VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 115

  • Publicado el 24 sep 2023
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    Sam, Niko, and Jordan break down some of the best (and worst) visual effects in some of your favorite Hollywood films!
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    Chapters ►
    00:00 Welcome to VFX Artists React
    00:38 Train Crash
    03:09 Vessi
    04:37 Tom Cruise: Plane Stunt
    06:13 Tom Cruise: Halo Jump
    08:27 Point Break
    12:11 Tom Cruise: Cliff Jump
    13:52 Mirrors - BAD Fire VFX
    16:41 Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
    19:06 Thanks For Watching
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Comentarios • 0

  • LegoMe_TheOG
    LegoMe_TheOG Hace 9 días +5289

    Loved this episode! Thanks for featuring my work :)

    • WayStedYou
      WayStedYou Hace 9 días +147

      I thought they were going to say someone actually recreated it with Lego later.
      Not that someone so young just did it by themselves. Nice work.

    • Alister Bulman
      Alister Bulman Hace 9 días +88

      When do we get to see you talking about what you did, and what else you love to see, on the couch @legome_theog?

    • jeff mattson
      jeff mattson Hace 9 días +69

      @Alister Bulman as i mentioned somewhere, he can't travel to the US by himself at 14, so if he were to go to LA they'd have to bring his parents with him. logistically it might pose too many problems and be too costly. But you never know... maybe. Or they could do it over zoom.

    • Savino Minerva
      Savino Minerva Hace 9 días +58

      Commenting just to see you on that couch, boy you deserve it.

    • ikemurray1993
      ikemurray1993 Hace 9 días +9

      Good job!

  • Blender Guru
    Blender Guru Hace 2 días +85

    That lego story was super inspiring. Love it.

  • KnapfordMaster98
    KnapfordMaster98 Hace 8 días +273

    It's amazing that 9 years ago the lego movie set a new bar for CG realism, and now a teenager can get the same result in his bedroom after school *and have it wind up in a real feature film.* There's a lot of terrible stuff in the world, but the work the blender foundation has done to make this stuff freely accessible is just so wonderful and tickles my heart. Preston has a LONG career ahead of him.

    • Алишер
      Алишер Hace 3 días +1

      This comment is giving Obadiah Stane : [shouting] Tony Stark was able to build this in a cave! With a box of scraps! 😄

  • Mikul
    Mikul Hace 9 días +499

    I can't even put into words how proud Mutanga's parents must be. To make such an incredible animation all by yourself after school at 14 years old, and then go on to work on one of the most anticipated movie sequels of all time-- he's basically real life Miles Morales

    • Robin Bodare
      Robin Bodare Hace 3 días +5

      You would be proud to just get your work showcased on like a ESclips show, or maybe some sort of indie kickstarter short film, but he did a whole scene in one of the best movies of the decade. It's a legendary achievement.

  • dilip vernekar
    dilip vernekar Hace 8 días +81

    I honestly enjoy the non-guest episodes more. I just wanna see the boys and their reactions and their jokes.

    • Yeetbro
      Yeetbro Hace 7 días +5

      They get to provide more criticism without being worried of offending the guests

    • Mike Asterios
      Mike Asterios Hace 7 días +3

      A mix of both is definitely best

    • Vojtech Pilar
      Vojtech Pilar Hace 3 días +1

      I don't like the guessed episodes. It's informative but not fun as they simply don't criticize anything.

    • dilip vernekar
      dilip vernekar Hace 2 días

      @vojtechpilar5809 yeah it feels like a demo or tutorial lecture from the guest. If I wanted BTS, I would look it up. I just wanna see vfx artists laughing at bad cgi and guessing how it was done for good cg.

  • Nannim Wuyep
    Nannim Wuyep Hace 6 días +20

    Love the way Niko smiles like a proud dad at 14:39 as Jordan explains the motion of fire.😄

  • Chrisis
    Chrisis Hace 9 días +2654

    Massive Respect for Mutanga, that work was absolutely mind blowing!!

    • swastik arya
      swastik arya Hace 9 días +25

      what a gigachad

    • hellfish2309
      hellfish2309 Hace 9 días +7

      Lord and Miller: “HEY good job - we’re gonna grind and crunch you”
      JK I’m sure re: Preston they were compliant with child labor etc, but that movie didn’t suffer from a lack of creative flex so much as it did from a workflow and editing overload
      Good product; bad production

    • WayStedYou
      WayStedYou Hace 9 días +9

      I thought they were gonna say that someone did recreate it with the actual lego later.
      But nope, it was done by a solo child.

    • Seth Paradox
      Seth Paradox Hace 9 días +4

      His work and dedication is amazing. A true inspiration!

    • Ross Carlson
      Ross Carlson Hace 9 días +3

      PROBLEM - the link to his channel in the description is a 404 - PLEASE FIX IT GUYS!!!!

  • Winchester NL
    Winchester NL Hace 8 días +15

    Okay, now I can't help but want Corridor to make a full on video of someone skydiving and someone else mugging them. It would be VERY interesting to see you guys pull that off!

  • Sewer Tapes
    Sewer Tapes Hace 8 días +3

    I'm glad you showed Landon's train video. He is a very talented action director.

  • NicholsonStudios
    NicholsonStudios Hace 8 días +10

    I think the MI7 jump was more used as a behind the scenes marketing tool vs something they needed to do for the film, but still super impressive! Great episode gents!

  • aperson being
    aperson being Hace 7 días +4

    This is a great trio, your chemistry is perfect! I think Jordan was the missing link. Seeing you guys laughing to the point of crying because you're having so much fun is really awesome and shows just how much you love what you do. Thoroughly enjoyed this.

  • Jigsaw407
    Jigsaw407 Hace 8 días +1

    Holy shit! Preston is a standout talent. He will go BIG in the VFX industry. Well, well, well done, kid!

  • Logan Brown
    Logan Brown Hace 9 días +1289

    I'm still amazed that a fan animation from a 14 year old managed to impress the animation team for spiderverse so much they got to work on the actual film. It's honestly incredible and I hope they keep doing it

    • hellfish2309
      hellfish2309 Hace 9 días +19

      it impressed the animation bosses: Lord and Miller screwing with the workflow up to the 11th hour with new demands and additions is what created the grind and crunch on the project… they wouldn’t make Monday decisions until Wednesday for work that needed to be finished for Tuesday

    • KingCosworth
      KingCosworth Hace 9 días +14

      That kid is a true talent, I hope he gets treated right by the movie machine.

    • Spencer Dunn
      Spencer Dunn Hace 9 días +4

      One of my favorite stories I've heard on Corridor

  • psvM_
    psvM_ Hace 9 días +8

    The Point Break bit has convinced me that you guys just need to do movie commentary to funny or janky scenes

  • CptVein
    CptVein Hace 9 días +5

    This had to be one of the funniest episode to date!
    I love when Jordan and Sam are on the couch. They work off each other very well.

  • Moses Matsepane
    Moses Matsepane Hace 9 días +18

    Yoh! Preston Mutanga is on another level! The fact that he ended up animating that Lego Scene in the movie was just a cherry on top.

  • JS 2K
    JS 2K Hace 9 días +7

    The work blender artists are able to do in non-professional settings is amazing! I love that you guys are highlighting these talented people. More please! Maybe invite them on the show!

  • usagi32211
    usagi32211 Hace 8 días +1

    I've been rewatching ER, and would love to have you guys look at the helicopter crash in S10E08. It's a great example of early 2000s TV effects that are on the brink of cartoony.

  • Artor
    Artor Hace 9 días +815

    Apparently for Point Break, the producers wouldn't allow their stars to actually skydive, but Swayze was an avid skydiver IRL. So he invited all the crew out to jump on a free day, and took the cameraman along with them. Provided with raw footage and still-living stars, the producer went ahead and used it in the movie.

    • Langit Ken Sahaja
      Langit Ken Sahaja Hace 9 días +75

      Eric linden actually told them about this in a stuntman react episode

    • JumperXxXCables
      JumperXxXCables Hace 9 días +22

      @Langit Ken Sahaja I knew I heard this somewhere but could remember where so I thought I dreamt it.

    • Aeyn
      Aeyn Hace 9 días +44

      For the curious, it's Stuntmen React 5, around the 8:45 mark

    • Karen Ingram
      Karen Ingram Hace 8 días +15

      Such a boss move lmao. I miss Patrick Swayze, man. He was such a genuinely cool guy without a hint of pretentiousness. I feel like we need more people like that in the world.

    • Nathan Edwards
      Nathan Edwards Hace 8 días

      Was coming here just to see if someone else had shared this story, glad someone has.

  • Pirate Ghost
    Pirate Ghost Hace 6 días +1

    Love this episode so much! I have been doing a rewatch of classic monster movies and I would love to see an episode about the different werewolf transformations throughout the years. Looking at Werewolf in London, The Wolf Man, Teen Wolf, and an American Werewolf in London.

  • Marzalien
    Marzalien Hace 8 días +3

    I was so sad to see that you actually weren't looking at the Lone Ranger lol still a fun episode! Can't wait to see what you guys do next!

    • Lukas Sprehn
      Lukas Sprehn Hace 8 días

      Yeah, what was with that? I didn't understand that at all. Might as well not have put that stuff in the opening..........

  • ultramaximus
    ultramaximus Hace 8 días +5

    That LEGO story with the 14yo gave me chills. That's awesome - he has a guarantied future in animation for sure.

  • Audio Replica
    Audio Replica Hace 8 días +4

    You guys should bring that kid to the show , make an interview or whatever . Such of talented kid. Im really happy for him 👍🏽

  • Montragon
    Montragon Hace 9 días +4

    This is pure entertainment! Congratulations to everyone, from the Crew to the creators...It's always a pleasure to see a new video from you guys on my feed.

  • Robert Libutti
    Robert Libutti Hace 9 días +780

    Mutanga is a genius. AMAZING. Not only the "technician" aspect of the Blender mastery, but the cinematography aspect. The art direction. That kid's got a career ahead of him. I am in awe!

    • P. Bananaz
      P. Bananaz Hace 9 días +59

      Corridor needs to ask him to guest star in one of these episodes for real

    • Bananaman
      Bananaman Hace 9 días +1

      @P. Bananaz That would be so cool

    • VMYeahVN
      VMYeahVN Hace 9 días +2

      @P. Bananaz Omg you're so right, they need to do a video where he brings the Blender project for either his Lego trailer or (with permission from Sony) the project for his Lego scene from Across the Spiderverse and they go through how he did it and such.

    • RyoMassaki
      RyoMassaki Hace 8 días +8

      He did copy the trailer shot for shot, he did not create the cinematography nor the art direction. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to detract from his achievement, I just think that praising him for the 2 things he didn't do makes no sense.

    • Robert Libutti
      Robert Libutti Hace 8 días +2

      @RyoMassaki Its not that simple. Try to copy... The Mona Lisa. Get the scale, colors etc all right. This kid took the trailer, redid it in a new format/medium. Had to make choices on scale, color, lighting. So he didn't design the characters or the shots, there is a tremendous amount of work and creativity in what that 14 year old kid did on nights and weekends, even if it is a 'copy'.

  • HWC Transgender ministries

    This was so fun!
    "You didn't set up the tent?!"😂
    Also,that Lego kid was amazing!

  • Alex Parsons
    Alex Parsons Hace 8 días +1

    Would love to see an episode where you guys look into altered carbon!! Absolutely amazing first season!
    Love your stuff, live for my Saturdays with you guys!

  • Experience Explorers
    Experience Explorers Hace 7 días

    This was a great episode guys! Always love the fun dynamic you have just chilling and chatting about what you are watching! Always makes my day watching these videos!

  • Ryan Beecher
    Ryan Beecher Hace 9 días +10

    Them turning that skydiving scene from Point Break into a skydiving mugging was the most hilarious thing ever!!

  • Rohan Sharma
    Rohan Sharma Hace 9 días

    Huge respect for Preston Mutanga, Dude! You are inspiration for so many! Loved the blender train one too! Another amazing one!

  • The Great Lake
    The Great Lake Hace 9 días +217

    This episode was hysterical. Idk what got into the boys, but their jokes were top tier.

    • Tim Thompson
      Tim Thompson Hace 9 días +25

      Burning Man, and "don't you hate it when you're safely skydiving..."

    • The Great Lake
      The Great Lake Hace 9 días +7

      @Tim Thompson So funny 😂 they could do a whole skit off the skydiving muggers.

    • Pytl
      Pytl Hace 7 días +3

      Missed opportunity for a call back to the Burning Man joke with Kiefer like actually burning man.
      Hilarious nonetheless.

  • Rev_dude
    Rev_dude Hace 8 días +3

    Definitely one of the best episodes in a long time, you should showcase hidden talent more often!

  • camero220
    camero220 Hace 8 días

    The rig the crew of Point Break set up for the skydiving scene has probably my favorite BTS shot of all time. It's this amazing mix of big budget bare bones.

  • Marcus Swingle
    Marcus Swingle Hace 8 días +3

    The last segment with the 14 year old is AMAZING!! Props to him and the directors for including him.

  • c0mputer
    c0mputer Hace 8 días +1

    This episode has strong Mystery Science Theater vibes, love it.

  • Wesley Colvin
    Wesley Colvin Hace 8 días +4

    That kid's got talent. He'll probably have companies begging him to work for them. Bring him on for an episode. I'd love to hear the thought process and the work that went into to it.

  • FoxAches
    FoxAches Hace 9 días +279

    "Don't you hate it when you're safely skydiving..." broke me. I was drying my eyes from the tears of laughter so I could replay the minute I missed.

    • Mike
      Mike Hace 9 días +15

      And then John Wick comes up behind you with a revolver.

    • Wade Marley
      Wade Marley Hace 8 días +7

      This was their funniest commentary.
      "You didn't set up the tent!?" 💀

    • Luis Sierra
      Luis Sierra Hace 8 días +2

      @Mike That's baby John Wick

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith Hace 5 días

    Wow that is so cool. Good for that kid. I hope his parents are proud and he’s happy. Way to go bud!

  • Hans ImGlueck
    Hans ImGlueck Hace 8 días +2

    The story of that 14 years old animator gave me goosebumps. Absolutely mindblowing.

  • Emanuel Lopez
    Emanuel Lopez Hace 9 días +1

    I don’t what was happening the day you all were filming this but the vibes this episode were especially immaculate

  • Jonathan Leterkeny
    Jonathan Leterkeny Hace 8 días +6

    I see Phil Lord and Christopher Miller as a great filmmaking duo. In one episode in the future, you guys should make a special animators react with Lord and Miller. Please make this happen!

  • Alden Audric Matondo
    Alden Audric Matondo Hace 8 días +2

    I like how the last two clips are just entirely different some of the episodes are sometimes too heavy on one topic or one movie/show but the diversity is refreshing

  • alystair
    alystair Hace 9 días +157

    That Lego Spiderverse story is so heartwarming. What an incredibly motivated kid, he'll be going places!

  • Landon’s Animation Wheelhouse

    Thanks for featuring my train crash! This was a great episode.
    (I agree the title needs help😂)

  • WH
    WH Hace 4 días

    Great episode! The "bad" fire effect is interesting to me because it's so disconnected to reality it makes me think its something other than real fire and then it suddenly work and looks decent. Haven't seen the whole scene but I thought it was an interesting realization.

  • tq
    tq Hace 9 días

    i love how you guys post videos every other day! and the content is always unbeatable, i love it and keep up the great work guys!

  • Bible Unboxed
    Bible Unboxed Hace 8 días +2

    This was the the most fun episode in a while, the energy was great.

  • Sound Good?
    Sound Good? Hace 9 días +3

    Please do a "Sound Designers React" series. They deserve love too!

  • Thoro Comments
    Thoro Comments Hace 9 días +56

    That Mutanga story brought a tear to my eye. When he said Lord and Miller contacted him, I immediately made the connection. Holy shit. Just awesome. God Damn amazing.

  • EditFrog
    EditFrog Hace 6 días

    The Perfect Storm (2000) has some CG shots of the ocean during a hurricane that were pretty good- and some pretty janky ones too. Would love to see what you guys think about it!

  • Jeffrey Lagden
    Jeffrey Lagden Hace 4 días

    Mutanga's work is mind-blowing. I could even do a mili seconds of his work. An exceptionally amazing talent.

  • Snaggletooth
    Snaggletooth Hace 6 días

    Dude Preston wtf, that is insane. Hearing how he did this after school and then landed a gig working on the movie made me so happy. What an amazing story and equally amazing talent. SO COOL

  • SoggyMicrowavenuggets
    SoggyMicrowavenuggets Hace 9 días +4

    This episode is just the crew making each other laugh at hilariously stupid jokes😅 love it

  • stateofhibernation
    stateofhibernation Hace 7 días

    That kids for hella talent! 😮 hoping he continues and finds major successes in the future!❤

  • Rob K
    Rob K Hace 9 días +152

    I love how they are in the air for sooooooooo long and had a conversation in the Point Break sky diving scene. Tom Cruise was in the air for about 2 minutes (give or take) from 25,000 feet and some how Keanu and Patrick were in the air for 1.5 minutes from approximately 4,000 feet. Amazing!

    • Tim Thompson
      Tim Thompson Hace 9 días +17

      Mythbusters tested whether you could have a conversation in free fall - even screaming straight into each other's faces, they couldn't hear a thing through all the wind.

  • Jefferson Rose
    Jefferson Rose Hace 5 días

    I feel like you guys would have a blast with the effects of The Grey staring Liam Neeson. In addition, the DVD commentary is a blast with all the writers and directors getting audibly more dunk as the recording goes on.

  • Manna Thee Great
    Manna Thee Great Hace 8 días

    Amazing work from the kid truly inspiring looking forward inyo the future for his great works

  • konohahurricane07
    konohahurricane07 Hace 8 días +41

    Tom Cruise: Literally hanging on to the outside of a plane in mid flight.
    Corridor Crew: They used a wire. 9 out of10.

    • Hollis Williams
      Hollis Williams Hace 8 días +8

      yeah there are so picky it's hilarious

    • Jamie Milne
      Jamie Milne Hace 8 días +1

      Yeah felt a little cynical

    • Orange Nostril
      Orange Nostril Hace 8 días +4

      I'm guessing they just wanted to leave room since it _technically_ could be more real. Like if literally nothing was changed that'd be a 10, so if only something small was changed that'd be a 9

    • YaMom’sPotatoSalad
      YaMom’sPotatoSalad Hace 7 días +2

      @Orange Nostrilyeah, but the “how real a stunt is” is stupid.

    • Thabiso Nodangala
      Thabiso Nodangala Hace 3 días


  • lionel da silva
    lionel da silva Hace 6 días

    I can’t wait for you guys to analyze the cgi techniques used in Elemental. The water and fire in it are so crazy good looking ?

  • Owen Iozzio
    Owen Iozzio Hace 8 días

    Don't forget to talk more about the janky effects too guys. Those are fun too!

  • Gabreya Bradley
    Gabreya Bradley Hace 9 días +66

    I’ve already heard about Preston Mutanga. He is EXTREMELY TALENTED. I hope that he goes on to have an AWESOME career in computer animation.

  • Glyn Evans
    Glyn Evans Hace 9 días

    One of my favourite episodes, been watching for years. Lots of fun

  • Nerdy Rican
    Nerdy Rican Hace 8 días

    Love how the stunt double for Keanu had on sky diving goggles 😂

  • James Caldwell
    James Caldwell Hace 6 días

    Great stuff as always. That point break clip motivated me to find some stuff online since it had been so long since I saw this movie. There is an earlier skydiving scene which is equally breathtaking. I think the major actors actually had to learn how to skydive. Also the Film movie helmet cam that i found while searching is crazy big for today's helmet cam standards. I am old enough to remember when this movie came out, and my memory is that they used one of those indoor skydiving fans outside with the sky in the background to get a few of the scenes. The actor being held up with air and nothing else.

  • E2mYearly
    E2mYearly Hace 8 días

    I've been thinking it might be fun to react to the CG in 'Wild Wild West'. I'm not sure if it's the greatest, but i remember it being super fun! I feel like a giant mechanical spider destroying a small town is right up your guy's alley.

  • ModernMyths
    ModernMyths Hace 8 días

    I couldn't help but to laugh at 15:02 when the guy on fire actually takes the time to put his flashlight down on a counter kind of calmly XD

  • MadameAesthetic
    MadameAesthetic Hace 9 días +63

    Jordan has really grown on me these past VFX React vids, last time he was on (Reaction to Flash/Uncanny Superman clip) he was talking about the struggles of the VFX artists work condition pipeline and turnaround times. Now with showing Mutanga’s work, he was so enthusiastic on promoting VFX artists, about showcasing talents and getting more opportunities. Really appreciate these real Let’s Sit Down and Talk moments, really brings awareness even through the React vids~ ❤

    • Aaron
      Aaron Hace 9 días +4

      Yes! You know, I always feel a part of the crew is missing ever since Clint left. And while no one can replace him, Jordan is absolutely one of my favorites now. I love his energy and knowledge. A perfect fit for the Corridor Crew, if there ever was one.

    • The Great Lake
      The Great Lake Hace 9 días +5

      Yeah, I’ve noticed his growth too. He’s been hilariously entertaining and creative in the “Competing to Make Satisfying” series too. The Zelda animation was too funny.

  • Reidiculous64
    Reidiculous64 Hace 8 días

    Wish you would have talked about the helicopter stunts from MI Fallout as well. I felt that was the more impressive moment that everyone talks about for that movie.

  • Bilbo BagEnd
    Bilbo BagEnd Hace 8 días +3

    The asteroid impact in Giant Asteroids Form Earth's First Tectonic Plates by BBC Earth Lab blew me away. Probably one of the best vfx explosions since Rogue One

  • Kris Collins
    Kris Collins Hace 9 días +1

    8:24 I think a familiarity with the story of Lt. Col. William Rankin, USAF, might actually lend more realism to the scene of falling through the storm clouds. It’s wild the types of convection currents and wind shear, not to mention hail, plus rain so thick one could drown in the sky. Because I had known his story, that scene never bothered me - seemed perfectly legit at the time.

  • juriartt
    juriartt Hace 8 días

    I'm so happy for Mutanga! I didn't know about that, now I'm just happy ❤ Thanks for sharing that with us!

  • Peter Olofsson
    Peter Olofsson Hace 8 días

    Holy shit. The lego batman scenes was one of the most memorable scenes in that movie. And the guy was 14?? So much respect.
    Also: corridor should have a look at the new tmnt movie. Loved the artstyle

  • impkid204
    impkid204 Hace 9 días +103

    I don't know if you guys have done it yet but in the Robocop reboot there was a pretty cool scene where they show pulling the robot parts off him to show what human parts are left.

    • Decay
      Decay Hace 9 días +4

      Its done i think

    • Jon Stiffer
      Jon Stiffer Hace 9 días

      It was the only good part of the movie.

    • Hollis Williams
      Hollis Williams Hace 8 días +1

      they did that already

  • Joshua Olson
    Joshua Olson Hace 6 días

    Sitting here watching the first mission impossible, and the train scene at the end is something you guys should cover sometime. It’s….something lol. Love watching these videos.

  • Nice2lookAD
    Nice2lookAD Hace 8 días +1

    I have a GREAT recommendation for you guys to check out! Automata (2014) with Antonio Banderas. It completely flew under my radar but its a really could film, originally from Bulgaria.
    Whats cool about it that it heavily features robots that look so real that I questioned lots of times if it was all puppeteering! Cool story too. You should definitely check it out!

  • Brian
    Brian Hace 9 días +4

    I would almost argue that Across the Spiderverse is one of those rare gems where the sequel is just as good if not better than the first one. I love how much they let the art drive the story in Across the Spiderverse

  • clamum
    clamum Hace 8 días

    That Across the Spider-Verse kid is going places. Wow, lotta talent.

  • wiseguy100
    wiseguy100 Hace 8 días +1

    I already knew Cruise did the 'hanging on the plane' stunt for real...Because I watched it from my back garden with binoculars lol. He did it many, many times.

  • Curtis J. MacFlannegan
    Curtis J. MacFlannegan Hace 9 días +10

    Your whole commentary on the Halo jump scene reminds me of what Penn Jillette often says about magic: "once part of the illusion falls, the whole thing falls". I'm sure that even though he hasn't worked in VFX that much he would be quite an insightful guest and probably have a few recommendation of more practical VFX in various movies.

  • Aranya Chowdhury
    Aranya Chowdhury Hace 8 días

    I have to say one thing, don't get me wrong
    I love Mutanga's work. It's cool and very inspiring this kind of thing honestly requires a lot of talent and hard work. If I think of it as a neutral viewer, it is simply amazing. But every time, someone like mutanga does something like this, the first thing that comes to my mind is just go to a dark forest and hang myself in shame(Basically Sam's reaction to the reveal) Just looking at this kind of thing gives me depression and my mind just keeps telling me "Go die in shame. What are you doing man. The world doesn't need you."

  • Tim Costello
    Tim Costello Hace 5 días

    You should definitely check out I'm A Virgo. Absolutely seamless integration of a 13 foot tall kid in Oakland. Great scaled props, forced perspective and perfect compositing. Some trippy stop motion stuff in there too

  • Stuart Deacon Jr.
    Stuart Deacon Jr. Hace 3 días

    A whole episode devoted to Stardust would be amazing! Also Tom Thumb from the 50's on forced perspective etc.

  • Tim Vels
    Tim Vels Hace 8 días

    Having Jordan on the couch is more hilarious! Loved it

  • Clayton Roza
    Clayton Roza Hace 8 días

    What gets me the most from the “Point Break” skydiving scene is the fact that Keanu Reeves is holding the gun with his left hand and the stunt double is holding it with his right hand in some scenes…🤣

  • PantsuMann
    PantsuMann Hace 9 días +97

    Please please please invite Preston Mutanga to the couch! This is so cool! Kid deserves it!

    • jeff mattson
      jeff mattson Hace 9 días

      He's 14 from another country, which means he can't cross the border by himself. His parents would need to come too. They'd have to pay for his whole family to come to LA and stay in a hotel, so it isn't likely. They can't afford that. They'd have to zoom it.

    • PantsuMann
      PantsuMann Hace 9 días +4

      @jeff mattson Doesnt sound like a problem really. It's not like they have to fly from Europe. Bring the parents too, interview the kid

    • Le John_E64
      Le John_E64 Hace 9 días

      @PantsuMann 3 tickets (1 child 2 adult) from Toronto to LA ranges from 1900$ to 2300$ and the flight would take 8 to 12 hours(that's only if airline problems don't happen). Lodging in LA for a single night at a decent hotel ranges from 150$ to 300$ per person. They'd probably have to stay there for at minimum 3-5 days since there's a 3 hour time zone difference. So you're probably looking at something that could go as high as 7000$
      prices are in Canadian Dollar

  • J Griffin
    J Griffin Hace 5 días

    Love when the boys get giggly. Good episode.

  • eniotna83
    eniotna83 Hace 7 días

    Hi guys ! A great episode as always.
    I would recommend that you take a look at the openning titles of the movie Hard Rain (1998 from Mickeal Salomon with Christian Slater and Morgan Freeman).
    I think there is a lot more going on that it looks like and a pretty smooth transition from a CG shot at the end (for a 1998 movie).
    Anyway, keep going, cheers from France !

  • derkdude4
    derkdude4 Hace 9 días +2

    The thing that pulls me out of the dirt bike cliff jump, is that the bike doesn't move like it does on off road conditions. You can tell it's smooth, even though it's "riding" over mountain terrain. Even if they would've given a little wiggle on the bike, that would help sell it so much

    • VMYeahVN
      VMYeahVN Hace 9 días +1

      Yup, i think it's literally the only flaw in the shot. I think they could have built the surface of the ramp have little tiny bumps/nubs. Nothing big enough where Tom Cruise couldn't control the bike or anything, but just enough to give it that look like he's riding over a slightly bumpy surface and it would have completely sold the illusion when they put the CG terrain in.

  • EldritchNekoWarlockRhombusXIII

    you can tell Keanu is wearing a parachute under his shirt when he jump's but the acting is so convincing you feel that tension.

  • Lt John McClane
    Lt John McClane Hace 6 días

    For Mission Impossible, I loved the climbing the Burj Kalifa scene. That one was tense.

  • MaevrickOfficial
    MaevrickOfficial Hace 9 días +21

    In their defence, they needed the storm inordee to knock out Cavill and they couldn't have done it in a real storm with real lightning

    • Aidan Francis
      Aidan Francis Hace 9 días +8

      This, the storm exists for story purposes, and as soon as it fulfills it's purpose the movie moves past it. I understand it being a problem, but as soon as it's not the subject of the frame it's truly a spectacular sequence.

    • Hollis Williams
      Hollis Williams Hace 8 días +4

      there are completely misunderstanding that the CG is there for story purposes and to fit into the rest of the story

  • Skullz
    Skullz Hace 8 días

    This episode was all jokes and I love it 😂

  • Dave Phillips
    Dave Phillips Hace 8 días

    Amazing episode. Science, heart, passion and fun.

  • Roland Schlösser
    Roland Schlösser Hace 8 días +1

    That scene that they cut out of Mirrors scared me so much when I watched it, so brutal!

  • Pauly Guitary
    Pauly Guitary Hace 9 días +4

    Love how Mutanga’s story is one in a long line of stories like this. From a Filipino dude singing Journey on ESclips and actually becoming a member of the band to some one like Monty Oum whose ESclips animations landed him jobs at game developers and ultimately ending up at Rooster Teeth producing his own show (RWBY).

  • Dob Dob
    Dob Dob Hace 8 días

    that lego spiderverse animation was BEYOND insane

  • Calvin Witthoft
    Calvin Witthoft Hace 9 días +11

    Dude the Lego animator story is insane, the fact that he did the scene for ATSV is just incredible

  • Vivian Probst
    Vivian Probst Hace 9 días

    It’s refreshing to see a community, other than the classical instruments players community, feel the shame that comes with watching prodigies be incredible 😂

  • Midlife Crisis Media
    Midlife Crisis Media Hace 8 días

    Since you guys are talking about skydiving stunts, there's a rad aerial action scene about halfway through the Wesley Snipes movie Drop Zone where a skydiver's parachute doesn't open and another skydiver releases his chute to chase after him to save him. The aerial stunts in that scene are extremely impressive, and I think you guys would have a good time reacting to it.

  • flaagan
    flaagan Hace 8 días

    It'd be cool to see an episode about more folks who've had experiences like Mutanga's.