Stuntmen React to Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 41 (ft. RackaRacka)

  • Publicado el 24 sep 2023
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    Niko is joined by the RackaRacka brothers, Danny and Michael Philippou, to break down some of their most iconic ESclips videos along with a sneak peak at their first feature film, Talk To Me.
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    00:00 Welcome to Stuntmen React
    00:57 Anime Rock Paper Scissors 2 Trailer
    01:34 Ronald McDonald WWE BEATDOWN
    04:04 Racka VS Racka
    05:37 Harry Potter VS Star Wars
    07:14 The Naruto Showdown
    08:31 Halo VS Call of Duty
    10:22 Talk To Me
    15:47 Xena: Warrior Princess
    17:07 Smallville
    19:03 Thanks For Watching
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Comentarios • 0

  • RackaRacka
    RackaRacka Hace un mes +5033

    Man!! Thanks for the chat and for putting up with our ADHD energy 😅 You’re the best Nico, see you soon ❤

    • Alberto Montesinos
      Alberto Montesinos Hace un mes +47

      you guys are so talented, very inspiring

    • Harlow Viv
      Harlow Viv Hace un mes +8

      Love everything you do bros.

    • Slothington
      Slothington Hace un mes +15

      The movie was amazing guys, so proud of how far you've come!

    • Blue team John, Fred, Linda, Kelly
      Blue team John, Fred, Linda, Kelly Hace un mes +5

      Love you guys, keep rocking!!!😁👍

    • Samshu
      Samshu Hace un mes +3

      Loved you guys forever and can't wait to see what you do next...and next, and next!!

  • Joseph D
    Joseph D Hace un mes +2149

    The passion for filmmaking from these two is so inspiring

    • Niranjan Sathyamurthy
      Niranjan Sathyamurthy Hace un mes +11

      Right? It’s infectious

      FULL ALBUMS Hace un mes +5

      to me it's repulsive tbh

    • TechTube
      TechTube Hace un mes +16

      ​@FULL ALBUMS it's repulsive to love what they are doing? You can see they live for this.

  • Thor K
    Thor K Hace un mes +1158

    I'm glad they talked about the value of performance and facial expressions. The bit about pulling back an effect in favor of performance was key too.

    • BAM Films
      BAM Films Hace un mes +25

      Yes that and the comment they had about how the homemade feel of the videos made the effects or stunts stand out when compared to Hollywood quality, very great points

  • Ultronyte
    Ultronyte Hace un mes +1270

    RackaRacka did for stunts what the guys at Corridor did for VFX. They showed that you just need to get out there and do it, no matter how bad it might look at first

    • Mark Fergerson
      Mark Fergerson Hace un mes +26

      It’s clear that they are fans of Terry Funk and Mick Foley.

    • s1ckboirari
      s1ckboirari Hace un mes +33

      100%, on top of them bordeline being blacklisted from ESclips and still not getting dismissed to work on what you love

    • The Wandsmen
      The Wandsmen Hace un mes

      ​@s1ckboirariwhat happened? Why is ESclips trying to blacklist them?

    • s1ckboirari
      s1ckboirari Hace un mes +6

      @The Wandsmen I think it was just cuz they had a lot of gore and pretty narly real stunts they did that sometimes did land them in the hospital + their channel is like 15+ years old, its like filthy frank, you search for his channel but all you'll find are people reacting to filthyfrank even tho all the videos are still there on his channel its just super hard to find unless you physically go onto his channel, Frank and Rackaracka videos never hit the youtube algorithm and thats why even when they're on a podcast like Impaulsive or Cold Ones they've said on record if they want the video to do well then they shouldn't put "RackaRacka" in the title

    • KGBeast
      KGBeast Hace un mes +1

      *Proceeds to jump off the Burj Khalifa in the name of "stunts"

  • Jack Maher
    Jack Maher Hace un mes +213

    As an Aussie I've followed these guys for years. They absolutely deserve to get where they are today.

    • Sgt. Yarp Yarp
      Sgt. Yarp Yarp Hace un mes +3

      Same here mate I feel such a sense of pride in Australia when i see people like Michael and Danny killing it in the states

    • John Doe
      John Doe Hace un mes

      @Sgt. Yarp Yarp man i hope they get to make an action movie. i feel like it would be as brutal as a Neill Blomkamp movie.

  • Worthy
    Worthy Hace un mes +701

    RackaRacka was my childhood, they made such amazing videos. So glad they are now on the big screen. 100% Deserved

    • mst311
      mst311 Hace un mes +1

      you must be like 13?

    • Worthy
      Worthy Hace un mes +26

      @mst311 Im 20, they released the ronald mcdonald videos 9 years ago bro.

    • ruffsnap
      ruffsnap Hace un mes +2

      That makes me feel old as fuck haha. It's still wild to me that kids grew up with youtube.

    • Cats in Hats
      Cats in Hats Hace un mes +7

      @ruffsnapI'm 25 and 'grew up' with ESclips, albeit it was my teenage years but still, like 13 years of my life

    • Just ah Ugly Ahh Boi
      Just ah Ugly Ahh Boi Hace un mes +1

      Same 2013, 2014, 2015 were some great times 🥹

  • AJ @ Better Brands
    AJ @ Better Brands Hace un mes +1658

    Niko really got roasted in the first 30 seconds

    • Bird With Drip
      Bird With Drip Hace un mes +68

      nah he didn't get roasted he got beat up and and shot 😂

    • WooferInc
      WooferInc Hace un mes +19

      Lot of hype on either end of that couch, and our boy Nico is just so chill 🥲😂

    • LearnRealEstatePhotography
      LearnRealEstatePhotography Hace un mes +4

      Haha yes! The stuntmen guests have such great energy

    • Adam Rickman
      Adam Rickman Hace un mes +44

      He got him back with the “You’re clearly not shooting it.” 10:59

    • Pablo Alvarez
      Pablo Alvarez Hace un mes

      Hahahaha poor niko

  • J
    J Hace un mes +281

    I've noticed that Danny and Michael are really pushing other ESclipsrs/friends to go out and try and make movies, they were also on an editing podcast recently where they asked the host when he was going to make his movie. I know it's just a little thing but it's really refreshing to see non-snobby directors that want to inspire as many people as they can to do what they love - I feel, for the longest time, the "director" has been this elusive role that none of us dare touch unless you've seen a million movies and had your shorts premiere at Cannes but seeing the Racka boys just blast that prejudice wide open with one of the best films of the year makes me so, so happy.

    • Vizual
      Vizual  Hace un mes +1

      Their Ronald McDonald videos are iconic

    • WARnTEA
      WARnTEA Hace un mes +5

      I get the sentiment, but I think youtubers aspiring to be in film/tv has gone badly more often than not. There's been quite a few creators that made youtube with the goal of going into film/tv. I think the reason RocketJump died eawas mostly due to them attempting to transition their business towards TV and Movies. I think Corridor Digital sticking mostly to their channel can be directly attributed to them seeing Rocketjump fail. In particular media has shifted to where youtubers often hold more power than traditional media. For example Mr. Beast gets so many views per video he had to pivot towards selling his own products because no advertiser has enough money to buy ads for a video that gets 200million views, it'd cost them close to 2million dollars per video at current viewership numbers, that doesn't even take into account that many of his videos will likely end up going over 1billion views. Since a lot of his youtube videos are considered "evergreen" and will continue to keep getting views for as long as youtube exists as a platform.
      Also, the way audiences perceive content on youtube or on tv or in a movie theatre are completely different. They have different expectations, they have different time commitments. For example in a movie your audience has already bought the ticket, they are committed to watching the movie so making sure the beginning hooks them isn't really important. On youtube, people don't usually appreciate high production value because it feels too corperate, and they expect production values to be a little scuffed. Also on TV and in Movies the audience is expecting a much higher acting and writing level. These are skills that youtube creators haven't really been working on because they are typically focused on shorter form storytelling. So even when these youtubers make a tv show or film, what they make might be satisfying to their youtube audience, but it typically falls short when it gets compared to other movies or tv, and thats not to say that the youtubers aren't great storytellers or filmmakers, its just that they don't have a ton of experience telling longform stories and managing crews that have to work on a singular project for a year or more.
      I think what Corridor is doing is ideal. They are doing their longer form passion projects like Rock Paper Scizzors 2 alongside weekly youtube uploads, because their personal website has allowed them to make enough money to hire more employees.

    • B1gBoyPants
      B1gBoyPants Hace un mes +7

      @WARnTEA who cares if it's gone badly in the past? It's rare for someone's first movie to be good. I don't think the fear of failing should hold people back. If they have a passion for film and they really want to make a movie, then they should go for it. If they fail, then at least they had the experience and got to learn something. I think ESclips is awesome because it can help people fund these big projects that they wouldn't be able to do otherwise. Look at Chris Stuckman, who is making his first movie. I'm looking forward to that, and I'm interested to see what he creates.
      I do agree with what you said about people doing ESclips for the purpose of transitioning into film. You're right, having a big following on ESclips does not directly translate to being a good filmmaker. But the reality is, most people who try to make movies end up failing. Even good directors make bad movies sometimes. Whether or not they make ESclips videos is irrelevant to their quality as a filmmaker. And the original comment's point is that they like that these guys want to inspire more people to make movies. And I agree, I think that's really cool. The only way people get better at making movies is by trying to do it themselves. So all those things that you said about ESclipsr's making movies is true, but I don't think that's a good reason for them to not try to make movies.

    • WARnTEA
      WARnTEA Hace un mes

      @B1gBoyPants because to participate in a big project like that they have to neglect their youtube channel and end up falling off and regretting it. ESclips is already an outlet for creativity with a large audience, so even if the movie goes well its not really giving them anything they couldn't get from youtube other than the fact that maybe as a kid they always dreamed of making a movie.

    • TheAdonis
      TheAdonis Hace un mes

      ​@WARnTEA the top youtuber might get 200 million views per video, but in the film industry the top films have that number as their budget. As a filmmaker, creating youtube content will never be the pinnacle. Though I agree it's definitely the safest and (probably) the smartest decision for corridor

  • Philipp L
    Philipp L Hace un mes +140

    I‘ve never watched Smallville in my life before, but that stunt with the Porsche is in my eyes a solid 12 out of 10 👏👏👏
    Please @Corridor Crew: Try to find out who was responsible for that stunt and interview him 🙏

    • scarletspidernz
      scarletspidernz Hace un mes +22

      Smallville is S Tier DC live action Tv show. Probably one of the only shows thats been done well in the super hero genre and not gone cheesy/lame like CW ones.

    • Leif Pipersky
      Leif Pipersky Hace un mes +11

      @scarletspidernz To be fair, Smallville is equal parts amazing and schlock. I love it, and rewatch it to this day, but it definitely has a lot of cheesy/lame stuff in its 10 year run.

    • Larry Sullivan
      Larry Sullivan Hace un mes +7

      Smallville is what got me into Superman before I knew anything about the character. The series is definitely worth the watch even if it is 20 years old.

    • flashfire4
      flashfire4 Hace un mes +1

      You should definitely check it out!

    • FangsFirst
      FangsFirst Hace un mes +1

      I did not expect this video to teach me I now live in an alternate universe where _Smallville_ wasn't *70%* shlock.

  • Jordin Evans
    Jordin Evans Hace un mes +54

    Finally!! I’m also very happy to see these two actually getting recognized in the filmmaking world. And by A24 at that

    • Dovah Thuri
      Dovah Thuri Hace un mes +1

      A24 just might get back into positive light

  • Jukettaja
    Jukettaja Hace un mes +14

    I was recently rewatching Smallville and it blew me away how good the pilot is in both storytelling and the stunt work in this scene. I assumed after all these years it would have aged poorly but it hadn't.

    • Sarcastic Plot Recaps
      Sarcastic Plot Recaps Hace 9 días

      Back when CW shows actually tried to make good stuff and hire non-hack writers etc. Although the pilot was made on the WB I believe.

  • SchayBros
    SchayBros Hace un mes +64

    AT LAST!! Smallville has so so SO many amazing stunts and VFX to react to across the 10 seasons. Give us more!

    • HV
      HV Hace un mes +3

      If you know of some write them down with the episodes name.

    • Sarcastic Plot Recaps
      Sarcastic Plot Recaps Hace 9 días

      Yh do a whole eppy on Smallville already!!
      The flying sequence is a little ropey in the S4 premiere but the heat vision scenes were always pretty solid!

  • doug rosen
    doug rosen Hace un mes +38

    The energy from these guys. You know how fun they are to be around and you'd for a fact be crying from laughing so hard love it!

  • Pat T.Kakes
    Pat T.Kakes Hace un mes +8

    Idk how I missed this. These two are criminally underrated for their effort and it’s so cool to see them make a successful movie! Love these 2 because you truly never know what they are going to do or say next

  • Blaze14ZX
    Blaze14ZX Hace 9 días

    I never knew about these guys but damn I loved Talk to Me. It was the best horror film I've seen in years. I really hope these guys get more opportunities to make more feature films.

  • RighteousBrother
    RighteousBrother Hace un mes +70

    Good on these guys making an actual movie that has been so well received. Very impressive!

  • Culledcub
    Culledcub  Hace 22 días

    It’s awesome how passionate and kind these dudes are

  • monkstanding last
    monkstanding last Hace un mes +71

    @Corridor Crew Chris Sayour was the stunt double on Smallville deffinately would like to hear his input to his stunts here.

    • Kris Collins
      Kris Collins Hace un mes

      Would love to hear about that stunt. Holy smokes that looked crazy!

    • Game Set Live
      Game Set Live Hace un mes +1

      We need to get this comment up higher! If only Rosey and Tom on the @Talkville Podcast could see this!

  • DidYouKnow?
    DidYouKnow? Hace un mes +101

    Corridor has been such an inspiration over the years!

  • Rosevelt
    Rosevelt Hace un mes +21

    The collaboration I've been waiting for for 9 years - 2 of my favorite ESclips channels of all-time. So happy for Danny and Michael, Talk to Me is a fantastic film, can't wait for their next project.

  • Jeremy George
    Jeremy George Hace un mes +11

    This is the stuntman reacts episode I've been waiting for, these boys are amazing and it's so easy to see how much they love doing what they do, just a shame youtube fucked them hard.

  • Garrett Smith
    Garrett Smith Hace un mes +26

    Just happened to be in utah when Sundance was going on and was so lucky to be one of the first audiences to see this. Grew up watching rackaracka and now I’m a film student and seeing these guys go from hobbyist to professionals is amazing and inspiring. The film is INCREDIBLE. One of those horror movies that’s hard to keep watching but you HAVE to. They did a fantastic job and I was so happy I was able to talk to them after the showing. Super awesome humble guys. Complete visionaries and I’m so happy that everyone gets to see it now.

    • bodar
      bodar Hace un mes

      I watched Talk To Me just because it was the only movie playing that my partner and I could agree on seeing, having no idea who made it. And HOLY CRAP, it blew us both away. Great story & acting and even better direction. Easily one of the best horror films I've seen in decades. It was bursting with creativity and love of the horror craft. There were some scenes when I was wondering how they even pulled that off without digital fx. It's just wild and I definitely want to own it when it's available.

  • Neo
    Neo Hace un mes +29

    I remember watching RackaRacka way back, their stunts and camerawork were so insane for the time and in a YT video, so happy to see them here :)

  • Jess_Marie_G
    Jess_Marie_G Hace un mes +30

    I'm not in the demographic for RackaRacka AT ALL, but the enthusiasm.these guys show has me wanting to check out their channel. Also, Michael Rosenbaum, Samllvile's Lex, has talked about this stunt in his podcast Inside of You. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to direct you to the stunt guy and also share his story.

    • productofapathy
      productofapathy Hace un mes +3

      Do you happen to remember which episode(s) he talked about it? Maybe who the guest was?

  • MartialKaiju98
    MartialKaiju98 Hace un mes +127

    Literally just got done with a RackaRacka video and immediately clicked the notification the moment I saw their name! These guys are legends and I’m so happy Talk to Me was such a big success!

  • Guinea Pig Everyday
    Guinea Pig Everyday Hace 22 días

    19:06 I just love this perspective they have that a lot of famous artists have also admitted to. That they think about it all the time, they just need to get it out there. It’s not doing it just for practice, but doing because you have to, because you need an outlet for your creativity. That’s the sort of approach that really good artists have. Regardless of quality, regardless of how long it’ll take to do right, as an artist you just need an outlet

  • Treacs
    Treacs Hace un mes

    Can't wait to see what they do next...I loved talk to me it was awesome

  • Cpl. Barbarus C4
    Cpl. Barbarus C4  Hace un mes +10

    Total respect for these two directors, hopefully they make a project with Lucy Lawless or even Sam Raimi since ut was their inspiration to their videos.

  • hessp999
    hessp999 Hace un mes +6

    This was my favourite reacts vid. Great energy and insight into the approach of all three. Super job!

  • Jojo
    Jojo Hace un mes +5

    A crossover I never knew I wanted 😊 Not a fan of horror, but I'll sure be supporting their other types of projects in the future.

  • CHRISPYakaKON 🙏🏽
    CHRISPYakaKON 🙏🏽 Hace 29 días +1

    Would love to see more pro-wrestling breakdowns 👀

  • M
    M Hace un mes +69

    I love the Xena and Smallville references 😂 Man's got good taste 👌

    • Eoin Fortune
      Eoin Fortune Hace un mes +4

      Xena is freakin badass dude

    • strawman fallacy
      strawman fallacy Hace un mes +2

      @Eoin Fortune Would love to see them chatting to actors from tv series like xena etc that did reltively quality stuntwork for their budget

    • Eoin Fortune
      Eoin Fortune Hace un mes +1

      @strawman fallacy Ye for sure! Some of those older shows had a lot of action and excitement so Im sure they had a lot of stuntwork going. Back another decade to shows like the A-Team and stuff like that too. I want to hear for the people who did all those big dramatic flips away from the exploding car in every episode 😆

  • Guinea Pig Everyday
    Guinea Pig Everyday Hace 22 días

    Grew up loving RackaRacka videos, dark but morbidly hilarious. Watched Talk To Me a few days ago in the theatre and jesus I was so pleasantly surprised. Perhaps like any A24 movie ppl will respond claiming that its overhyped, but I personally super-enjoyed it, putting character/narrative foremost rather than relying too much on gore or jumpscares to drive the horror. Nailing that atmosphere and tension, making you very sympathetic towards the characters, that actually makes it scary. Great cinematography, super tight effective script, awesome performances from relative industry newcomers. And its success is awesome towards proving that big studios need to be taught a lesson about exploitation.

  • LSDJ
    LSDJ Hace un mes

    The crossover I never knew I needed until now as an Aussie I’m so proud

  • Eric Granata
    Eric Granata Hace un mes +10

    These guys are chill and true bros. Their success comes from their eagerness to learn and ability to surround themselves with those who can teach. Hope they crush it with the film!

  • The Man Himself
    The Man Himself Hace un mes +3

    I'm so happy to see these guys get their success they deserve 🙏❤️ they really earned it, I'm excited to see what they do next 🔥🔥🔥

  • Penguin Publisher
    Penguin Publisher Hace un mes +1

    Didn't expect to have this much fun this episode. RackaRacka has to come back!

  • Giriraj
    Giriraj Hace un mes

    Best OG youtubers imo.
    So glad they are doing wondrous things in film industry as they always dreamt to do.

  • Gabriel Armijo
    Gabriel Armijo Hace un mes

    Watched the movie and damn was it good crazy to see them grow into filmmakers it’s wild!!
    Huge fan!

  • Cowabungas
    Cowabungas Hace un mes +3

    This was a great episode, y'all have good chemistry. Now I definitely want to see a collab

  • Orion
    Orion  Hace un mes +42

    The fact that you guys managed to get these two on for a video is incredible. RackaRacka are two ESclips gems.
    Their story behind becoming content creators turned filmmakers is one everyone can be inspired by.🙏🏻

  • Green&Gold Highlights
    Green&Gold Highlights Hace un mes

    Talk to Me is one of the better recent horror movies I've seen in a long time. I was super surprised. Some really great practical effects which I love

  • IantheDugan
    IantheDugan Hace un mes

    Dude I'm SO HAPPY to see them talk about the Kangaroo. In the theater I was immediately like, "Wow I hope I see that on VFX artists react."

    TESSIE PINKMAN Hace un mes +3

    I saw *Talk to Me* on the premiere August the 4th here in Norway, and it was friggin' FANTASTIC. A true horror film that got substance, great characters, a fantastic script + cinematography, sound design and editing to *die* for. Plus, on top of all that, a fresh look on the genre. I am absolutely in love with it. Had I not been practically broke I'd watch it again in the theater, but it's simply impossible for me _(movie tickets in Norway are extremely expensive)._ One ticket cost more than I can spare normally, but I have really loved _(almost)_ everything A24 have decided to give out so far - and I respect them enormously for supporting the unions and workers rights - so it feels pretty good to splurge on a movie when some of the money goes to them, and these two incredibly talented guys! I truly recommend it to everyone! Watch it in a theater, it's sooo incredibly worth it.

  • BootyccineAlfredo
    BootyccineAlfredo Hace un mes

    so much love for these two and their whole friend group, from humble beginnings to hopefully nothing but success for them in the future

  • eden
    eden Hace un mes +6

    Corridor & Racka racka were the reason i got into filmmaking and video editing, 6 years later I've just graduated university studying film & TV production and do freelance work editing and making short films. I will forever aspire to be at the same level of Sam & Niko and the whole team

    ATOMICHAEL EDITz Hace un mes +18

    The episode nobody asked for but everyone wanted! 🔥 Love you guys!

  • Kane Blust
    Kane Blust Hace un mes +1

    this was friggin awesome. I love making film and the passion and story is what makes what you guys are doing so special.

  • Rémi Vallet
    Rémi Vallet Hace un mes

    This is like one of those crazy match up they would do on their videos. Man. Racka and Corridor. Cheers 🎉

  • Leland Rogers
    Leland Rogers Hace un mes

    Talk To Me was so fantastic. Awesome to see ESclipsrs make something that great.

  • John Wack
    John Wack Hace un mes +1

    If one day Corridor decided they won't upload for a while because they're busy making a movie. Then I'd definitely would want to watch that movie.

  • Juicy Jesus
    Juicy Jesus Hace un mes +1

    usually not super into stuntmen react but seeing the journey these guys took is truly inspiring. Would love to see more about how people evolved in their craft

  • Shawn Green
    Shawn Green Hace un mes +10

    This isn’t the collab we needed… it’s the collab WE DESERVED

  • Quinten’s
    Quinten’s Hace un mes

    I always thought Danny and Michael could do horror so damn well

  • Joeka Productions
    Joeka Productions Hace un mes

    Amazing! I didn't know these were the guys behind Talk To Me! I literally watched the movie by accident during an early mystery screening in Germany. At first I was disappointed because the last genre I wanted to see was a horror but at the end I was really glad I stayed in the theatre and watched the whole thing. (A few people walked out of the theatre right after the first scene when the realised it was a horror movie and I was tempted to do the same but decided to give it a chance) I was definitely pleasantly surprised :D Great job guys!

  • Pascal Levitte
    Pascal Levitte Hace un mes +1

    Good idea from them to promote their movie here, I'm gonna see it next week ! Otherwise I wouldn't have known ! :D Let's support them !

  • Jefferson Rose
    Jefferson Rose Hace 40 minutos

    Talk To Me was so refreshing and daring and new on so many levels. I'm organizing a watch party at my house for all my friends who missed it in theaters.

  • ViiGGz
    ViiGGz Hace un mes

    These guys are dope, they clearly care😂 please get them back🙏🏻

  • Max
    Max Hace un mes

    I’d never heard of rackaracka until today. Boy I’m glad I did. Tomorrow I’ll probably sink an hour or two into going through their channel. Awesome work!

  • WAusJackBauer
    WAusJackBauer Hace un mes +7

    These guys are incredibly talented.
    I've only watched a handful of RackaRacka videos but they blew me away

  • Adam Blea
    Adam Blea Hace un mes +1

    Talk To Me, was serious one of the coolest, and fresh takes on horror I've seen in a long time. I left the theater blown away, and talking about its themes, for like an hour in the parking lot.

  • SculptureSonic
    SculptureSonic Hace un mes

    Saw the movie yesterday. Really enjoyed it! Great job guys! Talk To Me is worth a watch

  • J Scott 4 Reel
    J Scott 4 Reel Hace un mes +76

    The fact that we got a viewer discretion warning on the video with a clown in the thumbnail just solidifies that my fear is completely rational 😅

  • ahrt
    ahrt Hace un mes +1

    grew up watching these guys on youtube they deserve the recognition they been getting recently for their talent

  • Antonio Anchondo
    Antonio Anchondo Hace un mes +1

    Great job boys , danny and Michael yall have came a long way ❤

  • TimmsPHTG
    TimmsPHTG Hace un mes +46

    My Aussie sense was tingling, of course I'm this early to a video with these absolute legends of ESclips. Proud we've got such talented directors from down under

    • Tera!
      Tera! Hace un mes +8

      Hey go to bed! It's 2am, but yes my Aussie sense was tingling also.

    • Bruuuuuhhhhh
      Bruuuuuhhhhh Hace un mes +2

      @Tera!LITERALLY SAME, but fr, we should fucking sleep 😂

  • jocogi8
    jocogi8 Hace un mes +2

    I got to hang out with Danny for my whole birthday while he was shooting a video a few years back in our home town of Adelaide. I was also in the crowd for their Ronald wrestling match. I watched this whole video with a massive grin on my face the whole time. I'm so proud of you guys!

  • London
    London Hace un mes +1

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