VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 111

  • Publicado el 24 sep 2023
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    Niko, Wren, and Jordan break down some of the best (and worst) visual effects in some of your favorite Hollywood films!
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    Chapters ►
    00:00 Welcome to VFX Artists React
    00:38 Anime Rock, Paper, Scissors 2
    00:58 Mission: Impossible Masks
    05:17 Beirut Explosion (The Creator)
    08:29 Beauty and The Beast (2017)
    13:08 Speed 2: Cruise Control
    18:24 CorridorDigital.com
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Comentarios • 0

  • Saimeren
    Saimeren Hace un mes +3922

    You know it gets real when Wren stays quiet for several minutes of the video.

    • Karl
      Karl Hace un mes +198

      @FORTYozSTEAK Yes, for reference. big difference. you dont use actual real footage of tragedy to make your movie

    • DasVERMiT
      DasVERMiT Hace un mes +357

      Poor Wren. Guy was hyped for that movie and I think this really took the wind out of his sails.

    • Brian
      Brian Hace un mes +30

      @FORTYozSTEAK No they don't. Films haven't used really war footage for very long time.

    • Big Boy Grindset
      Big Boy Grindset Hace un mes +104

      I think the difference is, is that footage of war in a movie about the war makes sense. But they're taking rememberable footage that was all over the news and putting it in a movie that doesn't seem to have anything to do with it. I can understand why it gives off an uncomfortable vibe.

    • Saimeren
      Saimeren Hace un mes +40

      @FORTYozSTEAK You see, movies make dramatic reenactments of tragic events. They don't take the real footage of people dying and losing everything and put that into their movie.
      At the end of the day, the actors in the movies get to go home. (Ideally) In this, they're showing an event where people are literally dying in the footage.
      There's a massive difference there.

  • Michael T
    Michael T Hace un mes +561

    Funny I actually worked on Beauty of the Beast and coordinated that shot in VFX at Framestore. The BG is a plate, the whole kitchen was actually a set (so foam was real) and we just added Mrs Pott. Good old memories! Thanks for revisiting this!!

  • Németh Ágoston
    Németh Ágoston Hace un mes +775

    Hi, and thank you for approaching the Beirut explosion the way you did. I like the sensitivity you talked about it. Actually I did shoot that footage and I am quite shocked that the filmmakers used my footage for this purpose.

    • JuicyShaqMeat
      JuicyShaqMeat Hace un mes +55

      Just saw your vids in your channel. I’m so relieved to know you’re okay after capturing what happened in Beirut

    • TV Derana
      TV Derana Hace un mes +7

      How much did you make from that footage back then? Also do you want money from hollywood for that now?

    • FolX273
      FolX273 Hace un mes +56

      ​@TV DeranaI mean he should be compansated. His video wasn't a "reference" it's literally in a Hollywood movie except with some random buildings drawn on top of it

    • ben’s channel
      ben’s channel Hace un mes +15

      Yeah its really insensitive. I guess Hollywood will do whatever that want without ethics to cut corners.

    • TENGO
      TENGO Hace un mes +6

      @FolX273 unfortunately he can not by law, because he made his footage available publicly

  • Keith Cullen
    Keith Cullen Hace un mes +660

    Man, the whole ethics behind your explanation of the explosion effects is just another reminder that you are some solid, on point dudes. Thanks for making these videos!

    • Zevo
      Zevo Hace un mes +7

      personally using footage from a real event wouldnt stop me from seeing a movie. but it does give me the ick a bit. because no one goes to a movie wanting to see people actually die on screen. and who exactly did they get permission from to use that footage? they surely didn't check with all of the victims or families to see if they minded.

    • soaphelps
      soaphelps Hace un mes +1

      @Zevo there is no one in the video. the person that filmed it from their window has rights to what they filmed. i dont see an issue with what was used. never watch pre nam war movies. this reads aggressive but didnt mean it that way.

    • NoMoon777
      NoMoon777 Hace 28 días +2

      @soaphelps This is one of those cases in which it is fucked up but not specifically fucked up. How you said nobody is showed on screen, but it is clear it is a real shot of a explosion that killed a bunch of people.
      And the idea that someone is profitering out of the tragedy feels fucked up.

    • Eli
      Eli Hace 20 días +1

      ​@zevo9314 if no one pointed out that they used the pictures from beuruiet, you wouldn't know. Wren didn't relize so you wouldn't have been reminded if a real life tragedy.

    • NoMoon777
      NoMoon777 Hace 19 días

      @Eli Pretty sure that the people from the place where it happened would know. And would inform people.

  • Tom Sutton
    Tom Sutton Hace un mes +69

    I think this was one of the best episodes you guys have done in a long time. The poignancy of the Beirut explosion (which is vile) and then the speed stuff, MI as well this one rocks. Also more Jordan please! Loving his dynamic and takes ( maybe a 4 seater sofa is required to get Sam back 😆)

  • Orihnge
    Orihnge Hace un mes +75

    It's always fun to watch the crew try to figure out what's happening in a shot. Seeing Wren and Niko's genuine reactions from that most expensive action shot was a pleasure.

  • Michał Kaczorowski
    Michał Kaczorowski Hace un mes +6646

    There was 218 deaths, and 7,000 injuries during Beirut explosion. Imagine using 9/11 footage in a sci-fi movie.

    • boots4 snootin
      boots4 snootin Hace un mes +716

      Poor wren man he looked like he zoned out for a while after that was discussed. He clearly is/was excited for the project and it looked like he disassociated a little. It's OK buddy it can still be a net positive creative endeavor even if some people on the team made a mistake in their judgement

    • Blahorga Slisk
      Blahorga Slisk Hace un mes +721

      I could understand if they used the footage as a reference. I mean there's not many ways you can see just what a giant explosion in a city really looks like. But to use the actual footage this way in anything but a documentary? To exploit peoples misfortune and deaths?

    • sirmonkey
      sirmonkey Hace un mes +150

      my hope is that something is actually brought up about the tragedy within the movie so that it's not just them using the footage but we'll see. but at the same time it created the necessary discussion which will now make people look into it so it's a double edge sword.. what happened in Beirut was pretty much ignored by the western media which was a disservice to the people effected by it.

    • J. Griffioen
      J. Griffioen Hace un mes +4


  • Christopher White
    Christopher White Hace un mes +94

    I think that using footage from an actual tragedy in order to create a shot is in the least "sleazy". BTW I love the Mistborn shirt!

    • Aaron Robinson
      Aaron Robinson Hace un mes +6

      For sure. If we're lucky this will create some blow back and maybe they'll cut it from the show. Unacceptable in my opinion.

    • ligmaballs
      ligmaballs Hace 9 días

      If we're going by the logic of watching a movie to 'escape from reality', then Oppenheimer or any film about 9/11, Holocaust, Tiannanmen Square, WWII or any film based on tragedy shouldn't be watched at all. Using the Beirut footage is a good way to remind everyone why religion, politics and corruption do not go together.

    • Loading...
      Loading... Hace 21 un hora +2

      @ligmaballs There's a difference between making a movie _about_ a tragic event and then just using footage from that event as if it's stock footage, in a Sci-Fi movie completely unrelated to the Beirut tragedy, nonetheless. This isn't like making a movie about a war, this is like making a Star Wars film and compositing real footage of soldiers dying to use as Rebel troopers.

  • Mathew Adams
    Mathew Adams Hace un mes +95

    Im always more impressed by the practical effects. That boat scene is insane..

    • ghoSTS 125 👻
      ghoSTS 125 👻 Hace un mes +4

      Too bad it was literally the only good part of the entire movie, lol

    • Super Sayin Solid Snek
      Super Sayin Solid Snek Hace un mes +4

      ​@ghoSTS 125 👻Willem Dafoe chewing on the scenery can be appreciated in retrospect, but you're right the movie's horrible.

    • Alexis Borden
      Alexis Borden Hace un mes +2

      I'll be honest I still think it looks weird like its, made of toothpicks and paper cause there's no actual building interiors that are getting turned inside out.

    • Aaron Robinson
      Aaron Robinson Hace un mes +1

      @Alexis Borden Yeah some of that made me think it must have been miniatures, everything was too clean and didn't look lived-in. But then the guy literally jumping out of a car and dodging the boat looked way too real and my brain broke, so I think it was worth it.

  • Harrisphera
    Harrisphera Hace un mes +122

    See I thought this was saying they took inspiration from that and I could see that. But when they play the trailer and I see that it’s actually the same video I just jaw dropped. And seeing Wren go silent for so long just reinforces what I was feeling.

    • VariantAEC
      VariantAEC Hace un mes +4

      Seeing the overlay confirmed they used the same shot.
      I felt nothing because I've seen other movies use such clips out of context like when the 2007 remake of Invasion of The Body Snatchers used the STS Colombia disaster to set the movie's sci-fi story into motion.

    • ligmaballs
      ligmaballs Hace 9 días +1

      If we're going by the logic of watching a movie to 'escape from reality', then Oppenheimer or any film about 9/11, Holocaust, Tiannanmen Square, WWII or any film based on tragedy shouldn't be watched at all. Using the Beirut footage is a good way to remind everyone why religion, politics and corruption do not go together.

    • dlpheonix
      dlpheonix Hace 8 días +4

      For a movie not out yet the context might be completely unrelated. All the examples you mentioned were used in movies about the video footage they used from historical events. The beirut explosion is being used in a sci-fi movie that would be hard pressed to show its about the beirut government and subsequent actions that led to the explosion.

    • Infinity Tea Lizard
      Infinity Tea Lizard Hace 6 horas

      @ligmaballs There's a difference between Oppenheimer, which is non-fiction and biographical and using a real explosion, where 200 people died and 7000 were injured to prop up your sci-fi movie. This ain't no Schindler's List, bud. The footage wasn't used in order to respect or talk about the explosion, or the context or politics, it's a Disney fictional production.
      For the record, "escape from reality" doesn't have to be happy or cartoonish. Watching a story unfold is escape, whether it's a tragedy or a comedy.
      You have a very limited and broken view of what stories are supposed to be.

  • JDavidAnderson
    JDavidAnderson Hace un mes +53

    Here's a suggestion from a classic movie. There's a scene in Legend (1985) with Tom Cruise and Tim Curry. Tim Curry's character, Darkness, walks into a room through a mirror, showing both the forward movement and the reflection at the same time. It's a really cool visual effect from a time before computers were used. Plus, his makeup in the film is incredible too.

    • Jonathan Harwood
      Jonathan Harwood Hace un mes +2

      Reminds me of the shot in Airplane when the captain has to get ready at home to head to the airport.

    • mini mei
      mini mei Hace 11 días

      I adore that movie, and it was so well-made, it still holds up today. I had the scene in my head the moment you mentioned the mirror.

  • BuddysGuy
    BuddysGuy Hace un mes +59

    I'm glad you guys covered that. I wouldn't have ever known otherwise, and you're right about it. It's grotesque that they used that footage.

    • VEM0
      VEM0 Hace 17 días +1

      But they still used it as clickbait for profit sooooo

  • J Scott 4 Reel
    J Scott 4 Reel Hace un mes +3253

    That Seymour Hoffman joke was fire! So glad to see some of the MI flicks covered!

    • Robin
      Robin Hace un mes +46

      It was so smooth that I was a full beat behind catching it 😅

    • Andy Skibba
      Andy Skibba Hace un mes +6

      It was awesome.

    • [BB]
      [BB] Hace un mes +25

      Had to pause and come down here to share my appreciation for Jordan's Seymour Hoffman joke.

    • Sour_Koyote
      Sour_Koyote Hace un mes +5

      No sweetie that was Phillip Seymour Hoffman. ☺

    • nugget0428
      nugget0428 Hace un mes +3

      Perfect delivery 😂

  • Thecorkeeguy
    Thecorkeeguy  Hace un mes +12

    I love how wren called Emma Watson “hermione” this felt so real to me because I do this all the time. Lol

  • Reagan Harder
    Reagan Harder Hace un mes +20

    With that speed 2 clip, the tin roofing is to me the strongest visual evidence of it being full scale. The sheets bent and twisted and fell in ways that I don't know how you would do with miniatures.

    • VariantAEC
      VariantAEC Hace un mes

      Really thin-cut aluminum foil might act similarly, but sourcing, folding and painting it just to break to bits in a scale miniature would be pretty ludicrous.

    • CityTake
      CityTake Hace un mes

      @VariantAECoh there’s people who’ll do it that’s for sure

  • Legit Beans
    Legit Beans Hace 9 días

    I'm liking seeing more Jordan in your videos hes got a great energy 😊

  • Ricky Boyd
    Ricky Boyd Hace un mes +73

    Absolutely respect the absolute integrity of you guys. It takes principle to call it out.
    Thank You

  • DrJD123
    DrJD123 Hace un mes +4

    Man, Im glad you guys did speed 2!
    Even though the movie wasn't well received I loved it as a kid and that end sequence really sparked my interested in film making and sfx.
    Really cool to see it again and how it was done after all these years.

    • NiPeMi Recenzii Filme
      NiPeMi Recenzii Filme Hace un mes

      The stunts in that movie were insane. The rest was terrible, but the boat scene and the final explosion? Those were gorgeous.

  • Jyanin
    Jyanin Hace un mes +2176

    Wren being deadly quiet throughout the Beirut discussion. I think that spoke more words than the actual chat.

    • Gerhard Ebenhart
      Gerhard Ebenhart Hace un mes +8

      How did you interpret his silence?

    • Megan Hovick
      Megan Hovick Hace un mes +14

      I was going to say the same thing. He was so quiet.

    • thenewgray
      thenewgray Hace un mes +169

      @Gerhard Ebenhart Honestly he seemed a bit hurt by what he was seeing. But he was bracketed by two well-spoken people. There was nothing he needed to add because they really nailed it.

    • Gen. Layabout
      Gen. Layabout Hace un mes +42

      @thenewgray I think you're projecting a lot onto a dude that said nothing.

    • Uknown man wlyed
      Uknown man wlyed Hace un mes +4

      Left me speechless too...

  • Erika Harrison
    Erika Harrison Hace un mes +20

    With Sam & Niko, Wren becomes a kid but when Jordan comes in Wren becomes Elder brother, A little calm and more composed

  • eroi bior
    eroi bior Hace un mes

    “Two stunt people died” Jordan has great comedic timing.

  • Ghost
    Ghost Hace un mes +1

    You guys should react to the final episode of Secret Invasion, there haven't been bad CGI on the VFX Artists Reacts series for a while.

  • Abdelhak Khalil
    Abdelhak Khalil Hace 18 días

    The section about the soap bubbles, I can relate to it. As a 3D artist myself, I've ran many simulations, and I can tell you that the bubble simulation, if you add photorealism rendering to the mix, is one the most computationally taxing simulation. And if you add photorealism rendering to the mix, I have to agree, I thinking that shot is a real shot. It's just easier to actually shoot .

  • Jams2013
    Jams2013 Hace 9 días +2

    The Director just did a Reddit Q&A and answered the Question about Beirut controversy : “It was never meant to be included in the trailer and never appears in the actual movie. Just by way of explanation: the reality is that archival footage is commonly used as reference for temporary VFX.”

  • Matthew Bell
    Matthew Bell Hace un mes +2

    This was the best CGI artist react episode so far!

  • Mac Mcleod
    Mac Mcleod Hace un mes +13

    Just saw mission impossible tonight. It was fantastic.
    Was funny just enough, great action sequences, good plotting, great scenery from all over the world.

  • Ayodele Isaac
    Ayodele Isaac Hace un mes +5

    So I'm not sure if you guys have reacted to this before but if you haven't, I'd love if y'all could talk about that one werewolf transformation scene in Micheal Jackson's thriller music video. Till this day it's still terrifying to watch cuz of how raw and painful it looks, I'd like to hear you guys thoughts on it.

  • Alexander Edwards
    Alexander Edwards Hace 17 días

    Fun story, the ship used for filming in Speed 2 is still an operational cruise ship, now operated by Windstar Cruises as the Star Legend. Took a cruise to Alaska on her in 2019 XD

  • montia larson
    montia larson Hace un mes +2

    It's really cool to see these amazingly talented vfx artists geek out over good and bad CGI. I love seeing people be passionate about their work and special interests. I also love that they explain, with their experience, how they think the scene was done. It makes me appreciate the art and the artists so much more when I know how behind the scenes things are done. Btw loved that 'see-more' Hoffman joke. Killed me.

  • Rushil Oza
    Rushil Oza Hace un mes +1092

    Literally started laughing out loud when he said $25M dollars for that stunt. The idea of him barely wanting to do the movie but still making the studio spend that much on a single stunt. Brilliant

    • MaaZeus
      MaaZeus Hace un mes +78

      Indeed. I could see his thought process be something like, I do not want to do the movie but since I HAVE to might as well as have some fun at their expense. Lets destroy something expensive and awesome!

    • Tiago Massochin
      Tiago Massochin Hace un mes +102

      Okay, I don't want to do this bullshit, so I'm going to say this scene is gonna cost 25 million, they will say no, then they will cancel the movie and everything is gonna be all right.... Wait, what did you mean by "they approved the scene"?!

    • Alex Fisher
      Alex Fisher Hace un mes +23


    • TheDeadlyPianist
      TheDeadlyPianist Hace un mes +4

      I get the feeling that is exactly why he did it.

    • Mapograph
      Mapograph Hace un mes

      While I totally agree with corridor crew, I wonder what their comments on the original star wars using world war II footage for tie fighter scenes would be. Its not the original footage ofc. but again its from a war where people actually died. Again its a total different situation I know but I would be interested in hearing their viewpoint.

  • Shane Wilson
    Shane Wilson Hace un mes +3

    The foam bubbles reminds me of the one time they were fixated on a twig snapping in the Snyder Cut for Justice League. This show always makes me so happy.

  • Antoinette Miles
    Antoinette Miles Hace un mes

    That Speed 2 stunt was incredible

  • Clemson GLI
    Clemson GLI Hace un mes

    Wow. That Speed 2 sequence is unreal. I had no idea.

  • Rich
    Rich Hace un mes

    When explaining the Speed 2 scene I was waiting for Jordan to say “well, you remember that tragic cruise boat accident in 1993?”

  • Turkeydog _
    Turkeydog _ Hace un mes

    I’ve been waiting for them to react to the first Narnia movie. It has great CGI for the time

  • Brandon Simmons
    Brandon Simmons Hace un mes +692

    I appreciated the discussion of the ethics of using the beirut footage.

    • glcsander
      glcsander Hace un mes +4

      Well this is eddit version for youtube Il have to see the full video, but I think they did their best cause as filmaker and vfx artist they don't want to put them on full blast for doing it, one of the best things about their reaction is that they always critique without being malicious cause they have the inside perspective.

    • Aloys van Outersterp
      Aloys van Outersterp Hace un mes +52

      Too bad they’re also exploiting the footage in their own thumbnail

    • Fluffy Demon
      Fluffy Demon Hace un mes +39

      @Aloys van Outersterp spreading information is not exploitative, e.g. i don't use reddit or social networks so i would never heard of that unless someone i watch on yt would share

      COMEBACK GUY Hace un mes +28

      Such cry babies...

  • KirkyDaTurkey
    KirkyDaTurkey Hace un mes

    14:37 I watched Speed on TV countless times growing up, but I never heard of Speed 2 🤯 That shipwreck stunt is CRAZY

  • Martin A.
    Martin A. Hace un mes

    Thank you for shedding some focus on Speed 2. By no stretch a good movie, but it’s a fun one and not as bad as history dictates.

  • Hannah Walker
    Hannah Walker Hace un mes +1

    I really want them to do Once upon a time vfx

  • Rob
    Rob Hace un mes +4

    that was hands down the best subscribe and bell hit bump I've ever seen you guys do. And I've legit watched every single vfx/stunt/animation etc react

  • Adrienne Reed
    Adrienne Reed Hace un mes +1

    Kudos to you guys for your commentary on that tragedy

    • Milan Švancara
      Milan Švancara Hace un mes +1

      Well, you can be butthurt or say that at least something good came out of the tragedy... I'd be much happier if the cause of my death was used in a movie than forgotten and never seen, especially if it was reminding people of the corruption and negligence that led to that tragedy so it can prevent more things like that in the future...
      It would be really bad and unethical if my particular face was seen there and it was me or someone I know dying in a close-up, but this? Nah, people are just searching for the cons without considering the pros to shame someone to feel better about themselves and their morals...
      (not saying that controversies shouldn't be discussed, quite the opposite, just adding my perspective to the discussion)

  • Grizzlox
    Grizzlox Hace un mes +310

    Jordan was in top form in this episode. Great comedic timing throughout. Time for a raise

    • Alisson Alves de Araújo
      Alisson Alves de Araújo Hace un mes +19

      Ok Jordan, get this fake account out here. We know it's you!

    • Otaku Vengeance
      Otaku Vengeance Hace un mes +3

      @Alisson Alves de Araújo I was just about to say something similar.

  • Umbi fx
    Umbi fx Hace un mes

    You should bring the 2011 tin tin movie. It's a very underrated movie. For a 2011 film it still has great CGI.

  • 0% Imagination
    0% Imagination Hace un mes +2

    I can always appreciate silly instrument covers when companies are overly strict with the original music, nowadays it reminds me of Trombone Champ and all the custom charts people kept making (and probably still do).

  • Brian v  🇺🇦
    Brian v 🇺🇦 Hace un mes +7

    I'm so glad you guys reacted to speed2 to that final ship crash scene I myself thought it was real but couldn't figure out if it was a real ship or just the front of it glad you cleared that up it's actually not a bad movie the ending definitely made up for it😅

  • Grzegorz
    Grzegorz Hace un mes +2

    9:02 The flute cover got me laughing. It was great

  • Tweegster - Canadian Brick Cafe

    every time I see these vfx artist react or stunt people react videos I like going back and rewatching the movies in 4K when possible in order to see the talked about effects better vs say watching a DVD / vhs / betmax / laserdisc copy of the film.
    Would love to see you guys do another History of VFX in movies by decades where we can see how technology has allowed us to for the most part do it better then using optical / practical effects. That being said you could also poke fun at how poorly cgi has been done or was over used to creat a movie.
    Like the changes in Photoshop 1 to Modern era Photoshop. going from a early silicon graphics workstations to a modern day gaming computer / workstaion to cloud based render farm.

  • Will Hahn
    Will Hahn Hace un mes +484

    That See More Hoffman joke was the greatest line in corridor history.

    • ComicArtCollector
      ComicArtCollector Hace un mes +17

      They were cruising along and then everything ground to a halt. Loved it.

    • Gambello
      Gambello Hace un mes +3

      don't get it

    • ODekaK
      ODekaK Hace un mes +6

      @Gambello The actor's name is Philip Seymour Hoffman.

    • Víctor Mendoza
      Víctor Mendoza Hace un mes +2

      @ODekaKi know the actor’s name, but what does “seeing more Hoffman “ means?

    • UltroStorm
      UltroStorm Hace un mes +6

      ⁠@Víctor Mendoza​​⁠ The joke has to do with “see more” sounding like Seymour.

  • Slusher
    Slusher Hace un mes

    I just watched Renfield today and there was a crazy great scene where Dracula was half regenerated after getting cooked by the sun where its gotta be a practical/ CGI blend. either way I couldn't tell what i was looking at

  • Zackery Knapton
    Zackery Knapton Hace un mes

    Just watched season 1 ep 11 of House. There's a moment when a needle goes into an eye ball. Y'all should really check out some of the vfx of House. Some of them are pretty impressive especially for early 2000's

  • Blue Moon Music
    Blue Moon Music Hace un mes

    God, I love Wren's shirt. It's art.

  • Retro Reflections
    Retro Reflections Hace un mes

    That Speed 2 sequence is the very definition of 'absolutely bananas'. Think ol' Gus just thought "screw it, if I've *got* to make this movie, I'm going to have a field day with the budget."

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller Hace un mes

    There’s some shots in the Twisted Metal series that I think could be interesting. I think they use the budget they have pretty well to make the world seem bigger than it actually is. But I’m curious about a lot of the compositing and how many of the cars and weapons are CGI enhanced or practical.

  • Anthony Sargon
    Anthony Sargon Hace un mes +506

    I live in Beirut and survived the August 4 blast. Thank you for pointing this out boys ❤️🫡

    • Leen the Panda
      Leen the Panda Hace un mes +10


    • Netkos Ent
      Netkos Ent Hace un mes +9

      Glad you're alright. Got a good friend out there that wasn't far from it and was lucky to survive also.

    • Leen the Panda
      Leen the Panda Hace un mes +1

      @netkosent1620 thank God for that honestly

    • Mathew Jones
      Mathew Jones Hace un mes +1

      As someone who lived through it, how do you feel about this footage being used like this?

    • Obito Uchiha
      Obito Uchiha Hace un mes +5

      @Mathew Jonesi don’t care, I mean it’s already over the whole internet anyways so why not use it for better effects

  • Officer 3-31
    Officer 3-31 Hace 16 días

    I believe it's essential to encourage open discussions on topics like these. Additionally, I sense that this practice isn't uncommon. Studios have employed similar techniques in the past, albeit sometimes more overtly. For example, 'Dawn of the Dead' in 2004 used actual news reels from tragic events, 'District 9' in 2009 incorporated real footage of gang violence and riots, and 'The Mothman Prophecies' in 2002 featured real footage of a bridge collapsing, resulting in 49 casualties. 'Battle: Los Angeles,' one of my favorite sci-fi movies, also integrated real footage of military operations. That being said, I believe that while they utilized real footage, they made significant alterations, which sets them apart from the previously mentioned examples. Nevertheless, it's crucial to acknowledge that people may have varying sensitivities to such content, and not everyone may be comfortable with it. Respecting everyone's perspective is important in these discussions.

  • Violet DeVille
    Violet DeVille Hace un mes +2

    I love the A Christmas Story reference in the subscribe message. The stuck tongue effect in that scene was genius! 💜

  • LeJacq
    LeJacq Hace un mes +1

    I am from St. Maarten and I remember them filming Speed 2 on the French part of the island and yes, the sets were built to real scale.

  • Adam Grise
    Adam Grise Hace un mes

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    Dillon Hace un mes

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    Scare Crow Hace un mes +605

    The Beirut scene reminds me that they used actual news footage of the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing at the beginning of the first X-Files movie. Like not even overlaying a cg building. They had an office building blow up and collapse and the footage after the collapse is the actual footage of the federal building. I remember my parents getting upset that they did that.

    • Rey
      Rey Hace un mes +45

      It's the kind of thing that I have to imagine will age "well" in the sense that people will forget about the source over time and distance, and will therefore not be taken out of the movie when it happens. Personally, I'm more bothered with how bad the rest of the explosions in that trailer were, not even remotely trying to match the reality of Beirut. It's doubly insulting, at least.

    • SnifferSock
      SnifferSock Hace un mes +31

      The weird thing is IF you're going to commit to using real footage, why put in the trailer?! Much smaller odds it's noticed in theater and by that point, you've already made your money off ticket sales. Using it as inspiration (for lack of a better word) I don't have a problem with, but CGI on the real footage... yikes. Only exception would be if you somehow got the people who lived there to vote on it and they could benefit from it, but that's pretty much impossible.

    • )Peron1-MC(
      )Peron1-MC( Hace un mes +17

      @SnifferSock true if i had seen it in the theater i might have thought. hey that looked formiliar and moved on and stopped thinking about it as the movie went on. someone might have noticed afterwards and made the connection but now it might deter people from seeing the movie to begin with.

    • ExaKel
      ExaKel Hace un mes +13

      It does feel like the filmmakers were being lazy rather than intentionally upsetting people.

    • Der Atze
      Der Atze Hace un mes +5

      ​@SnifferSockreference is the word you're looking for

  • Benni
    Benni Hace un mes

    Love the philosophical approach to filmmaking. What you want to achieve, what's desirable and brings joy and what doesn't. Makes you think about why you are doing VFX or filmmaking in general which is important, isn't it?

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    Celles Nunes Hace un mes

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  • mikosoft
    mikosoft Hace un mes

    I've never seen Speed 2, I don't want to but man that one scene was nuts. Imagine you do something on such a scale only for it to flop so hard.

  • Bongwater Bojack
    Bongwater Bojack Hace un mes +1

    The slide whistle cover honestly just made the song better.

  • Leon Bosket
    Leon Bosket Hace un mes

    I honestly was always amazed by that cruise ship crash. I love LOVED the first movie, and held on only for the second one because of Titanic, but that cruise ship crashing into the dock always stuck with me.

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    ATE08 Hace un mes +431

    the energy in this trio is unmatched. hope we get to see more of jordan, wren, and niko together on the couch.

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    Jack O. Gibson Hace un mes +1

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  • VandelayOfficial
    VandelayOfficial Hace 23 días +1

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  • Lendofoy
    Lendofoy Hace un mes

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  • ETR F8H
    ETR F8H Hace 11 días +1

    Things get exploited all the time and no one says a word. On a scale of how tragic this exact footage is, I think this is fine. If there was video footage of actual death and they used that, that's a different story.

  • PM Designs
    PM Designs Hace un mes +437

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    • Jose
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      Timexy Emerald Hace un mes +4

      when the least harmless innocent looking one has the darkest humor 😅😅

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    My Key Hace 16 días

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    Why Steve Hace un mes

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  • Vninect
    Vninect Hace un mes

    When you're building a simulated story and you use actual reality to tell it, but without that reality being its own referent in any way nor making that connection at all... That's beyond hyperreality.

  • BLISSfullyCAT
    BLISSfullyCAT Hace un mes

    I feel like Beauty and the Beast is one of the little be action Disney movies where photo realism actually worked.

  • Gaetan Osman
    Gaetan Osman Hace un mes +808

    I am half Lebanese, lived there for the majority of my life. By a draw of luck, I was in Canada when the tragic explosion happed. My sister was within the shockwave of the blast and I nearly lost her. U guys hit the nail on the head. I am all for freedom of speech and freedom of artistic expression, but this felt more like an artistic and financially exploitive shortcut. It is just in very poor taste and complete lacks the self awareness of what actually went down on that day. Always been a massive fan of you guys but actually speaking out on this makes me proud to be a long time corridor fan. Cheers fellas

    • Ryan Thompson
      Ryan Thompson Hace un mes +34

      ...so then what do you call corridor crew making likely thousands of dollars, when including other revenue streams, on this video after including that trailer instead of some other one? 1/3rd of the video was dedicated to that trailer.... it would be perfectly valid to assert those same claims for corridor crew. If using that footage was exploitative and for financial gain, corridor crew is also exploitative and did it for financial gain. Intention really doesn't change guilt since the end product is still someone making money from a disaster.

    • Pots
      Pots Hace un mes +1

      thats totally understandable honestly, i wrote in another comment about how i didnt care but thats because it didnt affect me at all.

    • Eric Rafael
      Eric Rafael Hace un mes +151

      ​@Ryan ThompsonCorridor are making commentary on it. It's an entirely different use case that admonishes the people who actually chose to use the footage. C'mon, think about it for 10 seconds.

    • AgirlnamedMichael
      AgirlnamedMichael Hace un mes +92

      @Ryan Thompson What an absurd view. No, it is NOT "valid to assert those same claims to the Corridor Crew". They are not "exploiting" anything- they are discussing the morality and ethics of using it in the way the filmmakers did, as well as making us and other filmmakers aware that it was done. Other filmmakers watch this show, and in the comments they will get to see our discourse on the matter, and hopefully the situation will not be repeated because those filmmakers will also feel the way we do.

    • Ginda Music
      Ginda Music Hace un mes +11

      Have you guys even looked at the thumbnail for this video? If that doesn't scream exploitive...

  • Jason
    Jason Hace un mes +2

    I HAVE AN AMAZING SUGGESTION! The UFO crashing at the climax of the first Men in Black, on top of the fight with the bug. The blending with the fire effects when J is fighting the bug, and the UFO crashing especially are FANTASTIC to look at!

  • Gowner Jones
    Gowner Jones Hace un mes

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    Love your content btw! Thanks for your entertaining videos and fantastic insights 🫶🏼

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    Damion Lee Hace un mes

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    • funx24x7
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      Not to mention the incredible slide whistle cover

    • vic
      vic Hace un mes +1

      i agree on this, so much fun.

    • Eric Hamm
      Eric Hamm Hace un mes

      Are we watching the same video? Beirut conversation really put a drag on the entire episode.

    • SirMonkeySuit
      SirMonkeySuit Hace un mes

      Uh... That is total opposite to any other episode. After the Creator Clip, it just seemed to drop and Wren barely said anything when he is usually the most energetic.

  • Jason Preston
    Jason Preston Hace un mes

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  • VirginLamo
    VirginLamo Hace un mes

    My guess for the explosion from The Creator is someone was given the shot as reference, and just decided to use it with some CGI buildings, but no one caught in higher up

  • Guitarsquatch M.
    Guitarsquatch M. Hace un mes

    I could actually believe the tea pitcher, bubbles and everything in that particular shot being real, except the face and lid. I could totally see that being puppeteered with the face and lid added post.

  • Huansy
    Huansy Hace un mes

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  • Christopher Anderson
    Christopher Anderson Hace un mes

    1:33 I remember thinking about the wipes the first time I saw the movie in theaters (I think I was at a drive in theater too back then) so I was like omg lol
    It was just such an impressive feat at the time I couldn't stop thinking about how they did it.
    Also it is impressive when CGI and special effects shots are becoming so impressive that even VFX Artists have a really hard time telling if a shot is real or not.
    "Speed 2: If you're going to force me to make it, I'm going to crash a cruise boat into a town".

  • Fleming Friis-Jensen
    Fleming Friis-Jensen Hace un mes +157

    I can't get enough of Jordan's sense of humor

    • Strange Law
      Strange Law Hace un mes

      oh you're gonna love tomorrow ("how many people can a Titan actually eat?")

    • Jordan Felt
      Jordan Felt Hace un mes

      Dude same, it reminds me a lot of my own. Lol

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    mateos vargas Hace un mes

    The practical effects on Tora Tora Tora were insane for their day. They crashed a plane into a hanger way before Christopher Nolan

  • Jake Simpson
    Jake Simpson Hace un mes

    I think a viewer on the show and try and guest if they can see if an effect was vfx or practical would be cool to see.

  • TacticoolDennis
    TacticoolDennis Hace un mes

    I feel like 60 years ago there was a lot of war footage reused in movies cause they couldn't clearly get airplanes and tanks to blow up for every movie. but it hits differently today when you lived through those events.

  • RichD
    RichD Hace un mes

    I'd like to see into how they do the two same actors interacting together effect. In the old days, there would be something in the foreground between them (something Michael Bay had a little joke about when he did the effect in The Island but then panned away from it to show two Ewan McGregors interacting with each other) but now it looks so good. I just saw the effect used in The Flash (not the best film, but not the worse) and be cool to see how they do that.

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    Wynand Lens Hace un mes +1

    Man the ending of this episode was such a treat.

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    Liam Smith Hace un mes +443

    By a massive coincidence, I was going down a rabbit hole about the Beirut explosion last night. So I immediately recognized that footage.

    • Mr-glizzer
      Mr-glizzer Hace un mes +21

      Yeah ive watched it over 50 times the shot felt very familiar

    • firmak2
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      fr, its a great explosion and i ceep going back to watching clips of them.

    • Shelbyville Rules
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    • Capybara
      Capybara Hace un mes +1

      Me too wtf

    • Sean Whearty
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      Yeah. I immediately recognized it too. Glad I’m not the only one

  • Sweet & Savory Podcast •

    Please do an 80s movie special featuring three of the greatest children’s movies of the 80s. Labyrinth, the dark crystal, and never ending story.

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