We Compete to Make REAL vs CGi Trickshots #4

  • Publicado el 24 sep 2023
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    Jake and Jordan face off once and for all in the battle of man vs. machine, and this time the loser gets dunked.
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    Chapters ►
    00:00 How We Got Here
    00:38 Enter the Gauntlet
    02:12 Reverse Basketball Through a Mirror
    03:41 Spinning Wheel of Death
    05:59 The Hardest Ping Pong Run Yet
    07:52 The Pressure is On
    10:16 The Final Dunk
    11:35 A Shot at Redemption
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  • wordbird35
    wordbird35 Hace un mes +2226

    It’s crazy how you guys take the same concept and keep it entertaining and fresh each time

    • L PC
      L PC Hace un mes +25

      I am infertile from eating scented candles

    • Kreese Craft
      Kreese Craft Hace un mes +4

      I think it's all about great chemistry between them :)

    • Tom Heath
      Tom Heath Hace un mes +3

      Imagine how dude perfect feel now xD

    • SPED
      SPED Hace un mes +2

      i feel like they are running out of ideas

    • James
      James Hace un mes


  • Guillermo Del Noche Studios
    Guillermo Del Noche Studios Hace un mes +955

    Jake was a savage! The fact that he repeated the third task so accurately over and over was amazing! I love these videos!

    • AManWhoWasntThere
      AManWhoWasntThere Hace un mes +4

      The patience is insane... I couldn't do it!

    • Shmekel Freckles
      Shmekel Freckles Hace un mes +2

      @Lucifer-ce1pvI don’t think hitting that shot in the final challenge on a computer would dunk Jake IRL.

  • anomalokaris
    anomalokaris Hace un mes +842

    The more and more high the stakes in every episode is extremely fun

    • Hugh Manatee
      Hugh Manatee Hace un mes +5

      I see you are using some Cambrian English there my aquatic amigo
      Expand for correction, or if you don't need it; I'm just going to agree with you. THIS SERIES ARE NUTS
      It has a lot of awesome parts, but still only 1 series, so "THIS SERIES is NUTS".
      You're using "more and more high" to describe the stakes, so don't put an article between them; "the higher and higher stakes in every episode" sounds more natural to an English speaker.

    • Marcel :]
      Marcel :] Hace un mes +3

      @Hugh Manatee😑

    • anomalokaris
      anomalokaris Hace un mes +2

      @Hugh Manatee Cool man. My english were never correct🗿

    • Mike Silva
      Mike Silva Hace un mes +1

      ​@Hugh Manateeagreed 😊

    • Isnogood12
      Isnogood12 Hace un mes +1


  • reezlaw
    reezlaw Hace un mes +236

    Jordan is such an incredible character, he was born to be in front of the camera

    • Isnogood12
      Isnogood12 Hace un mes +14

      Jake and Jordan both. They work so well off of each other that they could basically be Dad and Son.

    • daftvalkyrie
      daftvalkyrie Hace un mes +11

      He is a perfect dude

    • thejesse
      thejesse Hace un mes +15

      6:23 closes his eyes, concentrates, says "360 degrees re- revolution every 60 seconds... i don't know."
      i died. amazing comedic timing.

    • Arif R Winandar
      Arif R Winandar Hace un mes

      Also behind the camera.

    • Manav Nayyar
      Manav Nayyar Hace un mes +3

      @Isnogood12 no they were born to be Peter Parker and Mary Jane. :)

  • Dustin Kreidler
    Dustin Kreidler Hace un mes +585

    "BAN WIND"
    You jerks just made me guffaw out loud at work. Well done.

    • )Peron1-MC(
      )Peron1-MC( Hace un mes

      guffaw XD

    • Isnogood12
      Isnogood12 Hace un mes +16

      This is your boss speaking: Get back to work, Dustin.

    • Isaac Linn
      Isaac Linn Hace un mes +2

      @Isnogood12 Lesser boss, this is your greater boss speaking. Get back to work.

    • Isnogood12
      Isnogood12 Hace un mes +3

      @Isaac Linn*uno reverse card*

    • Arc Nix
      Arc Nix Hace un mes +1

      All that's left is to ban the "Perfect Dude" rule. Because the way it is Jordan's main opponent is not Jake and his skill but his own parasitic words. It defeats the very purpose of the challenge.

  • CadeCraze
    CadeCraze Hace un mes +232

    Let's gooo this is my new favorite series from Corridor Crew, right up there with rendering challenges

    • Evann Music
      Evann Music Hace un mes +2

      Thats really cool and impressive 😄

    • AgiliTeka
      AgiliTeka Hace un mes +3

      I can't decide if I prefer this, or the satisfying renders. They are both incredibly entertaining

    • KpeGuy Ebbers
      KpeGuy Ebbers Hace un mes +4

      @AgiliTeka for me, it's the offensive bowling animations.

    • Daniel Stine
      Daniel Stine Hace un mes

      Totally forgot about render challenges. Those are also amaze

  • Loptr
    Loptr Hace un mes +195

    It's amazing to see how the trick shots and complexity of rules keep evolving with every episode. This was the best one yet, so stoked to see what you come up with next time! Also the entire crew gathering to watch this and being all excited is an absolute highlight

  • Kris Manwaring
    Kris Manwaring Hace un mes +105

    This is my favorite cgi vs real trick shot videos so far, so good, I was pumping my fist for Jake the whole time

  • Red The Collector
    Red The Collector Hace un mes +21

    Jake giving Jordan a chance to get him as well with the dunk tank at the end was decent as fuckk. what a lad. With all the graphics & VFX in these videos - Jake brings some real humanity. What an integral part of the team!

  • Nayte
    Nayte Hace un mes +18

    I can’t express how happy I am corridor crew has stayed entertaining and relevant to ESclips and the internet for this long. Thank you guys

  • Scott Neufeld
    Scott Neufeld Hace un mes +36

    The energy with the edit made that nearly 13 minutes fly by, incredibly fun to watch

  • Ian Teare-Thomas
    Ian Teare-Thomas Hace un mes +79

    It's surprising how close these races are. I would have figured that Jordan would be at a big advantage since he can change individual parameters like how bouncy each object is. It would be interesting if they were to define the digital environment more thoroughly so that Jordan could only adjust his shots by changing initial velocity and trajectory.

    • SteveReals
      SteveReals Hace un mes +16

      They are edited to be entertaining. Probably taking catch up breaks to sync up the final challenges

    • Кирилл Фунтов
      Кирилл Фунтов Hace un mes +20

      And the "dude" rule as well as "fueling" are strongly against Jordan

    • Isnogood12
      Isnogood12 Hace un mes +6

      Probably edited, unless they have an uncut version on Corridor Digital. In the end, who cares. It was fun to watch and showed just how amazing Jake can be with his balls.
      Archer: PHRASING!

    • disturbed neutrino
      disturbed neutrino Hace un mes +13

      Close? Jordan literally waited for Jake to finish his 3rd game before they started the finale. What was even the point of the first three games, competition wise? (I get that it's for entertainment, but still...)

    • Mestrini Master
      Mestrini Master Hace un mes +1

      ​@disturbed neutrinothank you

  • Draigon
    Draigon Hace un mes +84

    These are genuinely interesting and always have me hooked ngl

  • FORD.
    FORD. Hace un mes +1883

    We need a Dude Perfect and Corridor Crew collab
    Edit: The people have spoken

    • Evann Music
      Evann Music Hace un mes +18

      Support +1

    • Bob Sacamano
      Bob Sacamano Hace un mes +61

      As long as the group isn't screaming and blaring absolutely intolerable music the entire time.

    • Krimzon
      Krimzon Hace un mes +18

      A relay trick shot would be nice I would have Wren, Jordan, Peter & Fenner in my Corridor Team vs Dude Perfect.

    • Joe Gentry
      Joe Gentry Hace un mes


    • tharetsku
      tharetsku Hace un mes +1

      That would be sick but I think the dudes would dominate

  • Andrew Wyatt
    Andrew Wyatt Hace un mes +5

    You should do a series where you each do a trickshot, one CGI and one not and get the others to determine if it's CGI or not. That would be even more epic

    • Joshua Gorsuch
      Joshua Gorsuch Hace un mes

      >Determine if it's a trickshot or not
      I'm like 65% convinced that they CGI'd the trickshots in this, tbh.

  • aSinisterKiid
    aSinisterKiid Hace un mes +4

    I love how the workplace has turned into a complete circus for these videos. It's awesome to see Jake getting into it too

  • Henry Cobb
    Henry Cobb Hace un mes

    My favourite series (besides VFX react of course!). I love the chemistry that Jake and Jordan have!

  • Will Rees
    Will Rees Hace un mes

    Damn the spectacle of it all...the effort, the theatrics, the humor...goddamn great content corridor!!

  • EndlessWorms
    EndlessWorms Hace 6 días

    These two make an amazing combo for entertainment

  • Manny T.
    Manny T. Hace un mes +4

    That was the perfect dunking moment at the end!

  • Lt Fakeout
    Lt Fakeout Hace un mes

    First time seeing this series and am ridiculously entertained. corridor crew at it again

  • That'll Work
    That'll Work Hace un mes

    Humanity prevails again!! 💪 but for how long…

  • BlackXixo
    BlackXixo Hace un mes +13

    I don't know HOW you guys make it to keep it interesting every time. Love this series.

  • JellyfishWasted
    JellyfishWasted Hace un mes

    I love this series and I know it’ll only grow more and more epic.

  • bigdoubleu117
    bigdoubleu117 Hace un mes

    These have quickly become my favorite videos from the crew.

  • ohhoworiginal
    ohhoworiginal Hace un mes +6

    Always love to see Jake and Jordan head-to-head on these, but props also to the editing, and the challenge schemers, and the studio set up (I can't fathom how you got those boxes to line up for a plausible trick shot! Also, the dunk tanks 👌). Everything was so well done!

    • Andrew Montez
      Andrew Montez Hace un mes +1

      First they bounce a ball off the box and see where it bounces. Place another box there. Go back and bounce the ball off both boxes and see where it goes, place another box. Then bounce the ball off all three boxes and see where it goes, and so on and so forth.

  • Boudy Bteich
    Boudy Bteich Hace un mes +1

    This is one of the best channels out there. Thank you for the amazing content!

  • Bill Veusay
    Bill Veusay Hace un mes +12

    Man, I'm so invested everytime! And even though I'm a 3D animation student, I'm always rooting for Jake!

  • Karolis Zinkus
    Karolis Zinkus Hace un mes

    thisis great. great content, hard to exhaust, and good break for the team, great for morale. i can see these videos happening for a long time

  • Kangazooka
    Kangazooka Hace un mes

    I'm really liking this series. Thanks for coming up with something brand new and interesting!

  • Ben of all Trades
    Ben of all Trades Hace un mes +7

    The live man v machine trickshot battles are cool, but it'd be really cool to see a digitally faked trickshot over real footage to see if you can fool people in office. Make it like a debunking episode

  • Themaxfd
    Themaxfd Hace un mes

    Jordan's face when he's falling into the tank and realises that he's lost, PRICELESS.

  • Hayden Low
    Hayden Low Hace un mes

    This series along with creating the most satisfying render are by far the best!

  • Demasx
    Demasx Hace un mes

    A silly and fun series! 🤣 Thanks for leaving the wind out, helped the sense of fairness

  • TimmCosplay
    TimmCosplay Hace un mes

    I really enjoy these! Please keep doing these fun challenges!!

  • Szymon
    Szymon Hace un mes

    I'm super impressed how Jake do all those challenges, its just crazy how coordinated he is. I would literally do maybe one by luck and that is it

  • AJ
    AJ Hace un mes +2

    The addition of the dunk tank is excellent stuff, and the wind ban feels right. Great video!

  • Maikigai
    Maikigai Hace un mes

    Please do more of these, they’re so much fun to watch!

  • Vidar Odinson
    Vidar Odinson Hace un mes +2

    This series is so much fun! It doesn't hurt that Jordan and Jake are entertaining to watch!

  • Jeric
    Jeric Hace un mes +7

    imagine u get an internship at a vfx studio and then this is your first day lmao

  • FakeButt
    FakeButt Hace un mes

    I love these series! They are so exciting I need time to relax and get my heartrate back to normal after the video ends :)

  • SentinalSlice
    SentinalSlice Hace un mes +8

    Emmet as the dude ref, I’m liking him already.

  • Xhan
    Xhan Hace un mes +1

    This episode had top tier tension. Jake pulling a win for humanity and both winning in the heart 💝

  • Mike Choe
    Mike Choe Hace un mes

    This has become one of my favorite series. I have a question, how does the crew figure out if these tricks are even possible beforehand? Like how do you even decide the placement for all of the bounce platforms?

  • ScoredRook
    ScoredRook Hace un mes +47

    This has quickly gotten into my top three series on corridor

  • Eric Mehl
    Eric Mehl Hace un mes

    You guys always make me smile 😁 great video as always

  • mattkidroske
    mattkidroske Hace un mes

    This series is so good! I've loved every episode

  • Samura
    Samura Hace un mes

    I watched ALL these four videos with a smile on my face, you guys are wonderful!❤

  • Francesco Tateo
    Francesco Tateo Hace un mes

    This is the most entertaining series I have ever seen. I Love it

  • Trillmatic
    Trillmatic Hace un mes

    Been watching you guys since the Sam and niko days and tbh I never get tired of your content. The dunk tank was a great twist on the challenge lol. Keep on doin your things yo love this channel.

  • KillerTacos
    KillerTacos Hace un mes

    This is unironically one of my favourite series ever!

  • Fresh Squeezed Lightning
    Fresh Squeezed Lightning Hace 28 días

    Love that these keep getting better

  • Conner Nielsen
    Conner Nielsen Hace un mes

    My new favorite series. Keep doing what your doing! 👍

  • PureRushXevus
    PureRushXevus Hace un mes

    I love how many of these you guys have made, they're soo good

  • Brandon Mc
    Brandon Mc Hace un mes

    How is this not on trending! Love the video, as always! Keep it up, y'all!

  • originalsuki
    originalsuki Hace un mes

    That was fun AF, guys. Thanks!

  • Keoki W
    Keoki W Hace un mes +2

    This was way more fun the I expected it to be haha.. nothing like a good ol fashioned dunk tank haha

  • Micah B.
    Micah B. Hace un mes

    This needs to continue as a series.

  • Benjamyn Hazelton
    Benjamyn Hazelton Hace un mes

    Love this series!! Hahaha keep them up. This was awesome. The tension was so real at the end. Jordan man gotta beat him next time!😅

  • Kris Manwaring
    Kris Manwaring Hace un mes +17

    Jake is an absolute specimen, good lord!

  • stone5against1
    stone5against1 Hace un mes +1

    That was great! And Jordan not being allowed wind really made it more fun. "oh I'm close? Gust of wind it into the cup"

  • massminer2343
    massminer2343 Hace un mes +1

    Its wild that they're so closely matched in every thing

  • Andrew Dono
    Andrew Dono Hace un mes

    Jordan failing to math was genuinely one of the funniest moments in all of Corridor Crew. Absolutely lost it

  • dccrulez
    dccrulez Hace un mes

    Imagine your company set up not one but two dunk tanks in your offices? Absolutely wild. True Chad's

  • John theGiant
    John theGiant Hace un mes

    I love this series!! Please keep it going!!

  • rishrishrish
    rishrishrish Hace un mes

    i'm smiling the whole time! this is so freakin' amazing.. more more more!

  • Paul Stafford
    Paul Stafford Hace un mes

    Jake is legit impressive with the hand-eye coordination

  • Jared Becker
    Jared Becker Hace un mes

    Please never stop this series. The tension is amazing!

  • mundo lopez
    mundo lopez Hace un mes

    These consistently have some of the finest suspense editing

  • Patrick Junio
    Patrick Junio Hace un mes

    Just continuosly one of the absolut best channels on youtube :) Love you guys!

  • Unlikyman
    Unlikyman Hace un mes +3

    Plz dont stop making these! These video's are way to fun!

  • Albino173
    Albino173 Hace un mes

    These are so fun. Jake is a beast.

  • Adipose Issue
    Adipose Issue Hace un mes +1

    Damn you really built a full on set for this ep, huh? Respect.

  • DKJooJs
    DKJooJs Hace un mes +8

    Idk why i get more and more excited as the video progresses, dude... PERFECT!

  • Songs by Fuego
    Songs by Fuego Hace un mes +2

    Wow this video probably had the best scripting and pacing of any video I’ve seen. Even the subscribe reminder and Corridor website promo at the end. Simply immaculate timing.

  • Daniel Stine
    Daniel Stine Hace un mes

    This is hands down my fav series on this channel

  • Nuave
    Nuave Hace un mes +2

    If there is one difference it's the hype factor. Seeing a trick shot is infinitely more satisfying. But this is a must watch series.

    • TallicaMan1984
      TallicaMan1984 Hace un mes

      yeah. But also I love the speed run aspect on the digital side because it's still a human fiddling around the parameters as fast as they can.

  • Richard
    Richard Hace un mes +1

    Amazing stuff - I smiled the whole time!

  • Lauren Shortle
    Lauren Shortle Hace un mes

    Jordan A is such a great addition to the crew 🙌🏻
    We just subscribed to the app and now have 3 seasons worth of crew cuts to watch yeah !

  • MW Edits
    MW Edits Hace un mes +3

    I love these videos! Keep up the good work!

  • JamesVDos
    JamesVDos Hace un mes

    That was great, very entertaining 👏

  • dvmac Geezer
    dvmac Geezer Hace un mes

    Dudes! That vid is perfect! Ace fun, thanks for always entertaining 😀

  • Chaos Canyon
    Chaos Canyon Hace un mes

    Love these challenges 😊

  • Exhausted Elox
    Exhausted Elox Hace un mes

    I love every episode of this series! I hope it continues.

  • Bible Unboxed
    Bible Unboxed Hace un mes

    Definately the best episode of the series!

  • PeteDiazDee
    PeteDiazDee Hace un mes

    Dude! It gets more perfect every time! ❤

  • Chuyee Yang
    Chuyee Yang Hace un mes

    Can't wait when they start doing these challenges in space.

  • Kirby Djentleman
    Kirby Djentleman Hace 6 días

    sooo much fun to watch 😂

  • Just A Guy
    Just A Guy Hace un mes

    I'd like to see a ping-pong ball trick shot done in front of a rotating fan :)

  • Blas
    Blas Hace un mes

    6:23 LMAO
    Absolutely hilarious deliveries from Jordan this episode

  • Nick Llama
    Nick Llama Hace un mes

    Adding the dunk tank was a stroke of GENIUS!

  • fishbones77
    fishbones77 Hace un mes

    I LOVED this! Well done

  • Костя Горбач

    I would like to see how you re-create some of these trick shots but as realistic as possible and show it to Visual Artists Reacts

  • Ron
    Ron Hace un mes +3

    I love this series of Real Life vs CGI
    You guys are dope.

  • Sebastiaan van Dijk
    Sebastiaan van Dijk Hace un mes +1

    Duuuuude *pauses to do a beer pong shot* this video is EPIC! the drama and tension are palpable!

  • Isnogood12
    Isnogood12 Hace un mes

    Every time I get to see more Daddy Jake, I'm here for it!

  • el Kamilo
    el Kamilo Hace un mes

    Jake is impressive, someone take him to some carnival games lol

  • Bishop
    Bishop Hace un mes +2

    This is the nerdiest thing I've ever saw... I LOVE IT lol

  • Threadsinger
    Threadsinger Hace un mes

    I really enjoyed this one. It livened up a challenging work day. Looking forward to the next one!

  • Kurt Schwind
    Kurt Schwind Hace un mes

    The 'dude' and 'perfect' penalty only ever impacts one party in these challenges but I'm still down for it.