VFX Artist shows you how many people a TITAN Could ACTUALLY eat (ATTACK ON TITAN) EXPERIMENT)

  • Publicado el 24 sep 2023
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    Jordan is on a quest to find out exactly how many people a Titan from the famous anime "Attack on Titan" can actually eat...
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    Chapters ►
    00:00 Has anyone actually attempted to find this out?
    01:29 Measuring the Bio Ball
    03:19 Getting the Bodies in the Tummies
    05:04 But for real, how many people can a Titan eat?
    07:51 The Titan Eating Competition
    09:38 One More Competitor
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  • Dxavior Sith
    Dxavior Sith Hace un mes +1633

    letting these guys lead their own video was a fantastic idea ! The chemistry they have is awesome and really entertaining

    • evekins
      evekins Hace un mes +19

      they should rlly consider letting these two make more regular videos, their chemistry is extremely entertaining

    • mistaxe
      mistaxe Hace un mes +12

      Some of the freshest content from Corridor Crew in a long time. There is natural charisma here, and the production and editing are excellent!

    • Daniel Tomberlin
      Daniel Tomberlin Hace un mes +3

      I came here to say the same. Double Dragons! 🐉

    • Aleeno
      Aleeno Hace un mes +4

      They have made more videos together fyi

  • Emily : I am single ♥
    Emily : I am single ♥ Hace un mes +1281

    These three are chaotic and I love everything they do for this channel. It's perfection.

    • nedyrb
      nedyrb Hace un mes +3

      truly xD

  • aSinisterKiid
    aSinisterKiid Hace un mes +834

    I love Jordan's commitment to the bit. He's always 110% and he's such a creative powerhouse when he channels that energy into his project.

    • Kyle Donart
      Kyle Donart Hace un mes +6

      Yep. He definitely knows how to "Yes, and..."

    • Erin
      Erin Hace un mes +3

      it is such a joy to watch

    • Jim Stick
      Jim Stick Hace un mes +3

      Took the words outta my mouth. He is absolutely great.

  • Daylen
    Daylen Hace un mes +332

    This video is the perfect mix of funny, disgusting, and vaguely educational. First half really shows what a perfect duo looks like.

  • Lifeline
    Lifeline Hace un mes +778

    5:44 "But the reality is, it's a technique thing. Size, pales in comparison to skill, at the end of the day" - Jordan, 2023

    • satishkumar sajjan
      satishkumar sajjan Hace un mes +37

      mah boi just spoke out their behalf of me.

    • Placeholdername69
      Placeholdername69 Hace un mes +64

      “His drive to masticate viciously in public” I can’t

    • Jza
      Jza Hace un mes +5

      I read this before getting there. This would've hit different coming from the other Jordan XD

    • Jza
      Jza Hace un mes +30

      8:25 "I could probably fit one guy in me"

    • Lawliet River
      Lawliet River Hace un mes +3

      This episode had some very interesting choice of words! Wren after he heard the phrase "throat dump" was hilarious. These new really sporatic videos are so much fun.

  • Hex
    Hex Hace un mes +231

    This troublesome trio you’ve created with Matt, Dean & Jordan is really growing on me, the chemistry is so good!

    • deletrious
      deletrious Hace un mes +2

      Nah bruh... nah. Absolute cringe

    • juliafranciso0101
      juliafranciso0101 Hace un mes +6

      @deletrious okay.

    • deletrious
      deletrious Hace un mes

      @juliafranciso0101 Jordan and Matt have lowered the quality of this channel by 15%.

    • guestcheck
      guestcheck Hace un mes +5

      @deletrious cry

  • Suhail O
    Suhail O Hace un mes +104

    Jordan's energy and delivery is just top tier, and the edit makes this whole thing so good, too. Good job, guys!

  • Stuart H
    Stuart H Hace un mes +263

    These style vids are a lot of fun. Keep 'em coming Jordan!

    • goodwincek
      goodwincek Hace un mes +7

      I'd be wary giving him more encouragement. At first I expected Jordan's rise on Corridor to be linear... but it seems like... exponential....

  • Dre Co
    Dre Co Hace un mes +18

    I like how Jordan was just casually eating something in every solo shot.

  • Gizmote
    Gizmote Hace un mes +618

    cant believe corridor did a video about vore

  • AMTunLimited
    AMTunLimited Hace un mes +127

    For those of you wondering about the announcer for Joey, his name is George Shea, he's been the MC for the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest for MANY years, and he is exactly that unhinged if not more so every single year

    • Nuclear Crayons
      Nuclear Crayons Hace un mes +13

      That's why we love him ❤ passionate about his craft and not hindered by his mind 😂

    • AMTunLimited
      AMTunLimited Hace un mes +14

      @Nuclear Crayons "passionate about his craft and not hindered by his mind" gods I can only hope someone says that about me some day

    • Eubank31
      Eubank31 Hace un mes +2

      his line about Joey deciding what is possible is so effortlessly cool

  • Black Forest Gardens
    Black Forest Gardens Hace un mes +45

    Jordan and Dean are such a dynamic duo, these two need to do more projects together

  • The Create Outdoors
    The Create Outdoors Hace un mes +36

    I love how Wren's science videos are funny and calculated like Wren but then Jordan's are out there and insane, just like him.

  • Pouriya
    Pouriya Hace un mes +9

    This video is a piece of art.
    Not just the final animation or even the idea. When you add your thoughts and process to make this it becomes something more than the sum of it's pieces.
    Great job.

  • AtTheMax
    AtTheMax Hace un mes +107

    I love how at 3:59, Jordan just loses all of his brain cells, and pauses for like 8 seconds 😅

    • XxXx xXxX
      XxXx xXxX Hace un mes +6

      More like the 4:59 mark

  • Matthew-Perelman
    Matthew-Perelman Hace un mes +132

    Hey Jordan and Wren! I thought the other day that you would be great for figuring out and showing us what it would look like from the perspective of a Who from Whoville if Horton the Elephant was talking to them on their speck of dust sized planet!

  • Samo
    Samo Hace un mes +23

    These three all share the same braincell and take turns with it, I love them

  • Class tilton
    Class tilton Hace un mes +85

    That audio from an actual hotdog eating contest went off! 😂
    I couldnt tell if joey was gonna eat or go to war haha

  • 28th St. Air
    28th St. Air Hace un mes +22

    The production quality and editing in these vids is so impressive.

  • Dario Kesegi
    Dario Kesegi Hace un mes +8

    Why is this episode waaaaaaaay better quality than any other episodes???
    You outdid yourselves, impresive, bravo!!

  • YaBoiBigfoot
    YaBoiBigfoot Hace un mes +46

    I love all the weird scale videos! You guys always do great work and I have been hooked since I found your channel❤

  • Thelemon Who
    Thelemon Who Hace un mes +22

    A friend once asked how many bodies would fit in the Grand Canyon? For... reasons... 😅 I imagine these guys could finally answer that question.

    • Peter Smythe
      Peter Smythe Hace un mes +1

      All of them. Definitely all of them.

  • Shadow Dragon
    Shadow Dragon Hace un mes +35

    I never thought I'd see a video that answers the age old question of "How many Levis could Joey Chestnut eat if he was 17.3m tall"
    But at long last here we are and we now know the that the result is a grand total of 182 Levis. Most impressive indeed.

  • 굴리 Gugli Lucchesi
    굴리 Gugli Lucchesi Hace un mes +1

    Jordan you are a gdamn comedian. This was the funniest video corridor crew has ever put out just thanks to Jordan’s pure humor

  • RingofFire gaming
    RingofFire gaming Hace un mes +6

    I have never been so confused yet entertained in my entire life, these 3 guys with this video is perfection

  • ksspang
    ksspang Hace un mes +2

    maybe I missed these in a previous episode but the cheeto tweezers so you don't get dusty fingers really threw me, so genius

  • Angel A. Acevedo
    Angel A. Acevedo Hace un mes +5

    Bro every time these dudes put out a video it’s comedy, chaos and creativity. Literally lol each time. Please make more!

  • Love at First Hike
    Love at First Hike Hace un mes +17

    So weird.. my wife and I were just out on the lake and I was saying we should start Attack on Titan (I’ve seen the first 2 seasons and she seen like the first few episodes) she literally replied “maybe I should give it another chance, the Corridor Crew guys really like it”.. then we get home and this is the first thing that pops up on ESclips 😂

  • K0dakHalfBlack
    K0dakHalfBlack Hace un mes +3

    Imagine being Joey Chestnut and having no idea who these dudes are and seeing this video

  • Sinaí M.
    Sinaí M. Hace un mes +2

    Jordan and Matt are total chaos together, and I’m all here for it😂

    EDGE GAMING Hace un mes +1

    He just casually making Joey eat humans like titans 😂😂😂

  • amitymeans
    amitymeans Hace un mes +2

    This series is like cheeky MythBusters. Love it.

    • R D
      R D Hace un mes

      The measuring gave me such Adam flashbacks, it’s great. =)

  • Aditya Ahirwar
    Aditya Ahirwar Hace un mes +85

    Apparently a Titan can consume 5 billionaires easily 😅

    • Jupiter
      Jupiter Hace un mes +2

      Brilliant 😂

    • Ken Cochrane
      Ken Cochrane Hace un mes +2

      Why can't I catch a break, the only reason I clicked just like the DIY submersible video I got, I swear this clickbait is getting at my macabre sense of humour. 😏

    • Peter Woods
      Peter Woods Hace un mes +2


    • Konstantin Riumin
      Konstantin Riumin Hace un mes +2

      With a satisfying crunch

    • Az Pont
      Az Pont Hace un mes

      Maybe we should start to domesticate them for that exact purpose.

  • LaterNerd
    LaterNerd Hace un mes +20

    You guys have done an excellent job at hiring. Everyone on the team is not only very talented, but extremely likeable and great in front of the camera.
    Love this channel so much. Every video is a blast, I might just have to subscribe to the channel so I can watch more of these at work lmao.
    Edit: meant subscribe to the website

    • Dallin Orr
      Dallin Orr Hace un mes +2

      Fully agree. I'm kind of shocked that the Crew HASN'T gone off the rails in one way or another. I legit like everyone that appears on Corridor Crew.

  • Jelani Miller
    Jelani Miller Hace un mes +2

    they honestly have such good comedic timing

  • PoRouS22
    PoRouS22 Hace un mes

    Jordon is so freaking hilarious, he always gets me with his shit XD

  • noah cobb
    noah cobb Hace un mes +3

    Jordan is quickly becoming my favorite crew member

  • Ben Dulaney
    Ben Dulaney Hace un mes

    Jordans off beat humor is the best in the office by far. Not sure who directed this video but they really allowed that humor to come through.

  • Karen Ingram
    Karen Ingram Hace un mes +2

    That hot dog contest announcer went HARD. 😂 I've never watched competitive eating before but I might have to now.

  • Mista Jutub
    Mista Jutub Hace un mes +4

    This was awesome… I just love their energy together 😂

  • Gottalottabones
    Gottalottabones Hace un mes +2

    There's a reason why Jordan Allen-centric videos are my favorite, and it's not just the interstitials of him eating food

  • Jeremy Christensen
    Jeremy Christensen Hace un mes +1

    These videos are so chaotic! I love their energy

  • Connor Gartland
    Connor Gartland Hace un mes +1

    I love Jordan as an episode host. Keep it up guys.

  • Samuel Tan
    Samuel Tan Hace un mes +1

    Few people would ask the kind of questions Jordan asks. But only Jordan would make a video about it.

  • brandon warner
    brandon warner Hace un mes +1

    This is why I like corridor crew you guys just come up with the best and wackiest ideas

  • Steve Hare
    Steve Hare Hace un mes +3

    These guys are great. I love the projects Jordan and the guys work on lol The humor just cracks me up.

  • Feresoth The Damned
    Feresoth The Damned Hace un mes +1

    Just when you think Jordan's videos are gonna become less weird!

  • SentinalSlice
    SentinalSlice Hace un mes +1

    I thought it was a bit unrealistic how big the stomach was on a Titan, when Eren was eaten, but this helps put things into perspective.

  • Asterix
    Asterix Hace un mes +1

    Jordan’s ability to convey “i haven’t slept in 3 days and i have thought about this subject to death” really well, what an amazing actor :D
    Great vid as always, really loving the style of each personality as they get to host their own eps. Keep it up

  • Chunky Sky
    Chunky Sky Hace un mes +1

    I love they're creativity and they're curiousity✨

  • Hark
    Hark Hace un mes +1

    Anything with Jordan is always great!

  • alen sam
    alen sam Hace un mes +1

    this was sooooo fun to watch!
    Love you guys😃

  • Oliver
    Oliver Hace un mes +4

    I love Emmetts character developement for apearing two times in one video.

    • 1drous
      1drous Hace 26 días


  • BCK
    BCK Hace un mes +53

    My son just turned 6 and VFX are all he is interested in, mainly because of this channel. Thank you all so much for making such engaging videos. This is exactly how you make something fun and attractive to kids. How many people can a Titan eat? Doin' the Lords work here, guys.
    Now when we watch a movie, all he talks about during the movie was how an effect was done, if it was real or CG. It is amazing to watch him soak up the knowledge you guys offer.
    I love you all!

    • nedyrb
      nedyrb Hace un mes +2

      that's awesome :D

    • Stefan Creates
      Stefan Creates Hace un mes +1

      Wow, into VFX at age 6, that's amazing ^^

    • A Random Guy
      A Random Guy Hace un mes

      damn, i let a spider bite me when i was 10 JUST SO I COULD CLIMB WALLS

  • Raymond Ortiz
    Raymond Ortiz Hace un mes +1

    I gotta say, watching this episode while eating lunch makes the episode that much better. Try it!

  • Tamilore Joseph
    Tamilore Joseph Hace un mes

    It would be great if stomach expansion was a thing in the titan versions you presented as that will allow them to digest like humans

  • Марк Сохачевский

    This guys are doing things nobody can expect. And it's hilarious. Good job and cheers from Russia.

  • Potato Girl :3
    Potato Girl :3 Hace un mes

    My favorite part about the hot dog eating competition is the announcer. He's incredible

  • Quickpack Studios
    Quickpack Studios Hace un mes +26

    Bodies in tummies might be one of the funniest and wildest line said on corridor crew, Love this channel

  • namco003
    namco003 Hace un mes +1

    Love the ending LOL!! So chaotic. I need to see these three collab more. Dean seemed so disappointed at Jordan cot caring about his project LOL

  • ばっきゃろう!
    ばっきゃろう! Hace un mes

    I love the precise measuring of an anime that's hugely inconsistent with scale.

  • graduator14
    graduator14 Hace un mes +2

    Great video! Although I was hoping to see the Colossal Titan included!

  • Nathan Norton
    Nathan Norton Hace un mes +1

    I have never laughed harder at anything on the Corridor channel than that "Hey Dean" moment at 7:17. I don't know what that really says about me.

  • Han Nova
    Han Nova Hace un mes +2

    Love the editing done with Joey's announcement at the contest. Perfectly captured the wtf look on my face when I listened to it.

  • Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
    Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X Hace un mes +14

    This is like asking me how many tater tots I could eat...
    That number is immeasurable.

  • RC-1290
    RC-1290 Hace un mes +1

    I feel like this edit really makes great use out of Jordan's chaotic energy.

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    Zach Ramirez Hace un mes +1

    The Jordan, Matt, Dean combo is what I love for

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    bu2fulFantasy Hace un mes +1

    Jordan did not just start the video with “attack on titan is about competitive eating” LOL 😂👏

  • Pop Strikers
    Pop Strikers Hace un mes +2

    The first masticate joke was funny enough, but the fact that it doubles as a definition for people who might not have heard the term before so the second joke at the end of the video lands for everyone was brilliant.

  • alfonso Pina
    alfonso Pina Hace un mes

    I would love to be on this team just for the laughs

  • Vader
    Vader Hace un mes +3

    “Oh birth, I forgot that half of our population did that” 💀 I lost it

    • Siberius
      Siberius Hace un mes

      3:00 you put quotation marks, but that ain't no quote...

  • Rafay Ali
    Rafay Ali Hace un mes +1

    well, wren and I have something in common, absolutely loving AOT

  • Matija Ljevar
    Matija Ljevar Hace un mes

    Jordans videos are consistently funniest content on the channel.

  • ConfusedRaccoon
    ConfusedRaccoon Hace un mes

    This felt like a Mythbusters episode. They solved it, then went beyond.

  • R D
    R D Hace un mes +2

    3:10 Thanks for acknowledging that. It’s not an easy feat, and many women suffer through tearing of varying severity.
    The worst I‘ve heard was a big gush down the thigh. Profuse bleeding, and anal tearing, aka the worst kinds of infection and pain you can imagine.
    That’s why female mortality rates used to be so high. Yay, medicine!

  • Snapshot Flo
    Snapshot Flo Hace un mes

    This is so awesome. I love the interaction with Dean ahahaa

  • L0GAN
    L0GAN Hace un mes +4

    Any time corridor talks about AOT it just reminds me of the old Node videos.

  • mookymookymooo
    mookymookymooo Hace un mes

    Love it when Jordan gets drunk and you just start filming

  • JaCkhimself
    JaCkhimself Hace un mes

    So stupid, but nice pseudoresearch, I love your skills, characters and themes you take a look at and work with/for - even watched the Terminator (fiend) passing through the prison bars modern technology recreation: was awesome; thank you guys & much love from Austria

  • Blue Legacy
    Blue Legacy Hace un mes

    Thank you always for these video's 👍 keep up with the good work

  • Chris N Design
    Chris N Design Hace un mes

    I'm currently binging AoT and just got to Season 3 Part 2 and holy crap was this a nice surprise in my inbox. Y'all did a great job. They can eat WAY more than I expect. I just wish y'all threw in Kobayashi instead of Joey being as it's an anime. We need a Part 2 (First Half)!

    MIGHTY PINGUSTA Hace un mes

    Now I'm curious to know how many people would the colossal titan be able to eat or even Rod Reiss's abnormal Titan

  • Epic Productions
    Epic Productions Hace un mes +9

    Great video! I love the scale videos

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    John Håkansson Hace un mes

    This vid made me fall in love with the ”new” corridor gang! Great work!

  • Christopher van Rossmann

    If you told these guys when they were kids that one day they'd get paid to determine how many people a cartoon monster could eat at one time I think they would have called you crazy and told their moms on you.

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    This was an awesome video! Jordan and team.

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    Panoptic Emu Hace un mes

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  • The Random Man
    The Random Man Hace un mes +4

    Weird suggestion but I would love to see you do something with H.P. Lovecrafts works. I’ve been reading his stuff recently and I’d love to see what you guys come up with. Great vid as always btw!

    • Purple Cat
      Purple Cat Hace un mes

      Haha, non-Euclidian geometry modeled in 3D. I love it!

  • TheRealAlpha2
    TheRealAlpha2 Hace un mes +2

    Jordan stepped his game up with this one, more science... just as much silliness. Wren officially has competition in the annals of Corridor science.

  • TalosPCR
    TalosPCR Hace un mes

    Chaotic, grotesque, violent, a little stupid... I love it, do more

  • Cat Poke
    Cat Poke Hace 20 días

    I was sitting in awe at how small the gluttonous titan is compared to a human being, and then I saw it's compared to a super SHORT one too, which made it even funnier

  • MrDeZaaa
    MrDeZaaa Hace un mes +1

    Jordan, I LOVE THIS, Great style of video.

  • clarkkent malabanan
    clarkkent malabanan Hace un mes

    I think you totally forgot about the liquid in the titan's stomach as that will surely take up some space.

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown Hace un mes +4

    The most informative thing I found from this video is at 7:05. finger tweezers so you can pick up Cheeto's and not worry about getting Cheeto dust on your fingers, didn't know those were a thing, and now I need to have it.

  • Komal Shashank
    Komal Shashank Hace un mes

    Oh, hey. It's the Jordan-Matt-Dean combo that I asked for in the last video. Thanks for delivering.

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    Márton Dobó Hace un mes

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