VFX Artist Reveals the TRUE Scale of NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS

  • Publicado el 24 sep 2023
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    Wren uses VFX to show you the true size of nuclear explosions as well as their destructive potential.
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    Thanks to Jason Key and Daniël van der Kaaden from JangaFX for their help with the vfx shots.
    Check out Atomcentral.com for archival nuke footage.
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    Chapters ►
    00:00 What Actually Happens in a Nuclear Explosion?
    01:17 Science Behind the Explosion
    02:55 How do Nukes "Hit Different"?
    04:24 Measuring a Nuclear Explosion
    05:21 Sequence of a Nuclear Explosion
    07:59 Bigger and Bigger Bombs
    10:12 Mutually Assured Destruction
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  • Tortuex
    Tortuex Hace 22 días +17412

    I like how "that would be too expensive" is the only reason seemingly preventing Wren from detonating a nuclear bomb in LS

    • warzed
      warzed Hace 22 días +304

      Its called sarcastic humor

    • Ben Jiles
      Ben Jiles Hace 22 días +442

      😂 lol our man didn’t blink at the thought of instantly incinerating millions of people… just had a problem with cost haha

    • Gabriel Telmo
      Gabriel Telmo Hace 22 días +51

      i was about to say that! 😂

    • The COVID-19 Coronavirus
      The COVID-19 Coronavirus Hace 22 días +516

      In Los Santos huh

    • The COVID-19 Coronavirus
      The COVID-19 Coronavirus Hace 22 días +148

      Trevor wouldn’t hesitate

  • Ben
    Ben Hace 13 días +468

    Would you all create a similar recreation for what could happen if Yellowstone decides to "pop?"
    That would be huge.

    • Sigma_Wolf
      Sigma_Wolf Hace 13 días +5

      West coast would be gone

    • Xellwrath
      Xellwrath Hace 12 días +27

      Well, if worst comes to worst, it has been predicted that it can cause damage similar to The Rock™ that perma banned the dinosaurs.

    • Karsen Keith
      Karsen Keith Hace 11 días +3

      @Sigma_Wolf minus the Yellowstone region and every state directly around it, the East Coast would arguably fare worse

    • Black Iron Tarkus
      Black Iron Tarkus Hace 11 días +3

      We could just use a bunch of helicopters to pour water, dry ice, and stuff inside fire extinguishers all over the volcano. The volcano wouldn’t last more than 2 hours.

    • Milke
      Milke Hace 11 días +15

      ​@Black Iron TarkusI don't think that you know what Yellowstone really is...

  • Zachary Kuran
    Zachary Kuran Hace 14 días +279

    Seeing the kiddo in the rubble of Hiroshima... It's tough to put into words how terrible the power of a nuke is until you really get close to the individuals affected by it, so I'm really grateful Wren was willing to let this be more than just educational. Great video as always Corridor Crew.

    • Aesop531
      Aesop531 Hace 11 días +5

      I was silenced after reading "Hiroshima Diary." Good, sobering book.

    • seva
      seva Hace 11 días +3

      The photographer: “Okay… that’s good, wait no, a little to the left please. Never mind, here let me just…. ah. That’s perfect, this will show them.”

    • Aditya Negi
      Aditya Negi Hace 11 días +7

      it doesn't matter what people personally think of Japan regarding their warcrimes in Nanjing. The fact that civilians had to deal with the most of the conflict is really sad. Entire cities got destroyed, even if its only a 100 thousand deaths, that's still millions more in grief and pain of their loved ones passing.

    • ReesePaints
      ReesePaints Hace 11 días +2

      I know its not exactly the Hiroshima explosion, but that photo just reminds me of Grave of the Fireflies, which for your emotional sake, you shouldn't watch without a bunch of tissues and a bottle of water.
      For an actual rendition of a nuclear explosion, I suggest Barefoot Gen :)

    • Muffin Lion
      Muffin Lion Hace 11 días +1

      They should of bombed unit 731 instead.

  • Birdieupon
    Birdieupon Hace 9 días +96

    THIS is what makes the Corridor Crew so good at what they do - they actually take the time and care to study in detail what the real world is like!

    • calgar
      calgar Hace 4 días +1

      lol 650 B83 is not nearly enough ! actually you d need triple that amount to insure total destruction of both China and Russia if you want to minimize counterfire casualties you use two of them to destroy a single russian silo !
      The video was kinda meh !

    • Svarog
      Svarog Hace 2 horas

      @calgar you are the reason we got war, dont forget that in history only the u.s actually used nukes.
      Oh and in u.s war doctrine you can you nukes preemptively unlike russia and china that use it as last resort for defense, yea let it sink in.
      And before you blame me for rusbot etc, im Ukranian.

  • HughRamsey
    HughRamsey Hace 10 días +47

    This is such a difficult topic that you easily could have covered in such a way that it caused an uproar. However, you handled it with class, curiosity, and humility. Well done, fellas.

    • calgar
      calgar Hace 4 días

      We need more nukes not less :)

    • geno
      geno Hace 4 días

      @calgarnukes of love you mean

    • calgar
      calgar Hace 4 días

      @geno nono good modern thermonuclear warheads ,the kind that vaporize your carbon content on the wall behind you before it blows up !

    • geno
      geno Hace 4 días

      @calgar nooo no.. no more plz no more. No lemon fresh

  • Alex Wellerstein
    Alex Wellerstein Hace 5 días +44

    Ren, thanks so much for the NUKEMAP shout out. Trying to give that sense of scale was why I created it and why I continue to work on and improve it. I’m glad you found it useful and I was fascinated to see how the CC would approach modeling a nuclear detonation. I've learned a lot from this channel over the years and I'm glad I could "give back," in a way. (I put off watching this for two weeks because I couldn't bear the idea of getting annoyed with you if you did anything I really didn't think was correct, but all of my critiques ended up being in the category of "fairly minor nitpicks" in the end.)

    • MoneyMole.Mp4
      MoneyMole.Mp4 Hace 4 días +2

      Wow i recognize that name anywhere, your site really made me realize how powerful nukes are many years ago

    • Nautilus Guitars
      Nautilus Guitars Hace 3 días +1

      Great work! Me and my son have used it to try to visualize the consequences of nuclear war, and it really put it into context for us. It's certainly a great tool that I hope more people take a look at.

    • Kidz Bop 38 is Straight FIRE!!
      Kidz Bop 38 is Straight FIRE!! Hace un día

      Nope, I was the one who created NukeMap...stop trying to steal my credit.

    • Mike Gersh
      Mike Gersh Hace un día

      It’s a great piece of software! I live in NYC and have used to determine how survivable my home’s location is if the city was hit.

  • Mrminifigure
    Mrminifigure Hace 22 días +5510

    VFX artist reveals is honestly my favorite series on this channel

    • HISHAM A.N
      HISHAM A.N Hace 22 días +51

      Agreed! Love the way Wren explains stuff

    • mjaned0528
      mjaned0528 Hace 22 días +28

      it’s literally the reason im subbed to this channel

    • MagnitudePerson
      MagnitudePerson Hace 22 días +7

      hell its my fav channel on youtube

    • Evan Hunt
      Evan Hunt Hace 22 días +2

      on youtube!

    • lolz
      lolz Hace 22 días +9

      It’s like education done right.

  • DLGunn
    DLGunn Hace 15 días +87

    Wren is a really good presenter. I could easily see him doing a regular science broadcast.

    • Wandr3r
      Wandr3r Hace 13 días

      Totally. I don't think he even realizes how good is on camera.

    • geno
      geno Hace 4 días

      Really channeling his inner bill nye !

  • Nii Amart
    Nii Amart Hace 11 días +26

    Wren's videos are the best on this channel. This video was really educative & touching at the same. You can tell a lot of work goes into making these videos & it's much appreciated.

    • Avi Stryfe
      Avi Stryfe Hace 11 días +1

      I agree. But falling in love with people on random videos is not the way.

    • Nii Amart
      Nii Amart Hace 11 días

      @Avi Stryfe falling in love? What are you on about? 🤣 Can't appreciate his hardwork anymore? Cmon bro

    • Avi Stryfe
      Avi Stryfe Hace 10 días

      @Nii Amart appreciation and most people just being generally creepy to strangers these days online are 2 different things. Dont worry tho, its not just you.

  • Jeff Thein
    Jeff Thein Hace 11 días +59

    You are an extraordinary storyteller. This is so well-done in terms of its visual and informative value -- a viewer cannot walk away unmoved in some way by your compelling and original style. Keep up the great work, and let's pray we never see another nuclear explosion used against any human being. We have come too far as a species to not work together to begin solving tomorrow's problems from this point forward.

  • James Bowling
    James Bowling Hace 15 días +42

    we're closer to something like this happening than we've ever been in my life time. its hard to imagine how ppl who lived during the time these bombs where being used felt. hope we never have to experience it.

    • Ethnos Unlimited
      Ethnos Unlimited Hace 12 días +1

      If putin further loses his marbles and knows he is dying.. Oh yah... It's gonna go down

  • Subramanian Viswanathan

    You are very good at what you do man! Keep it up

  • cobblerama
    cobblerama Hace 20 días +1680

    I'm older and grew up in a time when nuclear war was a very real possibility. Glad you took this topic seriously. Younger generations need to understand the impact, horror and outright futility of this madness.

    • MindofMadness
      MindofMadness Hace 19 días +17

      Duck! and Cover! [[abd kiss your butt Goodby]] Even in the Diesr Grade I knew crawling under my desk wasn't gonna work.

    • The SaddestDude
      The SaddestDude Hace 19 días +92

      It has become very real again since the war in Europe started

    • Yurei Otokonoko
      Yurei Otokonoko Hace 19 días +10

      Ok boomer

    • Ashkan gh
      Ashkan gh Hace 19 días +17

      @MindofMadness if you are far enough to not get most your skin instantly burned off and your eyes aren't blind and have enough time to duck and cover, it will probably help

    • Happy John
      Happy John Hace 19 días +6

      That's the difference between the younger and older generations many of the younger generation see nukes and know we have not even reached a fraction of how powerful they can get simply because we stopped testing. Where you feel fear and existential dread we feel happiness and jubilation. Look at the power humanity wields and we haven't even started colonizing other worlds yet. Makes me feel like humanity can fight god and win.
      Makes me feel bored of human vs human wars we need to find something new and challenging to kill.

  • Thomas The Unknown
    Thomas The Unknown Hace 7 días +8

    Hi from 🇯🇵
    Thanks for making the video because I was born and raised in the prefecture right next to Hiroshima
    and since I was kid I heard and watched a lots of stories of the victims of the Day.
    It was really scary and still got me sort of trauma even though I am an adult.
    I believe giving people (especially in oversea) opportunities to imagine how nuclear weapon works and destroy our precious lives is very very needed now because it's no longer 0% possibility that Ukraine, Russia or any other major cities could be another Hiroshima.
    Anyway, Thanks for the video and I appreciate your activity.
    Let the world more peaceful and comfortable with our creativity together ☺

  • Rocket Man 🚀 🌎
    Rocket Man 🚀 🌎 Hace 8 días +2

    Incredible video man. It made me laugh, it made me think and it made me wanna cry over the lives lost. You’ve earned a sub.

  • Dwight Gaston
    Dwight Gaston Hace 6 días

    That was one of the best - intellectually and emotionally engaging - videos you have ever produced. Bravo!

  • Shane Tate
    Shane Tate Hace 16 días +25

    Thanks for discussing the reality of this science. To many people skip over the tremendous loss off life when discussing these weapons. Oppenheimer would be proud.

    • David Macmillan
      David Macmillan Hace 15 días

      Oppenheimer? Oppenheimer just loved this stuff...he wanted to Nuke Germany as well as Japan.. Lise Meitner was an admirable scientist...Oppenheimer a ghoul

    • Shane Tate
      Shane Tate Hace 15 días +1

      @David Macmillan I was referring to his famous quote "Now I Am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds" and to put in context this was said after witnessing the first nuclear explosion. I didn't know the man so I don't feel comfortable assuming his intensions. I would imagine it would have weighed heavily on anyone in his shoes. As for bombing Germany, if you think about the slaughter that took place at the hands of Hitler and the fact that Oppenheimer's family was of Jewish decent, it would make sense he would think that.

  • Jamie Robertson
    Jamie Robertson Hace un día

    Great content! Great delivery! We definitely don’t need any nuke of any size going off anywhere

  • MW Rodgers
    MW Rodgers Hace 21 un día +1424

    I met a survivor of the atomic blast in Hiroshima. She was working underground at an ammo factory, less than 1000m from the epicenter. She spent two years in a hospital recovering and still has the radiation burns on her arms (called keloids). Every couple of years, her white blood cells would spike up to really high levels and she would get quite ill. Strangely, her daughter had a similar white blood cell spike every couple of years. Later, when I visited Hiroshima and looked at the shadows of people burned into stone and concrete, it really altered my world view.

    • Zevin
      Zevin Hace 21 un día +249

      What really shook me as a history student was learning that the Japanese were already trying to negotiate a surrender prior to the bombings. One of the only conditions they had was the emperor remain alive and in power. The US refused, saying unconditional surrender only. Yet in the end we let the emperor remain in power anyway.. However it's actually worse than that..
      Even if no nuclear weapons were invented at all Japan was never going to be the massive bloodbath for the American military the way it was played up to be. The Soviet Union was already preparing a invasion of the main islands from the north and just prior to the bombs had steamrolled through Manchuria with some elite Soviet divisions. So it's pretty widely debated today that the real reason for the bombings were to demonstrate to the Soviets and the world that we were the pre emanate global power while also forcing the issue with Japan, preventing a north south split of Japan like just happened in east/west Germany. With those facts considered the bombing of civilian cities was one of the greatest crimes in history, and wasn't just a means to a end played off as saving lives and forcing the "fanatical" Japanese to surrender.
      People of my parents generation completely bought in to the taught narrative, that while it was terrible potentially many more people would have died in a grueling terrible ground war in Japan. Of course this is what was taught in grade school, and it's the narrative every TV news station broadcast (what few TV and radio stations there were back then) and coming from a atmosphere of celebration at defeating Germany it's a hard pill to swallow that we would do something fundamentally wrong, immoral, a massive war crime. We were the good guys after all right? Any debate of the issue was taboo, it was for decades a settled matter, but unfortunately history isn't so simple, and often has a very dark underbelly that is ignored. “History is Written by Victors.” after all.

    • Jeff Barber
      Jeff Barber Hace 21 un día +55

      @Zevin This is the absolute best/worst example of history being written by the victors and I can well believe it. After all, that is exactly what we have learned Vietnam was about as well.
      I don't mind admitting that my parents, who lived through WW2 in the UK (one as a child who lived in London through the Blitz and my father who was a navigator on Lancaster Bombers in the Air Force), brought me up with the understanding that "The Japanese were horrific to people during WW2", and being a young child, I accepted this as a fact until I got old enough to question things and motivations. Had I not rejected this stuff at face value and built my own opinions on what I have researched and learned about, I would probably have grown up in ignorance and developed the exact same institutionalized racist ideology that they and a vast portion of our society have today. Thats the scary bit right there....

    • SunnySzeto
      SunnySzeto Hace 21 un día +40

      @Jeff Barber do you know nanjing massacre?

  • Michael Lawler
    Michael Lawler Hace 16 días +10

    Fun video! Also TNT is one of a few grenade fillers. The common one in US grenades is comp B for fragmentation grenades.

    • Patrick Norton
      Patrick Norton Hace 13 días +2

      Which is about 40% TNT, and the rest RDX and a little wax (according to Wikipedia).

    • Believer 7207
      Believer 7207 Hace 8 días

      Comp B contains TnT

  • Simonnice
    Simonnice Hace 5 días

    This was an amazing presentation. I love the serious tone and the professional approach!

  • Cuplex
    Cuplex Hace un día

    Great video, not only showing the visuals and physics, but also the insanely brutal nature of thermonuclear weapons being used.

  • Ari Cohen
    Ari Cohen Hace 13 días +4

    I've seen tons of nuke videos, but ths is by far the best one. I love how you get into the science and human life cost to balance the entertainment and wow-factor of the explosive power. Well done!

  • Stephen
    Stephen Hace 8 días +3

    Wren being the indie-VFX Earth version of Cosmos is awesome. Keep these up!

  • TayZonday
    TayZonday Hace 22 días +682

    I was standing at the wisdom tree in Griffith Park and realized I’d get 3rd degree burns (through every layer of skin) if a 5 megaton nuke hit downtown LA six miles away.
    China still has a few 5 megaton warheads on its old DF5 ICBMs, though those are being replaced by the newer DF-41 which likely has a few 150 kiloton MIRVs with many decoys.

    • ScoutiverTTV
      ScoutiverTTV Hace 22 días +9

      Unless 1 single building stands between you and the bomb.

    • Dun Dun
      Dun Dun Hace 22 días +7

      Dude how are you this cool?

    • TayZonday
      TayZonday Hace 22 días +60

      @ScoutiverTTV The Wisdom Tree has a clear view of downtown LA and a warhead comes in at 17,000mph, then air-bursts around 2,000 feet. The kinetic blast of the shockwave *might* make me go deaf or blow my flesh off my skeleton six miles away, even if I’m not instantly burned.

    • anrealnub
      anrealnub Hace 22 días +1

      @TayZondaywhat if you were in a building??

    • Living Glowstick
      Living Glowstick Hace 22 días +21

      ​@anrealnubyou would become a pancake a very messy one

    FSAPO Hace 15 días +4

    The one major thing I hate about nuclear explosions in movies, even in documentaries where they dub audio over real test footage, is that you hear the explosion the exact same time you see the flash. You don't hear the explosion until the shockwave hits, which is often minutes later.

  • FletchWhipp
    FletchWhipp Hace 6 días

    This is n absolutely top tier video. Videography, graphics, narration & challenging the viewer as well as educating A+

  • Zeeft-p
    Zeeft-p Hace 12 días +3

    I love the fact that after showing us just how great the magnitude of destruction these nukes create you still have the hope and encourage us to put aside our differences and love each other. I hope others will be touched like me.

  • The O'Dale
    The O'Dale Hace 6 días

    Wren might be the single person on youtube that makes me watch it all, not skipping anything. That's rare

  • Tommy P.
    Tommy P. Hace 8 horas

    Wren should become the new "science guy" for the young generation! Needs a show on national television!

  • ForeverRanger 91
    ForeverRanger 91 Hace 20 días +638

    This video series should be used in classes because they make learning stuff like this fun all the while keeping the seriousness of it.

    • j8rr3tt
      j8rr3tt Hace 18 días +12

      Reminds of watching Bill Nye the science guy in elementary school!

    • master hacker
      master hacker Hace 18 días +4

      Except that detonating a ground burst nuclear weapon like he did in a city would do way less than his did as loads of the energy is eaten by the ground as well as a good amount of the energy is straight up absorbed by the concrete and steel buildings.

    • Ramen
      Ramen Hace 17 días +3

      @master hackeralthough ground bursts create much worse nuclear fallout, that’s why Japan was able to rebuild so fast after they were nuked because it was an air burst, meanwhile Chernobyl will be uninhabitable for an estimated 20,000 years or something like that

    • Isaiah
      Isaiah Hace 17 días

      @Ramenyeah but chernobyl wasnt a nuke it was a nuclear meltdown which releases more radiation then a nuke would

    • Ramen
      Ramen Hace 17 días

      @Isaiah yah your right, but still, a ground explosion is still at least worse nuclear fallout wise

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson Hace 13 días +8

    As a kid growing up in the 80s, the threat of nuclear war was an every day consideration. Looking back it’s crazy to think how it was just accepted that at any moment we might hear the 4 minute warning and be moments away from obliteration.

    • Biden_is_demented!
      Biden_is_demented! Hace 12 días +1

      I´m literally waiting for WW3 to start, just so i can unleash my interpretation of Charlton Heston´s "Planet of the Apes" ending line: "Oh you maniacs!! You blew it up!! Damn you... Damn you all to hell!"
      And we´re not too far from it. Sleepy Joe wants to go out with a bang. So i fart in his general direction! And sometimes what comes out is not gas, but he can have all of it!

    • Angel9932
      Angel9932 Hace 3 días +1

      Another 80s kid here. It is hard to explain what what living during that time was like to younger people. It wasn't something you ever forgot about but tried your best to do. To this day I hope that I'm underneath one of these bombs if a nuclear exchange happens so I don't have to live through the aftermath.

  • ronnie cochran
    ronnie cochran Hace un día

    My father in law worked for EG&G as a thermal effects engineer on all the shots in the Marshall Islands. The one thing he said he would never forget is the heat. From 30 miles away it felt like a hot hair dryer constantly blowing on your skin. For 10 minutes. I have all his films and some of those shot were way bigger than we were told. The trinity shot was 5 kt more than the original yield estimate, the bravo shot is being investigated now and the early estimate is 17.3 megatons

  • Hunter Hill
    Hunter Hill Hace 10 días

    I have been watching Corridor for almost over decade and this was the first time Wren almost made me whimper in fear. gg my guy.

  • Meothe
    Meothe Hace 15 días +1

    I appreciated how they all took this seriously, and how they reflected on the true horrors of nuclear weapons.

  • Paulo Lamar
    Paulo Lamar Hace 13 días +7

    Wren, your sensible touch on even bleak topics as this does not go unseen. You make a difference!

  • Soma Szebellédi
    Soma Szebellédi Hace 21 un día +440

    I adore that you didn't skimp out on the gritty reality of nukes and their real life toll. I have tremendous respect for you Wren.

  • Knightmare
    Knightmare Hace 9 días

    This was wonderfully done, and way more moving that I thought it would be. Well done.

  • Raistlarn
    Raistlarn Hace 15 días +7

    I've watched a ton of Kyle Hills videos and this stands up there with the best of them. It even stands above most of the best due to the details showing the actual size of these explosions.

  • pillarofdawn
    pillarofdawn Hace 12 días +2

    Tsar Bomba was initially planned to have a yield of 100MT instead of the 57MT it ended up yielding. However they didn't follow through with the 100MT yield as they feared it would cover the majority of the northern Soviet Union in fallout.

  • Ben Meredith
    Ben Meredith  Hace 15 días +2

    This was really different and cool - thanks team! Emotional, informative, loved it.

  • nathan bolton
    nathan bolton Hace 7 días

    This is why Oppenheimer had all the weight of the world on him. Once it was successfully tested, he knew the implications it would have.

  • Sandeep Sarkar
    Sandeep Sarkar Hace 22 días +588

    To Corridor, I would like to let you guys know that this is the best and most educational and entertaining series that you have created. Ofcourse the biggest applause goes to Wren who makes these awesome videos one after one with such beautiful VFX and overall presentation with the sounds and a genuinely great script that it clearly shows how amazing he is as an artist as well as a member of this channel. I know just like me many of the audience are excited all the time for this series and click on these videos without wasting a single second after getting a notification. I congratulate you guys for this feat and wish you carry on this series as long as u can. Love from one of your long time subscribers.

    • Semper Velox
      Semper Velox Hace 22 días +2

      ⁠@art's truthI’m not sure but I’m guessing the camera was far enough away from the explosion with a huge zoom lens and fixed on a tripod or something, at least for the bus shot that could be an option. The following shot of the buildings could be vfx based on the other shots.

    • qwqeqrqtqz
      qwqeqrqtqz Hace 22 días +2

      The footage shows the effect of the light hitting paint. The cameras would obviously be shielded from behind and are recording away from the direction of the light. They would not be directly affected. They were most likely inside some sort of fortified container to withstand the shockwave after.

    • Chris Langley
      Chris Langley Hace 22 días +3

      ​@art's truthhe literally explained that the effect u see happens when the light from the blast directly touches something. By setting up a camera behind a shield of some kind, it would not be directly affected by this heat.

    • Jesse Green
      Jesse Green Hace 22 días +4

      They’re buried underground in containers and use mirrors to capture the footage. The camera is a rapatronic camera that is pretty amazing.

  • Byren Walker
    Byren Walker Hace 12 días

    Crazy when you remember the tsar bomba was going to be double the size it was, unimaginable destruction

  • Gabs A
    Gabs A Hace 8 días

    Thank you Wren for the video and the perspective. As usual your explanation videos are awesome.

  • Odds and Windsocks
    Odds and Windsocks Hace un día

    Really enjoyable content. I heard that the SARS bomb would have blown windows out over 500 miles away.

  • KpZ -
    KpZ - Hace 14 días +1

    Loved your dynamics throughout the video, serious and humor. Nice video :)

  • SunuvaMitch
    SunuvaMitch Hace 11 días +1

    It’s a horrifying thought that we have so many weapons that can cause so much death and destruction out there.

  • Chris Hilton
    Chris Hilton Hace 22 días +655

    This video seriously hit different. It went from fun exploding things to the reality of war so quick and so expertly handled. Stuff like this really makes you think about the state of humanity sometimes

    • Akhil TRC
      Akhil TRC Hace 22 días +10

      When his face went dull from calculating the casualties from the bomb simulator, 3mil dead at the push of one button, n there r 650 of them in the US alone. Has Science gone too far?

    • Penny Lane
      Penny Lane Hace 22 días +7

      I dunno, it felt like a bit of an afterthought given that the video then ends on "hey, you found those explosions _cool?_ Wanna explode your own cities?"

    • Skepticalbadger
      Skepticalbadger Hace 21 un día +1

      Yep. Obligatory sad face.@Penny Lane

    • King Burgers
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    • john doe
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    • JesseArt
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      @john doe pointing out that one horrific act was indeed horrific does not excuse others from also being horrific. A war crime or crime against humanity is exactly that. Japan has a long and violent history, much of which they still have yet to truly address in meaningful ways. And the same is very true of the United States, both domestically and internationally. By the time the US dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan's navy and air power had already been decimated. In Operation Meetinghouse six months prior, the US firebombed Tokyo in what remains today to be the most destructive bombing raid in human history (yes, more than Dresden) killing estimates that range from 100-200 thousand mostly civilians and displacing over a million (although, some historians claim the death toll was severely underreported as the numbers didn't reflect the real world population density at the time). My point is that we should NEVER separate the science, the strategy, the politics, etc. from the death tolls, no matter the actors involved. Japan must come to terms with its history. I'm an American, and I think it's important that we stop perpetuating our own myths to justify our actions. It's debatable whether or not dropping the bombs was actually necessary. The excuse we use to justify it was a hypothetical about the costs of conducting a land invasion of the main Island. An objective truth is that the act was absolutely a geopolitical show of force establishing the first world superpower in the face of potential Soviet expansionism, who we knew was also developing the same technology at the time. In geopolitics, it's never just as simple as "It'll save Americans lives". That's just the propaganda campaign delivered to the public to justify mass killings.

    • Dr. Spatula
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