VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 113 (ft. Weta FX)

  • Publicado el 24 sep 2023
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    Niko and Wren are joined by VFX Supervisor Guy Williams from Weta FX to break down some of the best visual effects from your favorite Hollywood films!
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    Chapters ►
    00:00 Welcome VFX Artists React!
    01:11 Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3
    05:23 BetterHelp
    06:56 Gemini Man
    11:31 She-Hulk
    15:18 Peacemaker
    18:29 Thanks For Watching!
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Comentarios • 0

  • Corridor Crew
    Corridor Crew  Hace 27 días +31

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    • Amm Kr
      Amm Kr Hace 27 días

      She Hulk looks so plasticky and 90s CGI.. Disney wasted that TV show, no wonder it flopped

    • Cullen Herrera
      Cullen Herrera Hace 27 días +5

      remember they don't care about keeping your private information private

  • Slaid
    Slaid Hace un mes +3400

    Corridor Crew should do an episode where they digitally replace themselves in the whole episode just to see if they can do it well enough no one notices.

    • Film Illiterates
      Film Illiterates Hace un mes +278

      Who is to say they haven't already?

    • PalimpsestProd
      PalimpsestProd Hace un mes +35

      just swap their heads in deep fake.

    • willium
      willium Hace un mes +83

      that would be so much work to look realistic...

    • MF Kitten
      MF Kitten Hace un mes +100

      No. They replace one person. At a time. And it changes which one it is throughout the show.

    • BlindSp0t
      BlindSp0t Hace un mes +49

      Given that all their projects look subpar because they do it in a week, I doubt it. It would need to be a Corridor Digital video, but that wouldn't fly because that wouldn't be a "buzz catching" video.

  • JM
    JM Hace un mes +1305

    To be fair I think Jordan’s John Cena joke was extremely well placed 😂

    • fran cafu
      fran cafu Hace un mes +4

      Could you please explain the joke?
      I thought it was a play on words as poor/pore sound alike, but im too dumb to get it 😢
      Edit: just saw what you were referring to, sorry -_-

    • Artor
      Artor Hace un mes +44

      "I give that joke a C-plus." No, I give that joke a Ce-Na!

    • fostena
      fostena Hace un mes +17

      And more importantly: it was mandatory

    • Vomit Thunder
      Vomit Thunder Hace un mes +5

      great bingchiling moment.

    • The Good/bad
      The Good/bad Hace 29 días +10

      I think we just discovered Jordan’s burner account. 😂

  • Edward X. Winston
    Edward X. Winston Hace un mes +204

    The complete CGI shot of Smith on the motorcycle brandishing the pistol was the single most convincing live-action-replacement shot I’ve ever seen. It makes Tarkin and Leia in Rogue One look like video game NPCs.
    WETA engineers are geniuses. The pore, melanin, and eye techniques are all game-changers. Incredible.

    • Peter Lenham
      Peter Lenham Hace 29 días +6

      I agree, but bear in mind that this film is almost 4 years old, so the technology will be even more advanced now!

    • MumrikDK
      MumrikDK Hace 29 días +4

      They DID look like high quality video game NPCs.

    • Darryl Giors
      Darryl Giors Hace 29 días +5

      Agree with everything you said. Just think though what other shots you've seen and had no idea it was a CG character. Maybe you've seen better and didn't notice. That is what the artists are aiming for no?

    • Peter Lenham
      Peter Lenham Hace 29 días +3

      @Darryl Giors Yes. Ive seen films that seemingly had no CGI, then discovered they had lots. The effects where invisible and completely seamless.

    • carlotta4th
      carlotta4th Hace 29 días

      It was definitely the "most" convincing, but personally I could still tell it was CGI. He moves too easily for that position, the muscles aren't giving the same details. The heada/shoulders in relation to the arms also seem a bit off. These may just be subconscious notices but it's there.
      Definitely very, *very* impressive though. They did great!

  • Kere Amohau
    Kere Amohau Hace un mes +49

    That Will Smith close up on the bike is INSANE. You can not tell it was CG. Hats of to Weta

  • Cam James
    Cam James Hace un mes +167

    Besides the ridiculously high frame rate and obvious uncanny valley issue, Gemini Man tripped up because literally everyone knows what young Will looked like. They had to go back to Season 1 of Fresh Prince.

    • Dhakadice
      Dhakadice Hace 28 días +29

      Frame rates over 30 fps sends EVERYTHING into either uncanny valley or the "soap opera" look.
      I remember seeing The Hobbit in a movie theatre (ok, it was the sequel) and it just looked like a bunch of guys running around in the woods playing wizard.

    • DOSDIBOSS#4010
      DOSDIBOSS#4010 Hace 21 un día +1

      Bet your lying

    • Batmang
      Batmang Hace 17 días

      @Dhakadice That's because it didn't have the LoTR budget to properly build the props and hire a bunch of extras. Also, too many stupid videogame elements.

    • Grutar G
      Grutar G Hace 8 días

      I had the same problem with a movie called Noble House. It starred a younger Pierce Brosnan aged up with makeup and gray hair to look like an older version of himself. But it doesn’t match how he actually has aged, as seen in his many films.

  • dots_com
    dots_com Hace 29 días +55

    It will always be so incredible to me how science-y vfx are. They almost need a human science/biology degree to be good at their job. When they talk about the muscles and melanin and eye structure it takes me back to my anatomy and physiology classes.

    • Batmang
      Batmang Hace 17 días +4

      If you want to make something look like real life, you gotta know how real life works.
      I just learned things about melanin and eye structure. :p

  • Kyle Carter
    Kyle Carter Hace un mes +268

    The main takeaway from this video should be how Weta learns anatomy to make CG characters look real

      FULL ALBUMS Hace 29 días +5

      yet they fail, Will Smith looks like an game cut scene character and eagle look like a stock cgi eagle with some bad acting from John Cena who's not even looking at it when they are close in the garage

    • Purefoldnz
      Purefoldnz Hace 29 días +6

      it should be about how badly Marvel treats their VFX artists.

      OSAMA-KIN TMZ Hace 27 días +2

      Well yeah, even as a 2D artist you need to learn anatomy, this is not something new lol. Takeaway should be more that they need time and tolerance to reach stuff like this, two things that big companies are giving less and less of.

    • Kyle Carter
      Kyle Carter Hace 27 días +1

      @Osama-KIN_TMZ01 I know way too many people who try to draw and have zero knowledge of anatomy. My comment wasn't for me, it was for people who want to be an artist who see my comment.

      OSAMA-KIN TMZ Hace 27 días +3

      ​@Kyle Carter And I know way too many people who try to model and have zero knowledge of anatomy. Obviously, I wasn't talking about you, I was saying that it is not something to boast about as it is the bare minimum you should be learning in most artistic mediums, anatomy I mean, same with learning perspective. I'm talking in the professional setting, but you can never be called a true visual artist if you don't understand the real thing.

  • ZeikJT
    ZeikJT Hace 29 días +57

    Peacemaker was a really damn good show, and Eagly was super well done!

    • Srile Mobitel Srile
      Srile Mobitel Srile Hace 27 días +2

      Also I never skipped intro.

    • wordsinahandle
      wordsinahandle Hace 11 días

      Dude john cena was well done more ! We actually got to see him. Props to weta

    • hulkhatepunybanner
      hulkhatepunybanner Hace 8 horas

      *The eagle looked fake.* They keep doing its movements in slow motion. Compare that to the eagle that slapped Wren which is moving naturally fast.

  • kenny
    kenny Hace 28 días +14

    The more i watch vfx artist react the more i realize that the best artists understand human anatomy to the level of a doctor.

  • Sarcastic Plot Recaps
    Sarcastic Plot Recaps Hace un día

    Props to Griffin for his awesome work on thumbnails. Very underrated and underappreciated part of the team! 👍

  • Seth Paradox
    Seth Paradox Hace un mes +132

    Those eyes in She-Hulk are incredible. Bringing depth and presence to the eyes has been such a challenge. Guy and the Wētā FX team have done wonders!

    • Krule World
      Krule World Hace 29 días +45

      all that work for a dumpster fire of a show. we often forget they still work hard in the background, regardless of the final result.

    • theendofit
      theendofit Hace 29 días +28

      ​@Krule Worldit was a good show. Yall were crying that the cgi was bad. Now that profcinals tell you its good you just move your goal post

    • Loading…
      Loading… Hace 28 días +10

      @theendofitthey just glazing the dude cuz he worked on it obv don’t be naive

    • Krule World
      Krule World Hace 28 días +14

      @theendofit cgi was never the issue. it was the bad writing. Hulk lost everyone he loved is equal to she-hulk got a cat call...

    • Peter Lenham
      Peter Lenham Hace 28 días +13

      @theendofit The show was utter garbage.

  • Bob Dole
    Bob Dole Hace un mes +12

    That Will Smith head replacement (current, not the aged down one) was insane. I've never seen a digital face look that good.

    • Peter Lenham
      Peter Lenham Hace 29 días

      I agree, and this film is almost 4 years old, so the technology is even more advanced now.

  • wirelesmike73
    wirelesmike73 Hace un mes +391

    While Weta's approach to realism is often more science than art, the talent and skill of the artists are the only way that approach could even work. Their models could literally be used for medical research purposes in some cases, and the level of detail and knowledge each artist utilizes is so vast and in-depth, they could almost be experts in the scientific fields of study of the real-life subjects they're tasked with recreating. I'm constantly amazed by the work they do, and it's awesome to see and hear them talk about their craft. Great episode.

    • NicCrimson
      NicCrimson Hace un mes +11

      Just like they said in the previous episode, these guys are scientists

    • Spiker985 Studios
      Spiker985 Studios Hace 29 días +8

      Like, immediately naming off the terminology for the bird's anatomy. That shit's nuts!

    • John Donovan
      John Donovan Hace 29 días +5

      Don't forget though that behind every cutting-edge modelling, texturing, and rendering technique, there are a bunch of programmers coming up with the algorithms and making sure they run as smoothly and quickly as possible. _They_ are the unsung heroes IMO. I was really excited when they had Paul Debevec on the couch the other week - a proper hero of mine he is.

    • milan hilferink
      milan hilferink Hace 29 días

      They probably just google “what are feathers made out of” and then just do a little bit of research but the scientists still do the science work.

  • ProfArmitage
    ProfArmitage Hace 29 días +13

    There was an episode of the "Farscape" TV series that opened on a closeup of a pair of eyes, and you could feel the grief and sorrow radiating from them (a major character had died at the end of the previous episode). Then the camera pulled back, revealing that it was Rygel, one of the puppets created by The Jim Henson Company. They got more emotion from a puppet than a lot of human actors can manage.

    • TalesOfWar
      TalesOfWar Hace 9 días +2

      The animatronics in that show were amazing. As was the show itself. Very underrated too, it's hardly ever mentioned in any of the sci-fi rundowns.

    • Bruno Bertoline
      Bruno Bertoline Hace 7 días +2

      Farscape is one of the best sci-fi shows ever made. You could feel the love that was put into every character. I really wish I could one day watch a remake movie directed by James Gunn. He already said he was inspired by Farscape to make GotG.

    • Sarcastic Plot Recaps
      Sarcastic Plot Recaps Hace un día

      @Bruno Bertoline Sorbo was on Tim Pool last week talking about Farscape so this is super relevant lol

  • Xavi Strife
    Xavi Strife Hace 18 días +1

    I love when someone talks with so much love for what he/she does and Guy Williams gives that vibe. One might think it's just an explanation but it's their art

  • Cosmo VG
    Cosmo VG Hace 29 días +62

    The tongue flapping around when the eagle rides in a car with the window rolled down like a dog is what sells that shot and I absolutely love it

  • Karen Ingram
    Karen Ingram Hace 28 días +13

    I could listen to about 10 more minutes of talk on how skin pigmentation and pores work. Fascinating stuff. Also, the pun game was so strong in this episode. I'm proud of y'all.

  • Alex Ordetx
    Alex Ordetx Hace 29 días +8

    Yeah, the eagle in Pacemaker is amazing but Mathew the raven in the Sandman just blew my mind, so well done that you don't even think about when you're watching the show. I'd like to here your opinion and how it was done.

    HISHAM A.N Hace un mes +28

    I always can't get over how good Rocket's CG is each film & the fact that it keeps looking better. They deserve all the praise.

  • Giangi Mdjk
    Giangi Mdjk Hace 9 días

    the editing in this episode, especially with the eye explaination, was flawless, good job

  • Jn C
    Jn C Hace un mes +18

    This is my favourite episode so far, Guy's in-depth knowledge of these super advanced topics is fascinating

  • Scarecrow
    Scarecrow Hace 27 días +3

    You guys should definitely check out episode 11, season 2 of Legion. 2 of the most powerful telepaths battling with crazy visuals! Its pretty hard to show telepathic abilities on screen without it looking weird but this is just a creative showpiece of storytelling.

    • Akkbar
      Akkbar Hace 21 un día

      Hey! You and I must be the only fans of that show. That wasn’t really a cgi extravaganza, but it was interesting. Shame that show didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped, but at least they tried something unique. First season is amazing. Kinda feel apart a bit later on, but I’m a huge fan. ❤

  • Dano
    Dano Hace 29 días +8

    I guess that's why some scenes in Gemini man looked super uncanny valley, but others were spot on. I'll take a gander that the spot-on ones were done by WETA. That tech he's describing with the pores and the colors shifting of the sub-surface is really mind blowing. The eyes stuff too... no more faking it with textures they really just built an entire eye. WOW.

    • sirmonkey
      sirmonkey Hace 29 días +2

      some of the issues in that movie visually had a lot to do with the decision to use 120fps. watching it at 60fps it makes the movements look too rapid and makes the CGI stand out way too much especially during the chase scene.

  • AQGD Marcy
    AQGD Marcy Hace 29 días +8

    So nice to see that they've grown so much in this show, they been receiving these iconic guests on the show, we're so proud of yall

  • LesFilmsDeTAD
    LesFilmsDeTAD Hace un mes +290

    It's awesome to see the bts of awesome CGI, but I think it would be interesting to have the guests telling about their bad CGI/VFX, to see what happened and what went wrong

    • Nikolaj Jensen
      Nikolaj Jensen Hace un mes +25

      I could imagine it would be bad business for the guest if they criticise stuff openly

    • LesFilmsDeTAD
      LesFilmsDeTAD Hace un mes +30

      @Nikolaj Jensen Sure, but it could be about old stuff, or low-budget stuff, and it could be nice to see good stuff too (the show is literally titled "reacts to Bad and Great CGI" after all)

    • Isaac Holzwarth
      Isaac Holzwarth Hace un mes +11

      Like Gemini Man maybe?... That movie looked rough.

    • Kevin Stewart Hagström
      Kevin Stewart Hagström Hace un mes +30

      It's rare but it has happened.
      The Mummy scene with the Rock as the scorpion king comes to mind in which the guest said that the Rock was in a different project at the time so they couldn't get any reference and such, so they just had to make do with what they had in the time they had.

    • Masley
      Masley Hace un mes +8

      Y'know with the unerring feed of negativity through the Internet, I like seeing good work. It's good being away from the "haha that was so bad" part of ESclips for the most part. This is a nice ratio of good and bad on this channel.

  • MCLegoboy
    MCLegoboy Hace 28 días +8

    Jordan's crushing it. I hope he never "outgrows" Corridor and only helps the whole team elevate; he's a treasure.

  • Beefyrulz
    Beefyrulz Hace 28 días +1

    I always love hearing the background to some of these super high level VFX shots.
    Especially when it's like, "Hey this shot looks so good, how'd you get it to look so real?"
    And their response is just "Oh yeah that, it's because we physically simulated it with 100% scientific accuracy."

  • MightyManotaur22
    MightyManotaur22 Hace 22 días +4

    The level of detailed knowledge this dude has on human and avian anatomy is crazy considering he's a visual effect artist 😂

  • The Generic Mma Fan
    The Generic Mma Fan Hace 27 días +1


  • Aus10_H
    Aus10_H Hace 28 días +2

    Not sure if this has been covered yet but I’d love to see you look at Ang Lee’s Hulk! Specifically the scene where Nick Nolte’s hand morphs with the blue steel, but anything from that movie would be cool :)

  • Brian Jodoin
    Brian Jodoin Hace un mes +505

    you guys could easily do multiple episodes on just Scott Pilgrim vs the World. It has VFX, animation, stunts, fights, everything.

    • Elias6233
      Elias6233 Hace un mes +6

      Terrible movie but agreed, has some nice stuff in it

    • Luis Sierra
      Luis Sierra Hace un mes +45

      @Elias6233 how is it a terrible movie? It's one of the best from the early 2010s

    • Ray G
      Ray G Hace un mes +16

      God yes, a fantastic movie!! Please do an episode on Scott Pilgrim

    • Yomammasaurus Rex
      Yomammasaurus Rex Hace un mes +2

      That movie blows tho. Just because it had a few video game references doesn't make it good.

  • ScarierTerrier
    ScarierTerrier Hace 29 días +3

    Just watched Black Narcissus (1947), and was amazed at how well a London backlot was seamlessly transformed into the movie's setting on top of a Himalayan mountain. Gorgeous effects that hold up today, IMO. Would love to see the Corridor Crew discuss it.

  • Adam Hayward
    Adam Hayward Hace 27 días +6

    The eagle looks amazing. Such a shame that they didn't get Cena's eyeline right. He's staring right through that eagle.

  • Taje Agnew
    Taje Agnew Hace un mes +7

    I hope they do one on Smallville just to see how far we came on visual effects on TV shows

    • Shane Reuter
      Shane Reuter Hace un mes

      would be cool if it was a superman and lois and smallville double episode to truly show what the CW alone was able to achieve with superman within 20 years time

    • Peter Lenham
      Peter Lenham Hace 28 días

      I remember being very impressed with the effects on Smallville, now they look like a PlayStation game.

    • Taje Agnew
      Taje Agnew Hace 27 días +1

      I will say the only effects I still like (only because no other effect has done this and is the effect is still dated) are the heart vision. I love how he just shoots heat and not laser.

  • RΛUL - lzmraul
    RΛUL - lzmraul Hace 28 días +1

    Always love the videos! Something I would love you guys to tackle on with the pros is the working hours of the artists in these projects. I feel thats a key element missing, lots of people getting overworked and with talks of forming a union (even if its only for the on set VFX people) I think its important to bring how sometimes people get overworked and how that is not ok. Work like balance is important, and new filmmakers should be aware you should hurt your mental and physical health for a movie.

  • Steve Williams
    Steve Williams Hace 29 días +5

    I've been watching Carnival Row on Prime, and have been very impressed by the wide range of VFX they have in that show. Pixies and their large insect-like wings (that often wrap around people as well like the eagle wings), and so much creature VFX.

  • Victor Uzunow
    Victor Uzunow Hace un mes +142

    Anytime someone from Weta or ILM drops by is always incredible

    • Jason Ellins
      Jason Ellins Hace 29 días +1

      And Red Chillies VFX. Those are always fun

  • FullmetalandtheFlame
    FullmetalandtheFlame Hace 27 días +7

    I think it would be really interesting if you guys reacted to the Narnia. Some of those VFX were done by Weta as well. A lot of great effects in those movies, especially considering they were made 13-20 years ago. Check out the “water god” scene at the end of Narnia: Prince Caspian, plus all the CGI non-human characters - the beavers, Asian the lion, Reepicheep the mouse, the centaurs, the fawns, etc. so many great VFX

    • David Storie
      David Storie Hace 19 días +1

      They need to compare the narnia movies to the old BBC versions in visual effects.

  • Started
    Started Hace 29 días +4

    Is it just me or is it no longer "bad and great" CGI the majority of the time now? Seems like it's a rarity to feature bad VFX these days.

  • Seth Paradox
    Seth Paradox Hace 27 días +1

    Would be great to see a dive into Ahsoka. It seems to use a good variety of fx and that locked-on-the-Volume feel that happens sometimes is absent.

  • Cameron Andre
    Cameron Andre Hace 8 días

    The amount of detail we have CGI wise in tv shows now is amazing

  • Abílio Costa
    Abílio Costa Hace 29 días +1

    Jordan coming again with a "that way you could Seymour Hoffman" 😂😂
    Even if Jordan is not on the couch he should just pop up randomly to drop these icebreaker bombs to make the guests laugh 😆

  • Cory Horton
    Cory Horton Hace un mes +191

    That pore effect was unreal. Definitely worth a video.

    • circumvention
      circumvention Hace un mes +22

      The “Poor Man approach” line was also unreal

    • John P
      John P Hace un mes +4

      I believe they took the "Pore Man's" approach

    • Leonardo Mastrogiovanni
      Leonardo Mastrogiovanni Hace un mes +1

      I think it was Houdini

    • Nejvyn
      Nejvyn Hace 29 días

      There are videos about the research paper

  • HughJass
    HughJass Hace 25 días +2

    this is far more impressive than the current deepfake technique. this is complete face creation from the ground up, so major kudos to weta.

  • Alex Mosey
    Alex Mosey Hace 27 días

    Would definitely love to see you guys cover some of the space battles from The Expanse tv series! Really well done, realistically.

  • Patrick MacCready
    Patrick MacCready Hace un mes +12

    I love Wren's innocence and Jordan's Dad jokes in this. I never usually laugh that hard on these if at all.

  • Monologue
    Monologue Hace 29 días +1

    I’d love to see the crew react to the Compys (small dinos) from The Lost World: Jurassic Park and the how they flawlessly transition to puppets

  • Jordan Matyka
    Jordan Matyka Hace un mes +6

    The bit about the melanin density being affected by the stretching, and contributing to how the skin looks like, is just a level of attention to minuscule detail that only people at the very forefront of vfx could even begin to think about. WETA, Guy Williams, a salute going your way!

  • The Ostrich
    The Ostrich Hace un mes +258

    Please do a special video about the evolution of special effects and the milestones that were achieved between 1985 and today and what movies they were achieved in, like first cloth simulation, first ray-tracing, first HDRI lighting, first motion capture performance, first realistic water simulation, first realistic physics simulation etc.

    • CheesySombrero
      CheesySombrero Hace un mes +12

      Honestly I think the ILM documentary "Light and Magic" is a good resource.

    • The Ostrich
      The Ostrich Hace un mes +4

      I don't want to hear it from ILM though, I want to hear it from them.

    • Brian
      Brian Hace un mes +7

      They do, every week, It's called VFX artists react

    • RovingTroll
      RovingTroll Hace un mes +3

      While I like this idea, I feel that concept is better served in a video essay, which corridor crew doesn't seem to do

    • Kevin
      Kevin Hace un mes +2

      @Brian Um no, what OP described is not what they do for VFX artists react.

  • Binkey Bonkey
    Binkey Bonkey Hace 27 días

    love jordan on this series! everybody has such good insight, cool hearing all the different angles

  • KillerTacos
    KillerTacos Hace 29 días +2

    Love when you guys bring on incredible guests like this

  • Taylor
    Taylor Hace un mes +2

    It's always a special episode when you get someone from Weta on the couch!

  • Xaltar
    Xaltar Hace 25 días

    Absolutely loved the peek into the pore workflow and tech. Having spent a LOT of time making characters for games this is exactly the kind of thing that gets me excited. The way the skin tone shifts with movement, pore stretching/skin creasing and even with all that, I can immediately tell it's a CG face. But, it's soo good. We are getting closer and closer to CG being indistinguishable from reality, the problem is our eyes/mind are trained to notice some incredibly subtle things about faces and how they animate, many of which we don't even realize until someone points it out.
    And the eyes.... The bane of every 3d artist trying to make realistic looking characters in a real time medium.....
    Awesome video as always!

  • Keith Huggins
    Keith Huggins Hace 29 días +3

    Had the privilege of working at Weta way back during the LOTR days, and know Guy from back then. Even then, the rigging and rendering were top notch, and it's only gotten better since. The amount of thought and attention to the tiny details is amazing. I gotta say, though - we did a camera pull through an open wound at Valve in Meet The Pyro, way back in 2012.

  • Gábor Hajas
    Gábor Hajas Hace un mes +141

    Jordan, never be embarassed about puns. Keep them coming.

    • ZeroPrimeSigma
      ZeroPrimeSigma Hace un mes +1

      I dont understand the pun...

    • Gergely Fülöp
      Gergely Fülöp Hace un mes +1

      That was the moment that earned my like on the video. :)

    • rome8180
      rome8180 Hace 29 días +3

      @ZeroPrimeSigma they were talking about pore-stretching and he said the solution was a "poor man's version." Think "poor" vs. "pore."
      Or were you talking about the Cena joke? That one wasn't a pun.

    • ZeroPrimeSigma
      ZeroPrimeSigma Hace 29 días

      @rome8180 ohh ok. ye that was the one. Ty

    • Jim Nye The Science Guy
      Jim Nye The Science Guy Hace 29 días +1

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    Pretty fun show to boot. Had fun watching it.

    • sirmonkey
      sirmonkey Hace 29 días +1

      i think the biggest issue with she hulk was the decision to go the typical movie/tv bs "we need to make her look sexy as the hulk".. if she portrayed "hulk" closer to the actual character i think less people would of had an issue with it. she's suppose to be a bada... but instead she just looks like a green alien that reminds me a lot of the Martian Girl from Mars Attacks!. it was just poor decission making by production and the CGI team did their best to work with it.

    • 1faithchick7
      1faithchick7 Hace 28 días

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    • Akkbar
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    • Sean Vina
      Sean Vina Hace 24 días

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