Did We Just Change Animation Forever... Again?

  • Publicado el 24 sep 2023
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    Written & Directed by Niko Pueringer and Sam Gorski
    Artists ►
    Dean Hughes: Animator, Lead Warp Artist, Neuromancer, Prince Jules - sdeanhughes
    Josh Newland: Character & Style Design, Lead Artist - lv1_artmage
    Kenson Lee: Animator Extraordinaire - rikognition
    Mattias Alegro Marasigan: Post-Production Editor, Compositor & Keeper of Timelines - www.mattiasalegro.com/
    Kytra Selca: Warp Artist - / @maketherobotdoit
    Eric Solorio: Warp Artist - / @enigmatic_e
    Jan Losada: Warp Artist, Neuromancer - instragram.com/artificial_inte...
    Sound & Music ►
    Sound Design by Kevin Senzaki - senzaki.com/
    Theme Song by David Maxim Micic - open.spotify.com/artist/0wQa1...
    Theme Song Vocals & Translation by Shihori - open.spotify.com/artist/07vlE...
    Music by Sam Gorski - open.spotify.com/artist/7sWkn...
    Production & Additional Talent ►
    Christian Fergerstrom: Producer, AD, Script Supervisor - c_fergerstrom
    Jordan Coleman: Costume Designer, Associate Producer - jordan_coleman
    Jordan Allen: Soldiers & Peasants - vfxwithjordan
    Merch Design by the incredible Kendrra Thoms kendrrathoms.com/
    Creative Tools ►
    Created on Puget Systems Computers - bit.ly/Puget_Systems
    Warp Fusion created by Sxela - www.patreon.com/sxela
    Composited in DaVinci Resolve and After Effects
    Chapters ►
    00:00 A New Way of Animation?
    01:55 Room for Improvement
    03:40 The Beard Issue
    05:29 Improving the Style of Episode 2
    09:36 Close, but no Warp Fusion
    14:10 Warp Fusion Results blow Sam's Mind
    16:12 A Long Way from Home
    19:48 Incredible Stories need Incredible Music
    21:42 Finishing the Project
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Comentarios • 0

  • 5MadMovieMakers
    5MadMovieMakers Hace un mes +727

    The behind the scenes of this series continues to have dramatic arcs of its own

    • Kamil Nurkowski
      Kamil Nurkowski Hace un mes +7

      I like how they make it look a little like parody episode of tv drama, they make it more fun to watch.

  • learningToDraw Studios
    learningToDraw Studios Hace un mes +146

    The thing I'm terrified of is companies hiring artists only to get training data firing them and then just using the data they got. no need to worry about a union or paying a fair wage when you can cheaply produce it using a machine.

    • Russell Rose
      Russell Rose Hace un mes +17

      Worse yet…
      Bring in raw, new kids offering their own “company theme” or style and having them pay for the “schooling” only to have the raw data and it all paid for by the most gullible.

    • WarpSonic
      WarpSonic Hace un mes +3

      buy it would take a lot less time for the artist if you are just getting a few drawings for the model to learn from, meaning they could do other stuff. the lower earning would likely match the reduced time sink

    • gamingking1
      gamingking1 Hace un mes +16

      The industry MUST adapt. Because this is coming whether we like it or not. The easiest and cheapest methods will always be sought out. It doesn't matter if we think it unfair.

    • N530
      N530 Hace un mes +2

      If you look at it, artists aree less present in the process, but a lot of other jobs are involved and weren't much before.

    • Jockeyawesomekid
      Jockeyawesomekid Hace un mes

      While this is concerning, when it comes to entertainment the desire for new and exciting things will never go away. An animation or production company is not going to be able to just get a commission off of an artist and use that data for all of their media thereafter. It will likely create a new dynamic or approach to creating these styles to fuel AI assisted processes. People and artists will still be needed at every step of the way to generate new styles/themes, and properly implement those themes into a cohesive work. Yeah a lot of menial art in corporations will likely be cut out and replaced by mass produced AI work, but it's not like there's a downward slippery slope from the current starting point of corporate clip art.

  • Corporal Silver
    Corporal Silver Hace 16 días +16

    The technology behind this is cool and all, but there is a reason animators are yet to incorporate this into their workflow. Noodle did a great video on why.

  • Sleeping
    Sleeping Hace un mes +938

    The line" The only thing that stops changing is us when, we decide to stand still" is such a cold line.

    • CRCE
      CRCE Hace un mes +33

      I assumed that was a line from the anime or something.. Niko spitting fire lines like he IS the anime.

    • mr. aNdErsOn
      mr. aNdErsOn Hace un mes +1

      Cold line for sure.. Line may not be true but still cold nonetheless

    • ScorpyX
      ScorpyX Hace un mes +5

      Idea comes from Philosophy, - but i love "Ghost in the Shell" (1995) version
      "All things change in a dynamic system. You effort to remain who you are is what limits you"
      The concept of evolution. Basically "you can't evolve - if you don't change"

    • JnJ Gaming - JC and Jinja
      JnJ Gaming - JC and Jinja Hace un mes +4

      @mr. aNdErsOn its saying that everything is always changing, including us (so long as we keep moving, learning, and growing). If we stand still, the world will continue to change and leave us behind

  • KillerTacos
    KillerTacos Hace un mes +645

    I cannot express how much I love the fact that you guys hired real artists and emphasised the importance of that fact

    • blackwillow73
      blackwillow73 Hace un mes +73

      Corridor assured they hired their own artist to train the Al, but remember that industry discourse like this is interconnected. They may not be stealing art, but any studio that sees this and goes 'wow, it's that easy' will. Corridor's also boasting about Al democratizing animation-making. Now anyone can make animation in their bedroom with nothing but a camera and a free software! Except, anyone could already make animation in their bedroom with nothing but a camera and a free software. I made animation in my bedroom with nothing but a camera and a free stop-motion software when I was 10 years old.

    • Seechwing
      Seechwing Hace un mes +54

      @blackwillow73 it’s like making a tutorial on making bombs and then saying “but don’t worry guys, we’re good people and since we’re the ones making the bombs, it’s ok because we’re not going to blow anything up.” their intentions don’t matter when the end result is still, y’know, a BOMB. they’re literally handing studio execs a way to get rid of almost every one one of their employees but it’s okay because “we’re just showing the capabilities of this new technology!!!1!!”

    • denzoだよ
      denzoだよ Hace un mes +31

      Well yeah. Things evolve. Lots of film developers lost jobs when digital movie cameras were a thing. Most film rolls became obsolete. Camera men and directors were still a thing, weren't replaced. They just got new equipment. Same thing.

    • TrueAfricanHero
      TrueAfricanHero Hace un mes +14

      Artists apparently lack self-esteem and need validation from others

    • Gerydome
      Gerydome Hace un mes +27

      @TrueAfricanHero yeah, artists need lots of validation and praise for the thing they dedicated many years, decades of hard practice. Drawing for ourselves is satisfying on its own but it gets boring really quick. We are our own worst critics so hearing someone praise can lower our expectations of how good enough our art should be.

  • freddy
    freddy Hace 17 días +10

    It's great seeing you use this opportunity to hire more artists

  • aSinisterKiid
    aSinisterKiid Hace un mes +1190

    I love Sam's barbarian and his "don't look at the circle" fighting style. It was sooo funny every time he "Got em"

    • The Middleman
      The Middleman Hace un mes +13

      same. that brought back classic memories from my high school days. 🥹

    • RaiOkami
      RaiOkami Hace un mes +14

      Sam's barbarian wizard bit was my favorite bit on ep2! Those got'em moments were hilarious yet the hits sounded great.

    • Adrian Dominguez
      Adrian Dominguez Hace un mes +2


    • Yori_Sounai
      Yori_Sounai Hace un mes +2

      Outfit was cold too

  • Pempem2.0
    Pempem2.0 Hace 9 días +2

    I had lost all motivation on a script that I was working on but after watching you guys doing all of this cool stuff I mean mind blowing 🤯 super cool stuff I will get back to to continue writing the script

  • Cellardoor
    Cellardoor Hace un mes +19

    This is great. There's nothing wrong with CC doing this in my opinion. It's just that the AI companies need to delete their datasets and replace them with royalty free images and artist-consented images. That's it.

    • Dolo Okecki
      Dolo Okecki Hace un mes

      All these new motors still have the initial motor with the LAION scrappings. This wont go back unfortunately, but they want to sugar coat it with adding personalized artwork on top of it.

  • Edward Lim
    Edward Lim Hace un mes +5

    i love you guys but i 100% do not want this to be the industry standard or the new deal for animation, making this just a style infront with digital and traditional is way more better than making it the standard

  • TrickyZ33
    TrickyZ33 Hace un mes +15

    I REALLY liked the look of the Warp Fusion output with the high frame rate!

  • MxhamedBashiti
    MxhamedBashiti Hace un mes +23

    I wonder if modelling these characters in 3D and just capture motion tracking and facial tracking separately. That way, you would have more control over each frame and still maintain the anime style.

    • b.A.m.
      b.A.m. Hace un mes +1

      That already exist and has existed for a long time. That's how most AAA video games are made.
      I mean they could do it if they just wanted to make something, but then they wouldn't be "changing" anything.
      That would also fix the worst parts of the product. A 3d model couldn't warp features into totally seperate things independently and shaders are seperate from models, so you wouldn't have the flickering effect.

    • CrashmanX
      CrashmanX Hace un mes

      Honestly I think this is the better option compared to running it through the AI.
      I think the AI is a neat idea, but the ethics behind it is currently dubious.

    • TheKrister2
      TheKrister2 Hace un mes +3

      ​@CrashmanXThe technology itself is no more dubious than any other. How people use it can be morally questionable, however. The way media represents all disruptive technology is often also "morally questionable," insofar as something so subjective works, yet does that seem to stop them?

  • Senzubean
    Senzubean Hace un mes +167

    "The only thing that stops changing is us, when we decide to stand still" Such a good quote

    • Max McPherson
      Max McPherson Hace un mes +4

      i can almost 100% guarantee that they will put it on a shirt

    • Teen Perspektiva
      Teen Perspektiva Hace un mes +5

      Some Niko wisdom for ya

    • TheRealAlpha2
      TheRealAlpha2 Hace un mes +8

      An artist never stops learning and evolving if they want to stay relevant. It's what makes their channel.

    • Marquise Strong
      Marquise Strong Hace un mes +1


  • Tyler Granville
    Tyler Granville Hace un mes +26

    The artists who did the song for the op were amazing I normally skip anime ops and this one I watched and enjoyed!

  • Camilo Martínez
    Camilo Martínez Hace un mes +1

    After watching the second chapter of the "Rock Paper Scissors" anime, I remembered a game calle "Pistolero". You say "pistolero" out loud and then you can do one of three: load your gun (as many times as you want), shoot (if you have your pistol loaded), or protect yourself. Would be amazing if you put it on the show.

  • Bryan Quick
    Bryan Quick Hace un mes +78

    I think what you did with a small team is impressive, but it still screams 'AI did this' the whole time. if anything, this further emphasizes that the human touch is vital to making something that doesn't feel like it's been created by an unfeeling machine intelligence for your consumption. like, it's great, but humans can still do a lot better as long as they're allowed to - I worry that eventually they won't be, though, given that the people who hold the purse strings prefer maximum profit over any other consideration, and cutting out all the artists is a great way for the suits to save money to deliver c o n t e n t to the masses :s

    • Geo Agar
      Geo Agar Hace 14 días

      I agree that they worked hard and created something cool but it’s basically live action with a filter on, it’s not animation

  • Vegemite Sandwich
    Vegemite Sandwich Hace un mes +24

    I wonder if its plausible for the Corridor Team to go *back* to their old "Anime" videos and use this method to turn them into actual anime instead of live action. That would be sick!

  • Nelluc The Great
    Nelluc The Great Hace 29 días +27

    That look on Niko's face at the end when watching his creation... That was the moment every artist hopes for. Truly an inspiring video!

  • Dartheomus
    Dartheomus Hace un mes +419

    At the start, you say, "Normally, you need a team of people and powerful computers to make an animation." I think the next line should have been, "and here's why!" You still have a pretty big team working on it along with a crate of 4090's! Pretty damned cool though!

    • Shadow Productions
      Shadow Productions Hace un mes +61

      true, but still much smaller.. probably less than 10% of the size team and render farm a big studio needs

    • Cesarios
      Cesarios Hace un mes +1

      Stolen comment?

    • Satratic
      Satratic Hace un mes +15

      ​@Cesariosjudging by the profile it seems legit, the other one you saw was prolly a bot

    • Cesarios
      Cesarios Hace un mes +2

      Maybe, if so sorry.

    • Jon Mussell
      Jon Mussell Hace un mes +14

      Right, but also, they're creating these processes from scratch, it takes a lot of work to do that. Now they've got it more or less figured out, a lot of the grunt work is gonna be eliminated for anyone else in the future. Also as more people experiment and refine it, it will get even more accessible.

  • Marvolo Farhel
    Marvolo Farhel Hace un mes +2

    I’m glad that this super cool tech is now being used as a tool in tandem with traditional artists instead of as a replacement. Awesome tech, can’t wait to see where it goes!

  • Mikey Skoglund
    Mikey Skoglund Hace un mes +11

    The conversation between Dean and Niko at 16:45 about having to do a lot of work and not just typing in "anime movie" is inspiring and I think speaks to the use (or misuse) of generative AI as a whole...and honestly speaks to creative work regardless of what tools are being used. "People only care when you give it direction, artistic intent, and creativity"

  • Cody Talton
    Cody Talton Hace un mes

    This stuff still has me nervous and on the fence with where I feel about it at the end of the day. I just can't help it

  • DracoTheNinja 2021
    DracoTheNinja 2021 Hace un mes +1

    People think that the future is near, but you guys.... are shaping it and creating it for us. You guys are amazing, you guys could outplay disney 😂😂❤

  • Desantotony77
    Desantotony77 Hace 20 días +1

    Guys u are really, really big artists! All of you. The first animated is a beautiful artwork! U dont copy anything, from anybody. Was amazing. l just love it! The drama , the screen shots, the comedy 😂 we can see you guys, love yours job. and this, is the soul from greatest artists.

  • realbadger
    realbadger Hace un mes +769

    When I saw the episode and saw the child version of Niko I could still see Niko's face _in the child face,_ so I was impressed not only the de-aging process, but obviously the Defacial-Hair'ing...

    • Broad Field Gaming
      Broad Field Gaming Hace un mes +27

      Warner Bros WISH they had that tech a few years ago.

    • cpt nordbart
      cpt nordbart Hace un mes +11

      ​@Broad Field Gamingworks super, man.

    • Victor Widell
      Victor Widell Hace un mes +2

      The sped up voices though. That’s so uncanny.

    • Yurlyn Plays...
      Yurlyn Plays... Hace un mes +3

      @Victor Widell Pitched the voices up, not sped them up. The pitch up happens during a speed up if you don't compensate for it but they can be done separately. For Sam's character they pitched his voice down to deepen it.

  • michael woods
    michael woods Hace un mes

    This is insane you have changed everything.

  • Cheejyg
    Cheejyg Hace un mes +4

    Dude, you guys are amazing, I've watched y'all since the start (even before rocket jump) and I'm so happy to see you all actually `invent` a new anime-content creation pipeline! Can't wait to see what's in store for us next!

  • Aiden
    Aiden Hace un mes +5

    I think having an artist to make the training material for the AI is really good, both for the ethical reasons, but also because it gives you a lot more proactive control over how the style will look. Maybe you could have different training sets of the same art style in different environments too.

    • Mini Whiffy3
      Mini Whiffy3 Hace un mes

      the ai still has thousands of pieces by non consenting artists

    CLASH FUN Hace un mes

    actually that flicker was one of the good things that made it look even better, I actually liked it

  • Astr0_th3_man
    Astr0_th3_man Hace un mes +1

    Would an extension like Adetailer be able to consistently animate good quality faces in stable diffusion?

  • Joseph S
    Joseph S Hace un mes +331

    I love how they highlighted those in the WarpFusion community and specifically said "hire them"

  • Emi ฅ^•ω•^ฅ
    Emi ฅ^•ω•^ฅ Hace un mes +9

    Training embeds for each mouth viseme and using a viseme generator (taking the script and audio as input) to get which viseme embed to add to the prompt could probably improve lip-syncing

  • Jarrett Onions
    Jarrett Onions Hace 12 días

    Thank you. This is so cool..being introduced to all this stuff.. i have had something like warp fusion in my head for a while.. had no idea if it existed..thought i would have to try code it myself to get intermediate frames between drawing

  • Shawn Ndlovu
    Shawn Ndlovu Hace 27 días +1

    The Behind The Scenes is a shortfilm of its own 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Reid Garrett
    Reid Garrett Hace un mes

    This is fuckin' awesome gentlemen. Props to y'all. Just out of curiosity, what hardware are y'all using to get all of this done?

  • Jon Bear
    Jon Bear Hace un mes

    LOVE the costume for Niko's character. That king's coat is DRIP!

  • CatKilled
    CatKilled Hace un mes +885

    I always believe that AI should be a tool alongside the work of artists, NOT to replace them. I appreciate Corridor hiring an actual artist for this, that’s absolutely the way to go

    • Foxxo
      Foxxo Hace un mes +66

      It doesn't really seem like the artist used it particularly as a tool for themselves, more like they drew reference images which got fed into the model, which then spliced it with the footage Corridor shot.
      I still think that this is a replacement of an artist.

    • Ace Ayon
      Ace Ayon Hace un mes +2

      Couldn't agree more

    • tr7zw
      tr7zw Hace un mes +46

      This. In the end, all this AI image stuff is just a tool like Photoshop. I think anyone that thinks that this is "just a replacement for actual artists since you just type it in and generate it" should actually give it a shot. You still pre/post-process images to work at all, lots of testing/prototyping, need to combine or remove stuff from the image etc. There is no "type a magic prompt and replace a job" kind of stuff going on. Same as text AI will not replace developers or writers.

    • StoopsyDaisy
      StoopsyDaisy Hace un mes +22

      ​@ThatFoxxoLeo Absolutely, it's the same as Hollywood studios scanning actors. The talent is no longer being used, but being abused

    • Deddrz
      Deddrz Hace un mes +19

      ​@Foxxobut the whole problem with the start was that the style was being stolen from an artist, not the rotoscoping job? Yes, this could have been done will a full animation team, but corridor would not have the funds to create that in this situation. Most people's problems are with copyright and an authors decision to keep their style theirs, so them deciding to take the style from someone worth full knowledge of what they are doing is very good

  • MetalMint
    MetalMint Hace 14 días +2

    ..in the middle of an incredibly stressful strike
    Good job guys

  • TheKrister2
    TheKrister2 Hace un mes

    Awesome work.
    When it comes to flickering between frames, while warpfusion does help, I feel the issue is still that the model is trained on more than one character. Individual models for characters, clothes and backgeounds would likely cause a more stable end-product before any composition _however,_ this does come at the cost of more work. Both to separate people from their background plate shot and to composit them back in. Imperceptible pixel errors on these cuts may cause minor issues too, so perhaps train the model on the cutout of the person for each character instead, unless that's already being done. If you add clothes to this process, then you obviously add more work to separate the clothes from the person and so on. The glaring issue with a process like this is there's obviously more to a person than their head and clothes, so getting a uniform full body may be difficult like this. Perhaps it can be solved by using the individual models as components in a multimodal model or whatever name they came up for those again.
    Still, a _lot_ of work. And what's been achieved is already pretty amazing. Thanks for the hard work and keep pushing the envelope!

  • Armin AP
    Armin AP Hace un mes +1

    nice oneee , all of that was so unique , i try to create trailer of the movies into the anime , but this was a new one , thanks for your imagination ! wish i was your power in my country ( iran ) :))

  • Kaede Senou
    Kaede Senou Hace un mes

    Oh, you released it here! Yay!
    I have to wonder, what would happen if you just passed one of your old anime-style videos through this pipeline? Now new stuff, just… pass a finished work through this process, no reshoots?

  • Matansunshine
    Matansunshine Hace un mes +1

    Wow as a classic animator i could just clean up the wobbliness by hand and it will look so fucking good, please corridor teach me your ai ways i loved you since i was a kid

  • PandaJack Productions
    PandaJack Productions Hace un mes +228

    I’m glad you’re addressing all the issues people had with the first video and are improving upon them here! It shows that you care about the fans’ response and truly just wanna make the best content you can. 10/10!

  • De_DE
    De_DE Hace un mes +1

    The only thing that is stop changing is us, if we decided to stay still.
    -Corridor Crew Niko

  • Diomedes
    Diomedes Hace un mes +3

    I'm so happy you made another one. I can't wait to see how this improves over time.

  • Rose Morgan
    Rose Morgan Hace un mes +2

    I don't know if it's the aircon, but I got chills when they showed the latest results of using WarpFusion. Fascinated by this series

  • ok
    ok Hace un mes +1

    Custom cosplayers are going to have a field day with this one

  • André Silva
    André Silva Hace un mes

    Seeing David writing the theme was the most random thing I've seen in this channel.
    I follow the guy for years and suddently he appears here.

  • Acheron Hades
    Acheron Hades Hace un mes +140

    You chose possibly the hardest thing to make a Stable diffusion do, hands, and made that a huge part of the video, mad props to you

    • Max M
      Max M Hace un mes +6

      I mean it’s pretty much just a filter over actual images so

    • Andrew
      Andrew Hace un mes +17

      @Max Mnot really but if that’s what you got from the video then you do you

    • Yuyah
      Yuyah Hace un mes +3

      ​@Max Mbro got ratioed💀

    • N530
      N530 Hace un mes

      @Yuyah a ratio on ESclips hits really hard

    • Yuyah
      Yuyah Hace un mes

      @N530 fr

  • Ky Wat
    Ky Wat Hace un mes +1

    They should make Son of a Dungeon in this style!

  • AL Rizo
    AL Rizo Hace un mes

    Aside from art style, anime have a movement style and specific frame rate. From exaggerated poses and flowy motions to extreme slow to extreme snappy fast movements.

  • Mikael Kuutti
    Mikael Kuutti Hace un mes

    There's actually some really good takes on the ethics of using AI in here! Having no need for inbetweening (/slavework) is a real big plus imo. And yet, using this method still employs people. Good show.

  • Sithlordbeb0p
    Sithlordbeb0p Hace 26 días +4

    👏👏👏It's not just moments like this but the process, the workload etc that you guys and everyone else that is honourably mentioned that continues to not just surprise me, but also makes me happy just watching these vids.
    To everyone involved YOU GUYS are heroes and legends 👏👏❤

  • The Black Hole
    The Black Hole Hace un mes +1

    9:33 Wow what a skilled cyclist, they can ride backwards with so much ease!

  • Dxavior Sith
    Dxavior Sith Hace un mes +78

    Seeing the little audience they assembled for their viewing party at the end made me so happy. As successful as they are, the joy of sharing their art with others is so relatable- and I can see it on their faces.

  • BearFOXThirty
    BearFOXThirty Hace un mes +85

    It's cool you collaborated with the warpfusion community to help get features added, improving it as a tool for everyone. That's the kind of thing I love seeing.

  • mrgreatbigmoose
    mrgreatbigmoose Hace un mes +2

    12:19. This flipping back to the previous page and using that drawing to influence the next drawing is basically what animators have been doing for years. This kinda reminds me of how the RED Digital Movie cameras work...they take 24 highly detailed photos every second and that's your movie. Just like how old fashioned movie cameras took 24 frames per second on standard film. It sounds simple now, but that was NOT how the first digital movie cameras worked...they kinda sucked.
    The old becomes new again!

  • Nope Naw
    Nope Naw Hace un mes

    I got the shirt for ARPS2, but I kinda wish they would do re-run of the first shirt. I never had the chance to get that and I honestly think it's a cooler shirt.

  • FsB Gaming
    FsB Gaming Hace un mes +2

    u guys did it. awesome works, keep it up!

  • Justin Ours
    Justin Ours Hace un mes

    Really excited to see David did the music. Been listening to his music for years.

  • insuna
    insuna Hace un mes +178

    oh wow, David Maxim Micic is an absolute gem. Can't believe y'all got to work together.

    • Chris Wills
      Chris Wills Hace un mes +3

      I've been blasting his stuff all week, was not expecting him to pop up here!

    • FoxFace
      FoxFace Hace un mes +1

      yooooo hell yeah so glad someone pointed this out, been a fan since Bilo II

    • Mr Moose
      Mr Moose Hace un mes +2

      I've had his music on my spotify list for many months, there are way too many underappreciated/unknown artists.

    • Joe Meehan
      Joe Meehan Hace un mes

      my jaw dropped!

    • Turnaround
      Turnaround Hace un mes +1

      Yeah LUN has always been a favourite album for the gym or driving, am so excited for this

  • Crewapp
    Crewapp Hace un mes +1

    "the only thing that will stop changing is us. when we decide to stand still" ~Niko
    hard ass quote.

  • Guitar Samurai
    Guitar Samurai Hace un mes +1

    I'm just imagining the awesome possibilities to retell some of the funniest stories you guys have had in this style, aidungeon videos or the old Pokemon dungeons and dragons videos from node could be revived and renewed for new audiences and old node fans like me, watched every node video since battlefield 3 with Freddy w

  • Gus Burch
    Gus Burch Hace un mes +67

    I love how attentive Corridor is to giving credit where credit is due, it shows that they are a community driven group with intent to grow as artists not individuals

    • Alec Duvenage
      Alec Duvenage Hace un mes +2

      Exactly! One of my favourite things about this group!

  • Siberius
    Siberius Hace un mes

    Acting anime is so interesting. If this took off, I imagine there would be anime actor specialists.

  • Kaleb Simpson
    Kaleb Simpson Hace un mes

    have you tried using AI Interpolation to make each frame blend into the next better?

  • CptMacBernick
    CptMacBernick Hace un mes +120

    I know it's a controversial topic but you improved so much and having your own artist this time is a huge difference!

    • ARandomPerson
      ARandomPerson Hace un mes +1

      There are still inconsistencies with things morphing around in the hair and face. I imagine they left it there intentionally and they'll continue to do a series of these tech demos

  • Pascal Lavoie
    Pascal Lavoie Hace un mes

    I would love to see something like son of a dungeon with this technology.

  • Garner Loudermilk
    Garner Loudermilk Hace un mes

    Curious to ask but does this mean you could take like the new Ashoka live action TV and pipe in the animated star wars rebels art and reformat the show into animation?? If so that would be totally wicked.

  • Chris Henick
    Chris Henick Hace 22 días

    I own a company called the bearded Sergeant Coffee Company Co. And I've had this idea to make an anime ad series based on the 90s and 2000 Macross series... not the crazy Jet robots but maybe just like centered around the Army soldiers that are guarding them or something.

  • friendofphi
    friendofphi Hace un mes +3

    There's a few techniques I wish you guys explored, ebsynth to interplate frames and then just rendering keyframes. Using controlnet openpose, making contact sheets which multiple frames on a single image (if you have the VRAM this really helps consistency).

    • Splooshie
      Splooshie Hace un mes

      Warpfusion does basically the same thing as Ebsynth: warping a texture based on optical flow. Openpose doesn't offer much benefit since they're already doing img2img with the desired poses. At this point to reduce the jank you have to raise the resolution (it looks like their model is still only 768px)

  • Wesley
    Wesley Hace 19 días

    I'd always thought this was a great idea, have the AI replace a series of images in a different style to create an animation, since it has issues with consistency without using intricate machine learning to train an AI on a particular subject, just have a means of having a character move around and replace each frame using generative AI. You guys did it perfectly and while it still isn't 100% there and has kinks here and there, it is only going to get better and there is even AI software you can run such videos through that will make the characters appear smoother and more consistent. I am excited to see this progress even further! I love the visual in this anime too! you guys did such an amazing job!

  • NightSabre64
    NightSabre64 Hace un mes +185

    I can appreciate this way of animation being its own thing. Like other/new creators making works in this method while traditional studios still existing. In an ideal world.

    • Doodlegame
      Doodlegame Hace un mes +3

      we don’t live in an ideal world sadly, though there is always room for old technology to be used. Most artist love the process more than the final product, so they don’t always take the path of least resistance. That’s the one thing that gives me a bit of hope for art in the future.

    • Null Pointer
      Null Pointer Hace un mes +4

      Yeah, but we live in this reality, and if there's a way for people to steal other people's work, is gonna happen and is gonna be rampant

    • No Man's Land
      No Man's Land Hace un mes +2

      If there's a noticeable quality difference and people like the classic way, traditional studios will exist.
      If customers prefer the new way, or can't tell the difference, all studios will have to adapt, or cease to exist. This is the way of technological progress- it's always been this way, though normally the transitions aren't as publicly visible and widely discussed as they are now

    • Null Pointer
      Null Pointer Hace un mes +5

      @No Man's Land Yeah, because companies give customers exactly what they want, and don't cut corners or give you an inferior product because it'll be more expensive to do it properly

  • jackimo22
    jackimo22 Hace un mes +1

    Petition to call it *RPS* and see an entire series made

  • Dryued
    Dryued Hace un mes

    Last time I brought RPS1 to someone, I've been told that that technique had already been obsolete by then, and all the rage was Deforum + ControlNet (this was a couple months ago at least). Have you looked into any of that? I do know ControlNet gives a lot of new capabilities you could use. Not to mention that a new version of Stable Diffusion dropped, like, a week ago.

  • Ferry Arya Seto
    Ferry Arya Seto Hace un mes

    this whole episode feels like one big apology video to artist from the backlash they got from the first rock paper scissor

  • Cre8tvMG
    Cre8tvMG Hace un mes

    9:33 - mad respect to whoever at CC learned to ride their bike BACKWARDS!

  • Tillustrator
    Tillustrator Hace un mes

    I really like the guy at 9:34 - his backward riding skills on the bike are breathtaking!

  • Nuave
    Nuave Hace un mes +455

    I love how Corridor makes their "discovery process" with the enigimatic-e clip. Because to me, that is the community of creation, looking at small concepts other people did, and using it to inspire a new piece of work, and in your case, actually contributed to the software. It's not about the software it's about the artists behind it. Beautiful and inspiring as always.

    • John Berkers
      John Berkers Hace un mes +7

      Absolutely. And with Open Source, "contribute" does not always mean submitting code, sometimes it's just the "idea" of something that can enhance the project

    • banhbao2
      banhbao2 Hace un mes +4

      its not about the software its about the artist that got their works stolen for this kinda shit, yes beautiful and inspiring as fuck

    • Tony James
      Tony James Hace un mes +9

      @banhbao2 So you clearly haven't watched the video or you'd know all the art this model got trained on was created for the project, and he was compensated for his time.
      You're right that this is a problem, elsewhere, but Corridor have shown how it can be used without infringing on the artistic rights of others.

  • Odins Eye
    Odins Eye Hace un mes

    Thank you for sharing this and inspiring others

  • Erik Husby
    Erik Husby Hace un mes +3

    Major props to Dean for putting his whole heart into Anime RPS! It's so fun seeing him deep dive into something he's obviously so passionate about.

  • CaptainSirk1
    CaptainSirk1 Hace un mes

    I get the feeling I might want to look into this if I want to be an animator in the future.

  • ellistorris
    ellistorris Hace un mes

    No way you guys had David Maxim Micic on the theme song. One of the best guitarists and composers out there

  • Cody Bentley
    Cody Bentley Hace un mes +4

    So happy to see David Maxim Micic getting to do the music, I was not expecting that collab. He's an amazing musician!

  • Victor Lasater
    Victor Lasater Hace un mes +48

    I’m very grateful for the format of this video- such a perspective of making me excited for AI rather than worried for the future. Thanks to Niko and the rest of Corridor crew for becoming their inner directors.

  • Tom Barnes
    Tom Barnes Hace un mes +1

    Now you gotta pay some keen artists to make a whole season of this - The publicity alone would be motivation enough

    • Tom Barnes
      Tom Barnes Hace un mes

      Run a fan-based competition - use the same techniques to make a short film in the same style

  • 97BuckeyeNut
    97BuckeyeNut Hace un mes +13

    These Corridor Digital Behind the Scenes documentaries have the feeling of all those great LucasFilm DVD Documentaries on the Star Wars DVD sets. I love seeing how all the magic happens. Thank you for all of your hard work and magic.

  • Amooo Sasaki
    Amooo Sasaki Hace un mes

    I know that your goal is to make the most animated non animated anime out there but I liked the previous one's animation better exactly because it didn't feel like animation.
    It felt really life like and unique and I really liked the imperfections between each frame this new one feels more generic which aligns with your goal but imo the other one was superior.

  • DoctorArmadillo
    DoctorArmadillo Hace un mes

    THEY GOT THE WALKING TREADMILLS! YES!!! (I commented last video how they would really enhance the shots, and it worked!)

  • Accy Wacky
    Accy Wacky Hace un mes

    Imagine a remake of the 'the gamers' movies using this technology, could keep the live action for the real world and use this animation to spice up the in-game stuff?

  • Grimm Reaper
    Grimm Reaper Hace un mes +138

    I'm not going to lie, I think that I solidly enjoyed the flickering version of the anime too. There is just some type of charm around the constantly switching lines.

    • Invincible Thor
      Invincible Thor Hace un mes

      That flickering effect would have been harder to do if it was hand drawn

    • Pauly Guitary
      Pauly Guitary Hace un mes +1

      Like Squigglevision from Dr. Katz or Home Videos but different.

    • Watcher
      Watcher Hace un mes

      It's a nice bonus when you have to stop watching and do something, and then you notice that each frame is great

    • theKWOKA
      theKWOKA Hace un mes

      Yeah, focusing that to the right places could be a real style. Ensure the faces read, and th rest can get pretty wild and be fine.

    • Giorgio Maggioni
      Giorgio Maggioni Hace un mes

      yeh right? a bit like how old footage got that grains and imperfections

  • Kyle
    Kyle Hace un mes

    Impressive stuff guys, well done!

  • Ian McEachern
    Ian McEachern Hace un mes

    Those results feom warped fusion are incredible

  • SpitFireX85
    SpitFireX85 Hace un mes

    Y’all need to originate a model similar to super sampling for this exact technique that’s like “based on previous frame.”

  • Ahmed Khalid
    Ahmed Khalid Hace un mes +2

    Words simply can't get you enough credit....EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU
    An epic project from an epic team 🤩🤩

  • Teleputer
    Teleputer Hace 17 días

    Thinking about it, Can't you just train a model with the Diffused Image AND the last output as the Input, just to show the NN some key data on how it should diffuse this next Image, this will kinda be like a 2d animation technique where you draw over the last frame

  • Archy
    Archy Hace un mes +194

    Overall it seems like eyes and mouths are still the biggest issue (apart from costume consistency). May be worth redrawing those by hand, just to actually get the gaze direction and expressions you want. Hiring an artist is a great move, although I'd recommend getting someone who studied the anime style for longer than a couple weeks.
    Another thing I noticed is that you have a very western approach to this, seemingly working in the classic 'animating on twos' style. Anime doesn't do that, they time each frame perfectly to support the motion as best as possible with as little images as possible, sometimes going as low as 3 frames per second. This would also help tremendously with warping, since you'd drastically reduce the frame number, allowing for much more controlled direction.

    • Tawoorie II
      Tawoorie II Hace un mes +21

      They definetly need a clean-up artist

    • furbyfubar
      furbyfubar Hace un mes +9

      I think lots of the issues with eyes and mouths are that the filmed video doesn't have the eye-lines correct to start with, and they are not nailing the correct mouth shapes for the lines the characters are saying in the video either. So I think a big improvement could be gained from tightening up the video part. (
      That said, AI still has issues with getting eyes correctly. I remember from the behind the scenes of the first Anime Rock Paper Scissors for this reason they had "lazy eye" listed in the field for what the AI should *avoid* drawing. So it's very possible that there could still be big tech improvements that are still in the future.

    • Jojo Marshall
      Jojo Marshall Hace un mes +2

      The biggest issue is the art theft

    • Gabriel Bueno Dos Santos
      Gabriel Bueno Dos Santos Hace un mes +23

      @Jojo Marshall They literally hired their own artist for this job
      If you think that's still theft, then you might need to rethink about downloading or using art in general

    • CrashmanX
      CrashmanX Hace un mes +2

      @Gabriel Bueno Dos Santos I believe the confusion here comes from not knowing if Stable Diffusion is utilizing only Josh Newland's art, or if it's utilizing it's pre-existing database of stolen art.

  • Brandon Thomas
    Brandon Thomas Hace 20 días

    David Maxim Micic is so fucking awesome. He has a project called Destiny Potato (Sordid Pink now) that's great. So cool to see the metal world and Corridor cross over. Great choice hiring him for this.

  • scarletspidernz
    scarletspidernz Hace un mes +1

    I see AI very good for new artist and animators who draw to expand their portfolio and develop some animation thats been rattling in thier head.
    I see this as a good way to previs/storyboard ideas, flesh out episodes before committing the money and talents to them, as a way to pitch shows to producers/execs/studios
    Do I want anime/animated movies from Big/Medium studios in AI NO, Ai assisted YES.
    Individuals and smaller studio maybe can get away with it as long as its more about getting their story out there or using it to help them get a footing so to speak.
    Its like I've been having an idea in my head about a show I want to do, now while using other peoples works and AI to flesh out the idea the story and stuff, to try out styles, looks etc I think that is fine, as its personal and not for profit. But when its put out there in the world for money either directly or indirectly (like youtube ads, sponsers, instagram/tiktok money) then I see that as an issue as you using others work and AI to profit off
    If you take that personal work and when it comes to production then yes hire artists, show them the vision that you assembled but let them work their magic in helping you make the show/movie.
    What I do also see and that really needs to happen right now is artists and developers working together to make software paid or free where the art (characters, objects and scenery ) used has been drawn by the artists and the AI has been trained on those. This still keeps artists and creatives employed and the work they create is specific for use of that AI software so no Artists work is ripped off and allows others to use the software to make their movies/shows/projects etc without having to need hire the artists, now granted it may not be as good as individuals atm but like Unreal Engine building on that ground work eventually in a few years there will be software that will let you make a full movie or TV show and like Unreal Engine the creatives and others can sell their images, animations, model, backgrounds, songs, voices samples for people to buy and use within the software. I would also say that in the Credits add these people who contributed and ideally get residuals (if in future it becomes a way of developing shows and movies) which with the software which could be done by tagging in frames you can get % based statistics out of the whole episode/movie of their contribution (Ie in the anime Niko's green screen portraits made a character that got used 37% of the time out of the 16:05mins then he could get a good chuck of residuals).

  • Beregond
    Beregond Hace un mes

    Just wanted to praise Jordan for his interpretation, every time I saw scene with a soldier it cracked me up, they give me strong Monthy Python vibes 😂