VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 112 ft. Todd Vaziri from ILM

  • Publicado el 24 sep 2023
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    Niko and Wren are joined by visual VFX artist and Supervisor Todd Vaziri from Industrial Light & Magic to break down some of the best visual effects from his legendary career in the Film Industry.
    Thanks SO much to Todd for allowing us to pick his brain! You can follow his work here;
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    Chapters ►
    00:00 Intro
    00:41 Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)
    10:35 Star Trek (2009)
    13:40 Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)
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Comentarios • 0

  • Michael V. #BitoyStory
    Michael V. #BitoyStory Hace un mes +1404

    The longer I watch it, the more I'm convinced that Todd Vaziri looks like Wren from the not-too-distant future.

    • James of the Kaiju Kompendium
      James of the Kaiju Kompendium Hace un mes +15

      Next Sunday A.D.?

    • John Lucas
      John Lucas Hace un mes +3

      Uy lodi! Was not expecting a local celeb here. Subscribed! Haha
      Also, you may have a point there.

      WΛSTED TΛLENT Hace un mes +5

      *I definitely don't see it* 😂

    • G C
      G C Hace un mes

      Poor Todd.

    • GloomGaiGar
      GloomGaiGar Hace un mes

      Nice to know we watch the same things :)

  • Alex S
    Alex S Hace un mes +214

    We need Todd back on the show. He is incredibly humble and not above the crew. Fantastic episode. Love to see the big artists excited to be on the show. Corridor has come so far!

    • Yani Tomov
      Yani Tomov Hace un mes +2

      I think they've said (in one of the podcasts I think) that when they bring a guest, they film multiple things in advance over 4-5 hours so they don't bring people back and forth and then they split it between few episodes over time, so there is a good chance there will be at least 1 more episode in the future thay will have him.

    • brian177
      brian177 Hace 29 días +1

      I think part of it is that at this point the Corridor team has shown they all *could* be working at these studios if they wanted. There is mutual respect.

  • 5Demona5
    5Demona5 Hace un mes +72

    7:00 When CGI is good, no one notices. When it's bad, everyone talks about it.
    I rewatched Episode 3 last week, my eyes were all on Ani and Obi-Wan.
    This CGI still holds up gloriously!

    • Ryan Blue
      Ryan Blue Hace 16 días +8

      Crazy to think it's like 18 yrs old too. And still looks better than movies today

    • Jacob Gili
      Jacob Gili Hace 8 días +1

      @Ryan Blue That’s what actual, unfiltered attention to detail and passion can do to a project! Not saying modern artists don’t care, but the executives sure don’t most of the time

    • JamMastaJew
      JamMastaJew Hace 7 días

      I feel like if they were critiquing that scene without the artist, they'd be all over how bright fire is. How in that silhouette shot the blast of lava should be pretty much blown out white, as they always say on explosion/fire shots in other movies. With the lightsabers blown out white, it makes it even more apparent that the lava is dimmed.

    • Loading...
      Loading... Hace 23 horas +2

      @JamMastaJew I don't think they would considering the dimmed fire isn't a mistake or poor CGI, it was a creative decision to make sure the lightsabers stand out more. If anything I think they'd praise it.

    • Moonwhooper
      Moonwhooper Hace 5 horas

      ​@JacobGili yeah it's not really the artists fault most of the time, just people above them giving 0 time and breaks

  • Luke101
    Luke101 Hace un mes +2289

    That Mustafar sequence has aged like fine wine. The lava, the fire, the CGI backdrops, and that burn scene. It all looks phenomenal nearly 20 years later

    • The Gnomish Arcanum
      The Gnomish Arcanum Hace un mes +62

      Unfortunately, that cannot be said from most of the Coruscant Palace / balcony scenes / spaceship corridors. They do show their age. I've never understood why the beautiful scale decor models they used as interiors and the bluescreen / greenscreen live action give that vibe. it's not like they were technically in uncharted territory .

    • Peter M.
      Peter M. Hace un mes +73

      ​@The Gnomish ArcanumStill better than most modern crap.

    • Manny A. H.
      Manny A. H. Hace un mes +33

      @The Gnomish Arcanum I think it's probably easier to get away with some slightly undercooked VFX components in a big, busy and emotional sequence like Mustafar (not to mention I'm sure it had a higher budget). But I'd imagine that in scenes w/ people just chatting in sets (and it can be boring) it can be harder to hide some of the more aged components.

    • Barkley
      Barkley Hace un mes +11

      @The Gnomish Arcanum the coruscant stuff looks incredible, just the actual sets look bad. I dont know why they didnt build a physical palpatine office and jedi council room instead of doing g reen screen.

    • bigdoubleu117
      bigdoubleu117 Hace un mes +17

      ​@Barkleyumm, those were real sets tho

  • Suchatool98
    Suchatool98 Hace un mes +63

    The tie fighter sunset scene, when I first saw it, felt like they were helicopters flying over Vietnam. It's such an iconic scene from the movie and hearing the backstory is amazing.

    • YourMJK
      YourMJK Hace 29 días +4

      Crazy to think it was almost cut. To me it was one of the most iconic scenes from the trailer that really set the visual style of the movie.

    • M M
      M M Hace 5 días +1

      @YourMJK Honestly think it's criminal to cut a shot like that. A 4 second establishing shot from the gods.

  • Jun’s Corner
    Jun’s Corner Hace un mes +474

    Todd's enthusiasm and passion is extremely contagious. This episode flew by so quickly!

    • Kyle Sliger
      Kyle Sliger Hace un mes +2

      Well said. This was one of my favorite episodes and you articulated why!

    • CalebHoh
      CalebHoh Hace un mes +2

      dude you gotta peep the extended on their website!!

  • Shinobi-No-Bueno
    Shinobi-No-Bueno Hace un mes +4752

    It must be SO bizarre for the Crew to go from hoping to get big names on the couch, to the best in the Biz being excited to get on the show 🤯

    • Mestrini Master
      Mestrini Master Hace un mes +191

      Well, Jackie Chan still hasn't sat on the couch... but I'll keep my hopes high. That would really be Christmas in August.

    • Pete Meredith
      Pete Meredith Hace un mes +7

      ​@Mestrini MasterI thought they only got FX ppl on

  • derstrom8
    derstrom8 Hace un mes +181

    Todd made a fantastic guest, you can really tell he truly enjoys his work and loves to talk about it. What a great episode!

  • EthanH
    EthanH Hace un mes +55

    I love that he also credited whoever worked on whatever shots. The people behind the scenes deserve being mentioned as much as the actors and actresses.

  • JamethielKnorth
    JamethielKnorth Hace un mes +189

    I Love that Todd Vaziri seems to be a fan of his own fandoms. It's always so much better when the artists love thier source material.

  • Josh
    Josh Hace un mes +33

    Todd was one of the best guests on this show. He brought some phenominal clips

  • Gilbert Acevedo
    Gilbert Acevedo Hace un mes +172

    It's crazy how this show went from just the corridor crew guessing how shots were done to the actual experts explaining exactly how the shots were done. I've been watching this show since day 1 and love the whole journey to this point its beyond cool!

  • Mark Tang
    Mark Tang Hace un mes +1948

    I always love how humble and kind the guests are, especially with them being such big shots in the industry

    • Alex Barron
      Alex Barron Hace un mes +87

      I assume working a thankless job like VFX tends to humble people.

    • Jomme Knooren
      Jomme Knooren Hace un mes +23

      Let's forget about Beeple though

    • Evann Music
      Evann Music Hace un mes +1

      @Joe SmithFr

    • Nandra Aprianto
      Nandra Aprianto Hace un mes

      @Joe SmithI totally forgot he was a guest on VFX artist react

    • panatha tube
      panatha tube Hace un mes +12

      The Star Wars sequels made me appreciate the Star Wars prequels. Lucas tried different things instead of copying the old movies storywise and visually.

  • Mark Tenenbaum
    Mark Tenenbaum Hace un mes +4

    Episode 3 is so special to me. I saw it in theaters on opening night for my best friends 10th birthday. Was such a great experience, and it has aged so well.

  • W Y
    W Y Hace 20 días +2

    Todd's enthusiasm is SO contagious. You an tell he absolutely loves what he does and he's awesome at sharing all the work that goes into it and does so in a way that makes you feel excited about the projects too.

  • Gourlax
    Gourlax Hace un mes +3

    say what you want about the sequels, ILM performed magnificently. even when they only had a year to make ep 9 it looks epic

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi Hace un mes +12

    The Mustafar scene was indeed very impactful. No one knows this better than I (except for perhaps Anakin).

  • Troy Helm
    Troy Helm Hace un mes +27

    The most impressive thing in this episode is Todd’s Shining tribute socks! 🎉 Bravo.

  • Oliver James
    Oliver James Hace un mes +425

    18 minutes felt like 5. That was a great episode and deserves a part 2.

    • Adam Ogilvie
      Adam Ogilvie Hace un mes +12

      Honestly this might be my favorite episode so far. What a great guest!

    • Robert Russo
      Robert Russo Hace un mes +8

      Way too short! I wonder how long the episode is on the paid app.

    • Christian Fergerstrom
      Christian Fergerstrom Hace un mes +7

      @Robert Russo30 minutes!

    • Nate Avery
      Nate Avery Hace un mes


    • DogsRNice
      DogsRNice Hace un mes

      It would be cool to see a breakdown of the timelapse shot of the Enterprise A being constructed in beyond

  • Eldrin Jak
    Eldrin Jak Hace un mes +8

    Nothing has ever measured up to the lightsabers in RotS. Unparalleled attention to detail. Mad respect

    • iamyetiman
      iamyetiman Hace un mes +1

      I really liked the lightsaber “duel” on Starkiller base. I think lightsabers looked best there

    • Eldrin Jak
      Eldrin Jak Hace un mes +1

      @iamyetiman that’s valid. I think there are some moments in the movie that are sublime, but other moments take me out of it. RotS has a consistency that I appreciate.

  • gingerfreak01
    gingerfreak01 Hace 3 días +1

    What a lovely fella Todd is, and his stuff is bloody amazing. How that sun/tie fighter scene was initially dropped is beyond me, it's iconic.

  • Izer
    Izer Hace un mes +16

    This guy had an unknown huge impact on my childhood. He and his team are GOATs.

  • Cosmogang
    Cosmogang Hace un mes +1

    Always nice when the big names like Todd turn out to be so likable and fun

  • ZordLedd
    ZordLedd Hace un mes +38

    In a course my first semester of college, we watched a featurette that showed how much work went into creating a single minute of the Mustafar duel. Mad respect to Todd and the whole team.

  • Stewart Smalls
    Stewart Smalls Hace un mes +741

    The MOST impressive part about this guest, Todd Vaziri, is that he credits so many of his colleagues! This is NOT an army of one career and his prepared knowledge of who worked on what and what they contributed is so epic!

    • Jon Mussell
      Jon Mussell Hace un mes +19

      Actually a lot of their guests do, these guys are humble geniuses that all seem to all have a lot of love and respect for their teams.

    • KugleeKuglee
      KugleeKuglee Hace un mes

      When you work as a family with a talented team, you never deny them recognition.

    • Tom Martinek
      Tom Martinek Hace un mes +1

      I couldn't agree more.

  • Angus Davidson
    Angus Davidson Hace un mes +4

    Huge respect to Todd. You can see how after years of working in the industry and the way he talks about his work how passionate he is about VFX.

  • Mark Hitchcock
    Mark Hitchcock Hace un mes +1

    Todd is great, hope he comes back for another episode sometime.

  • kid collie
    kid collie Hace un mes +3

    Todd might be one of the coolest guys you’ve have on the couch, get him back for more please

  • fred fredburger
    fred fredburger Hace un mes +1

    This really was a great episode, one of the best! Todd should have an open seat anytime he wants to come back.

  • Panacamanana
    Panacamanana Hace un mes +15

    This episode was so good. So much talent! The joy you see in Todd just talking about his work, you can tell how much he loves it.

  • Lovi Poekimo
    Lovi Poekimo Hace un mes +809

    Love this guests's energy and his expertise. This episode was a delight

    • Evann Music
      Evann Music Hace un mes +5

      One of the best !

    • Fell
      Fell Hace un mes +8

      It's great to see how excited he gets about these shots

    • hellfish2309
      hellfish2309 Hace un mes +4

      It’s also severely important to feature the labor and craftsmanship involved w/ these effects NOW that unionization is fighting for a sustainable industry that learns how to respect the sacrifices, planning, logistics, and human foundations behind the magic studios use to make product

    • Todd Vaziri
      Todd Vaziri Hace un mes +11

      Aww thanks!

  • PNW Meditations
    PNW Meditations Hace un mes +1

    Todd seems like such a cool dude! Great to hear his process.

  • Ruskasielu
    Ruskasielu Hace un mes +8

    Todd is such a sweet guy, really passionate but also humble, I hope to see him again !

  • Gromek999
    Gromek999 Hace un mes +1

    This guy is wonderful to listen to, he' so excited and proud of his work as he should be. Awesome stuff!

  •  GuitarZ
    GuitarZ Hace un mes +1

    One of the best episodes ever! Todd is so good vibes 🎥

  • David Warwood
    David Warwood Hace un mes +6

    What a great guy. Humble, generous, funny. Hope he comes back for more.

  • Drunkhas Cocina
    Drunkhas Cocina Hace un mes +205

    He even brought exclusives for you guys, Todd is a certified class-act.

  • Kurai the White Rabbit
    Kurai the White Rabbit Hace un mes +1

    Not a VFX artist, not really into the world- but I love learning about it through your channel. And Todd was just an absolute delight! I have ADHD, biggest compliment I can give you is; I didn't skip once. Amazing! Hope you come back again, Todd! Educate me more! (Also, exclusives +9001 points.)

  • TVH Silvia
    TVH Silvia Hace 7 días

    i love seeing all of these artists geek out about their work, they truly are passionate about their work

  • Arcadiez
    Arcadiez Hace un mes +1

    What an amazing guest. Love to see more from Todd, amazing energy

  • Atul Krishna
    Atul Krishna Hace un mes +1

    Todd just feels like an older Wren with that excitement and jolliness😭

  • Tyler L
    Tyler L Hace un mes +1

    This was a fantastic episode. Todd has done amazing work!

  • Lee Aurich
    Lee Aurich Hace un mes +446

    You can tell just how much Niko and Wren were fanboying about having Todd there. A real meet-your-hero moment.

    • Mark Fergerson
      Mark Fergerson Hace un mes +13

      Better than that, it’s a meet the hero you didn’t know you had moment.

    • fred fredburger
      fred fredburger Hace un mes +5

      and he didn't disappoint

  • Jake Curtis
    Jake Curtis Hace un mes +1

    I love this guy. I've seen so many episodes and he might be my favourite guest. Good stuff Todd!

  • David Altizer
    David Altizer Hace un mes +1

    Been following Todd on twitter for years. This is amazing to see! I hope he comes back for more!

  • insomniumfiles
    insomniumfiles Hace un mes +5

    Words can't describe how exciting it is to see more Revenge of the Sith content.

  • Flemming Vermeulen
    Flemming Vermeulen Hace un mes

    This show is genuinely always so much fun and wholesome to watch, just some amazingly fun and cheerful people talking about what they love. Keep em comin!

  • Colin Fox
    Colin Fox Hace un mes +110

    The "Tie Fighters at Sunset" shot was gorgeous and grounded, and immediately made me think of WWII films and a flight of Japanese Zeros on their way to attack Pearl Harbor. The peaceful beauty of the sunset with the impending menace of the backlit threat.

    • JayToThaIzzle
      JayToThaIzzle Hace un mes +26

      Or Apocalypse Now, Robert Duvall's helicopters. Or the intro to China Beach, again with helicopters. Very Vietnam war era iconic shot.

    • Chaos Corner
      Chaos Corner Hace un mes +10

      @JayToThaIzzle It's confirmed inspired by Apocalypse Now. The X-Wings over the water too.

  • Kelly Kline
    Kelly Kline Hace un mes

    Wish this episode lasted an hour. He has incredible experience and fun stories. Great guest!

  • Freedomsaver
    Freedomsaver Hace un mes

    Episodes like this are the reason I love watching your videos for all these years.
    The pure joy and pride of both you and your down-to-earth guests to showcase, discuss and nerd-out about their work... it's so much fun to watch.

  • Caedmon Calbero
    Caedmon Calbero Hace un mes

    This is so amazing! So glad that were peeling back the layers from those most memorable Hollywood shots and finding the person that made it happen

  • Ethan Hegel
    Ethan Hegel Hace 18 días +1

    I could watch this guy for hours. This is the most informative episode I’ve seen in a long time (not that I’ve caught every episode).

  • Art Pro
    Art Pro Hace un mes +1

    Wow, of the many Corridor Crew videos I've seen with "VFX Artists React", this is definitely my favorite.
    You had one of the titans of the industry describing his process and the phenomenal level of scrutiny that ILM goes through with every shot.
    It also showed the Corridor Crews deep knowledge of the techniques that ILM used. "Did you use [thing I've never heard of]" "Yes, we used ...." Amazing

  • Dylan Childers
    Dylan Childers Hace un mes +495

    I’ll never forget being a little kid and knowing nothing about Star Wars but being absolutely enthralled when I saw this scene come on the TV, and horrified when I saw what happened to Anakin

    • Luis Sierra
      Luis Sierra Hace un mes +25

      Anakin was supposed to destroy the Sith, not join them

    • JO Co
      JO Co Hace un mes +14

      @Luis Sierra Bring balance to the Force not leave it in darkness!

    • Der Niker
      Der Niker Hace un mes +8

      ​@JO CoHe technically balanced the force pretty well.
      Went from like 2 Sith and hundreds of Jedi all the to 2 Sith and a handfull of surviving Jedi.
      Looks pretty damn balanced to me.

    • theo
      theo Hace un mes +2

      I had to be removed from the theater cause I was crying so hard

    • Luke101
      Luke101 Hace un mes +9

      I’m surprised they were allowed to go so graphic with it. That shit’s pretty gruesome even for pg13

  • Nick Barrett
    Nick Barrett Hace un mes +1

    This was such a great episode! You can tell how much Todd Vaziri loves films. By the way he talks about it. Loves the memes of his work. Gives credit to his co-workers. All the way down to his Kubrick sox!!!

  • Martin Hehle
    Martin Hehle Hace un mes +7

    Every episode of this show is great but Todd was an outstanding incredible guest! Thank you to everbody involved. I really enjoyed it! :)

  • kamiko mikaze
    kamiko mikaze Hace un mes

    Thank you guys for continuing to make these !!! It's nothing but Informative and happy bubbles for me haha 💕

  • Andrew K
    Andrew K Hace un mes +1

    So this is one of the most heartwarming reaction videos you've made. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. He truly loves his (frustrating stressful difficult) job and it's great that he didn't want his behind-the-scenes images to be lost forever, to ultimately be shared to the world here.

    • Todd Vaziri
      Todd Vaziri Hace un mes

      I regret that I have but one THUMBS UP to give this comment. Thank you so much.

    • Andrew K
      Andrew K Hace un mes +1

      You are welcome! @Todd Vaziri

  • BigDawg6996
    BigDawg6996 Hace un mes +1

    good luck to the vfx artists who are joining the unions, you deserve it :)

  • Jason Patterson
    Jason Patterson Hace un mes +77

    Love this guy. Clearly Todd is massively talented but he also seems like a really nice guy who is still excited by the things he does/gets to do.

  • toto gamer
    toto gamer Hace un mes +1

    To Todd Vaziri, love your work on Revenge Of The Sith. It has some of the best visual effects I have ever seen, even taking into consideration the almost 20 years that have passed.

  • Gino Garcia
    Gino Garcia Hace un mes

    man i love how awesome he is and how excited he is about his work

  • K Cifuentes
    K Cifuentes Hace un mes +1

    “NOT FROM A JEDI” is such a great line!!! Sets so much up

  • Shakir A.Rahman
    Shakir A.Rahman Hace un mes +4

    It gives me such joy and pride in the Corridor Crew shining the light on these unsung heroes whose craft has unbeknownst to us, entertained our lives for so long..........finally getting some absolutely deserved due credit❤
    You can literally see the joy in their eyes as they explain their work🥹
    All the best and love to all such legends and a massive salute to the Corridor crew🫡

  • Chris Selig
    Chris Selig Hace un mes

    This may be one of my favorite episodes you guys have done. It's wonderful! Great job!

  • Matthew Friedman
    Matthew Friedman Hace un mes +314

    I've literally been waiting years for a full-length reaction to Revenge of the Sith, thanks so much guys! Still the best Star Wars movie imo

    • Mike Silva
      Mike Silva Hace un mes +2

      Not the prequels though 😊

    • Qunt Face
      Qunt Face Hace un mes +4

      You would be disappointed... I doubt they'd pretend it was good

    • Isaac Haze
      Isaac Haze Hace un mes +30

      Revenge of the Sith is the best Star Wars movie. No debate.

    • Josh Slater
      Josh Slater Hace un mes +10

      I love the Prequels (and sequels too). Never understood why people give them such a bad rap.

  • J C
    J C Hace un mes

    This was an awesome episode, so glad even the industry people are fans and excited to visit

  • Lego Hawaii
    Lego Hawaii Hace un mes

    Wow I would watch an hour long documentary just on revenge of the sith. This is beautiful and inspiring

  • Salad King
    Salad King Hace 13 días

    This guy was a phenomenal guest, and a genuine pleasure to watch. He seems so honored to be interviewed and have the minute details of his work be noticed by other pros in the field. What a humble, genuine guy. Please have him back on!!!!

  • Josh Monks
    Josh Monks Hace un mes

    vaziri casually dropping those shots and seeing if the couch noticed, what a king.

  • VimWolf
    VimWolf Hace un mes +1

    What a lovely guy, and his work is just stunning.

  • George Dorn
    George Dorn Hace un mes +211

    The Tie Fighter Sunset shot is such a simple but powerful image, with a bunch of power to further a story or add drama. The sequels could have used more of that and less of the complicated plots and contrivances. Simple is sometimes a lot better.

    • RichardHunslet1963
      RichardHunslet1963 Hace un mes +18

      Nothing could've saved the Disney Trilogy. It was a mistake that shouldn't have been made.

    • Dominic Jones
      Dominic Jones Hace un mes +19

      @RichardHunslet1963this was the cringiest comment I’ve seen in a hoooooot minute

    • El Poo Doo
      El Poo Doo Hace un mes +30

      The sequels are bad because pf terrible writing, not because of a lack of simple shots. The sequel movies are still extremely good looking and yet they suck because of the bad writing

    • Brando43770
      Brando43770 Hace un mes +23

      @El Poo Dooexactly. Bad writing and lack of a plan from beginning to end. No cohesive story just made it a mess.

    • Ben Hill
      Ben Hill Hace un mes

      Agreed. It seems they have forgotten to let people use their imaginations to build the story. Much better than splashing it all over the screen.
      Things seem too busy and easily forgotten, IMHO.

  • Mark Sutter
    Mark Sutter Hace un mes +1

    This was great. Todd is also an amazing follow on social media.

  • Superfoodtown
    Superfoodtown Hace un mes

    This episode was very heartwarming. A great guest for something so icon in film but also in memes

  • AB
    AB Hace un mes

    I had to smile so often during this Episode. Wonderful guest! Great Show!

  • JS 2K
    JS 2K Hace un mes +7

    What a great guest! I loved this episode! Please have him back if possible!

  • RJAlexander
    RJAlexander Hace un mes

    I really like how this guy's shots have a great sense of framing and art to them. It's obvious why his work keeps getting used in trailers, you could frame each of them.

  • KebabGames420 hehe xD
    KebabGames420 hehe xD Hace un mes +100

    Would be cool if you reacted to the opening scene in Revenge Of The Sith aswell, the CGI is really impressive for its time and the opening shot is long as well

    • Better Fuel Huell
      Better Fuel Huell Hace un mes +3


    • Darren Z
      Darren Z Hace un mes +10

      Impressive for its time? No, it's impressive, period.

    • Nukleon
      Nukleon Hace un mes +1

      It's a CG shot, there's nothing cool about it being long, it's just really pointless because it doesn't tell any story, it's just ILM showing off.

    • Daniel Henze
      Daniel Henze Hace un mes +11

      @Nukleonwow what a bad take

    • Daniel
      Daniel Hace un mes +2

      ​​@NukleonMr Plinkett parrots are always amusing to see

  • Tim van de Stadt
    Tim van de Stadt Hace un mes +2

    Watched this entirely with a smile on my face. Bring back Todd!

  • Conner Goldsborough
    Conner Goldsborough Hace un mes +1

    Insane that they were the first to see exclusive shots. This channel is really popping off!

  • FebriyanWP
    FebriyanWP Hace un mes

    I still remember the time when corridor digital was just a small passionate crew doing independent works, you guys are always my #1 inspirations when i learn on doing VFX and film making back in the days, i'm glad you guys have grown so much to be able to invite industry professionals :D

  • ggRocketLeague
    ggRocketLeague Hace un mes

    At this point, one of the coolest channels on youtube! Doing amazing things for your industry, and all of us viewers.

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