How to Spin a Sword like a Jedi (and not look like a Dork)

  • Publicado el 24 sep 2023
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    Niko, Jake, and Jordan C. are joined by master swordsman Luke LaFontaine to learn how to spin a sword just like they do in Hollywood movies!
    Thanks to Luke for coming out to teach us! Follow him on Instagram: luke.lafont...
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    00:00 How can we swing swords like a jedi?
    00:52 We are sword padawans...
    02:57 The master shows us how to spin a sword.
    05:55 Sponsored Segment ft. Jordan
    07:22 Luke demonstrates the full spin.
    09:02 The gang trains their newfound skills.
    11:46 Demonstrating what we've learned.
    13:53 The two sword style!
    16:02 Spinning Swords (with style)
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Comentarios • 0

  • aoisora
    aoisora Hace 25 días +1346

    Can we all agree how Jake is just too natural at almost everything 😄

    • Jaded Gear Reviews
      Jaded Gear Reviews Hace 25 días +43

      Yeah, those are the benefits to being in shape and constantly working on your body's conditioning. SHOCKING!

    • Haravikk
      Haravikk Hace 25 días +59

      But the real question is… can other Jordan do it faster in CG?

    • DrewishAF
      DrewishAF Hace 25 días


  • 5gt5lam
    5gt5lam Hace 25 días +685

    I love how well Jordan has mastered the goofball sponsored segments, the perfect person to fill in for Jake

    • Frank R. Haugen
      Frank R. Haugen Hace 25 días +33

      She should have more screen time because she has a great screen presence

    • Viking Teddy
      Viking Teddy Hace 24 días +6

      Did anyone else feel sad when they showed star wars kid and alluded to him looking like a dork?
      Brought back all the memories of the severe bullying and how we all memed it to death. Bit of a downer moment :(

    • Lurklen
      Lurklen Hace 21 un día +1

      The apprentice has become the master.

  • Dan Silverhound
    Dan Silverhound Hace 25 días +773

    Jake just keeping his skills low key, he's the complete package

    • HadesXY
      HadesXY Hace 25 días +22

      I heard he has two blades. One made out of steel, one silver

    • Guillermo Del Noche Studios
      Guillermo Del Noche Studios Hace 25 días

      Jake is a force to be reckoned with!

    • Zebra
      Zebra Hace 25 días +7

      Have we considered he might be an incognito superhero?

    • Timmy GILBERT
      Timmy GILBERT Hace 25 días +4

      He is just texan 😂

  • Nevarenn [EGN]
    Nevarenn [EGN] Hace 25 días +503

    Honestly I always loved the over-the-top lightsaber choreography in the prequels. I feel like if you are using a weightless sword, have super reflexes, and can see the future a tiny bit, that is enough of an in-universe reason for it to look nothing like a real swordfight and still work for me.

    • Keoshe Music
      Keoshe Music Hace 25 días +73

      Nerd fact of the day: Imagine the blade of a lightsaber as a thin, tube-shaped, gyroscopic force-field that can cut stuff (not literally LIGHT blades). If you've ever held a spinning bike wheel while it's in motion, think of that (it resists motion from it's rest-state). That's why the actual canon lightsabers have weight/pull, and why lightsabers can "lock up" in duels.
      TLDR: "Lightsaber" = "Electromagnetically-contained plasma-jet sword" plus a lil space magic. If that makes it feel any less silly, that's how they treat it in-universe/canon

    • Sidney Dooner
      Sidney Dooner Hace 25 días +19

      ​​@Keoshe Musicthanks for making the point i excited to make but in much more informative way. Another reason why it makes sense for lightsabers to have weight or inertia is the massive amount of energy in the blade.

    • jedironin380
      jedironin380 Hace 25 días +17

      @Keoshe Music I've always liked the "gyroscopic" reference for the lightsabers. That is why they DO take some effort to use.

    • J¡M~Bug~OrcA
      J¡M~Bug~OrcA Hace 25 días +11

      I love the choreography of those fights. It like they're dancing to the epic score.

    • Silvio Britto
      Silvio Britto Hace 24 días +17

      The prequels did absolutely right the best. If they're Jedi, they should do crazy quickly tight sword fighting. They're masters.
      Meanwhile the sequels make it look like medieval very heavy swords by not so good fighters. Not good.

  • AlyssaTheExcellent
    AlyssaTheExcellent Hace 25 días +154

    8:25 Niko just saying “Yes!” like a little fanboy is just the purest of all things. I love these videos!!

    • Mr Eggs_Among Us
      Mr Eggs_Among Us Hace 20 días +1

      you mean 8:30 ?

    • Derek Keenan
      Derek Keenan Hace 15 días +1

      @Mr Eggs_Among Usno, 8:25 was correct. at 8:30 you miss what he's reacting to.

    • Andres A. Ruiz V.
      Andres A. Ruiz V. Hace 14 días

      ​@Mr Eggs_Among Usthat time stamp is skipping the context for what the reaction is a consequence of. Is it not technically wrong, it is just to make sure we get "the original comment" experience for why this moment is a highlight.

  • JokinJake
    JokinJake Hace 25 días +75

    Luke is probably one of my favorite guests that you've had on the channel. I love seeing him every time he's in a video.

  • Spider Avenger Miller
    Spider Avenger Miller Hace 25 días +168

    So glad to see Luke back for another video he was my favorite guest you guys brought I’m a fan of his work he’s an incredible swordsman would love to learn some lessons from him one day

  • Cody Talton
    Cody Talton Hace 25 días +67

    Luke is so dope. His wealth of knowledge and love of his craft come through so much. Plus he seems like just a cool dude in general to be around. I love when Craftsmen like him come on the show and share their movie experience and knowledge of their specific craft. Especially when it's something as dope as swordplay, and sword history. As a major fan of the old Samurai films, and especially the old swashbuckling adventure films of yesteryear like Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power, and Douglas Fairbanks flicks, this inside knowledge is stuff I just eat up. Thank you so so much Luke, for sharing your skill and experience with all of us. I learn something new every time. Now excuse me while I go pretend to be Captain Blood or Zorro and practice my new sword spins lol

    • jedironin380
      jedironin380 Hace 25 días +2

      One of my teachers once said, "You don't have to be a Jedi to use a lightsaber." (Han cutting the taun-taun.) You do need to be a Jedi to use a lightsaber and not cut your face off!" (The Obi-Ani spin!)

  • ConJaPop
    ConJaPop Hace 25 días +63

    "There's no hope. You're gonna do." - The most inspiring thing I've ever heard in my life.

    • Jay Aragón
      Jay Aragón Hace 25 días +3

      i can relate. this had me on the floor. Gonna be my next inspirational tattoo. :D

  • Ross Calhoun
    Ross Calhoun Hace 25 días +67

    My real question about the spinning as an actual technique, is how the sword isn't just knocked out of your hand when make contact with something without a solid grip on it.

    • x3z8
      x3z8 Hace 25 días +44

      As Luke mentioned at the beginning, the moulinet is a real technique used with Sabres to parry and riposte quickly. The moments where your blade will impact your opponents weapon or body you have good biomechanical structure and a solid grip so there’s no risk of being disarmed when done properly.
      When you flourish in a pattern you sacrifice grip on the sword to make the movement look more smooth. Flourishing (sword spinning) is not a technique for combat.

    • God of Gods
      God of Gods Hace 25 días +6

      its for the flow of course you dont grip it loose but you also dont restrict its flow.with muscle memory you hold it tight just before the impact and the grip isn't on whole handle. its just to generate force on intended direction.

    • Cody Talton
      Cody Talton Hace 25 días +2

      You have to use the force. Do or do not, there is no try.
      - Yoda
      -Cody Talton

    • Temperans
      Temperans Hace 25 días +2

      You usually don't need a "hard" grip so just adjust the grip as needed. So you let the hilt rest againt your fingers/palm and squeeze when you will make contant.
      Also its not a "loose" grip, those only happen if you are doing something specially special. Which is easily punished if done wrong.

    • Skye Paul
      Skye Paul Hace 25 días +4

      Deflecting takes way less power than blocking. Same thing in hand to hand martial arts stuff someone can throw a straight up knock out punch and if you can time the deflection right it's the same force as shaking someone's hand. So if you're deflecting while spinning it's not gonna knock the blade out. A straight up block much more likely knocks it out of hand.

  • Edward Coplin
    Edward Coplin Hace 24 días +29

    Nikos reaction when he mentioned spinning TWO swords. So pure! 😂

  • Joseph Caico
    Joseph Caico Hace 25 días +25

    God I wish I could get just one 5 min session with this guy. He seems like he’s got a lot of expertise to share and I just want to absorb as much knowledge as I can take.

    • jedironin380
      jedironin380 Hace 25 días +1

      Here's a fun exercise: If you stepped in to an elevator and (your Hero or favorite person) was the only other person in it... What would you say? Think about it... It may actually happen some day!

    • Joseph Davies
      Joseph Davies Hace 24 días +2

      @jedironin380 Not if I successfully avoid all elevators!

  • Farnaz Gh
    Farnaz Gh Hace 25 días +48

    Good job guys. Very satisfying to watch. Happy to see Jordan in another video. She always dedicates 100% to what she needs to do.

  • Kaleb A
    Kaleb A Hace 25 días +28

    1:18 I remember from a behind the scenes in the OT that someone had said that lightsabers actually weighed a decent amount and that that's why Luke slowly transitions from using 2 hands to sometimes using 1 hand as he got more and more skilled

    • Veckler
      Veckler Hace 25 días +10

      Also if you are physically stronger than your opponent you can overpower them if you put some weight in your attacks.

    • Justa Name
      Justa Name Hace 23 días +7

      also in the lore, these things get lighter the more you are attuned to the blade, the opposite is true as well

    • Cedric Eichenauer
      Cedric Eichenauer Hace 8 días +1

      He says in the video that they are made out of light, which isn't true, they are actually made out of plasma which can actually weigh a good amount depending on the material.

    • Sabyseo The White
      Sabyseo The White Hace 3 días +1

      Lightsabers are not weightless they can actually be very heavy depending on the user its like Kanan said after "Sabine found the saber heavier than she taught" “Energy constantly flows through the crystal. You're not fighting with a simple blade so much as you are directing a current of power.” and that emotions of the user flows through the crystal and becomes a part of the blade and it becomes lighter as the user connects with it. We see this in the BoBF and Mandalorian as well as Paz Vizsla struggles even lifting the saber off the ground.

  • Ji F.
    Ji F. Hace 24 días +11

    Loved when Jordan was making light-saber sounds, and getting scolded, hilarious! More Jordan content in the future please. ❤

  • Luka 2000
    Luka 2000 Hace 25 días +37

    Gotta love how you guys always do something new and exciting

  • Lantik
    Lantik Hace 14 horas +1

    This was so much fun to follow along with my bokken sword! Luke is awesome 😎.

  • DaleyKreations
    DaleyKreations Hace 25 días +22

    It's true the blades weight nothing - but they make contact, they don't pass through each other. So I would think it's less about the weight of the sabre and more about trying to force the other person back. After all if you can force the blade back against the component it's automatically going to burn them.

    • Cody Talton
      Cody Talton Hace 25 días +5

      Yeah that def would be a major factor i'm sure

    • 友
       Hace 25 días +7

      There's also situations where the blades are not weightless. The dark saber has tangible weight and resists the user (seen in Star Wars Rebels and The Mandalorian). It's not too farfetched of an idea that normal sabers have a smaller inertia effect like the dark saber.

    • Veckler
      Veckler Hace 25 días +3

      I don't know why everyone mentions Luke reasoning for weightless blades, but I barely ever see anyone saying that you Jedi could physically overpower an opponent if they are stronger. As you mention, the blades still clank.

  • RighteousBrother
    RighteousBrother Hace 25 días +48

    I just want to say you guys have been killing it recently

  • LaterNerd
    LaterNerd Hace 25 días +8

    Such an awesome teacher. So patient and positive. It doesn't matter what this man chose to teach, he would be great at it.

  • Saimeren
    Saimeren Hace 24 días +10

    The "Ani/Obi" sword spin is so cool. It's super easy, but looks so good.

  • Alex Kairis
    Alex Kairis Hace 25 días +15

    This was considerably better than I was expecting.

    EVOLICIOUS Hace 14 días +2

    1:20 There's an explanation for that. Mandalorian season 2 explained it quite well with the dark blade. The energy that flows into the plasma blade of a lightsaber makes it feel quite heavy for the one wielding it, especially when you consider that lightsabers are supposed to have a magnetic effect. There's a powerful field generator in the hilt of a lightsaber, it creates the force field that contains the plasma blade. The high-speed oscillations of the field have a side effect of giving the weapon a resistance to motion, an apparent mass. This resistance shifts as the orientation of the blade shifts, allowing a master of the weapon to perform some lightning-fast moves if he can work with the blade instead of against it - but this feature of the weapon can also lead an incautious wielder to harm themselves.

  • Jilted Valkyrie
    Jilted Valkyrie Hace 24 días +1

    I spent years with and teaching these exact moves in the SF Bay Area doing lightsaber fight re-enactments, so this brought me back. I haven't done it since Covid, but I still have one lightsaber. :) One of my last performances is my biggest video (100K views!), so that was a good one to go out on.

  • MegInWhispers ASMR
    MegInWhispers ASMR Hace 25 días +7

    LOL the ending was pure perfection. the retrowave & sword montage with the thumbs up at the end 😂

  • Gary James
    Gary James Hace 22 días

    The last moments of this felt like a Michael Dudikoff film from the 80s - might we expect to see something of this nature from you in the future?
    Excellence from all participants in this video, as usual. I have the feeling you would master anything you set your minds to.

  • KISS Army Things
    KISS Army Things Hace 24 días

    I love when Luke is on the channel! Great video as always!!

  • RavenWindrunner
    RavenWindrunner Hace 24 días +1

    When Nico was freaking out about Luke's loop of sword spins, he was doing what lightsaber enthusiasts affectionately call the Obi-Ani

  • Ethan Leu
    Ethan Leu Hace 15 días

    Can we talk about how excited niko was, like I could feel the inner kid come out like "yes I get to spin a sword like a lightsaber so cool!" Like that energy lol

  • Mark Fergerson
    Mark Fergerson Hace 25 días +2

    I’ve been following SwordTuber channels (like GunTubers but with swords) for a while now. Shadiversity has done a couple of tutorials on this topic, known as “flourishes” in certain HEMA circles. I’ve done my own practicing and am fairly adequate at it but my first day was nothing like yours. I expect to see y’all using your new skills in future projects.
    Jake, I’m taking up the two-sword challenge!

    • Pills pills Pills
      Pills pills Pills Hace 24 días +1

      Don't forget the Skallagrim. He has a tons of content too.

  • EndlessNameless5
    EndlessNameless5 Hace 22 días

    Great video! I want to try it myself. Also, Jordan is awesome in the sponsored segment!

  • Danatronics
    Danatronics Hace 24 días +2

    I love these real-life videos so much, they're like the opposite of the videos where the choreography is covered up by cheap AI filters.

  • hevensarmada
    hevensarmada Hace 25 días

    A video of pure fun. Enjoyed the hell out of it.

  • Clayon Gunzelle
    Clayon Gunzelle Hace 24 días +3

    Jake is that guy who lets everybody else get extra homework because he's so smart lol

  • Whi5ky.Dr0p
    Whi5ky.Dr0p Hace 24 días

    I would love to see Luke and you to react to the saber duel from the Polish 🇵🇱 movie The Deluge. There were no stuntmen involved, the actors were actually fighting with Polish sabers.

  • Joe Harrell
    Joe Harrell Hace 25 días

    One of the most fun videos. The Corridor Crew just having fun learning some sword work. Love you guys and gal!

  • Karen Ingram
    Karen Ingram Hace 23 días +1

    I love Luke LaFontaine! So glad to have him back! Also, I would LOVE it if Jordan continued her story and joined the school.

  • bricks brickman
    bricks brickman Hace 24 días +1

    I'll assume that since jordan is here y'all are making a sequel to the realistic lightsaber duel video. which is good, because it's one of my favorite videos from you guys!

  • Lucas Ledo
    Lucas Ledo Hace 24 días +1

    I love when these people in the various industries of Hollywood or in Effects just come out and have these fun videos. Super cool to see

  • daniel shultz
    daniel shultz Hace 24 días

    I love these videos
    When the crew goes outside and try stuff for real

    BTTRSWYT Hace 24 días +1

    When I was studying kali the two handed deal took me a hot minute. I wasn’t learning that spin specifically because it was practical, I was also learning practical stuff, but I wanted to learn party tricks as well

  • Ozwald Mosis
    Ozwald Mosis Hace 25 días +9

    Jake, when using 2 blade I find it easier to lead with one your dominate hand and follow with the other instead of trying to concintrate on both hands doing the same thing at the same time. This should help to train your weaker hand into doing the motion. Then after enought time, the muscle memory should kick into making it easier to to the move symmetriclly

    • neoHippie
      neoHippie Hace 24 días

      When doing weak hand stuff, i will switch it up to lead with the weak hand so i can concentrate on it bc the dom side has already got it. But i find anything with training the body (and CNS) needs switcging up

    • Doctor Nemmo
      Doctor Nemmo Hace 24 días +3

      I see you've studied the blade

    • Ozwald Mosis
      Ozwald Mosis Hace 24 días +1

      @Doctor Nemmo if you can trick with it, I have probably studied it. 😌 but when it comes to swords, it's all about 'Fire Contact Sword'. That's all the funds right there.

    • Kristoffer Eberius
      Kristoffer Eberius Hace 21 un día

      Once the pattern is confident each hand should take turns in leading depending on the movement. Initial block and cut should be strongest move, while the spin behind the back isn't as strong so follows the leading hand. The lead hand is determined by where you are facing/attacking. This also helps direction, waist turn, tightness of movements and emphasis.

  • Alicia B
    Alicia B Hace 25 días +3

    Amazed they didn't already learn this by replaying every prequels fight a dozen times then practicing with a Swiffer handle for days like I did at 18. Jake has the Force tho.

  • Nightshade
    Nightshade Hace 24 días

    Having been doing this for many years, my advice would be learn the movements slowly and practise them slowly so you don't train bad habits. Can already see that Niko is going to have some issues coming out of his plum blossom because of where and how he starts his wrist rotation. Also, pro tip: don't sheathe your katana edge down, that's not how you do that and you'll destroy your saya and probably injure yourself ;)

  • Gabe Rodriguez
    Gabe Rodriguez Hace 24 días

    I would LOVE a series where you guys hit up some of your connections to teach you guys a new skill over the course of a video, like different stunts & swordplay. I'd also appreciate it being a more casual setting like this than a produced show, it's very fun.

  • EscobarioMario
    EscobarioMario Hace 25 días +12

    My favorite explanation is that lightsabers are hard to use bc they’re constantly flowing energy, making the force almost necessary to expertly wield one

    • Stephen Webber
      Stephen Webber Hace 24 días

      I always thought that since the blades were made up of light energy that was densely packed together, they would carry some weight.

    • DaTebe
      DaTebe Hace 24 días

      George Lucas said the lightsabers have a lot of weight, which is why you have to hold them with two hands (at least in the OT). Only those well trained in the Force can wield them.

    • Viking Teddy
      Viking Teddy Hace 24 días

      Never really considered that it's the hilt that's heavy, I too always got stuck in the 'light doesn't weigh, duh'. But if it's the hilt, then of course you'd prefer two hands.
      My head canon now says that Khyber crystals are an element, way up high in an island of stabity. It then explains how they are so energetic and massive.
      The lack of radiation would of course be because of the force. It all makes sense now!

    • Langit Ken Sahaja
      Langit Ken Sahaja Hace 15 días

      ​@Viking Teddyyeah, they'd probably feel like a continuous blaster recoil if you're new to it

  • Chris
    Chris Hace 24 días +2

    Love seeing Luke! Such an amazing guy

  • Champy Ton
    Champy Ton Hace 22 días

    I've watch some sword training techniques and this guy knows his stuff👌

  • Sergio
    Sergio Hace 24 días +1

    It's fun to see Niko geeking out 😄

  • Erbaz ahmed khan
    Erbaz ahmed khan Hace 24 días

    This episode shows the worth of a valuable teacher!

  • Just Another Day In the Life

    I didn't know how hard this is for others, I've just been doing this sh1t for decades because that flow is super calming for me.

  • Scott
    Scott Hace 24 días

    Love it! I do fights at renaissance faires, and I love to flourish and moulinet like nobody's business. But this looks much more practical than the flailing around I tend to do. I am inspired!

  • Evan Lucas
    Evan Lucas Hace 19 días

    As a HEMA practitioner. AKA a huge nerd that likes fighting with swords. I do train spins on some students. Not because they're useful, but because it helps them loosen their grip and learn to work with the physics of the blade. Especially for those that like to white knuckle the grip. You only need to tense in and bear down when striking. Otherwise keep your hands relaxed and easy to move.

  • XO Purified
    XO Purified Hace 25 días

    Luke is the kind of teacher I would’ve loved to have in high school, would’ve definitely paid attention in class and learned a lot. Also, Luke is such a badass 💯

  • Brook Hubbs
    Brook Hubbs Hace 25 días +2

    As someone who plays with lightsabers more than he'd ever admit, I'm happy to say I did NOT learn much from this video, which is validating, but I WILL still make the noises.

  • vcdrny
    vcdrny Hace 24 días

    Jake and I are in the same wavelength. I learned how to do both hands easily. But the way I could best explain it, is that one hand follows the other. Once you get that down it is so much easier to do other maneuvers with both hands.

  • Andrew Cab
    Andrew Cab Hace 24 días

    I’ve literally practiced all of these techniques for fun as a kid with a variety of sticks

  • Adam Place
    Adam Place Hace 25 días +1

    I'm holding out hope that this is the first training session for the eventual release of To The Death 2 (Two The Death? Eh.) I really loved that video - great idea and well executed - but whatever the story might be, future Corridor lightsaber/sword videos will always be welcomed.

  • axeratedmofo
    axeratedmofo Hace 5 días +1

    I would love to see Niko produce a Prequel era OTT lightsabre sequence

  • Tearstone Actual
    Tearstone Actual Hace 25 días +2

    Luke's a good teacher. i mean, it's kinda what he does. :D - This is coming from someone who's been in the martial arts scene for 33 years. Love just about anything with a blade/edge, same goes for blunt and flexible weapons. They improved quite a bit in just a couple hours.

  • jedironin380
    jedironin380 Hace 25 días +1

    That's called the "Obi-Ani" spin. Props to Jordan for using a "lightsaber" for it, too! Several great videos are on ESclips teaching this technique as well. ;)
    And to second Luke, PLEASE do NOT stick the blades into the ground!! aarrgghh! LOL

  • lordician
    lordician Hace 25 días

    Now I wanna see Jake be the dual wielding badass in a video, spinning two blades.

  • RunzWithTurtlez
    RunzWithTurtlez Hace 24 días

    I just realized now that I've been able to do this pretty much my entire life. Never had any formal training. Learned all through observation and practice. Grew up watching a ton of martial arts movies and watching my cousins and older brothers do it throughout the years. I literally twirl around broomsticks at work during downtime. Now I need to practice the double blade twirling. Time to develop a new skill.

  • DFC
    DFC Hace 24 días

    i absolutely love the retrowave ending, i would love to see you guys do a short film retrowave short film with ninjas xD

  • Sabyseo The White
    Sabyseo The White Hace 3 días

    Lightsabers are not weightless they can actually be very heavy depending on the user its like Kanan said after "Sabine found the saber heavier than she taught" “Energy constantly flows through the crystal. You're not fighting with a simple blade so much as you are directing a current of power.” and that emotions of the user flows through the crystal and becomes a part of the blade and it becomes lighter as the user connects with it. We see this in the BoBF and Mandalorian as well as Paz Vizsla struggles even lifting the saber off the ground.

  • Jyquin
    Jyquin Hace 24 días +4

    I love that Luke actually has a grasp on swordsmanship he doesn't just throw out a technique like sword spinning just because it's flashy he recognizes that it is a valid technique that can be used in real battles and even gives some background info on these techniques and examples of how and why they're used.

  • aggrogahu
    aggrogahu Hace 25 días +3

    Still waiting for the Saber school sequel with Jordan as a student.

    • Cody Talton
      Cody Talton Hace 25 días

      dude yes forreal. That vid was so dope, a sequel to that could be so awesome seeing her work her way up through the school and hone her craft

  • Moran Jackson
    Moran Jackson Hace 21 un día

    Cool video! I like how fast all of you getting the hang of it.
    And nothing against Luke, but as a practitioner in chinese swordighting, there is one part in the technique that Luke teached you that made me say "what are you doing there?!"
    It may be okay for beginners but:
    When you are spinning on the outside, you shouldn't open your hand and spin the sword just between two fingers. You'd lose your grip on the sword and the tiniest of contacts to the blade could make you lose your weapon. I got reprimanded for doing it and so I reprimand my students.

  • Angel Casal
    Angel Casal Hace 23 días +2

    I be down to see a "To The Death" sequel with Jordan fighting

  • Yung Quaalude
    Yung Quaalude Hace 19 días +1

    I’m gonna be honest, spinning a lightsaber already makes you look like a dork no matter how good you spin it😂

  • ᅚMortred
    ᅚMortred Hace 24 días

    Jake is one god damn impressive guy. A form beauty is excellence, and this dude has a lot of it. Respect.

  • DrewishAF
    DrewishAF Hace 24 días +1

    Start the pattern very slow and methodically.
    Keep your speed consistent throughout.
    As you get the pattern down slowly, ensure you can do the same thing for a couple reps in a row.
    Then, begin speeding up a bit while maintaining the same speed.
    From there, just repeat and gradually build up speed. This is an extremely easy pattern for beginners. Even if you don't have a sword or anything, you can use whatever you want.
    I typically use a 1" PVC pipe that's about 36" long. You just put a couple wraps of tape about 6-9" from one end, leaving 27-30" of "blade."
    I know that a lot of people have this desire to play around with "swords" and stuff becuase they enjoy action movies. If you just take a little bit of time and resourcefulness, you can learn it. Seriously. There are tons of great resouces online to learn basic pattern. If you enjoy it, you can even get actual instruction. In middle/high school, my friends and I would have bamboo (planter stakes you use to reinforce like tomato plants lol) stick fights. We would welt the shit out of each other, bloody up our hands, and had an absolute blast doing it. I probably enjoyed it more than everyone else because I was somehow just naturally good at it. I learned a lot of the same HEMA techniques just purely from experience. I got lots of cuts on my hands, arms, and legs. I got cuts on my face. But i always enjoyed the hell out of it. I HIGHLY recommend ir to people.
    You can do it with less painful items like the foam swords or something, but I much preferred the sting of a mistake/loss. I felt like it sharpened my mind, made me quicker, forced me to pay attention, and gave me motivation to not be struck again. That's probably alos why I loved playing indoor tactical paintball (kinda like a mil-sim match, but there weren't any replica or magazine fed markers at the time- at least not anything I could afford). These are the kinds of things that kids should absolutely be introduced to. They NEED that immediate, consequential feedback. They need the pain tolerance too

  • KP-legacy-54
    KP-legacy-54 Hace 24 días

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    SPCBRAWLERZ Hace 24 días

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    Just one thing, as a Kendoka, and Luke probably knows it, but the tsuru (the string) of the Shinai (the bamboo sword Luke's using) should always be pointed "up", since it signifies where the back of the sword would be.
    Other than that? Keep up the amazing work!

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      🥷 Shin Chan Hace 24 días +1

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    JUST ME Hace 21 un día

    My favorite explanation for mastering the mentality of using two swords together is from Avatar: TLA Book 2: Episode 7, when Zuko briefly instructs young Lee: "You're holding them wrong. Keep in mind, these are dual swords. Two halves of a single weapon. Don't think of them as separate, because they're not. They're just two different parts of the same whole."
    Obviously, all blades can't effectively be used in the manner Zuko does with his twin sabers. Differences in design, weight, and other factors will lead to varying results. But if one were to ever find themselves in a position of defending or attacking with multiple swords simultaneously, the mindset of viewing them as two halves of a single weapon makes sense to me.

  • Better & Better
    Better & Better Hace 24 días

    TIP: unless you're in a movie, there's no possible way do anything with a sword (or any martial arts weapon) in your hand and not look like a dork, no matter how good at it you actually are. it's all about context, so you'll just have to OWN your dorkiness, that's all there is to it!

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