VFX Reveal Before & After - Anime Rock, Paper, Scissors 2

  • Publicado el 15 ago 2023
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    VFX Reveal the Before & After Side-by-Side of How we Took Greenscreen Footage and Turned it into a Cartoon.
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Comentarios • 0

  • Kill Me
    Kill Me Hace un mes +1435

    Can’t believe Sam went full method acting for this role he looks like an absolute behemoth

    • Yori_Sounai
      Yori_Sounai Hace un mes +42

      He looks so cold too that custome is awesome

    • Shaquille As
      Shaquille As Hace un mes +12

      Sam costume in that is awesome...

    • Calvin Hu
      Calvin Hu Hace un mes +42

      I don't think he was acting i feel like we are finally seeing the true Sam.

    • nohjrd
      nohjrd Hace un mes +9

      I have to get myself one of those hats.

    • 28th St. Air
      28th St. Air Hace un mes +5

      And those were his real abs. What a beast. 😊

  • Coffeezilla
    Coffeezilla Hace un mes +535

    This is next level. Congratulations on pushing VFX yet again guys!

    • DuskGuy
      DuskGuy Hace un mes +9

      From the man with one of the coolest sets I've seen from a creator!

    • Toxic Aristotle
      Toxic Aristotle Hace un mes +11

      Wait wtf. This is some weird crossover

    • Connor Hammond
      Connor Hammond Hace un mes +5

      Huh, I was wondering how you made such a sick ten million dollar studio. It all makes sense, now!
      Love your work, Mr Zilla

    • Lethal Lohn
      Lethal Lohn Hace un mes +1

      @Connor Hammond He must be a Corridor Digital Troop

  • Marcus Smithereens-Smitherton

    It would be cool to see you guys remake this in a few years using the same source materials! I'm sure the tech will improve so much by then!!

    • Marcus
      Marcus Hace un mes +57

      I mean they could simply make new episodes too, like have it be the next generation, after all one of them has a child already and if the other has one as well, maybe revealed in an after credit scene, the circle could continue.

    • Marcus Smithereens-Smitherton
      Marcus Smithereens-Smitherton Hace un mes +29

      @Marcus well yeah, they certainly will, but it would be cool to also see a 1:1 comparison shot for shot!

      ADDADHDOCD3PO Hace un mes +1

      Technology isn't going to suddenly make it better. What are you gonna do.. implement AI and remove the human element?

    • Marcus
      Marcus Hace un mes +2

      @ADDADHDOCD3PO Well, artificial actors might be a thing. Like have an AI for the screenplay, have an AI for the scenery from the descriptions in the screenplay, have an AI generate the characters with the same setting, have AI voices...yup from the descriptions...
      Though it likely would lack the human element of quality control, though with advanced enough parameters AI might get something done as well... like for continuity of eye colors (or other features) if they have a "memory" storage ready where the different AI's would draw from for consistency.
      Or the anti-"stutter" feature might be some autodetection of color changings inside elements, so it would act on "stuttering" but be fine with transitions to shadows or the reverse by introducing a light source.
      Basically it's just a lot of work but shouldn't be impossible, likely will be a work in progress for X amount of time too as an algorithm or any program for that matter would only do what one tells it to do so figuring and experiencing the individual parameters is a big step.

    • Splooshie
      Splooshie Hace un mes +13

      @ADDADHDOCD3PO There's still tons of issues with faces in wide shots, which can be solved by using a larger resolution than what's currently possible. So yes, technology will absolutely make it better

  • Xavier Sweet
    Xavier Sweet Hace un mes +1722

    Gotta love Jordan posing for the butler, probably one of the funniest parts of seeing the non vfx version

  • Moose
    Moose Hace un mes +34

    Bro this came out amazing! ❤

  • Israel
    Israel Hace un mes +583

    What I'm far more impressed by is making basic 3d elements look like hand drawn anime. That rabbit man...

    • JFlint GAMING
      JFlint GAMING Hace un mes +21

      also the "fathers grave" scene!

    • honduraseselmejor1
      honduraseselmejor1 Hace un mes +21

      I think they mentioned almost every background was made in Unreal Engine by Sam and then made with the AI in the anime's art style. Pretty bonkers!

    • Hahn95
      Hahn95 Hace un mes +6

      I wonder what it would look like if they used that one software that can turn them into 3d models, make an animation with those models in 3d, and then plug that into the ai software to make it a 2d animation.

    • Beasticle
      Beasticle Hace un mes +8

      Dude I'm glad someone else mentioned it, even with certain elements not being perfected still, the rabbit was actually super well done and could convince someone it was hand-animated. Speaking of, I saw this dude who I think would be excellent to review on VFX Artists React, he goes by Eagan Tilghman, and he recently did a stop-motion Scooby Doo episode that you would swear was done by hand, but was actually entirely done in Blender. Definitely worth a watch if you're a fan of Corridor.

    • PlanetMusk Vlog
      PlanetMusk Vlog Hace un mes

      Good point! And the skeleton demon!

  • TheRealAlpha2
    TheRealAlpha2 Hace un mes +218

    I love how you can still See King Sam's real beard under the fake one even in the animation. Also the fact that so many of the dynamic camera moves are done in live action is incredibly impressive.

    • Deliveredmean42
      Deliveredmean42 Hace un mes +2

      Tho makes us wonder why king Sam still has a white hair 30 years ago. Could have done with a bit of touch up in that regard.

    • A Glok 3000
      A Glok 3000 Hace un mes +4

      I saw this too but its CANNON

    • Beans and Rice
      Beans and Rice Hace un mes

      @Deliveredmean42 because he's still in his 60s when we see him in the flashback, ARPS2 starts in a flashback before the boys were young adults, so the king was probably in his 60s in the flashback whereas when the king recently died, he was in his 80s

    • Ghost De Razgriz
      Ghost De Razgriz Hace 12 días

      Well that was the point.
      They wanted to "film" an anime.

  • VIC eJay
    VIC eJay Hace un mes +336

    As a former Disney Animator myself, I trully believe you guys have made a huge achievement in opening up the possibility of animation to future artists and this piece is way to underrated and deserves far more exposure then it's been getting. We need to get this short to a million views ASAP

    • RoriCuteness
      RoriCuteness Hace un mes +13

      don't fool anyone, 30 seconds is rotoscoping and the rest 16 minutes of stolen art using AI, had to retouch and still it's Trash, they despise their own work as VFX for using AI..

    • Kobus Downey
      Kobus Downey Hace un mes +45

      ​@RoriCutenessIts just a tool. You are just like those old school a animators who despised those who used 3D animation tools...
      Its the future m8...

    • Jonathan Cullis
      Jonathan Cullis Hace un mes +6

      not sure this counts as animation

    • Kobus Downey
      Kobus Downey Hace un mes +16

      @Jonathan Cullis well, the scenes were compiled as traditional animation is compiled, the only difference here is no-one did any drawing other than the artist who the AI was trained on

    • Amédée Boulette
      Amédée Boulette Hace un mes +32

      @Kobus Downeyyou clearly have not watch the part where they explain they hired an animator to train the AI on his style 😂😂

  • RavTokomi
    RavTokomi Hace un mes +127

    I thought Sam's muscles were all done by the AI, seeing that cartoonish muscle suit is just perfectly hilarious.

  • Musachi
    Musachi Hace un mes +216

    The writing is that good and so on point that I am just as engrossed watching it broken down as I was watching the finished product. A testament to the brilliance behind what you all do. Amazing.

  • Jordan Woods
    Jordan Woods Hace un mes +176

    7:55 😂😂😂 Dean’s acting is incredibly over the top and I’m so here for it. All of you guys did an amazing job.

    • MD
      MD Hace un mes +8

      They have to overact for the AI to pick up the mouth movement. Especially since they're using a morpher now.

    • Siberius
      Siberius Hace un mes +4

      @MD - Though even if the AI or whatever COULD pick it all up, he would still act it out the same, since that's how anime be.
      The real life performance was much better than the animated side in this scene lol.

    • Optimusprime809
      Optimusprime809 Hace un mes

      Bro really said 😀😬😀😬😀😬

  • Creative Raijin
    Creative Raijin Hace un mes +96

    The voice acting, the animation, the music, the effects, everything's so good! Gotta love the storytelling...

  • Dremth
    Dremth Hace un mes +24

    The tech is cool, but this is by far the best acted, directed, written, and produced thing you guys have ever done. The cinematography is truly great. The sound design is invisible, as all good sound design should be. The music fits perfectly. I mean, even the costumes are next level. It's clear you all spared no expense, and we're all totally here for it.

  • Connor Hammond
    Connor Hammond Hace un mes +22

    Every time Sam's marching music starts, I can't help but laugh. The ridiculous premise of his character's powers, his walk, his voice, and the stupid hat. My god, I adore your creativity and humour.

  • Jordan Woods
    Jordan Woods Hace un mes +125

    Had to comment again. This is quite possibly the coolest thing you guys have done. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue! You guys are true VFX pioneers.
    Also, I love how in the other way”making of” video, you shout out to all the people who helped you along the way, and showed that there’s not really an a.i. “button” to do all this. It really takes a lot of creativity and skills to make something this great, and the a.i. tools just magnify your creativity.

  • Ami Agisi
    Ami Agisi Hace un mes +21

    10:32 this is probably one of the best rendered shots in the whole thing. Philip's face was so consistent, it pulled off the animation effect really well.

  • PhoutianPhill
    PhoutianPhill Hace un mes +39

    The treadmill helps so much.
    In the first it was jarring to see characters walk in place but move across the screen, your body doesn't go through the same movement.

  • Kernyboy Draws
    Kernyboy Draws Hace un mes +184

    beyond impressive. really consider making this a series.

    • Abject Permanence
      Abject Permanence Hace un mes +3

      I think I'd rather see them apply this methodology toward an original film if we're fantasizing about the possibilities. They've crushed the anime parody angle already, but they're still barely scratching the surface of potential for this style of animation.

    • Kin the *****
      Kin the ***** Hace un mes +5

      @Abject Permanence When you consider how much the bts changed between the first and second Anime RPS, I think it's worth putting more time into furthering it as a short series just to get the style down properly before moving onto something intended to be serious.

    • Deddrz
      Deddrz Hace un mes +1

      ​@Abject Permanenceidk if I'd say scratching the surface, I mean with each of the episodes they've done so far they have basically been at the cutting edge of their abilities with this tech so far. And they can explore it further without making a longer short film, infact being based on episodes allows them to further inprove it without being locked onto using old software until the projecr is finished, but be able to use any new tool that comes out as they make new episodes

    • Nicholas James
      Nicholas James Hace un mes

      Too late!

    • BritBox
      BritBox Hace un mes

      @Abject Permanence Between this and last episode they had to completely change the work pipeline because of new tech. Between this and the next episode I guarantee we'll see something similar. Just keeping up with the methodology is hard enough, they aren't close to perfecting it.

  • Mark Arandjus
    Mark Arandjus Hace un mes +18

    Jordan's surprised anime face is just quality, even raw.

  • Karn
    Karn Hace un mes +14

    10:08 Jordan's ability to make grimaces is seriously AMAZING!

  • Artor
    Artor Hace un mes +23

    Props to Nico for making a tutorial so anyone with the skillz can make their own high-quality animation. This is an amazing use of Ai that is still artist-driven, and I'd like to see more of it.

  • DuskGuy
    DuskGuy Hace un mes +11

    I love how heavily they leaned into the anime style in the live action shots, like the dramatic slow mo when young Jules collapses from his chair or holding on a single frame when a character is in the middle of an intense action. They didn't shoot it like a live production, they shot it like an anime, which must've required a bit of a paradigm shift in how they approached those shots. Awesome work guys!

  • plixplop
    plixplop Hace un mes +12

    Sam's live action performance had me dying 😂
    Excellent work from everyone!

  • akumabito2008
    akumabito2008 Hace un mes +83

    The green screen performances are amazing!

    • Euan Smith
      Euan Smith Hace un mes +9

      The use of the treadmill for walking up hill gave me a real smile. So inventive.

    • Bobby Fischer
      Bobby Fischer Hace un mes +3

      @Euan SmithNot inventive lol. That’s been used in the film industry forever. These guys did crush it though.

  • Hein V
    Hein V Hace un mes +39

    1:26 I love how the processed image also has sam's original beard under the fake beard :D

    • JM
      JM Hace un mes +1

      loved that haha

    • TheExplodingChipmunk
      TheExplodingChipmunk Hace 22 días +1

      Same with all the guards being clones. Thats especially hilarious because changeing him up would probably have been relatively trivial. "We know we could have completly differnt looking guards all played by one actor, but that wouldn´t be funny."

  • Yossarian
    Yossarian Hace 24 días +2

    I think the most amazing thing about this is, early 2000s corridor was one of the trailblazers of adopting new technology in the youtube scene, and I love the brilliant silly VFX work you do... but this new direction is something else entirely!
    Y'all are hiring artists, investing in bigger projects than ever before, and scaling up the technology and applications into an entire new category of art. It feels like Rooster Teeth during their Monty Oum era all over again, and I'm simply overjoyed to be seeing this rebirth for your studio.
    I wish you the best of luck and will be watching with great interest.

  • A Glok 3000
    A Glok 3000 Hace un mes +6

    You can just tell this is Nico's passion project! Every crew member delivered on this and i absolutely love Sams Barbarian theme throughout as well as his voice automation! Gee WHIZZ well done to all involved!

    • A Glok 3000
      A Glok 3000 Hace un mes +2

      One punch man and the Vinland saga references were so well done!

  • Krimzon
    Krimzon Hace un mes +2

    Ivy's acting and facial expression is so good and funny. She is awesome.

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith Hace un mes +178

    The funny part with the hunt is that if Jules just explained the situation to the king, he probably would have gotten mad at Philip because he wouldn't want a selfish ruler for an heir 😂

    • John Donovan
      John Donovan Hace un mes +28

      You're right, but you underestimate the drive for a son to make his father proud, especially if he lacks confidence.

    • Pedro Gallon
      Pedro Gallon Hace un mes +18

      It truly is anime

    • Masa Maeda
      Masa Maeda Hace un mes

      I mean is it worse to be selfish or incompetent?

  • cheetahwithahat
    cheetahwithahat Hace un mes +6

    This is soo good, peak youtube content that will be someday end up in a museum. The exhibition called "the rise of AI art". I really think this (stable diffusion rotoscoping) at this level is a turning point for content to come. There will be soulless uses out there, but also empored, super creative artpieces like these that a whole audience loves :) keep it up

  • Mike Olsen
    Mike Olsen Hace un mes +1

    Dean is a national treasure and needs to be protected at all cost! Great video crew and I can’t wait for the next one!

  • Jose V
    Jose V Hace un mes +1

    This is so cool! Not only the technical side of it, but also the artistic side. The story is engrossing.
    13:00 Philip is surprisingly self-aware

  • Tatyanna Francis
    Tatyanna Francis Hace un mes +78

    The sequel left me with even more questions than the first but I love it

  • Derrick Kamphaus
    Derrick Kamphaus Hace 29 días

    It’s impressive how much their methods have improved since the first video. It still has ways to go but the difference between the two is staggering

  • RON_SR
    RON_SR Hace un mes +88

    I watched a video of Corridor from 4 years ago, one of the first VFX artists react, and its crazy how much they've grown and improved since

    • Jogwheel
      Jogwheel Hace un mes +15

      Imagine how much they've changed if you've been watching since 2010?

    • RON_SR
      RON_SR Hace un mes +7

      @Jogwheel yeah, I think I have watched some of their early video when I was younger. But I really started watching Corridor crew at I think the first artists react. That’s when I subbed

  • Nostalgia Unboxed
    Nostalgia Unboxed Hace un mes +3

    This is absolute perfection. Story, acting, editing, animation, all of it. Wow!

  • fearlessjoebanzai
    fearlessjoebanzai Hace un mes +17

    Incredible. You guys should be proud, not just of the excellence of the final product, but for holding true to beautiful values and sharing your knowledge freely.
    Kudos to you, it is humbling in many ways.

  • Opinionated Gamer
    Opinionated Gamer Hace un mes +21

    While the AI is really cool, the reason this is so good is because of the human element to it. Y'alls performances were so funny and well done and you can really see how they made the video in this comparison. Was a little sad to see that occasionally the ai lost some parts of your performance, sometimes giving the characters straight faces when in the video they had much better and exaggerated expressions, especially with nikos character although it still turned out great! I imagine this will get better as the ai and workflow are perfected.

    • RoriCuteness
      RoriCuteness Hace un mes

      AI still the same as 16 years ago..

    • Kobus Downey
      Kobus Downey Hace un mes +2

      ​@RoriCutenessAI has improved exponentially over the last two years. Things are progressing fast.

    • Deliveredmean42
      Deliveredmean42 Hace un mes +1

      ​@RoriCutenessa bit of over exaggerated. Given that this kind AI has only been recently implemented in a viable open source way 3 to 5 years ago.

    • Xenathewarrior83
      Xenathewarrior83 Hace 24 días +1

      ​@Deliveredmean42guys, no need reasoning with this guy - he's a troll)

  • Naud van Dalen
    Naud van Dalen Hace un mes +14

    It's awesome to see both versions at once!

  • Remy B
    Remy B Hace un mes +6

    I love the Original VS Processed, this just shows how much work goes into creating those short movies and also how good those guys are at acting and anything in between. Amazing work !

  • Splinks
    Splinks Hace un mes +13

    By any chance have you guys experimented with adding eyeliner and outlines to your face features in the original footage. I was thinking if you added eyeliner around your eyes it would give the AI an easier time on eliminating the eye flicker. You could also do this with the outline of your lip and mouth. And also adding a single line down the middle of your nose

    • Hahn95
      Hahn95 Hace un mes +3

      That would be very interesting to see. I bet they could easily put on the makeup, jump in front of the green screen, and record a couple quick shots just to see how it would turn out.

    • Abject Permanence
      Abject Permanence Hace un mes +2

      I had the same idea a long time ago for using EbSynth to make rotoscope animations, using makeup to create "anchors" in the live video for drawn details to "stick to" in the animation. Some tests were done and it helped a bit. I'm sure it could help with this type of rotoscopy too.

  • smashallpots
    smashallpots Hace un mes +10

    love seeing the goofy green screen shots this is truly art dont let anyone tell you otherwise

  • Kehinde Azeez Music
    Kehinde Azeez Music Hace un hora

    I absolutely love this. Thanks for doing this. Hopefully you do more videos like this.

  • anjARTS
    anjARTS Hace un mes

    All of your acting and face expressions are absolutely amazing, I love watching the real-life ones probably even more than the animated version!! So much talent and dedication! ❤ Also I didn't expect the camera movements to be that good irl. Really love this side-by-side concept. ❤
    All the small hair, body and lip movements in general were adapted well by the AI, I just didn't like the scene starting 7:55 because I thought the mouth looked too cartoony and not realistic. Now I found out it was actually acted that way! I know this kind of yelling was supposed to make the scene more dramatic, but I would've preferred it to be just yelled/said normally with natural lip movements. But anyways, absolutely amazing work! ❤❤❤

  • Brodie Eaton
    Brodie Eaton Hace un mes +1

    Looking at the episode on its own, naturally all you can really notice is the jank here and there, but the side-by-side really gives a whole new appreciation for how incredible this technology really is. Insane work and huge props to you guys for pulling this off so well

  • Allanon6666
    Allanon6666 Hace un mes +11

    I feel like the best version of this would involve actual artists doing a clean up pass, but this is still fantastic for what it is!

    • Niky Tamayo
      Niky Tamayo Hace un mes +3

      a clear demonstration, AI mistakes and all, of how the AI pass fits into an actual production workflow, allowing artists to work faster and to concentrate on concepts and clean up, rather than simply supplanting then, as many fear.

    • o Grande pensar
      o Grande pensar Hace 24 días +1

      ​@Niky Tamayono in the future only AI

  • Harshmoor
    Harshmoor Hace un mes +1

    This is amazing, I love the "life" of the characters. With this method, since you're using actual actors, you get movement in the characters that you dont get with a regularly drawn anime.
    Great stuff, I hope yall continue the journey.
    I think this is only an addition to the art, not a negative.

    • TheExplodingChipmunk
      TheExplodingChipmunk Hace 22 días

      But in contrast to cg animation based on motiontracking you also get the look of it actually being hand drawn. I can already see some really damn awesome stuff down the line. This is just scratching the surface.

  • minecrafter0505
    minecrafter0505 Hace un mes +15

    I'd love to see this pipeline applied to an unreal engine production (using photoscans and mocaps). I think that could be insane.

    • Josh Britain
      Josh Britain Hace un mes +5

      I'm pretty sure most of the backgrounds and scenes were done in unreal

    • J Ramseier
      J Ramseier Hace un mes +2

      the backgrounds are all(for the most part) unreal engine and sam worked on those

  • HeartOfFlame
    HeartOfFlame Hace un mes

    This is so awesome, cant wait to see how this develops more and more

  • Ian MacLellan
    Ian MacLellan Hace un mes

    From the two videos, I can see this working really well as a way of experimenting with doing a full animation like they did with a lot of the older Disney films mixing in live action footage as a base

  • Güber McSanchez
    Güber McSanchez Hace 22 días

    Really like the layout of the two screens diagonally. Fits nice without making you flick up and down.

  • BearFOXThirty
    BearFOXThirty Hace un mes +1

    Sam's barbarian king is an absolutely highlight! Fantastic staging and direction with those scenes

  • vanityaffection
    vanityaffection Hace un mes

    This is soo freakin awesome and well done! Very inspiring. Great work !

  • Mooody
    Mooody Hace un mes +253

    It's so funny how mad twitter is getting about Anime Rock, Paper, Scissors lmao

    • ImpCityAngel
      ImpCityAngel Hace un mes +42

      I'm just jealous of the barbarian king's eight-pack!

    • Fabián Jeldres Polanco
      Fabián Jeldres Polanco Hace un mes +43

      Twitter gets mad about everything

    • Mara
      Mara Hace un mes +3

      Artists on twitter*

    • Eftkud12345
      Eftkud12345 Hace un mes +5

      What is a twitter?

    • gorylek198
      gorylek198 Hace un mes +15

      Quoting Dave Chappelle - Twitter is not a real place. Nobody cares what they think.

  • The Gilded Edge
    The Gilded Edge Hace 9 días

    Thank you so much for making this, explaining how you did it and just being so creative. One of the best things I've ever seen. I just love this film and love you guys sooo much!! It's so entertaining, inspiring and you clearly are having so much fun it wonderful to see. Happy subscriber to your website to learn more. Thank you!!!

  • NamelessAlias 000
    NamelessAlias 000 Hace un mes +13

    Some pointers:
    * I think the end product would look better if the lighting in the source video was more diffuse. You can add the lighting back in via controlnet in a second step.
    * This might seem counter intuitive, but lowering the resolution of the source video might actually help the AI out. If you give the AI too much information to work with, it get's a little overwelmed. You can always upscale later since esrgan has great anime models.

    • anlumo1
      anlumo1 Hace 20 días

      Stable Diffusion has a slider setting for blurring the input, there's no need for preprocessing in an external tool.

  • Šídlo
    Šídlo Hace un mes +15

    I love how Corridor changes and moves forward the ways art can be made!

  • RudeGerbil
    RudeGerbil Hace un mes +1

    This makes me appreciate the whole project a lot more! I hope we get a third part!

  • Gerth
    Gerth Hace un mes +1

    Acting in this way without bursting into hysterics every second must have been so difficult. Looking at the original footage and knowing it can become the end product shows true vision...

  • Drexif
    Drexif Hace un mes +4

    Sam killed it as the barbarian king. Loved this!

  • randomHero
    randomHero Hace 10 días

    lowkey more exited of what the story brings next :D
    but yeah, the pace of improvement is insanely impressive, big step from the 1st one. waiting for part 3 ;)

  • User
    User Hace un mes +101

    Amazing! Aside from all the (I'm sure) great fixes and editing to fix mistakes learned from ep1, the slight overexaggeration of words and lip movements to account for the AI's wackiness with lip movements is great

    • Euan Smith
      Euan Smith Hace un mes +15

      WHAT!!!... Do you... *NOT* _speak in this manner?!!_

    • Taqresu
      Taqresu Hace un mes +8

      I think the overexaggeration is also there to play into the anime trope, so two birds with one stone lol

    • Sean Marholm
      Sean Marholm Hace un mes +3

      lip sync still looking pretty bad, though. They could have re-recorded the voices to get them closer to the final animation.. Sound editing is most definitely not their strength

    • User
      User Hace un mes +2

      @Sean Marholm Whilst true, this is also not supposed to be a super high value/time intensive project as far as I can see.
      The next iteration (whether next ep or whole series) will improve the AI and so save a bunch of time otherwise spent fixing less egregious AI mistakes. Makes improvement easier to see too

    • Taqresu
      Taqresu Hace un mes +3

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    Really there were only a few things that were noticeable imo, and some were straight up attributed to the costuming.
    The old kings beard being brown literally underneath the white, Sam's muscles being just off, and some of the mouth movements were the more jarring aspects that weren’t directly due to the translation, but the original footage.
    Really, the only main issue that I think is noticeable to a layperson is the eyes. I don’t know if there is a way to dial that in, but I'm pretty sure that they showed in some of the bts vfx breakdowns that for some scenes they literally just replaced the eyes. I wonder if that is the path forward, making another process for just that, or if the current process needs a larger sample size of faces/eyes to get more consistency.
    I look forward to seeing the next steps!

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    Barbarian king Sam is a top tier villain. Can’t wait for the “guess what….chicken butt” wizard and the ancient “cool S” rune carver to show up.

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    • Abject Permanence
      Abject Permanence Hace un mes

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    • L0ST S0UL
      L0ST S0UL Hace un mes

      @Abject Permanence the infamous Deez Nuts and Ligma gods

    • RoriCuteness
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