Even 30+ years later that sticks in my head.

    • deRangutang
      deRangutang Hace un mes +1

      @daniel s I’ll do you one better. My parents never cursed, so I didn’t know that word. I thought it was the NAME of the unicorn.
      So one time, my mom saw me playing with a stuffed unicorn. She asked me what its name was, and I answered, “Damn you!”

    • John Smith
      John Smith Hace un mes +1

      They should react with Danny Sexbang, especially considering he did an amazing cover of the song.

  • Thomas Govers
    Thomas Govers Hace 9 días

    Loved the episode! I would also reccomend Niko, Wren and Alex to watch the Fate Memorial Video of 2023. 3D, 2D mixed together so you have so much to look at and talk about. It's eye candy for everyone!~ Thank you guys

  • Z4G
    Z4G Hace un mes +2

    These animators react are by far my fav videos, please keep them coming at a steady rate! :)

  • Lazzaretto.
    Lazzaretto. Hace un mes +3

    a oddly dark animated episode i remember is the episode ¨haunted¨ of teen titans were robin mind was being tortured by alucinations of slade fighting with him but really he was fighting no one and only hurting himself

  • rrrらいがぁ
    rrrらいがぁ Hace un mes

    The band performance scenes of Bocchi the Rock actually showcase an interesting 2D/3D technique. The precision and smoothness of the movements look 3D, but it’s got the imperfections of 2D as well.
    That’s because they got an actual band to perform the songs in mocap, tracked the mocap data onto 3D models of the characters, and then the animators traced that 3D footage while putting their own 2D spin on it. So for example the faces and hair look traditionally anime, there are stylizations like smears for fast movements, but the way they play the instruments is still 100% accurate, and it blends in really well with the fully traditionally animated cuts interspersed in the scene.

  • J
    J Hace 16 días

    Always a treat to have Alex on.

    HISHAM A.N Hace un mes +228

    What Studio Orange has been doing with their CGI is really remarkable, especially with how fluid it was in Trigun. Chainsaw Man also has some amazing CG animation.

    • Burgercat
      Burgercat Hace un mes +10

      I hate it. Reminds me of genshin impact. Like why are we choosing to go backwards in art style just to have better animations. I don't think it's worth it

    • Baeleth
      Baeleth Hace un mes +4

      I wanted to love it, but so often when it's in motion the movement of a character feels like it's in a 2001 video game cutscene. I just find it so distracting and can't get used to it.

    • GokuGod
      GokuGod Hace un mes +4


    • GokuGod
      GokuGod Hace un mes +10

      ​@Burgercatlet people (animators) push boundaries.

    • Luis Sierra
      Luis Sierra Hace un mes +7

      @Burgercat Yep, I don't like it either. I don't have a problem with CGI backgrounds but I find it very noticeable when it is used for character movements

  • Marc Pengryffyn
    Marc Pengryffyn Hace un mes

    I remember an episode of Rocky & Bullwinkle (that's how old I am) where they went through a portal in the space-time-continuum and turned into vegetable versions of themselves. I'm pretty sure Rocky was an onion and I think Bullwinkle was a bunch of celery. I think it was a real episode, and not just a atrange dream, but it weirded me out enough that I still remember it more than 50 years later.

  • Justin
    Justin Hace un mes +1

    You mentioned jjk, but you should really look into it for one of these! Especially S2E3. Specifically, the aquarium scene. Absolutely gorgeous, and the amount of details that they put into the eyes, insane imo

    • Justin
      Justin Hace un mes

      You could also look at the fight scene with Gojo v Toji, or just how much detail went into the shot from the last couple minutes. The amount of emotion they're able to cover in one face in a few frames, and the slo mo on top, so good! Definitely didn't hit me in the feels on release day 😅

  • Dr. Burkenstein
    Dr. Burkenstein Hace un mes

    Very viscerally memorable animation from my childhood: Rocko's Modern Life; the episode where they go to the baseball game; the part where the hammerhead shark gets hit in both eyes with the baseball. Jeeeezy Creezy! I will remember that slow motion animation for the rest of my life.

  • Goerg
    Goerg Hace 28 días +1

    Loved the Video.
    More of Anime reactions would be appreciated.
    Your work is so good, thank you for delivering again.

  • Alohamaura
    Alohamaura Hace un mes

    Never Ending Story! I don't think it was a ton of CG but the way they built shots was so cool!

  • Teh Weh
    Teh Weh Hace un mes +51

    4:43 I love how Wrens facial expression exactly mirrors mine, as I was watching the scenes from Chainsaw Man: Confusion, slight disgust and more confusion.

  • MrShroud
    MrShroud Hace un mes

    Studio Orange is the king of CG animation, I feel like every frame I see of them, I can tell it's CG, but it's also in a way where I can go "damn, that looks amazing", it's especially great in motion though, where they really push to use CG in a way where it excels, which is making realistic movement, but they crank up the knob to 11, and make it something truly great

  • pseducode
    pseducode Hace un mes +1

    for an uncharacteristically dark episode of an animated show, has to be the mother's day episode of "Rugrats", where it explains what Happened to Chucky's mom. It was truly tear-jerking, probably not the dark in the way uyou meant, I'm now realizing, but the first to come to mind.

  • AngeGaming
    AngeGaming Hace un mes +1

    If you do another one of these, Land of the Lustrous is another Studio Orange anime thats fully 3D and would be interesting hearing what you think about it

  • takineko
    takineko Hace un mes +1

    I love Trigun and Trigun Stampede is visually so different it took some getting used to but i love them both now so much

  • Aaron Wannamaker
    Aaron Wannamaker Hace un mes

    The cartoon of Sam & Max: Freelance Police adapted the comic's story "Bad Day on the Moon" pretty faithfully, including the part where Max gets disintegrated and Sam scrapes the remains of his scalp (pretty much just his ears) into a paper bag and carries it around with him.

  • Elliot Lobell
    Elliot Lobell Hace un mes +83

    i'd love to see an Animators react episode just about 90s Nicktoons. Some of the animation on the original seasons of rugrats was INSANE, same creative director as Aeon Flux

    • Graham Gilmore
      Graham Gilmore Hace un mes +1

      I came here to mention the first Rugrats movie. That movie went to some daaaaark places.

  • Justin
    Justin Hace un mes

    Oddly dark and twisted episode, my first thought isnt a whole episode, but Aang meeting Koh, the face stealer. That moment was just had me on the edge of my seat, skin crawling when I first saw it

  • seanyb2
    seanyb2 Hace un mes +1

    Season 3 of Reboot was an especially dark tonal shift in what had, up to that point, been a relatively light hearted show. Episode 4 of Season 3 is especially dark where some of the main characters, basically children too, were essentially given what had been seen as a death sentence before that point. One of my favourite shows of all time though. It still holds up to this day.

  • prod. Pavka
    prod. Pavka Hace un mes

    I'd love to see you react to some scenes of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. It has great action scenes, disturbing episodes, wonderful story and neat art style. Great video as always.

  • raptor152
    raptor152 Hace un mes

    Courage the Cowardly Dog often used different art styles for the monsters to make them seem more creepy and alien, definitely worth a look.

  • Doge
    Doge Hace un mes +1

    Please talk about Land of the Lustrous
    It'd be so intersting! I love the manga and really hope it'll get another season

  • Psychlopic
    Psychlopic Hace un mes +14

    I love seeing animators react. Would love to see you guys react to some of Monty Oum's work (from Dead Fantasy, Red VS Blue and RWBY). In my opinion he animated some of the best fight scenes I've ever seen.

    • Aegis Mind
      Aegis Mind Hace un mes +1

      That dudes understanding/intuition for camera movement in animation was on another level man.

  • KalKolath
    KalKolath Hace 23 días

    I'd like to recommend you guys check out Mazumaro's - Myth's bad ending. Its an animation done by one person and it uses both traditional 2D animation techniques along with 3D very well. I'd love to know your guys thoughts on it. NOTE: The characters are all VTubers from Hololive and the music is orchestral rearrangements of their first songs/background music.

  • EriksBlue
    EriksBlue Hace un mes

    man imagine what you can do when you put talent and not just money into creative projects

  • Happy Monster
    Happy Monster Hace un mes

    i cant remember any weirdly dark episodes in my cartoons as a kid, but i do recall how much the story ramps up in the Reboot CG animation series.

  • Ado422
    Ado422 Hace 23 días

    The TNMT (00's) series had a whole lot of dark episodes. The one I really remember is the ''Mutant captain experiment gone wrong''

  • Rough Sketch
    Rough Sketch Hace un mes

    There was an episode of Miraculous, the season 4 finale I believe, and it has a lot of serious stuff going on for a goofy show with not the best animation and models, but it really puts you in the characters shoes and has you feeling almost exactly what they're feeling.

  • Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
    Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X Hace un mes +89

    You should check out Dorohedoro. It's got hand drawn backgrounds, but the characters are cg
    It's the most natural looking cgi I've seen so far, and the style that comes out is really unique

    • Oziel De La Torre
      Oziel De La Torre Hace un mes +11

      Really hoping for a season 2

    • Nunya Biznes
      Nunya Biznes Hace un mes +4

      It's naturalistic enough that I forgot that the character were 3D and had to look it up when I saw this comment lol

    • residentgrigo
      residentgrigo Hace un mes +10

      Dorohedoro´s anime stumbled so that MAPPA could get that style for Chainsaw-man right.

    • Seis
      Seis Hace un mes +10

      Dorohedoro is a fuckin’ BANGER! Highly agree they should check it out.

    • Dracocrusher
      Dracocrusher Hace un mes +1

      Absolutely. I'd also like to throw out "Land of the Lustrous", which is just really effective visually and manages to do a lot of crazy stuff with CG that's super interesting.

  • Kyle Johnson
    Kyle Johnson Hace 26 días

    The Wingfeather Saga might be an interesting kid's show to talk about. It has a unique art style, all made in Unreal I believe. The show is currently in production as well.

  • Darbs
    Darbs Hace un mes

    Chainsaw Man was a work of art - especially episode 8. Some of the best directing in anime. Next episode - please look at Space Dandy, Dorohedoro, and Red Line.
    Also: it's not Jujutsu KaisON, it's KaisEN

  • Aziraphale686
    Aziraphale686 Hace un mes

    As far as dark and twisted cartoons go, Courage the Cowardly Dog definitely springs to mind.

  • deviljon
    deviljon Hace 28 días

    Pierot Le Fou from Cowboy Bebop was really spooky. Toys in the Attic episode was also creepy at times but also hilarious.
    The Naruto Shipuuden episode where Obito saw Rin die was horrific.

  • Rico Rivera
    Rico Rivera Hace un mes

    Adventure time gold star scene. It wasn't off brand but it was one of the darkest/coolest moments that stood out more with how it contrasts with the rest of the show.

  • Joe Faller
    Joe Faller Hace un mes +36

    Would love an "animators react" to the Nimona movie! love the artstyle in that movie!

  • MAX
    MAX Hace un mes +1

    I wonder if they will ever react to the finale fight scenes of Amphibia and The Owl House
    The animations really great

  • Nyllil
    Nyllil Hace 27 días

    Demon Slayer is in my opinion just sooo nicely animated, it's crazy.

  • The Dead Critic
    The Dead Critic  Hace 18 días +2

    I would recommend "courage the cowardly dog" or "ah! real monsters!" or Literally every cartoon from the 80/90's. I'm so happy i was a kid during this time. ❤

  • ciaranoc
    ciaranoc Hace un mes

    Ulysses 31, a French/ Japanese show from the early 80s, using The Iliad as the story inspiration for a sci-fi cartoon is pretty dark in places. The Chair of Forgetfulness episode always baked my brain as a kid.

  • jerry Clyde
    jerry Clyde Hace un mes +1

    I can’t believe you didn’t do anything by Ufotable for this. They were the ones that honestly made 2D and 3D seamless for me. Mainly season 2, 3 and 4 of demon slayer. That and their work on Fate zero of them using CG space for their camera work.

  • TheSuprChikn
    TheSuprChikn Hace un mes +29

    I think Invader Zim took an especially dark turn when he took a whole bunch of organs from school kids, because more organs means more human.

    • PokuPoku
      PokuPoku Hace un mes

      I'll never forget that episode

    • CursedUsername
      CursedUsername Hace un mes

      Invader Zim was always sort of messed up.

    • Dominik Kempen
      Dominik Kempen Hace un mes +3

      i'm gonna sing the doom song
      doom doom doom doom doom doom doom
      doom doom doom doom doom doom doom
      doom doom doom doom doom doom doom
      doom doom doom doom doom doom doom
      doom doom doom doom doom doom doom
      doom doom doom doom doom doom doom

    • Brian Armitage
      Brian Armitage Hace un mes

      Yup! My mind immediately went to Dark Harvest. Especially the scene where Zim swaps the school secretary's brain with a can of soda - she answers the phone only to have a bunch of foam pour out of her mouth while she stares ahead, blank-eyed.

    • DeRock Media
      DeRock Media Hace un mes

      classic zim

  • anoccomir
    anoccomir Hace un mes

    i reaaaaally liked inuyashi the last hero, that anime has some very sick scenes and amazing actions combining 3d and traditional animation, good review material

  • Ian Glenn
    Ian Glenn Hace un mes

    1987 Christmas Claymation Special "Carol of the Bells" always hit me in a creepy yet lighthearted way

  • FE
    FE Hace un mes +2

    The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of an oddly dark episode of a cartoon, is the bloodbending episode in Avatar: The Last Airbender ("The Puppetmaster" EP#48) The body contortions really freaked me out as a kid and even as an adult I'm hesitant to rewatch that specific episode.

  • BungerColumbus
    BungerColumbus Hace un mes

    Nice video as usual. Maybe you'll get to do one where KRUGSTON and Gildedguy would appear. They are some great youtube animators with some fancy styles I think you would like.

  • L-GIN Animations
    L-GIN Animations Hace un mes +30

    Honestly, it's soo rare, but it's so fun to learn more about animation through you guys so I hope there is more.

  • C U
    C U Hace 23 días

    Tokyo Ghoul centipede transformation scene was one of the best horrors, crooked but musically dynamic masterpiece. The way they used piano and sounds, you feel the pain , dredd. As an audience, I thought that was magnus opus.

  • TrekBeatTK
    TrekBeatTK Hace un mes +1

    Might be cool to compare something like the original 90s Sailor moon to Sailor Moon Crystal. They have some scenes which are pretty much identical but the animation style is different.

  • ChubsTheOwl
    ChubsTheOwl Hace un mes

    There are so many episodes in the Clone Wars that are surprisingly dark, the blue shadow virus for one comes to mind off the top of my head.
    Legend of Korra also gets surprisingly dark too, like the Earth Queen death with airbending, or the fate of Amon at the end of season 1

  • Martin Sutti
    Martin Sutti Hace un mes

    Kids next door had the one odd episode where they were all getting turned to old "adult" age. I remember the animation for that being pretty nasty and the episode got pretty dark haha

  • AZombieNamedTim
    AZombieNamedTim Hace un mes

    I would love for them to take a look at Speed Racer- the 2008 movie, I think that the CG is artfully done, so that even though you can tell a lot of stuff is CG, it still looks pretty good and cohesive

  • Seis
    Seis Hace un mes +15

    Studio Orange is fuckin’ incredible with their 3D CGI work. Ufotable is the runner up, in my opinion, mainly because Orange uses almost full 3D in all their shows while Ufotable is smart about incorporating 3D in the backgrounds for dynamic shots.

  • BeefBones
    BeefBones Hace un mes +1

    Blue Submarine No. 6 had some dark themes and was also one of if not the first anime to have 3D effects. Though it looks pretty bad now, it was admirable for the time.

  • Q̶o̶D
    Q̶o̶D Hace un mes

    I know you guys have already reacted to both Avatar series, but I'd love to see a reaction to Azula and Zuko's final battle

  • John B
    John B Hace un mes +1

    Oddly dark was the cartoon Exosquad. I watched it as a kid, and it had the same action of GI Joe but showed a world full of prejudice and racism, without obvious "good" vs "evil" themes.

  • Cayne Pandan
    Cayne Pandan Hace un mes

    You guys should really get Alan Becker in the series and talk about his Animator vs. ... Series. His animation journey from beginning to now is very impressive.

  • WeavelCow
    WeavelCow Hace un mes +2

    Talking about anime CG, I know I've said this before, but I would love for them to have a look at the mechs in '86: Eighty Six'

  • b0tanica
    b0tanica Hace un mes +85

    Animators React is the most informative of the react arcs. Love these so much. 🙌

    • Uria
      Uria Hace un mes +2

      I hope they react to JoJo part 6 and support the argument that the animation isn’t bad

    • NaVi
      NaVi Hace un mes

      not really

  • Nico
    Nico Hace un mes

    I'd love to see Andrei Tarkovsky and Andrew Tate on this show, their chemistry would be somethin else

  • Isaac Linn
    Isaac Linn Hace un mes

    Made in Abyss randomly got some serious body horror in the last couple episodes. It was shocking because it was mostly a kid's show before that. I can imagine someone who has never seen anything so dark coming to the end and being totally shocked by that.

    • Bwern
      Bwern Hace un mes

      while it had a child-like aesthetic, it was by no means a kids show before that

  • Jero
    Jero Hace un mes +5

    This was great bec it started with legit anime, to a creation that's essentially a celebration of animation, to a middle finger to animators. Insane variety in today's episode.

    • BeyondTrash
      BeyondTrash Hace un mes +4

      Rock, Paper, Scissors isn't a middle finger to animators. They created their own art style for the AI, storyboarded and filmed every scene. Animated plenty of actual animation within the episode itself.
      There's absolutely no way you can call that a middle finger to animators, especially when most veteran animators don't seem to have much bad to say about it.

  • Jesse Argueta
    Jesse Argueta Hace un mes

    I would love you to react to the old Beast Wars or Reboot episodes. Curious what you guys have to say about some of the first CG animated TV shows