VFX Artists React to THE FLASH Bad & Great CGi

  • Publicado el 24 sep 2023
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    Sam, Wren, and Jordan break down some of the best and worst visual effects from the 2023 Warner Bros film The Flash.
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    Chapters ►
    00:00 Welcome to VFX Artists React
    00:48 Baby Shower
    05:34 Raycon
    06:47 Digital Double
    08:35 Quantum Tunneling
    11:08 Polar Express Superman
    15:31 Final Battle
    16:24 Unnecessary Cameos
    18:43 Final Thoughts
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Comentarios • 0

  • ChosenFate
    ChosenFate Hace 23 días +9051

    It looks like a video game where the run speed is faster than the animation's intended speed

    • Decaposaurus
      Decaposaurus Hace 23 días +152

      It's pretty much the same running animation style they used in Smallville with Bart Allen

    • JaviSarcastic1412
      JaviSarcastic1412 Hace 23 días +143

      How does he turn without turning

    • Jimjilbang
      Jimjilbang Hace 23 días +21

      i think its meant to represent the speed, that also when being so fast its like slow motion for him

    • Violet Knight
      Violet Knight Hace 23 días +89

      @JaviSarcastic1412 Exactly, when he takes a corner, he should be leaning into it, obeying the centripetal force

    • 3nertia
      3nertia Hace 23 días +34

      @Violet Knight When you're moving at or near the speed of light, physics gets a little fucky wucky xD

  • Adam Schoales
    Adam Schoales Hace 20 días +1164

    One of your best episodes to date guys. You acknowledge the flaws but also explain WHY it’s flawed, while remaining respectful of the hard working artists who has to work their butts off to make this all happen.

    • Darth Desec
      Darth Desec Hace 19 días +6

      Lol. Work their butt off?

    • QuV20
      QuV20 Hace 18 días +49

      ​@Darth Desecdon't know how hard somebody's job is until you do it yourself you have no idea if warner bros was rushing the CGI artist which is what usually happens pretty sure if they had the proper time they CGI would have been amazing.

    • Moonwhooper
      Moonwhooper Hace 18 días +25

      ​@Darth Desecyou know nothing

    • THR Awakened
      THR Awakened Hace 18 días +2

      @Moonwhooper dude, they had 9 years to work on these vfx, no excuse it looks this bad

    • Batmang
      Batmang Hace 17 días +21

      @THR Awakened The VFX houses had 9 years? Or were they handed a shot, told "Do this, we want it by next week."
      It's not the time the film has been in development. It's money.

  • liam tuohy
    liam tuohy Hace 20 días +248

    If only Henry Cavill was still alive, still in great shape, made it abundantly clear that he would love to come back for more Superman stuff and even filmed stuff for this movie that they could’ve used instead of cgi….
    Oh, wait….

    • Irving Lee
      Irving Lee Hace 18 días +4

      But that would make no sense. The figures in that Chronosphere thingy weren't meant to be the actual people/characters, but representations of them as moments in time. Like remember in Man of Steel where the ship's AI was explaining to Clark Kent the history of Krypton? Those weren't the real people, they were just models.

    • Vladimir Adidas
      Vladimir Adidas Hace 8 días +45

      ​@Irving Leestill kinda gross to bring back dead people in CGI and make them look like a shitty ps2 cutscene

    • Vladivostokification
      Vladivostokification Hace 2 días +6

      If only Ben Affleck was in the cast of this movie to make the last scene as well 😂

    • TyNJ
      TyNJ Hace 2 días

      he's dead? what?

  • The Good and Bad
    The Good and Bad Hace 11 días +577

    The fakest thing about this movie is Ezra being a good person.

    • Xinewave
      Xinewave Hace 7 días +5

      Yeh lol

    • Jackson Hole
      Jackson Hole Hace 7 días +31

      Or a good actor. Real world aside, he is so bad I have no idea how he got his own movie.

    • Light Mediator
      Light Mediator Hace 6 días +2

      You're not a good person too.

    • Copriletto del Napoli
      Copriletto del Napoli Hace 6 días +5

      ​@Jackson Holehe is a really good actor but ome of the worst person ever appeared in tv along with amber heard

    JIMBOTHY Hace 16 días +215

    I think I found an old music video for you guys, Mick Jagger - Let's Work. At first you're like, why is Mick Jagger running along a freeway with a crowd... But wait there's no shadows on the people. There's spill on some of them. Then it turns out it's all chroma keyed and match moved. But it isn't really wonky for 1987. It's surprisingly well done.

    • wordsinahandle
      wordsinahandle Hace 11 días +2

      They might have to do it in their website cause of youtube's copyright laws. They wouldn't be allowed to olay more than a few seconds of the music.

    • Steve Thea
      Steve Thea Hace 11 días +1


    • Anna Nimmous
      Anna Nimmous Hace 4 días

      it's just bad green screen, what made you think this was remotely on their level

    • Lee Bee
      Lee Bee Hace un día

      Wow good call. I don't see this as "a bad green screen" at all. I find it highly impressive. As I'm sure you will know, this was 2 years before motion control was even invented.

  • Jason Timm
    Jason Timm Hace 17 días +93

    I actually worked very heavily on this, mainly the doubling part which was all done with volcap. Production was an absolute nightmare for this as it was all shot after with Ezra taking the place of the stand in. But it also fell in the middle of all Ezra's troubles so continuity was impossible

    • ArtofZen Digital
      ArtofZen Digital Hace 17 días +7

      Do you know why WB/Discovery decided to begin production on The Flash roughly 2 months after Ezra Miller was seen chocking a woman on camera? The initial claim was that his troubles began after production started, but that’s patently untrue, though it is true for the other major crimes that were committed. The other thing is, Ezra Miller admitted to being bipolar before this film began production, with previous cast members mentioning times that there were highly uncomfortable moments in terms of working with Miller, also dating back to Miller’s role in Wallflower. That being said, I thoroughly understand the difficulties in what you and your team had to deal with. There’s an interview where the producers mentioned that they scoured ESclips and digitally removed watermarks for the smaller images they used in the Chronobowl, which shows that WB didn’t really properly archive their clips for use in the film. With all that being said, I hope that this film is a catalyst for better treatment of the visual effects community because they unfairly took the brunt of the criticisms that were leveled at The Flash. Best Wishes and my sincere hope for better working conditions given that your work is the most integral in terms of film making, but sadly the most under appreciated.

    • squalltheonly
      squalltheonly Hace 8 días +6

      Cry me a river. If I get a burger from McDonalds and is missing the cheese, I am not going to be asking the cook what is going on in his life that made him miss the cheese. The consumer doesn't have to care how the product gets made, only that is a good product.

    • Christian Okoye
      Christian Okoye Hace 8 días +22

      @squalltheonly Nobody cares about how you feel dude.

    • squalltheonly
      squalltheonly Hace 8 días +4

      @Christian Okoye Exactly my point, nobody cares about how the production team feels.

    • David
      David Hace 7 días +4

      The doubling effect was actually quite good.

  • Darryl Jack
    Darryl Jack Hace 23 días +1739

    I always love that this channel teaches the difference between what is intended cgi vs what is bad/misdone cgi

    • Ban Me
      Ban Me Hace 23 días +6

      Latching on to this to say your definition of quantum tunneling is off. Really off.

    • Luis Sierra
      Luis Sierra Hace 23 días +30

      @Ban Me It was a simplified explanation

    • Pauly Guitary
      Pauly Guitary Hace 23 días +3

      Or rushed

    • TheFirstOnYouTube
      TheFirstOnYouTube  Hace 23 días +5

      Why are they justifying it! 🤣 Sell Outs 👎

    • Makabert Abylons
      Makabert Abylons Hace 23 días +3

      I have learned so much these last 4 years watching Corridor. I don’t understand the craft itself more then from what i have learned here but i have loved watching these vids from the start.

  • santiago jaramillo
    santiago jaramillo Hace 20 días +345

    would love to see a “Cinematographers React” video where y’all bring someone in and explain the lighting and composition that makes certain shots have such a great mood or feeling

  • Sabors
    Sabors Hace 20 días +489

    Should absolutely dedicate an episode to Starship Troopers. The miniatures, the puppeteering, the marriage between CGI and Practical effects, and how it holds up today 25 years later. Lot of insane effects work in that movie

  • Ricky Tran
    Ricky Tran Hace 16 días +93

    I love the empathy you guys have for the vfx team. Subscribed

    • Liam’s niece son
      Liam’s niece son Hace 14 días +1

      If you just subscribed…you have years of other content to enjoy. So much good content among various channels. Corridor digital node I lose track

  • Kid King
    Kid King Hace 5 días +3

    I know I shouldn't compare the two, but the CW's Flash made the powers and showcasing of speed very cool to watch.

  • David Hammer
    David Hammer Hace 17 días +45

    I know you guys have done Zach Snyder's Justice League already but I'd love to see a side-by-side deep dive comparison of the Snyder's and Whedon's versions when they're using the same footage. I think it'd be a good way to illustrate the difference when the VFX team actually has time to do something right vs being rushed. Especially with the two versions of Steppenwolf.

  • Shifty McFly
    Shifty McFly Hace 22 días +770

    I think that Starship Troopers needs an episode. That CG was beyond its time and holds up really well. Best bug models in cinema.

    • Mads D
      Mads D Hace 22 días +1

      Great idea 👍

    • skatedurr
      skatedurr Hace 22 días +41

      Would you like to know more?

    • Darth Biomech
      Darth Biomech Hace 22 días +1

      I feel that sadly this kind of movie is not for ESclips anymore.

    • None Oftheabove
      None Oftheabove Hace 22 días +7

      This is a good comparison for the Flash because it’s what happens when you have time and money and a director who knows exactly what they want

    • Robert Osorio
      Robert Osorio Hace 22 días


  • BKing
    BKing Hace 17 días +25

    First three minutes and I'm already laughing too hard 😂, I'm glad about you guys confirming that this wreck isn't caused just because of the VFX artists but also how the movie and franchise dealt with it

  • PyroClasm
    PyroClasm Hace 18 días +15

    An older film with a lot of shots that blend well. Equilibrium. The opening shoot out is a VFX masterpiece

  • Yontrell George
    Yontrell George Hace 15 días +16

    I know this horse has been beat to death at this point, but I just can't get over how this version of Barry runs Every time I see him swinging his arms like that it immediately breaks my immersion

    • ATLsF1N3ST91
      ATLsF1N3ST91 Hace 2 días

      Yeah, you just have to get over the fact that he isn't trying to run like a track star, more like he's swimming through time and space.

  • Michael J Zhem
    Michael J Zhem Hace 5 días

    This is such a good episode. I'm sad this is the first one I've experienced and I don't know if they can get better

  • K C
    K C Hace 22 días +571

    Love your take on not blaming the vfx people and that the backlash helps them. I completely agree.

    • tigergreene
      tigergreene Hace 21 un día +10

      That would be true if the backlash wasn't just a tiny, loud group of VFX nerds tweeting and complaining vigorously. The truth is most audiences don't care enough to actually vote with their dollars. Will people pay to watch? That's the only question that matters to corporations and shareholders. Audiences are willing to put up with a lot.

    • Synthetic Spy
      Synthetic Spy Hace 21 un día +23

      @tigergreenethe flash absolutely bombed didn’t it? That sounds like a fairly large group of people that took issue with at least one of the multiple big things with the film

    • SharkJaw89
      SharkJaw89 Hace 21 un día +12

      @tigergreene The general public is very aware and put off by bad CG, it’s one of the most common complaints among general audiences when it’s a problem. And the Flash lost so much money, the general public did vote with their wallets. It doesn’t take an expert to see that CG Ben Affleck looks like a character from a cheap tie-in video game from 2005.

    • Tom Cruz
      Tom Cruz Hace 21 un día +9

      Yep I think the mainstream public are starting to get aware that VFX artists simply didn't have enough time to finish these shots. It's the studios that are in complete catastrophe and the whole industry is having an existential crisis right now.

    • ca20mn
      ca20mn Hace 21 un día +4

      @SharkJaw89I don’t think screenshots or social media posts have that much of an impact on a movie of this magnitude.
      The portion of casual audiences that partake in that is not a large enough sample to be a big factor in it flopping

  • MaxPowell2
    MaxPowell2 Hace 20 días +11

    if the vfx studio did this in a week they deserve the credit no matter what lol

  • Matthew Waters
    Matthew Waters Hace 20 días +24

    Can you do a whole episode on Gods of Egypt? I’m impressed by the work on the size difference between the characters and what must be mostly CG environments. Mostly it just looks great.

    • Zach Gerrity
      Zach Gerrity Hace 19 días +2

      That movie is WILD

    • Batmang
      Batmang Hace 17 días

      It's a great looking film.
      Shame about the plot. :p

  • Roger Gregory
    Roger Gregory Hace 12 días +7

    I wouldn’t mind seeing you guys check out the visual effects in The Black Hole(1979), or Dragonslayer(1981). Considering when they were made, the visuals are great.

  • Meryl Simmons
    Meryl Simmons Hace 20 días +17

    When it comes to doubles, twins, etc where one actor has to play multiple roles, I don't know why production doesn't look at a show like Orphan Black to create it. The show was so good at lining things up with doubles and making scenes look real and viable rather than CGI.

    • x0gucx
      x0gucx Hace 17 días +5

      I honestly can't tell what they shot practically... in a bad way. Everything looks like Ezra was just in a green room alone acting out everything like they couldn't even afford a stunt double with a mocap suit like the whole movie was made by the vfx studio

    • Yeah Right
      Yeah Right Hace 12 días

      Because every superhero movie is a factory produced product

    • SirWrender
      SirWrender Hace 12 días

      We've looked at Orphan Black on the show before. Their clone effects are really well done! But it's a little limiting with what you can do with the camera, and also requires lots of planning and choreography. I imagine a film like The Flash being a little too chaotic for that path when they could just move fast through filming and throw money at it in post.

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget Hace 3 días +1

    I remember being so disturbed by the VFX of Barry's face on the show one time that I thought it was part of the plot that his face got deformed.

  • Kyle Spevak
    Kyle Spevak Hace 23 días +826

    Ezra saving babies is the opposite of real life 😂

    • DumPixels
      DumPixels Hace 23 días +35

      He eats babies and puppies

    • todi
      todi Hace 23 días +6


    • Berry Badger
      Berry Badger Hace 23 días +41

      @todi internet

    • Dark D. Fafnir
      Dark D. Fafnir Hace 22 días +9

      That's what I said too when I watched it last night 😂😂😂

  • roberto anaya
    roberto anaya Hace 20 días +12

    Thank you Jordan for such a good explanation!! I enjoyed the movie, I went in expecting bad VFX so I didn't let it take away any enjoyment for me

  • James Meaden
    James Meaden Hace 14 días +3

    When I watched it the first time I was expecting everything to be awful but the things that look great get undermined by the bad. Same with the actual story . The silly stuff under minds the great stuff

  • SuperWiiBros08
    SuperWiiBros08 Hace 18 días +3

    I love that even the staff behind the camera are baffled lmao

  • Brian Larson
    Brian Larson Hace 18 días +13

    I appreciate how you guys were also able to point out what you liked. It gave your crew a lot more credibility with their criticisms.
    The son of the Mask baby comparison hit the nail right on the head.

    BLIZZARD Hace 18 horas

    Would be awesome to see you guys try to recreate the running scene.

  • Rachel Deschaine
    Rachel Deschaine Hace 14 días +4

    This is so interesting I love when you guys point out something I wouldn’t even think had cgi like the headphones

  • GamerDudeJ
    GamerDudeJ Hace 22 días +765

    The thing I struggle with is how long this movie was in development. It was delayed multiple years which makes me think that the studio had to have kept changing things and the artists couldn't keep up.

    • Motsognir
      Motsognir Hace 21 un día +74

      Yeah, makes you wonder how many unfinished CGI shots there are. What concepts were pursued then abandoned? There might be enough unfinished CGI to make two extra movies of this same quality.

    • Qaz Qwe
      Qaz Qwe Hace 21 un día +19

      That is what WB are experts in.

    • johnbeamon
      johnbeamon Hace 21 un día +25

      It's hard to hear "they didn't have enough time" when this movie was pitched before the CW "The Flash" series even started. And that ran for nine seasons. This was delayed numerous times, and it still looks like something the kids from the Polar Express made in art class.

    • Rondel Francois
      Rondel Francois Hace 21 un día +1

      The issue was never time, the director said everything was intentional whether it looked good or not.

    • GamerDudeJ
      GamerDudeJ Hace 21 un día +13

      @rondelfrancois5569 of course he's gonna say that. No one wants to admit a screw up or a mistake.

  • Dante Wilcox
    Dante Wilcox Hace 16 días

    I just saw The Red Shoes, and I think you guys talked about the famous shoe transition shot in the past, but the whole dance sequence needs a breakdown please.

  • dautolover
    dautolover Hace 5 horas

    I liked and subscribed cause you guys seem down to earth.

  • Olhor10
    Olhor10 Hace 2 días

    Ive heard they were changing the movie so many times that its miracle it came out as good as it did.

  • Jorge Cortinhal
    Jorge Cortinhal Hace 13 días

    I'm so glad you used "Zack Snyder's Justice League" for comparison in all opportunities you had ❤❤ loved the video!!

  • I Just Ate Your Grapes Bro

    At only 4 mins in, all the passes you've already given them explains exactly how we've ended up here. Even VFX artists won't call bad CG bad CG. Sure, no quality of visual effects will make you think it's real, but it could still look GOOD.

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson Hace 22 días +1711

    As one of the VFX artists that worked on this (volumetric capture lead), thank you for not blaming us. haha It was a very difficult process that took up two years of my life, but overall, I'm proud of my work.
    My team oversaw the captures from point A to point B (stage to storage) and verified the quality. We worked on just about all of the dual-Ezra scenes. The choices of footage used, methods, and such were not ours to make. I'm sure they had their reasons. I can't say too much about the process, but there is a video put out by WB that goes more in depth of what we did. We worked with the footage on that circular black stage with all of the cameras. It was all experimental, bleeding edge tech, and by the time it was over, we made giant leaps in process and quality. It really is genius-level tech and I'm proud to have been a part of it. Side note about unionizing, I lost my job because of the strikes. It's fine though, as I landed on my feet, but my heart goes out to the others, my front-line compatriots. To the naysayers, it's all good. I respect your opinion.

    • BrisingerUK
      BrisingerUK Hace 22 días +150

      I wouldn't be.

    • Rivin
      Rivin Hace 22 días +426

      @BrisingerUK And as the old saying goes. . . literally no one asked

    • ethai1
      ethai1 Hace 22 días +17

      What scenes did you work on?

    • Smithy Chris
      Smithy Chris Hace 22 días +151

      You guys need to unionise. Seriously.

    • patakizslt
      patakizslt Hace 22 días +58

      Your skills are like black magic for me, much appreciated. Sadly, the movie still bad, in overall. I blame the studio

  • Dr Dr
    Dr Dr Hace 8 días

    For the opening scene, the footage is intended to be "ultra slow motion" to capture the background whizzing by. His speed from point A to B is instantaneous, so this is a way the movie can provide a visual of Flash's movement. Seems VFX artists that pick everything apart would be savvy to that.

  • Yes Sure
    Yes Sure Hace 13 días

    Speaking of digi-doubling, I would love it if you had a look at Orphan Black. I think it was pretty low budget and there are tonns of replicas of one super talented actress and I think it looks flawless!

  • Anthony Rizzo
    Anthony Rizzo Hace un día

    I actually really want to watch the movie, now! It has insane, b-movie-on-cocaine-and-LSD vibes and just seems like fun to watch if not taken too seriously.

  • Zeno
    Zeno Hace 11 días

    That "polar express" cgi style is spot on 😂😂😂

  • Dan's Gaming
    Dan's Gaming Hace 18 días

    Actually, if you watch the deleted scenes, the Barry with the headphones is also played by Ezra and the other by the body double.

  • No The Robot
    No The Robot Hace 23 días +1007


      THE SCUMM BAR Hace 23 días +79

      Get this man on the couch Corridor Crew!

    • Lukas Bieri
      Lukas Bieri Hace 23 días +36

      Commenting to boost this. Hope they‘ll get you on the couch to talk about those issues!

    • Christian Aaby Orellana
      Christian Aaby Orellana Hace 23 días +23

      ❤ They should pin this comment.

    • L2
      L2 Hace 23 días +6

      Solo animetor coming soon 🤫

    • Rohan Sharma
      Rohan Sharma Hace 23 días +5

      Hope, this topic keeps getting more highlight. Artists need time and money to do good work.

  • King Of The Bums
    King Of The Bums Hace 20 días

    What was frustrating is we have the CW flash and they showed up a few ways to show speed that don’t “feel” slow.

  • Luke Thomson
    Luke Thomson Hace 19 días +1

    Loved the quantum tunneling shoutout, the explanation wasn't really right but you got the idea about stuff going through stuf right. Its more like for some reason stuff just teleports past other stuff when you go small enough, not stuff going around other stuff.

  • Robert Syslo Jr
    Robert Syslo Jr Hace 19 días +3

    Great episode, You guys should check out the movie Arrival 2016. There is a heavy use of smoke, mist, CGI and such and I know you talked about the movie mist and how hard mixing CGI and individuals in fog is, would love to see your take on the Arrival interaction scene between Louise and Costello, especially when Louise transitions from real to CGI when she enters the spaceship. Thanks keep up the great work, I learn with every episode.

  • Kaledarkwind6151
    Kaledarkwind6151 Hace 13 días +2

    The nic cage spider in the back ground looked cool imo, wish we could have saw more lol

  • Josh Sullivan
    Josh Sullivan Hace 19 días

    Something that should be a dedicated episode is the OG Starship Troopers, incredible VFX for it's time that still holds up today

  • Daniel Mashanic
    Daniel Mashanic Hace 23 días +348

    The Nicolas Cage cameo fighting the giant spider, in theory, is honestly super cool even if it serves no purpose

    • Nomu S117
      Nomu S117 Hace 23 días +42

      Yeah it’s supposed to be a reference to an old scraped Superman movie we will never see.

    • Valentine Gonsalves
      Valentine Gonsalves Hace 23 días +39

      Its a gift for the real nerds. And that's fine. But imagine how much better it would be if IT indeed had value withing the story...
      Loki wasn't a well written show, but all the Lokis and the Council of Kangs were real actors in real costumes. Similarly, Spiderverse is full of weird Spiderman.
      Imagine Nick Cage and Henry Cavill and Christopher Reeve fighting Michael Shannon's Zod instead of a CGI spider. Okay, its a big ask for Reeve, but you're telling you couldn't get Henry Cavill and Nick Cage to show up for a week? It is only that the studio didn't want to. Clearly. This movie was in production for three damned years. It should have been the best superhero movie ever made.

    • DarXide
      DarXide Hace 23 días +9

      @Valentine Gonsalves I agree with everything except Chris Reeves. Man is dead.

    • Relaxed Sack
      Relaxed Sack Hace 23 días +2

      @DarXide we own your face forever!

    • gelatinguy
      gelatinguy Hace 23 días +8

      @DarXideIf his estate says it's cool, then it's ok with me

  • Alexandere Xinith
    Alexandere Xinith Hace 17 días

    This movie has so many effects that are so unironically amazing, but have random mid to bad shots that everyone focuses on.

  • Calec Brayers
    Calec Brayers Hace 20 días

    I'd love to see you guys go through a Men In Black movie, or all three even.

  • Medalion1
    Medalion1 Hace 19 días

    You guys should do a video where you examine urban legends relating to movies… like how some people are convinced that Bruce Willis (as John McClane) was digitally inserted into the background on one scene in Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor.

  • MrRazNZ
    MrRazNZ Hace 17 días +1

    more Nick!
    Love his off-mic rips

  • _hinjakuna_chīzu_
    _hinjakuna_chīzu_ Hace 18 días

    The thing with the suit is that, the head is completely different from the body, the roto feels off and the head is incredibly more shiny than the rest of the body

  • MrJorod
    MrJorod Hace 22 días +916

    This is the best take on the CGI in The Flash I've seen, really entertaining watching you both laugh but also break it all down. It's such a shame this film got rushed.

    • dub88acc
      dub88acc Hace 22 días +72

      Its crazy that film was "rushed" but it was delayed by 4 years

    • Dante from Devil May Cry
      Dante from Devil May Cry Hace 22 días +7

      *cough cough ok mate sure

    • Lonehawk2k4
      Lonehawk2k4 Hace 22 días +24

      have you ever seen the CW Flash Tv series effects because id argue despite the massive budget difference they do it better imo

    • L0
      L0 Hace 22 días +6

      Cw did it better

    • Dyltack
      Dyltack Hace 22 días +18

      @Lonehawk2k4 IDK there are some really bad CG on the CW Flash.

  • Aza Stark
    Aza Stark Hace 14 días

    I desperately want an artist to speak up about this movie eventually.
    Because to be honest the lightning and red and chromacast when he was running actually looks bomb. but there are other parts of cgi that just ruin it
    edit : OH the article is right there. "Bad cgi was made in a week".

  • ExcellentGamer
    ExcellentGamer Hace 20 días +1

    I really want to see you guys do more single movie videos like this

  • Anthony DeCapite
    Anthony DeCapite Hace 19 días

    I've been waiting for this episode since the moment I finished the movie. Great episode!

  • Draliseth
    Draliseth Hace 13 días +1

    I rewatched this movie today for the first time since theaters. There were a few times with the second Barry in the beginning where it was stupid obvious.. but.. I eventually got more into the story and stopped giving a shit.
    Barry has a legitimate character arc and young Barry was actually really funny in how obnoxious he was. The fact they managed to do straight man/funny man with the same actor and have it work well trumps any gripes about the CGI I might have - you walk in to this film knowing it's a glorified cartoon to begin with. The story on paper works to well for me to get worked up about the execution. It's not flawless, but I think it really is an overall fun watch.
    P.S. I realize Ezra irl is largely a dirtbag asshole, but damn, he delivered in this movie.

  • Ze N00B
    Ze N00B Hace 13 días

    Nicolas Cage's face looks the most realistic simply because that man's appearance, expressions and auro already transcend human facial recognition.

  • Francisco Azevedo
    Francisco Azevedo Hace 21 un día +783

    Let us not forget that this has been well done before. Let's not forget the quicksilver scenes in days of future past, it was so well done and it proves that this could have been so much better

    • thesnipedinthehead
      thesnipedinthehead Hace 21 un día +74

      This is a great take. The scenes here are so bad compared to what we get with quicksilver in the X-men movies.

    • JacobsenBros
      JacobsenBros Hace 21 un día +43

      So here is the thing about those two scenes. One is an isolated location and QS is moving super fast that everything is standing still. That's awesome. So take that same principal then for F: He runs at normal speed but everything is frozen around him...running...and running...and running for like 300 miles. Yeah that would get very boring. Would be hilarious in the movie to have him be like, "man this is taking forever." I guess you could pop back and forth between him running normally and then shots from everyone else's perspective and he is just a bolt of lightning which might be pretty cool.

    • Tom Cruz
      Tom Cruz Hace 21 un día +44

      The problem with that baby shower scene is there's too much CGI. It's so cluttered with visual mess that no amount of artistry can fix it. They should have put Ezra and the props on wires instead of making it CGI. Then remove all the ugly orange plasma. It's ironic because making everything CGI probably added 30 hours of work and only made it uglier, when reducing CGI would have made it better to look at.

    • Brandon Simoncini
      Brandon Simoncini Hace 21 un día +14

      Even Quicksilver’s scenes in Age of Ultron were pretty good

    • Gabriel Rodriguez
      Gabriel Rodriguez Hace 20 días +8

      I love the Quicksilver scenes, the kitchen scene is breathtaking.

  • Oscar Amis
    Oscar Amis Hace 15 días

    Fun video to watch, and I enjoyed The Flash, didn't really understand all the backlash. 👍

  • Dash Whatchamakalit
    Dash Whatchamakalit Hace 3 días

    It'd be an interesting project to have that last scene redone, but with months rather than weeks of work.

  • Golden Lion
    Golden Lion Hace 13 días

    i love the part where they act all surprised and that they've just learned that that part of the movie is cgi then in the next clip they show how those exact scenes were made

  • Tony Young
    Tony Young Hace 20 días +1

    The cameos are the equivalent of the Flash sitting on his ass flipping channels on his remote control. It's unforgivable given that Nick Cage and Helen Slater (and Teddy F*cking Sears) were available to interact with Ezra, maybe even warn him against messing with the space time continuum, or maybe lend a hand with the giant spider. A huuuuuge missed opportunity.

  • Rob Jacks
    Rob Jacks Hace 17 días +1

    I watched this movie for the first time this week and it was fun but I found myself doing my own "Reacts" to it live. So glad you guys looked at it. There is a lot of Polar Expression in the 2 Barry scenes but sometimes they seem to go the digi-double route for no real reason in other scenes.

    • x0gucx
      x0gucx Hace 17 días +1

      Honestly, 1998 parent trap did it better😂. We'll give you a week to do it but make sure to have his face look into the camera in every single scene.

    • Jessica Heller
      Jessica Heller Hace 6 días

      Ssying a movie is fun is like saying the movie is just ok. Fun honestly doesnt really say anything

  • Diddly Doink
    Diddly Doink Hace 21 un día +589

    I feel like the biggest problem with the digital cast is that it was never quick, we had far too much time look at Nick Cage's GMod model to realise that he wasn't there, if he did a fly by, did the eye stuff, turned off the red and flew off real quick, we'd be good but we just had far too much time that our brains start subconsciously picking it apart

    • Sarcastic Plot Recaps
      Sarcastic Plot Recaps Hace 18 días +20

      It's so weird cos he said himself he *did* film the cameo on set but then they had to de-age him digitally and it looks so bad, so seemed kinda pointless in the end.

    • x0gucx
      x0gucx Hace 17 días +3

      ​@Sarcastic Plot Recaps
      Ok shoot this cameo practically... ok now cgi everything including his body and face.

    • Dominic Everlast
      Dominic Everlast Hace 16 días

      True. Say what "you" will, but none of the CGI BS today in superhero movies compares to the tangible nature of the battle in Superman 2.

    • Sarcastic Plot Recaps
      Sarcastic Plot Recaps Hace 13 días

      @x0gucxI suppose if he got paid more to be on set it's probably worth it for him in the long run...but damn they did his Superman dirty.

  • Kintus
    Kintus Hace 20 días

    I think Moonwalker(1988) would be worth a look. The robot-spaceship transformation stuff blew me away when i was a child.

    OLEA VIDEO Hace 19 días

    My good friend and I (both long time comic book fans - he works in IT & I work in Art) had a long talk after watching this. As an "art" guy I couldn't get past the awkwardness of how things "looked". He forgave it & found joy in the "story". I think we inevitably keep comparing DC to MCU and DC keeps making it easy who to pick (excluding most Batman flicks . . .)

  • Matt Loi
    Matt Loi Hace 13 días

    This could have been one of the greatest movie if they had just 1 more year it seems

  • L Brave Wagster
    L Brave Wagster Hace 8 días

    KPOP cgi would be amazing! They put so much care into their cgi!

  • 667mumble
    667mumble Hace 15 días

    I enjoyed The Flash, but it was somewhat odd seeing digital recreations of Henry Cavil and other people when he does the time sphere

  • Ewbie
    Ewbie Hace 23 días +234

    I would love to see a "Cinematographer's react to _ Great & Bad Cinematography" series, or something similar. Seeing the guys analyse and appreciate that stuff would be a great watch

  • Smart House Tech
    Smart House Tech Hace 18 días +1

    This movie was the trippiest, crushed up, LSD dream of a movie I've ever seen. I felt like I had to go to rehab after watching this.

  • Brandon Stockton
    Brandon Stockton Hace 14 días

    Literally my most favorite video you have made. I was laughing so hard. I loved seeing this movie get ripped apart

  • Scott D Rithum
    Scott D Rithum Hace 3 días

    My dad was a projectionist, so i grew up scrutinizing special effects (circa 1990). The one main breaking point for me was, not only the baby shower, but that/the atrocious "ChronoSphere" scene(s)......

  • Trevor Smithson
    Trevor Smithson Hace 20 días +1

    What's even crazier to consider about these VFX shots is that the release date of this film was delayed five extra years. That's right, FIVE YEARS. The original release date was supposed to be March of 2018. You would think five extra years would've given the artists a chance to fine tune the VFX.

    • donovan bradford
      donovan bradford Hace 19 días

      While I know this film was delayed I don't think they were shooting this film in 2018 I know they were working and developing it but I don't think principle photography started until a year or two later. I do they reshot the hell out of this last year.

  • Profileno
    Profileno Hace 9 días

    The flash was a good balance between vfx quality & story.

  • Wogle
    Wogle Hace 22 días +443

    I'm so glad you guys mentioned the head size thing straight up. Even in the trailers I kept pointing out how big his head looked, everyone else kept saying it was fine, and I was like "Really?!"

    • Jes G
      Jes G Hace 22 días +3

      I don't think it's the cgi I just think it's the cowl it's to big

    • john
      john Hace 22 días +17

      ​@Jes GThat's probably the case, but considering his head is consistently comped onto an entirely cgi body, they could shrink the head like 3 percent to help the proportions and it would look less unnatural

    • Jes G
      Jes G Hace 22 días

      @john that's very true

    • L
      L Hace 22 días +8

      DC fanboys really tried acting like the CGI in this movie wasn't awful lol

    • Jes G
      Jes G Hace 22 días +3

      @L I'm a DC fan I saw it was awful

  • CreepyDan
    CreepyDan Hace 19 días

    You guys should do a react episode to background extras! There is some awesome stuff there, background extras fighting with the air in Braveheart, or the one extra running down the sand dune in Stargate movie where he falls on his face, all good stuff. Many hidden talents in extras.

  • fuelbxt
    fuelbxt Hace un día

    Its insane that the visuals and running on The CW show looks better.

  • In Arkham Asylum
    In Arkham Asylum Hace 19 días

    i really liked andie's excuse because they look blurred and unreal make it feel like they are not real just remanents of time like wax statues

  • Mash709
    Mash709 Hace 19 días

    Cgi issues like the flash, imo, comes down to time (or lack there of). Given more time to cook it would look phenomenal. The artists are fantastic, its usually just the studio being either too demanding or not alloting enough time to complete (or they keep changing their mind).

  • Jose Braghiroli
    Jose Braghiroli Hace 19 días

    Lovely commentary throughout this video, praising VFX artists' work and ability and importance.
    The PR person in me heard "we got in trouble over using AI and are overcorrecting now" 😂

  • Langley M Neely
    Langley M Neely Hace 23 días +581

    This is why I appreciate you guys and your perspective! You illustrate the actual problems with the system that cause effects like this to happen. You never shit on the work of other artists and instead educate the audience on why something works or doesn’t work. As a film fan I genuinely think you guys are doing the entire industry a favor by walking through things like this. Thanks!

    • )Peron1-MC(
      )Peron1-MC( Hace 22 días +15

      yeah its the same for games. when a game is rushed and they have to crunch to meet the deadline. the game is often buggy and might have less features than what is shown at first. lots of people blame the developers. but they are not the ones making the promises.

    • Langley M Neely
      Langley M Neely Hace 22 días +4

      @)Peron1-MC( Excellent comparison!

    • ShadowSumac
      ShadowSumac Hace 22 días

      @)Peron1-MC( Sometimes criticizing developers is warranted, when developers allow feature creep in their games or change stuff in mid-development.

    • )Peron1-MC(
      )Peron1-MC( Hace 22 días

      @ShadowSumac the publisher promises a bunch of stuff wich the developers dont have time to make or finish in time. thats more often the case than not but yes im sure that the developers come up with lots of cool ideas and cant decide what they should work on in time

    • Tom Cruz
      Tom Cruz Hace 21 un día

      Yep game devs are in a similar boat with VFX artists right now. Overworked, underpaid, and has to deal with impossible deadlines and promises from publishers / movie studios. It's a broken system and unfortunately I don't see any changes coming.

  • TheAwsomeSawse
    TheAwsomeSawse Hace 17 días

    I never thought this movie would come out and while it’s not what I expected it was very entertaining

  • Ntaj Yaj
    Ntaj Yaj Hace 17 días

    I feel like the weird cgi was more used for the weirdness of the speedforce. Kinda just a weird way to express his powers!!

  • Rajputan
    Rajputan Hace 19 días

    Nicolas Cage superman is a surprise of a millennia...whole movie one side and that small cameo scene is one side 🤩🤩...i remember i lost my calm when i saw him at theatre ❤

  • MrMovieMania
    MrMovieMania Hace 20 días +3

    Your ESclips channel is absolutely amazing! The content you create is both entertaining and informative,The production quality, creativity, and passion you put into your videos are evident in every frame. keeping me hooked with every video. Keep up the fantastic work, you're doing a fantastic job! 😊👍

  • Matt B
    Matt B Hace 14 días

    Glad to hear someone actually calling out the executives as responsible for pushing the schedule and trying to do a big movie with less money than they should have.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the movie for what it was and sort of accepted that the visual effects as being in need of interpretation by the audience. And since all those memories and multi universes are all shown in one place only by Flash and by the audience, it's supposed to be blurry and filtered.
    I'll remain hopeful that Flash will get the ongoing touch up to fix some of the issues observed...bare minimum those big head.

  • Klye
    Klye Hace 23 días +221

    I'm always appreciative of the fact that you don't just outright call something bad and have the understanding and knowledge to give the artists the benefit of the doubt when something doesn't look right. There's too much hatred directed at the artists and your videos are definitely helping the average person understand that it's not as simple as we like to imagine it should be.

  • Zach Gerrity
    Zach Gerrity Hace 19 días

    This episode was everything I wanted it to be and more 😂
    This movie was delayed for like three years though....there was actual time to fix all this shit. Producers probably just nah don't bother.

  • Xemmy24
    Xemmy24 Hace 20 días

    I would love to see a whole episode on the CGI of The Expanse!

  • Mr Magician Junior
    Mr Magician Junior Hace 19 días

    Nic cage did shoot his scene for the movie, they even had his suit made just so that he could wear it for this movie along with helen slater who filmed her scene as Supergirl

  • tropicAces
    tropicAces Hace 20 días

    I think if the VFX looked decent/finished, this would have been a little better/easier to just enjoy for what it is

  • sadboi
    sadboi Hace 18 días

    idk if you guys have reacted to the tv show flash but maybe it could be insightful to compare what the movie could have taken from the show

  • Randi Noms
    Randi Noms Hace 23 días +342

    "His polar expression." 10/10 Also, you should do an episode where you praise the artists to balance things out. That sounds enjoyable. Thanks for being real!

    • Malfaro Angel
      Malfaro Angel Hace 22 días +13

      Ummmm 🤨 they always praise the artist, everyone lately been on them to be more negative due to all the artist they been bringing to praise

    • Lord Lambert
      Lord Lambert Hace 22 días +6

      99/100 of these videos praise the artists. This is one of the only times they actually went savage.

    • Martin Turon
      Martin Turon Hace 21 un día +1

      They actually praise them all the time, this type of video is becoming a rarity

  • Cubing Complished
    Cubing Complished Hace 17 días

    i forgot how fun these videos were to watch

  • Mohammad Imran
    Mohammad Imran Hace 10 días

    Wow. Three expert there. DC definitely need you guys for there next project.
    It's not easy to make vfx with 100% accuracy. Just enjoy the movie, and don't try to look for those creepy mistakes.

  • Andrew Rodriguez
    Andrew Rodriguez Hace 16 días

    I always forget how old pirates of the Caribbean is just because how good everything look. I honestly didn't even know Davy Jones wasn't real, I thought it was a mask.