Will Actors REALLY be Replaced? (VFX Artists Explain)

  • Publicado el 24 sep 2023
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    In light of the ongoing strikes in Hollywood, Wren and Jordan sit down to look at the state-of-the-art in digital actor effects, and give their thoughts on the impending replacement of actors in Movies and TV.
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    00:00 Will Actors Be Necessary?
    00:41 Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    02:19 Blade Runner 2049
    04:21 The Irishman
    05:39 Avatar 2
    07:11 Where Things Could Go From Here
    09:06 Can Actors Be Replaced at Scale?
    11:20 Where Things Are At Right Now
    13:06 Looking into the Far Future
    14:08 The Human Touch
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Comentarios • 0

  • Rob Gable
    Rob Gable Hace un mes +3759

    I'm not scared of AI, I'm scared of what the Greedy Corporations Will try to do with it.

    • Major Blitz
      Major Blitz Hace un mes +165

      It was not AI capability itself that is scary
      It is the concept of what would happen if it is in control of malicious hands, that is actual scary part

    • Myles
      Myles Hace un mes +6

      Nah bro, it will be cool.

    • Sunday
      Sunday Hace un mes +17

      You underestimate what kids with a lot of time can do

    • InspiredNaija
      InspiredNaija Hace un mes +19

      "Try", you're funny....
      They already doing it

    • DarkGrisen
      DarkGrisen Hace un mes +37

      I'm not scared of guns, I'm scared of what people will do with it when they are pointed at me

  • Mark Arandjus
    Mark Arandjus Hace un mes +533

    I am of two minds of this...
    For big studios I am worried, because they're run by abusive greedy sociopaths who don't care about exploiting people.
    But for indie filmmakers these will be amazing tools to bring their vision to life. Much how digital music production tools have eliminated the necessity for having a studio.

    • Helen L
      Helen L Hace un mes +13

      Good points! It's still exploitative if indie creators are using AI built on others art/likeness, etc, without any payment and/or recognition.
      Maybe there's a case for using things for proof of concept type stuff, with the promise to share any profits and/or opportunities you can get from them, but it's such a slippery slope and the people at the top of the industry aren't going to want to do what's right if they can get more profit doing what's wrong/easy

    • Jack Writer
      Jack Writer Hace un mes +5

      I'm with you on this.
      It's amazing for small time creators too having the ability to ask an AI to create a background painting that could be used for their Greenscreen scene.
      But as soon as we go into the Mega Corporations... No thank you. Instead of trying to cut corners they should instead focus on the Real Actors and such. And I believe that similar to Directors wanting every explosion to be real instead of CGI in the future we will have Directors who want actual Actors and no Fakes.

    • Martin Pavlíček
      Martin Pavlíček Hace un mes +1

      ​​@Jack WriterIf big studios wanted they could still hire plenty and plenty of people to take part in the creative process using AI and making something even more nuanced , finely refined and even more bombastic then ever before... Imagine big number of artists working together and using power of AI. It would not cut cost it would just give them new tools and power. They could do something remarkable. I say they could do this, I did not say they will do this. You would probably need people with creative vision and passion behind such projects. People and corporations who produce for profit in the first place are probably less likely to use the tools in those ways.

  • Jordan
    Jordan Hace un mes +162

    "While progress will not slow, our preparation can increase."
    Wise words, Jordan.

    • Cyliandre
      Cyliandre Hace un mes +4

      Progress can and should slow though if it does harm, the people responsible for the progress would just need morals for that to happen.

    • jackik1410
      jackik1410 Hace 22 días

      @Cyliandre Nobel.

  • Funny Berries
    Funny Berries Hace un mes +147

    I was one of the de-aging artists on The irishman. haha yeah we all laughed when we saw that performance of old man bobby.
    It was my first time working with AI (this was like 6 years ago. Forever ago tech wise) and it was very crazy. ILM was developing the software faster then I could learn to use it. Every week there was a new update with new nodes to learn. It really was a bonkers mind boggling experience.

    • Alan Joseph Productions
      Alan Joseph Productions Hace un mes +13

      If you are for real, then this is one of the most relevant and insightful comments of all time on a ESclips video.

    • KABOB kabob
      KABOB kabob Hace 14 días +4

      @Alan Joseph Productions really lol he basically just said "I was there and lemme tell ya, it was crazy!"

    • Mike Woodman
      Mike Woodman Hace 8 días +1

      @KABOB kabob No, I think there's more subtlety than that. Basically he's saying he rode the crest of a humongous technological wave and saw its results improve on a near real-time basis - for technology that was unthinkable less than a generation ago. It's pretty impressive.

  • Bizzaro Galore
    Bizzaro Galore Hace un mes +14

    The most troublesome thing I have seen AI do for the present is being able to voice match someone based off a short clip and have it say other things. THAT will cause some issues down the line.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Hace un mes +556

    I was always surprised that De Niro agreed to use de-aging in The Irishman (he produced it so he would have had a say), because one of his breakthrough roles was playing a younger Marlon Brando in The Godfather Part II. If de-aging was available in 1974, it would have cost De Niro a job and an Oscar and possibly affected his whole career. The de-aging in The Irishman could have cost an actor the same in 2019.

    • Sean Newell
      Sean Newell Hace un mes +29

      That's interesting... A counterpoint I've thought about is the _sheer volume_ of content coming out may offset the lost opportunities. The counter counter point to mine is that those vast volumes and opportunities are definitely not Godfather Part II level kind of opportunities - think entry is a YT channel... or a corridor video where they need some extras. On one hand, kinda awesome indie creators can help and provide these opps, on the other, so many of these 'opportunities' could lead nowhere in terms of studio level or career-making roles.

    • kphax
      kphax Hace un mes +1

      That's not how cost works but ok

    • Conor Murphy
      Conor Murphy Hace un mes +7

      What you are for getting is that De Niro is already De Niro. He’s already in the door, so why would he care about the next generation.

    • Diego Fernando Salazar
      Diego Fernando Salazar Hace un mes +9

      I think that's a false equivalence. On one hand, The Irishman almost didn't get made because of de-aging and it still being freaking expensive and with that logic, it would have made The Godfather Part II way more difficult to get made as well. On the other, there's a fundamental difference in both movies in that in The Irishman, it's a single character throughout his life (think of another De Niro movie, Once Upon a Time in America... just in reverse), where it would be ideal to have the same actor playing him, while The Godfather Part II was a "single" moment in the character's life that contrasted with the age of the character in the previous incarnation, which means even today it would make no sense to use de-aging (remember the criticism against Prometheus for casting Guy Pearce just to have him wear old-man make-up for the entire movie?) and audiences would be more forgiving of the change because you wouldn't be shifting from one age to the other.
      But for argument's sake, let's assume they use de-aging to make The Godfather II. Sure, it would have potentially changed the course of De Niro's entire career, but with The Irishman, having a different actor for every age variation would have meant several actors with very small roles trying to build a single character. I just don't think any of those actors would have had enough to make much of an impression.

    • Diego Fernando Salazar
      Diego Fernando Salazar Hace un mes +13

      @Sean Newell true, Wren puts it well: killing the background actor, would mean there would be less and less actors trying for and getting their "big break". Same with writers: right now, killing the writers room in TV, means less writers have set experience to become showrunners, which in turn affects productions. In both cases, acting and writing will essentially end up dying. It's all a self-fulfilling prophecy.
      What I don't agree is thinking we will ever get "Oscar worthy" content from AI. If we complain that today's movies are derivative and unoriginal, what do you think we will get when AI can only produce stuff that derives from what you feed it?

  • D4T4G0R3
    D4T4G0R3 Hace un mes +1726

    You know it's a epic video when wren is the main character

    • Ew_Its_Rozani
      Ew_Its_Rozani Hace un mes +9


    • Random CGI 57
      Random CGI 57 Hace un mes +43

      You know it’s a good video when it’s from Corridor Crew

    • Douglas Millward
      Douglas Millward Hace un mes +34

      It's not Wren, it was a CGI rendering of Wren.

    • Joe Blankenship
      Joe Blankenship Hace un mes +6

      Lots of enthusiasm in that kid.

    • Joe Blankenship
      Joe Blankenship Hace un mes +29

      @Douglas Millward A Wrendering? come on, man, it was right there.

  • Blair Richmond
    Blair Richmond Hace un mes +25

    I think the replacement of actors (and more so, locations) is inevitable. You guys touched on the reasons economically but from a producer's perspective this goes so much deeper. They need to consider so much more than just finance in preparing a production; crew size and safety, catering, insurance, weather, time of day, availability, crowds, etc etc etc. If these issues become reduced or more easily navigated via VFX, that path will most likely be taken. It feels like it's just a matter of quality and cost at this point.

  • Emma
    Emma Hace un mes +61

    As a HMU in film & tv, our makeup, hair styling, wigs, special effects makeup/prosthetics are all in danger of becoming irrelevant due to filters and AI generating it for us. This is a problem now even before the actors disappear...
    Also, just like actors who take background acting jobs as a way to get their foot in the door, crowd rooms (where we style them) are integral for networking and establishing a presence in the film Hair and Makeup industry. Very similar for the costume dept.

    • Ben Caesar
      Ben Caesar Hace un mes +3

      That's a great point ! Not spoken about enough

  • ThisJustin
    ThisJustin Hace un mes +30

    It's really cool timing that the day after this video was uploaded, a U.S court in DC ruled that AI generated art can't receive copyright! While we still don't know how this will play out with studio's, it feels like a great direction to go with regulation to prevent over-reliance without condemning the tech's utility.

  • Morzak EV
    Morzak EV Hace un mes +39

    So my dad always talked about how when CNC machining first started, people didn’t believe it would happen so soon. It’s interesting to draw parallels from this and see how machinists job roles changed.

    • Robert Smith
      Robert Smith Hace 29 días +3

      What if the machinists all went on strike, until there were laws put in place that prevented CNC machining? Would we all be better off?

  • H W
    H W Hace un mes +25

    Background actors don't typically say lines. They're just supposed to be playing a random person in the background or passing by. Now with that out of the way: The first step is that every person alive now, actor or not, should be granted an automatic copyright to their image and voice throughout their lives.
    This is just the first step to figuring things out when it comes to the production of CG virtual humans.

    • CheeseMe
      CheeseMe Hace 21 un día +2

      and the first step by corporations is to make sure they can take that away from you ...
      Heck, when you consider that they own the creative works of authors for 75 year after their death.
      You don't want to imagine what they'll do to ensure they own your image & sound.
      The worst part ... it will only require a few folk to agree with the corpses.
      And they have already won the fans (the Luke Skywalker scene in Book of Boba proves that ... )
      Creativity is already a lost art in the entertainment INDUSTRY.

  • dkerwood1
    dkerwood1 Hace un mes +394

    When the background actors go away, so too do the makeup artists, costume designers, etc, etc, etc. If you can just scan an actor in costume and makeup and digitally place them into a scene, those key production roles get only one day of work instead of weeks or months. I'd argue that the pay model needs to shift to a "per project" rather than "per day/hour" model, but even that isn't really a good solution because then they just hire one makeup artist for the entire project instead of dozens. There are a LOT of considerations as we move forward.

    • PM Designs
      PM Designs Hace un mes +46

      I think the worst thing about this is that they won't need to scan people. A.I will be able to generate photorealistic "new" people at some point.

    • supermax64
      supermax64 Hace un mes +21

      You'll need AI prompters/vfx artists instead. Jobs have shifted for millenias, that isn't an inherent problem as society can and does adapt easily. The ethical issue comes if or when one person's job starts replacing too many, such that opportunities for people to make a living go down as a whole. That's not something that's happened yet in history imo but AI certainly has the potential to do it.

    • z beeblebrox
      z beeblebrox Hace un mes +39

      @supermax64 Yeah but it used to be that you're shifting from a low skill to a high skill job. Makeup artists, costume designers, etc ARE the high skill job - the AI prompters are the LOW skill job, which will be paid peanuts on shit contracts with no union. THAT IS an inherent problem!!!

    • Shineart
      Shineart Hace un mes +20

      ​@z beeblebrox Yeah. I heard some people from IT jobs that was fired due to AI replacing them had to learn Plumbing and other manual labour skills to keep them afloat. It was supposed to free your time to do art and other creative stuff, not downgrading people into doing manual works And prompting is not skill so it would be cheap pay for the corporation.

    • Cinder
      Cinder Hace un mes +1

      @supermax64 One takes a different high skill

  • dantothex13
    dantothex13 Hace un mes +28

    I think that with the level of personalization that you mentioned at the end of a video for movies and shows we will see the end of a collective zeitgeist created by popular media culture. The radio is dead, cable TV is dead, but now even shows and movies that we all watch at generally the same time are likely to go away. That makes me feel like it will be harder to relate to others. Just feels incredibly personalized but also more lonely.

    • GrechStudios
      GrechStudios Hace un mes +9

      Yeah, loneliness is a great point. Social media has already made use a lonelier species. Losing the ability to talk about shared experiences in our entertainment could lead to a lot more societal issues.

    • Dene Hardy
      Dene Hardy Hace 21 un día +1

      And with Social Media already pushing us further toward less reality in our lives with less real interaction between real people, will that make us happier to accept not having real people star in our movies.

    • Jonas Hellö
      Jonas Hellö Hace 21 un día +1

      I think you hit the nail on the head, BUT I also think tribalism will continue, in that you won't be watching this totally tailored to only YOU, but to your FAMILY, your FRIENDS, your COMMUNITY. People you will be spending ALL your time with - as no one will go away to work - can get even tighter now, but yes, it will also be a bubble world.

  • Steven Porter
    Steven Porter Hace un mes +16

    I DP'd a video shoot for an AI generated avatar company like the one you featured. It was a REALLY weird few days. All of the actors knew exactly what was going on and what the implications were, but there was this pervasive feeling around the whole studio that something didn't feel right about working on the project. For the company that hired us, the voices of the actors were never intended to be used. The voices and images are two separate sources, and my understanding is that the end user can select an avatar and a voice separately and have them generated and synced seamlessly. Each actor had several costumes and read a standard script designed to get a wide range of facial expressions. It's fascinating technology, but what I saw was a very primitive version of what exists now.

  • trash panda qc
    trash panda qc Hace un mes +12

    As a musician, it's very easy for AI to tap into the fear of "what if someone rips me off before I even make a living". But compared to acting or VFX, it's a much more bleak situation, because streaming has already decimated a big part of musicians' incomes. I think actors/writers are smart to unionize and act in advance - we really need that spark of real humans and inspiration, rather than "generating" by formulaicly imitating the past forever, and actors/writers know that. They can hold that need for reality and change over execs' heads. The scariest thought possible is that they could be wrong and audiences wouldn't know the difference.
    (on a smaller side note, I've been convinced Corridor gang is all hairstyle variations on the same CG character, so I wasn't surprised by the ending.)

    • Logan Ennion
      Logan Ennion Hace 6 días

      Though, isn't an even scarier thought that audiences will know the difference but generally won't mind enough to vote with their wallets? Look how many young people especially seem quite content to listen to music on their phone speakers, despite the appalling sound quality when compared with even a fairly cheap pair of headphones.

  • Gonzalo Toja
    Gonzalo Toja Hace un mes +15

    I think that every artist denying the problems that AI bring to the field is either trying to look tough of just not seeing the real extent of this paradigm change. The AI in itself it's so powerful that the need of actors, cg artists, writers or self proclaimed "artists" who work in an industry like entertainment will be in a steep decline, eventually leaving almost everyone outside, especially since this tool enable the studios to make what they think is their role: rip off the people working for them. Ideally this could allow indie studios or even persons get high quality results, but I think that the real outcome will be studios getting bigger and bigger, concentrating all the profits and the attention of the people. The only concern left, since looks obvious that almost all human jobs will be over in this field, is if the AI could eventually produce work not seen as derivative.

    • CheeseMe
      CheeseMe Hace 21 un día

      with the amount of reboots an sequilitus filling the movie theatres and streaming services we don't have to wait for AI.
      Human owned corporations are quite capable of destroying imagination.
      Hollywood is dead.
      The actors are the last ones in denial of its status.

  • Doug LaVigne
    Doug LaVigne Hace un mes +6

    As an educator, I’m curious and a bit anxious to see where this goes in terms of delivering instruction. I already use AI to assist in some of the more tedious aspects of my job (lesson plans, learning questions). But as we continue to move towards online learning, I could see digital models easily replacing face to face teachers in the near future for some number of students.

    • Robo
      Robo Hace un mes

      I would strongly be opposed to that, teachers can be such strong role models and helpful people. But to have it replaced like that?

  • sonofliberty
    sonofliberty Hace un mes +539

    As someone who works in the audio industry with voiceovers, AI generated content has been a huge issue for years but has recently really exploded this year. With VOs having their voices used in perpetuity via AI by companies without their knowledge, there has been huge outcry unsurprisingly. If you are in the industry you can spot an AI voice but it is getting more difficult and to the general public there is no difference and VOs are terrified about what is being done with their voice. It’s scary times.

    • Brian Sly Productions
      Brian Sly Productions Hace un mes +29

      I’m just trying to start a career in audio and this stuff is making me feel like I’d be irrelevant in 5 years anyway. I’ve heard AI starting to do sound design / effects now as well (which is what I want to do), and I’m honestly a little discouraged by how fast this stuff is growing. It’s the same parallel to self checkouts at the grocery. It’s more convenient, and sure you’re lacking that human connection you get at the normal stands, but everyone will stop noticing / caring about that part.

    • Brian Sly Productions
      Brian Sly Productions Hace un mes +14

      Especially considering how good the audio sounds for SpongeBob / South Park characters singing famous songs.

    • sonofliberty
      sonofliberty Hace un mes +10

      @Brian Sly Productions It can be disheartening but I take solace in the fact that there are people in the industry who are fighting against it and are constantly looking for fresh ideas and talent. AI is doing incredible things but it is restricted in what it can do by what we feed it. So there will always be room for the “human ear” that can tell the subtle differences in sound that AI just can’t pick up.

    • Idiomatick
      Idiomatick Hace un mes +7

      @sonofliberty Why would that matter? A 30 second ad spot being AI acted is going to be free and with current tech, less than 0.1% of people could tell it wasn't a human, with a smaller percentage caring.
      Even better, an AI voiceover can be market tailored, so they can put the actor's voice and diction into one that matches the ad target. Which would normally need 1000 or so voice actors.

    • Lauri Gardner
      Lauri Gardner Hace un mes +5

      I can see this being powerful in localisation for ads. The company doesn't need to hire 10 actors for the advertisements. They can be simply replaced by AI generated characters who speak the localised language.

  • saatvik dube
    saatvik dube Hace un mes +131

    It makes me sad that people will not get paid for things they love and worked hard to learn.

    • RufftaMan
      RufftaMan Hace un mes +12

      I also prefer to have costume designers, makeup artist and set designers working on a film instead of the director sitting at a computer and telling it what he wants.
      It's the team work of professionals in each field that makes movies special and unique.

    • JuJu
      JuJu Hace un mes +2

      the computer will literally do it better than them in the future.

    • RufftaMan
      RufftaMan Hace un mes +6

      @JuJu It's important to remember that human creativity and the ability to connect with audiences on a profound emotional level are deeply complex and often involve elements of intuition, empathy, and a deep understanding of the human experience that go beyond data-driven learning. While AI can certainly enhance and streamline many aspects of creative work, the human touch and ingenuity may always play a significant role in these artistic endeavors.
      So, while AI's capabilities are expanding rapidly, the collaboration between humans and AI may remain a powerful approach to achieving the most impactful and emotionally resonant creative works in the future.
      ~ ChatGPT

    • Rupert Smith
      Rupert Smith Hace un mes +3

      @JuJuno It can’t
      Nothing is better then the real thing proof look at action scenes done practically to action scenes mostly cgi

    • Fusion Developer
      Fusion Developer Hace un mes +4

      @Rupert Smith You are talking about movies that were produced with technology they had when they made the movies, rather than speculating on newer technology that doesn't yet exist or isn't refined yet.

  • Sooman Ginze
    Sooman Ginze Hace un mes +12

    When people bashed artists for freaking out about generative AI, I knew it was only a matter of time before people understood the gravity of the situation. My concerns were about the entry level positions disappearing much like background work for extras in movies/TV. Hopefully more people will see how this is only the beginning and its impact extends way more than just the Art and Entertainment industry.

    • Lauri Gardner
      Lauri Gardner Hace un mes +3

      In Britain it has become increasingly difficult to be an aspiring actor, as it means living in London and having loads of free time and the ability to travel at short notice with the knowledge of working for free or for very little. This means that being an actor since around 2015 has become increasingly a rich person's game.

  • ToJo Audio
    ToJo Audio Hace un mes +49

    The issue ive always had with all this ai stuff is exactly like you said at the end. The knowledge of that just completely devalues everything now. Yes its fascinating that it can be done yes its interesting etc etc etc, but if i was watching a movie 10 years ago, it was still somewhere in the back of your mind that someone had to draw/create a human mind had to come up with the artwork you are seeing on screen, now your first impression is not that, your first impression no matter what you see or hear these days is oh i wonder was this ai. Devalues every type of art out there. Photographers and digital artists were the first ones to get hit with this because of midjourney and all the other ai art generators out there.

    • Sarah Bacak
      Sarah Bacak Hace un mes +3

      I'm sorry, but that has to do with your mindset and shouldn't impact whether we utilize AI more or less. Think less negatively and maybe it won't be as big of a deal.

    • ToJo Audio
      ToJo Audio Hace un mes +5

      @Sarah Bacak it has nothing to do with a creators mindset, it is everything to do with the mindset of people consuming art, if the tool exists and is widely known (eg. ai) they are ultimately going to be less enamoured and less engrossed in whatever they are seeing. A great parallel to this is when movies leaned more into cgi and away from miniatures, they lost a lot of their magic because you now know or at least think, oh they wouldn't of done this for real its just cgi. Sure its still kind of impressive but not as much.

    • st2udent _
      st2udent _ Hace un mes +1

      ​@Sarah Bacaknah , they're right and I hate this technology Pandora's Box that's been opened for no benefit.

    • Ben Caesar
      Ben Caesar Hace un mes +1

      @Sarah Bacaknah I agree, if I see an artwork is Ai generated it takes away from the experience for me. Its just a different experience as a consumer. You can't separate art and context.

    • Anthony Flack
      Anthony Flack Hace un mes +1

      All it devalues is the labour, which is the least interesting thing about a work of art. AI isn't a threat to art production at all, it's a threat to employment in a capitalist economy.

  • Kayla Bourdon
    Kayla Bourdon Hace 29 días +8

    I thought the point you brought up about generating a movie from your tv starring you and all your friends was interesting. I feel as though we might see something like this in the near future. And also along those lines, im currently going to school for music production, and the future of AI generated music haunts me... makes me feel worried i could be learning my passion foe nothing 😢

    • File Code #1459
      File Code #1459 Hace 15 días +1

      i know how you feel, a few months ago i just graduated from film school, i haven't even started to work yet and this is making me very worried i might never be able to make a living out of my degree. working on film has always been a very inconsistent, stressfull, complex, difficult, based-on-luck job, but the fact it might not even exist anymore bc of ai is terrifying for someone who just got here. it all happened so fast, i have no idea what the future holds and it's kinda scary tbh. (sorry i think i just needed to vent lol but if music makes you happy just like film makes me happy, i fully encourage you to go for it!! i don't regret any step of my journey with college, it's a wonderful experience and learning more and more about what you love is very fulfilling)

    • Kayla Bourdon
      Kayla Bourdon Hace 14 días +1

      @FileCode1459 I agree, thanks. I needed to hear that! :)

  • Sylfa
    Sylfa Hace un mes +4

    I think there's a flip side as well, the easier and cheaper it becomes to make an indie film the more indie films will be produced, and at higher qualities. Take Ian Hubert's production, it's taken him years to get to the point where he can start realizing his vision. And he's an extremely talented 3d artist (amongst other things.)
    Of course, losing extra roles will hurt new talents chances. But being able to make your own film, and not have to spend years like Ian Hubert, or spend lots of your own money like Markiplier, will allow more films like The Last Supper (1995) to be made. And of course, they could have more environments, more action, and so on.
    That said, the money saved by using AI for extras *should* be spent on looking for new talents as well, not doing so will basically make hollywood obsolete eventually. Especially if they treat their employees poorly, why go to the big studios if you can build a grass roots studio and basically get to run it in the way you feel is best?

  • Nick Bates
    Nick Bates Hace un mes +1037

    Please make a video about the terrible work conditions of most VFX artists in Hollywood.

    • LelekPL
      LelekPL Hace un mes +116

      It's going to be hard for them to do since they are a VFX studio that might want to have a contract with one of the major Hollywood studios someday. And in order to make an honest video about this topic they would need to absolutely demolish the practises and reputation of said studios so I understand if they don't want to burn any bridges in the industry.

    • Jack Doherty
      Jack Doherty Hace un mes +48

      they are way to capitalistic to do that lol, Niko and Sam are company owners, its why we haven't heard shit about the strike from them.

    • George Hilislaw
      George Hilislaw Hace un mes +32

      It's not their job to produce investigative documentaries or engage in political comments. Better still, they ought not to do it and stick to what they're good at and like to do.
      I've seen many creative people "dabbling with politics", only to see their ultimate descent into pathetic wokery, socialism, and "progressive" ideas. Corridor should avoid that at all costs.

    • Betha Apple
      Betha Apple Hace un mes +50

      @Jack Dohertythey talk about this on corridor cast couple of weeks before. People like talk bad without any reasearch now days huh?

    • SomeoneOnTheWeb
      SomeoneOnTheWeb Hace un mes +2

      @George Hilislaw Yeah it's a slippery slope ngl

  • Stephen Troyer
    Stephen Troyer Hace un mes +1

    Next question. Would we rather keep using familiar famous faces, or would we use new generated faces to become our famous actors?

  • ladyheinz
    ladyheinz Hace un mes +4

    Another part of the 'uncanny valley' problem is when people are told that it's either cg or has been altered in some way. I used adobe on a group of young children to have all the children posed nicely. (Getting a good photo of a group of kids including toddlers and babies is a bit challenging!). When I showed the photo to people whose approval I needed I told them I had adjusted some of the children to obtain a great overall photo, but I didn't tell them which children. They were like, 'oh, yeh...we can totally tell it's altered'...haha! but when they identified the altered kids...they were 100% wrong! So, there's that...

  • yaladdin86
    yaladdin86 Hace un mes +2

    As a VFX Animator working for one of the top VFX studios I can tell you that this strike has affected my contract from being renewed due to surplus animators and not enough work or major delays to shows ramping up with work. So basically, the VFX industry and artists are getting affected by this strike, and people are losing jobs. I have a family to feed but business is business ey..

  • SWLinPHX
    SWLinPHX Hace 16 días +1

    I think it's possible to develop the technology good enough where you can "cast" any actor in any film (visual likeness and voice) without paying for it. The studios could save a lot of money and the possibilities are endless.

  • Teabridge2807 X
    Teabridge2807 X Hace 9 días

    Another great video guys. I wonder what people like Gui thinks about their stunt profession being completely replaced with CG.

  • firelizard
    firelizard Hace un mes +425

    It's *really* important that, going forward, peoples' agency with regard to the use of their image is defended to the utmost. We've already seen posthumous use of a person's image, and consensual generated images in the course of a production. However, the idea of a studio of owning rights to the use of a person's image outside of the scope of a given production or worse, in perpetuity, is really chilling.

    • Doodlegame
      Doodlegame Hace un mes +33

      That should be illegal period. You can’t own the rights to someone else’s face. You can only own the footage that they appear in. At least that’s how it *should* be handled if the people passing these laws have the slightest bit of sense and/or aren’t being manipulated/payed off to allow this to go unchecked!
      Extreme polarization in politics is harming everyone involved because people no longer hold an opinion just because that’s what they believe, (let alone based on any facts) they hold many opinions solely because the other party holds the opposite opinion. We all need to calm down a bit and have more rational discussion!

    • Hamza Bajwa
      Hamza Bajwa Hace un mes +14

      I mean, the easy counter to that would be to generate the main characters too. Think about like, a movie or show you really like. E.g. the Office. When it started, nobody really knew most of the cast, apart from say Steve Carrell. If you could generate characters from scratch like that, in that situation, (and I don't see technology stopping us from being able to do that), then a lot of actors need to be worried about their futures.

    • SilverHorizon
      SilverHorizon Hace un mes +3

      I'm more curious what happens when completely generated characters are viable though. Deepfakes have never really interested me when they amounted to recreating someone that exists. Making a persona custom tailored to a story or directors taste is where a lot of the image right issues might be alleviated.
      Of course, things like the rights of those contributing to the training data or the ethical issues of replacing labor still exist. Even the former could be fixed by consensual donation or public domain data.

    • P O W E R - R E D - B U L L
      P O W E R - R E D - B U L L Hace un mes +1

      What is a lookalike of a famous person sells their image for a movie?

    • aProphetofRNG
      aProphetofRNG Hace un mes

      Even if they do cement that for actors, the studio can just generate a new face for the role that isn't a preexisting actor. That's the hard one to stop I feel. Because the studios would just be using a tool (or multiple tools) to create the fake actors. And they'd have an AI write a script, they're not copying other scripts, they're just using a tool to generate it. But it would cause so many people to lose their jobs. I don't know if it's even feasible to stop studios from using AI in that manner. Not with our current laws.

  • Hysetzz
    Hysetzz Hace 17 días

    Greed is a hell of a thing , i hope these writers and actors get their justice because theyve delivered some of the greatest stories on screen

  • Corban Noah
    Corban Noah Hace un mes +4

    I think that AI-generated content will become prevalent and will be adopted. A few years later, there will be a movement back to the old ways - kind of like modern musicians insisting on recording to tape and releasing on vinyl. Movie hipsters, so to speak. This retro-entertainment movement may include live theater/events becoming more popular, or it may simply be movies where the production company is known for employing real actors. Like many things, there is a move one direction, a counter move another direction, and eventually a split into different simultaneous genres with their own accepted tropes and adherents.

    • GrechStudios
      GrechStudios Hace un mes +2

      I like this take. It helps with some of my catastrophic thinking. Thanks! 🙂

    • File Code #1459
      File Code #1459 Hace 15 días

      thanks for sharing, this is a really nice take, it makes me a bit less anxious about what the future holds

  • Rico
    Rico Hace un mes +1

    There's definitely many worrying elements of AI. In a way i hope copyright laws will be helpful in this.
    Like the case there was with a comic that was created with AI images. It was deemed that although the comic could get copyright, the images themselves couldn't, because they were fully AI generated.

  • GuruJ
    GuruJ Hace un mes +2

    It seems inevitable to me that as digital performance becomes easier to create, genuine live performance and remix culture will come to the fore.
    It’s similar to how musicians have reinvented their relationship with their audience as digital audio became lossless and ubiquitous.

    • UthacalthingTymbrimi
      UthacalthingTymbrimi Hace un mes +1

      What happens to the "audience relationship" when AI gets so good that it can generate a new album for you every morning, full of unique, never-before-heard songs that sound exactly like they were recorded by your favourite artists (whether they're still alive or not), to listen to as your car drives you to work? And that's assuming you still have a job. Seriously, this stuff excites and terrifies me at the same time...

  • sk
    sk Hace un mes +3

    I'm starting my animation course last week, now i have the feeling of going extinct towards AI motion capture( still humans had to clean up animation but ....)

    • Haydn W
      Haydn W Hace 25 días

      Hey don’t worry you can obviously just learn a completely different set of skills in a month and do something else so hey now worries 😉
      Please know I’m being sarcastic

  • Shadow Dragon
    Shadow Dragon Hace un mes +186

    You should do a follow up video answering the question "Will VFX Artists be Replaced?". I think VFX artists have just as much reason to be afraid of being replaced by AI as actors and writers, but they don't get as much publicity since they can't go on strike due to a lack of unionization.

    • gelatinguy
      gelatinguy Hace un mes +30

      And yet, some Marvel VFX artists did that on August 7th (unionizing VFX), so it's happening.

    • Shadow Dragon
      Shadow Dragon Hace un mes +12

      @gelatinguy Nice, I hope more VFX artists do the same

    • Krazyguy75
      Krazyguy75 Hace un mes +17

      VFX artists will be replaced. Cashiers will be replaced. Analysts will be replaced. CEOs will be replaced. Garbage men will be replaced. Soldiers will be replaced. Programmers will be replaced. Engineers will be replaced. Scientists will be replaced.
      If you ask "will (job) be replaced with AI/robots" the answer is "yes". The only question has, for ages, been "how soon".

    • Chance Paladin
      Chance Paladin Hace un mes +3

      @Krazyguy75they can't replace analysts, management would have to actually take responsibility, and that'll never happen.

    • Tedious Nomenclature
      Tedious Nomenclature Hace un mes +4

      @Krazyguy75 the paradox with that is that if everyone will be replaced, then who is going to buy the things the corporations produce? Capitalism produces its own contradictions

  • Doug
    Doug Hace un mes +2

    Mistakes and faults make things look and feel real. Would be interested to see that the focus of next gen AI.

  • MrMarshallMan3
    MrMarshallMan3 Hace 25 días +1

    I've been worried about this since people started remembering that deepfakes were a thing, and started making them better lol. For indie filmmakers, these tools are pretty sweet, but I think maybe there should be some sort of limitation to how AI tools are used. Perhaps by production size, be it by metric of crew, cost or even film duration. Perhaps if the movie is more than 45mins, it MUST contain at least 2 live actors. This can become a problem with people's creative vision, I suppose, but I don't really know another way of regulating it.
    Maybe there should be a limit to how many generated people there are? Like maybe, for every crowd of 100 people, there must be 20 actors on set. For every 10 actors on set, you may have 1 generated character, something like that. Any other ideas?

  • Teeno
    Teeno Hace un mes +1

    If I were a VFX artist on Benjamin Button I would have immediately just noted back to the studio "I believe you could achieve this same effect with Toby Jones and a basic makeup artist."

  • Grutar G
    Grutar G Hace 22 días

    Crowds may be replaced by computer crowds, but it still feels different. I was watching The Mask of Zorro the other night and it started with a crowd scene made of hundreds of real people - and there was a feeling to it that just hit me. I was in that crowd, I was hot, I was being jostled, it was dangerous. Someone was going to get trampled to death. None of the armies of thousands in Lord of the Rings gave me that feeling (even when the movie was first released).

  • DynestiGTI
    DynestiGTI Hace un mes

    11:46 this part was crazy! Felt like a scene in a movie where the protagonists get duped

  • Dreadnought
    Dreadnought Hace un mes +193

    The second concern is, and something on the union concern list is; you performed in a movie/show/commercial once and now that studio owns your likeness, forever. They can 'cast' you into whatever, forever.

    • Marc Aldovino
      Marc Aldovino Hace un mes +7

      Unless I’m misinterpreting what you are saying, that is illegal. You own your voice and face, they can’t use it without your consent.

    • Mall Ninja
      Mall Ninja Hace un mes +49

      @Marc Aldovino Yeah, "your consent" is the issue in question, specifically contracts that require you to give them rights to use your likeness in perpetuity. Companies are constantly looking for ways to usurp what limited economic power you have left, and this is one of them.

    • David Wright
      David Wright Hace un mes +4

      Agree that is a concern. Don't have any idea of what the contracts look like, but I suspect the fact that the studio is allowed to sell movies containing actors' likenesses (because they acted in said film) is a source of this ownership issue.

    • Robert Dixon
      Robert Dixon Hace un mes +7

      This exact issue is the plot of the 1980s film by Michael Crighton, called "Looker". It was one of the first films to use CGI, and it's predictions of the future - our present - are chillingly accurate.

    • FireJach
      FireJach Hace un mes +1

      So? That's a different topic. We are talking about the technology. Sugar is dangerous too if we eat too much of it. The strike goal is to limit the companies. AI is inevitable

  • drewl
    drewl Hace 29 días

    I just rewatched Sync with my boyfriend and I think it’s kinda funny how you guys made a whole TV series based on an Ai singularity over 10 years ago.

  • kaasronald
    kaasronald Hace un mes +1

    insightful. mostly informative & just discussing videos seems like a new corridor for you guys recently and I like it. this was the most deliberate & enjoyable one i've seen so far

  • Drona99
    Drona99 Hace un mes +1

    Another short-term concern is the replacement of the 'lead.' With studios utilizing bankable franchises and being able to trivially replace faces, they could theoretically hire 'studio actors' (like a studio band) to fill in for Captain America or Spiderman forever. The character can stay unchanging, meaning the humans behind it are replaceable and the pay for acting drops sharply.

    JUNKO Hace un mes +1

    Oddly, my favorite parts of AI is the jankness of it all. It hits in a really inhuman/alien way and I find it fascinating.

  • celicynd
    celicynd Hace un mes +81

    The background actor thing is a big point in these negotiations I believe. If I'm remembering correctly, part of the studios initial offer was that they wanted the ability to digitize the background actors when they initially perform and have rights to the performance for use in perpetuity without having to pay.

    • Idiomatick
      Idiomatick Hace un mes +5

      If that's what the contract is, then they did pay for it.

    • H W
      H W Hace un mes +14

      Every person alive today -- actor or not -- should be afforded rights to their likeness and voice throughout their lives. They should be paid royalties if their image is used for a background human in a scene in a movie, series, ad, video game, whatever, just as royalties are paid for stock photos or stock scenic video footage.

    • Chris Whitehouse
      Chris Whitehouse Hace un mes +4

      I'm not seeing the need to digitize background actors in the first place, when fully- realistic randomly-generated actors will be good enough for most instances.

    • Idiomatick
      Idiomatick Hace un mes +6

      @H W Normal people's likenesses don't matter though. No one is getting paid for their random face. Companies will simply generate novel faces for BG characters. Your face has 0 value. If you passed strict laws concerning the uses of faces, it would have literally 0 impact on anyone aside from the most famous ~200 people on the planet.
      Generating new faces is simply far cheaper and faster than using someone's face without hiring them in the first place. The only time it is worth doing HD scans of an actor is if they are a famous person who's face can sell tickets with their fame alone.

    • Tom Cruz
      Tom Cruz Hace un mes

      @Idiomatick If it's useless then why are the studios proposing it? This proposal came from the studios. Clearly they see something valuable in it and your comment contradicts the mindset of the studios.

  • James E.
    James E. Hace un mes +1

    If I'm not mistaken, one of the main reasons for the strike is the salaries/residuals for the time spent on set. If an actor can come in day 1 , get 3D scanned and then sent home, and then another less paid actor does the performance, then it's a huge problem.

  • G Sinclair
    G Sinclair Hace un mes

    Actually, I think this will open up privatization of movie making, much like ESclips did and Unreal Engine is doing. Freddy Wong and Corridor Digital both started by making ESclips shorts and then formed their own companies. And Jimmy W got his break into acting through Freddy and VGHS. It’s really the big corporations that need to be scared, not the actors. The actors and writers should really be learning to use these tools to their advantage and break away from the big studios to create their own content and build their own companies.

  • leo belpomo
    leo belpomo Hace un mes +1

    I honestly don't think background artists are going to be replaced entirely.
    In big budget blockbuster, sure.
    But there's still a bunch of director very passionate about what they do, and the artistry of making a movie... I think those directors will keep the extras.
    Also, it probably makes acting much easier. Like if you're filming a set in a crowded, quiet café, it probably helps the main actor to physically be in a crowded, quiet café...

  • Ben Caesar
    Ben Caesar Hace un mes

    Appreciate corridor weighing thoughtfully on this, great points and question raised. Ai is a pill we're being forced to swallow but aren't able to digest.

  • Roman Yoder
    Roman Yoder Hace un mes

    I loved this perspective, Wren! Thank you for providing nuance to a very important conversation. I think this very much needs to be regulated, and we need to act now. Unfortunately, the legislative process is so far behind the curve. The Supreme Court is just now getting around to debating whether platforms have responsibility in curating content (Gonzalez vs. Google & Twitter vs. Taamneh). Lawmakers are still trying to figure out how the internet actually works. I hope that the results of the WGA & SAG-AFTRA strike lay some sort of foundation for future regulation.

  • Joshua Thompson
    Joshua Thompson Hace un mes +33

    I remember watching the scene in the running man some years ago where they basically just give voice commands to the computer and it dropped the likeness of Arnold into a fight scene for the cameras. I rolled my eyes at the time knowing how difficult it would have been to actually synthesize a human much less make it photo real. I had no idea it would become reality in such a short time. I’m more afraid that I won’t be able to tell what’s real and what isn’t.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Hace un mes +1

    I am completely ok with the Art Station and Dall-E and Hollywood strikes that are occurring. This has been scary, and as a private content creator, I am completely with them all. It makes me question of I should even bother making the content, when it could possibly be made for me(not quite free yet).

  • Pierre Huguet
    Pierre Huguet Hace 9 días

    For limited acting (one person dialog) with a limited range of emotion, I believe we passed the uncanny valley. For multiple actor interactions with a wide range of emotions, we are still not there, but closer, maybe within 2 years.

  • alfonso Pina
    alfonso Pina Hace un mes +2

    I foresaw that ending coming and it still blew me away. I love Wren, he's such a great person on this team

  • Raven Ragnar
    Raven Ragnar Hace 27 días

    Instead of replacing actors, technology is more likely to continue enhancing their performances and expanding the creative boundaries of storytelling.

  • Mr.J13
    Mr.J13 Hace un mes +3

    i wanna see more of you two! the quemistry its amazing to watch! great work guys!

  • David Alleyn
    David Alleyn Hace un mes +156

    I would feel less unnerved if I thought that the companies wouldn't skirt what ever regulations are put in place, at every chance they got.

    • ManlyPelican
      ManlyPelican Hace un mes +3

      Not just that they would use it as a selling point to get us to go and see it, Not going to lie im morbidly curious to see a movie with completely AI generated actors in it.

    • Chance Paladin
      Chance Paladin Hace un mes +3

      or hop over a border and do it anyway. even if the movie industry collapsed overnight in the USA, there's 10 more to take its place as soon as 5090's come out.

    • Mateus T
      Mateus T Hace un mes

      What regulations exactly? are you one of those who want to force companies to employe actors instead of letting ai do it lmao.

    • ManlyPelican
      ManlyPelican Hace un mes +1

      @lordjaraxxus663 yes movies are art, acting is an art form once it's replaced by robots it becomes stale

    • VersedFlame
      VersedFlame Hace un mes

      @ManlyPelican You can bet when they do that I'm pirating it, and I hope as many people as possible do so. Have thousands, millions of people who have seen it and are reviewing/criticizing it but the studio hasn't seen the money of a fraction of those people. I know it probably won't be the case, but a man can hope.

  • Sascha
    Sascha Hace un mes +1

    I think the problem for many artist is, that AI which genrate pictures, is using there Art to get better so they feel kind of ripped of if people using AI which is kind of working with their art. Instead of hiring a real person to do the job

  • 2ndEarth Production
    2ndEarth Production Hace 15 días

    (10:00) Yep, I am currently a SAG actor, but in my extras days, I definitely remember those overly filled Roman Army scenes that was like a factory when it came to creating makeup for everyone. They had something between 8 or 10 booths with a makeup artist for each in Cohen brother's "Hail Caesar."

  • Fresh Squeezed Lightning
    Fresh Squeezed Lightning Hace un mes +1

    Yeah this is a big thing in the industry right now. I’m a 1st AC, not IATSE 600 yet but I have a lot of friends who are union and this is at the forefront for SAG and the WGA

  • Leonardo Avellar
    Leonardo Avellar Hace un mes +1

    While the final audience is human, we will always seek something done by other humans
    I see AI art that looks crazy good, and feel nothing, because i know that no effort gone into it
    But some average art from something i like, drawn by an human makes me feel something
    We will understand that shortly, and this whole "AI will replace artists" fear will feel dumb

  • BakaSan
    BakaSan Hace un mes +154

    Glad you guys highlighted the very real concerns that the SAG AFTRA strikers have and how the problem isn’t the tools themselves but the corporate economic side of things that could down not just an entire industry but the artistry involved in said work

    • JustsomeSteve
      JustsomeSteve Hace un mes +1

      Yeah, it's very important in my opinion. I think most of us don't want that greed wins all.
      And I'm really excited about the new possibilities and accessibility, especially for small creators with a vision.
      But we need to keep the creedy people/cooperations in place with regulations otherwise it's going to separate the small/poor from the big/rich even more (I mean it will happen no matter what, always has. But we can at least try to limit the damage.
      And I live in Germany, where we have way more regulations over all then the US and over all probably 99% of Germans think/feel we found a better middle ground then the US.
      So yeah, too much regulations are as bad as too little. We need to find a good middle ground.

    • Adri Medeiros
      Adri Medeiros Hace un mes +15

      How exactly? The video explicitly states their conviction that fully computer generated performances are going to be possible in both the near (background actors) and long future (the stupid example of an AI-generated movie). No mention whatsoever to the fact that one of the key demands of both SAG AFTRA and the WGA is to HEAVILY regulate AI production so that studios CAN'T train their AI-driven projects with their artistic production. If anything, the video is extremely enthusiastic about the incredibly stupid idea of getting an "Oscar-worthy personalized movie" and getting rid of actors, writers, directors and technical crew altogether.
      Corridor is obsessed with the technical tools being developed, but they don't give an actual fuck about the strike, what the guilds are striking for or working rights in general. And it's ironic because in that distopic future they are drooling over, they too would be replaced.

    • NetherStray
      NetherStray Hace un mes +5

      Could have stood to spend more time on it. The tech is cool, fine, but highlighting its problems over the years gives people a false sense of security imo. It makes it seem like it's a problem for later rather than a problem for now. It's a problem for _now._

    • Zero Privacy
      Zero Privacy Hace un mes +2

      Honestly? The reign of AI cannot come soon enough. Let the film actors guild and those "writers" starve for all i care. Maybe once AI becomes a widely available tool we'll get quality indi movies with the quality of big budget tentpoles. I cannot wait for a time when a single skilled person will be able to produce Peter Jackson level content on a 1k $ budget and smoke all those woke writers.

  • Omar Roncal
    Omar Roncal Hace un mes +1

    In the future, having stock AI generated video will be as common as having an audio tape with the Wilhem scream . Studios will have a bunch of people's presets, in clothes presets,and in mood presets.. As Wren says, give it 2 years time and it will be everywhere.

  • Aditya Akash
    Aditya Akash Hace 24 días

    I feel that for the most people in the industry right now, their idea of what goes into making a film is already forever changing. My fear is that most will not be abe to adopt to it of how dated their education will get and the slender budgets that will throw people off. Budgets are now very tight, I don't know if if it can sustain if it gets tighter.

  • Nico
    Nico Hace 25 días

    Honestly I didn't care much about the SAG strike, not being from the USA, but eventually the multiload of notifications about it made me look into it a bit.
    I definitely understand the fear, especially the 80% of actors / writers who don't have a steady income. However acting is still considered part of the arts, and I can certainly say that i have met and known struggling artists who were working part time/full time jobs in order to pursue their passions, a passion of which they weren't necessarily ever expecting to hit it big with.
    Secondly, AI, or to put it more straightforwardly an automation of work in order to save money, in whatever form that might be; has been around since the industrial age insofar as affecting large percentages of the work-forces. Every year you can find thousands of people losing their jobs or having to change and adapt their positions due to automation of one sort or another, certainly many more than we see in this actor strike, and this is across the board in the entire world.
    These two points I think, is perhaps why a lot of regular folks are sort of lost in this strike since most folks are dealing with a similar issue, but realises that you can't really fight it, as it is an eventuality, and so we see up-skilling, or work-task adapting and so on.
    Furthermore, what we'll probably see is companies buying and selling background "actor" profiles, which they simply get by paying regular folks off the street for their image use, and these regular folks will most certainly not be a part of an actors guild.
    What is curious to me is that not a lot of folks talk about lead-actor salaries that really spiked after 91's Die Hard, and surely studio usage of funds not funneling to the actors. Perhaps if there was a standard contract that x-amount of the budget need to be allocated to non leads, and only a maximum of x-amount of the budget needs to be allocated to the lead, would we see a more fair pair.
    Although I do agree that having strong regulations on the usage of image and voice should happen sooner rather than later, and that is in general, not just the acting industry.

  • Jay H
    Jay H Hace un mes +1

    Honestly... much like how tools like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion havent stopped artists creating original work, I don't think AI actors will replace humans any time soon. Sure, some will take the dive, and I don't doubt indie films will 100% use this tech. But I'm sure many of the directors will still want real actors to keep it authentic.

  • Maikigai
    Maikigai Hace un mes +7

    Technology really is taking everyone’s jobs. I knew this even when I was young. But I never thought I’d see the day when actors could be replaced by computers.

  • Bryan P
    Bryan P Hace un mes +76

    When we were fearing that AI will automate and replace all of our boring jobs and all we have to turn to is the creative job. It turns out we solved for the creative jobs first since there's more room for error for creativity and hard to validate objectively what's the truth.

  • Larry Wagner
    Larry Wagner Hace un mes

    Thank your for doing this episode. With all your work with AI I wasn’t wondering when you’d do one and what your take would be.

  • Mike B
    Mike B Hace un mes

    Wow, you're the first (or only video so far) that I encountered that actually answered 'Yes' to actors getting replaced eventually. I think all the other videos are just not looking far enough ahead, or are just too afraid to predict doom on such a popular occupation.

  • RacoonProds
    RacoonProds Hace un mes

    You should try filming a scene/video where 1 person plays multiples characters, but they are all made very different using deepfakes and ai voice/voice change effect.

  • George Ellsworth
    George Ellsworth Hace un mes

    Thanks for covering this topic. As someone in the industry and affected by the current strikes, it feels like an incredibly precarious time.
    On one hand, it is fascinating to see what can be done with ever-improving technology. The toolset it can provide could be a major boon to all areas of the industry, such as quality of VFX, or safety as you mentioned.
    On the other hand, the uncertainty as to what corporations who prioritise profits above anything else (ethics, artisty, etc) is terrifying. If AI is developed to a point where companies can forgo the entire production crew, not only does an section of industry collapse overnight, but their monopoly over media we consume will be unfathomable.

  • James Cooper
    James Cooper Hace un mes +2

    I personally want to watch movies that other people watch too. A film should be an event and not some arbitrary generated piece only I watch, no matter how good it might be. It's random and isolated. When there's no conscious intend and communication behind the picture, I'm not drawn to it. Time becomes more and more valuable and I don't think I'd spend my time watching arbitrary movies when I can watch something precious. People also have comfort movies which they watch over and over again. The idea that everybody constantly wants new stuff is not entirely true. What I've noticed with AIs like Midjourney is: at some point you feel empty if you do nothing but visualize your ideas. It gets monotonous super fast. Using AI as a tool in it's proper place is way more fun.

  • RamsesTheFourth
    RamsesTheFourth Hace un mes +36

    As much as all this AI stuff is amazing and unbelievable. I am scared where it will lead to. I kind of hope that there will still be people who will make movies using actors, and animate things by hand, or draw things by hand, because that is art. Art connects with people way more than when you generate something automatically or procedurally. Of course we all dropped our jaws when we saw the Orc army for the first time in LOTR, but when you see it for the hundred times its not that amazing anymore. Same thing in games, you can have world that has thousends of planets and solar systems. But what good is it when there is nothing unique about any of it. We all want so we things where people put their soul into it. I really hope that will never go away.

    • FluffyPants
      FluffyPants Hace un mes +4

      The best thing that could happen is if it goes away because that means AI are able to create more unique and interesting content than mankind, god bless the machines!

    • Doodlegame
      Doodlegame Hace un mes +9

      ⁠@FluffyPantsNo. It’s really not.

    • Rick RollerDude
      Rick RollerDude Hace un mes +1

      Sturgeon's law. I rest my case.

    • Rafíssima
      Rafíssima Hace un mes

      ​@FluffyPantsguess you're a troll 😂

    • FluffyPants
      FluffyPants Hace un mes

      if you think that then bless you, you'll gone need it!@Rafíssima

  • Foxtrot.Uniform.Charlie.Kilo.Golf+

    AI background actor are here - like you said - it is just a matter of scope.
    I think the future for writers will be more to curate the AI, like edit it match certain profiles, even though it probably is easier and cheaper with AI. I think want the human touch - same way people pay extra for barrister coffee instead a regular one.
    For actors I think the future is gonna be devided into different camps; one where influencer/celebrities sell their likeness to movies/tv shows like action or comedy and another that makes "classic movies" - this could even be subdivided further like a actual stunts (like jackie chan) and something more similar to modern movies where an actors is doing emotion capture (the performance).
    I think AI an important tool for creators, while very expensive now, movies can be shot on an iphone now so I think it is coming for "lower tier" film makers.
    The real test is whether the studios will get greedy fuck everything up like they when they jumped on the woke-train were way to late to the streaming party.

  • Raphaele Franco
    Raphaele Franco Hace un mes

    I would love you guys to do a video on watermarks for deepfakes. Because I imagine that whithin the next years, governments and global players will increasingly have to deal with AI-generated fake news, either by trolls or by political enemies. If that was the case, we would need to have a reliable mechanism to distinguish real (or, as in this video, generated avatars, but still coming from the official position, e.g. a ministry) from fake Videos and messages.
    Is there any such technology imaginable or foreseeable? And how would the 'new internet' look at that point in time?

  • Extreme_Junky
    Extreme_Junky Hace un mes +1

    This just reminds me of when Midjourney and those sort of tools were just starting up. I went to a presentation done by an artist talking about how it could be used to help artists with their work. In the end his main point was this, those who are going to be affected by this new technology need to be in the room when rules and regulations are being made. There is little point trying to stop it from being used and it is best for those who are going to be affected to be the ones helping to guides it's path. Now we are starting to get rules and regulations around the use of people's art for use within these tools and I would not be surprised if similar things started to happen with actors, and writers. Even if it is something as simply as a little tick box that says I do not give permission for my content to be used within AI tools.

  • Henry Hazlitt
    Henry Hazlitt Hace un mes

    There was great fear that the printing press would put scribes out of business, and it did for the most part. But it also made it easier to publish books, so more books were written. The same thing with ebooks. They hurt the reach of paper books, but they also opened the gates for more writers to publish their books. AI/CGI actors might put some actors out of work, but it will open up the world of moving pictures to a vast new group of movie makers. It will be awesome to see a future where a movie producer can hire from a catalog of virtual actors to cast in their movie and then create it all in an AI rendered world. Brining stories to life without all the expenses of transporting, feeding, training, housing, or insuring a large cast of humans, and then all the costs of equipment, locations, and so much more, will ultimately make way for more stories that will entertain and inform us for generations to come.

  • Gabriel Kaleb
    Gabriel Kaleb Hace un mes

    There are always saturation/desaturation and contrast issues with deepfakes and CG alike. I do illustrations similar to AI generations. You can use a histogram to see that an added element doesn't match what surrounds it by checking the values (look specifically for darkest and brightest values). A lot of effort is put into understanding how light affects the rendered object, but not how light affects the real environment and how that light affects each object in frame as it gets closer or farther away. There are ways to measure light values and make these details more consistent, but it has more to do with understanding photography than a rendering.

  • Jack
    Jack Hace un mes +54

    I remember being in a play in the 90’s and other actors thinking the exact same thing was happening with cgi then.
    Directors like directing people, it’s the studios that throw cost cutting methods in. It’ll be the job of the director to maintain that relationship imo

    • Otaku Shinsaku
      Otaku Shinsaku Hace un mes +1

      Directors don't care, if they did, then the DGA would be striking with the actors/writers. Or at least fundraising for them.

    • Rohon Nag
      Rohon Nag Hace un mes +7

      Don't you guys get it. There will be no directors or crew or actors or writers. An studio executive will type/speak in keywords. Bam full movie done. Thats the reality we are fast heading towards. Or as this video said... Go home choose the actors and genre... Bam ur tv gives u a new movie or show tailored for you...

    • Idiomatick
      Idiomatick Hace un mes +3

      Full CG movies did eat a decent chunk of the space. This will eat a much larger chunk.

    • Kurayamino
      Kurayamino Hace un mes

      @Rohon Nag Why would we even need a "studio executive"? Or studios, for that matter?
      Like Wren said, sooner or later, you'll have the processing power and programs to just generate it yourself on your TV/Phone/VR interface or whatever.
      "AI, play a horror movie where I'm the killer and my bosses are the victims who die horribly."
      "AI, play the prequel trilogy, but make Jar-Jar a sith lord, and Mace Windu survives."
      "AI, play some porn where I'm the main character, and my partner's a red-skinned blue-haired alien pilot from Mars."
      I'd imagine you just download an AI program off the net and BOOM! Any movie you wish. Why would we ever keep the studio execs around? They're the most disposable part of the chain.

    • z beeblebrox
      z beeblebrox Hace un mes +1

      @Kurayamino Oh yeah, this is what silicon valley is hoping for. Some techbro startup is salivating at the possibility of creating a Netflix killer that also replaces the entirety of Hollywood with AI generated content.

  • brabes76
    brabes76 Hace 28 días +1

    I amnnot scared but it will be misused. I am actually excited about how the workflow for animated shows and movies might become easier or at least allow more depth in the same timeframe. also video game characters will hopefully be easier to create, texture and rig and possible their versitility will become more vast and fluid. I can see a tonnof potential but yes there needs to be something that funnels users focus from nefarious activity

  • Nano Tech
    Nano Tech Hace 19 días

    its mostly a fear of all the big studios using it cause they've been overtaken by Wal Street guys
    though for indie artists it's problebly a miracle these tools exist because an indie artist on a budget now has extra help with projects, things like concept art, music, and even voice (as long as its not stealing the likeness of an actual VA) can be huge bonuses for an indie artist getting into the field who may not have that big of a budget
    I think of AI is implemented with regulations and with proper care then it'll just become any other normal tool for creators, like how Photography, or Digital art were at first shunned by artists but now it's a normal thing
    technology changes and advances, we really shoulda seen this coming, its not new, it's just gotten better, and we really should be placing adleast some regulations on it, but to outright ban the use imo is just a silly request

  • Brendan Shroyer
    Brendan Shroyer Hace 28 días

    I think major studios may be running headlong into irrelevance without even realizing it. If the tools become available to make a blockbuster on an indie budget, what's stopping indie studios from taking the same tools and carving up all of the big studio market share for themselves? We're already seeing this effect in the music industry where small artists are carving out sections of the industry using tools that effectively replace much of what labels have traditionally done.

  • Raiaka
    Raiaka Hace 17 días +1

    The biggest ethical concern, as always, is the sourcing of training data. The only reason systems like Midjourney are able to produce halfway decent results is because of how much training data they have, and most of that training data was likely acquired without the knowledge or consent of the original artist.

  • ModernMyths
    ModernMyths Hace un mes

    When you mentioned "Just coming home and having your tv create a show with you in it" my first thoughts were of Video Games. Actually the movie "Ready Player 1". I LOVE rpg games (final Fantasy, Skyrim, etc) and if the technology continues. We might actually be moving to a real version of "Ready Player 1" future. Sadly both good, and that bad.

  • Gaming legend
    Gaming legend Hace un mes

    There is an amazing show in Netflix called Maniac (which is a remake of a show from Norway) the glimpses it gives you at the futuristic setting it has outside of the lab most of it happens in, you see things like people selling their likeness for cheap to ad companies with no royalies whatsoever to be used alongside their voices for ads. I can't imagine how terrible hollywood and the whole film industry will treat actors, and pretty much everyone involved in the making of movies from now on when the tech gets good enough for the consumer's liking.

  • Mikey Skoglund
    Mikey Skoglund Hace un mes

    it's definitely an important conversation to have, I think we can probably anticipate pretty well where this will go just by looking at how we've evolved in the past, but what I'm not sure of is what it will look like as we adapt to all of this technology. I was thinking of a future with all this stuff the other day and thinking, if/when we improve and pair XR technology with this you could essentially 'edit' the world around you....don't like how a person looks? Just apply a filter on them with your AI-powered lenses...want to talk with a deceased family member? Have an AI-generated model of them sit next to you on the couch.

  • Videoman2000
    Videoman2000 Hace un mes

    If we can simply generated films, it would open possibilities to amateurs to create movies on a scale which was not thinkable. Me and my sister made some movies about 15 years ago. We had plenty of ideas which at that time were not doable with our skills and budget. But if you could generate the movie with something like midjourney, it would open the possibility to actually make the movie we always wanted.
    (In the meantime she wrote a couple of books, which are just wating to be turned into a film/series)

  • CragDogNamedBear
    CragDogNamedBear Hace un mes

    Exactly the strikes are about creating a precedent. Definitely scary stuff. But after playing with most of these AI tools it’s really scary good to a certain point, and then it’s unusable and you need to train an entirely different model. I have no idea where things are going and I’ve been following this stuff since 2015 and google deep dream

  • Parth Kulkarni
    Parth Kulkarni Hace un mes +1

    I just completed my animation and VFX degree course this year. I created my showreel as a rigging artist and was eager to get employed...Then the strike happened...Now I am not sure when I will get employed. In my city there are a lot of layoffs in our industry and when hiring will resume, noone knows.

  • NKA23
    NKA23 Hace un mes +22

    I am an actor myself and I find this very scary. Okay, I am a stage actor, making enough money to get along, and as long as there will be some form of theatre and other art forms that include live acting, I will be able to get gigs, but if I was a movie actor without the chance of ever "hitting it big", I would probably be shitting my pants right now.

    • Дмитрий Горборуков
      Дмитрий Горборуков Hace un mes +2

      There are other jobs in the world, you know.

    • phobos
      phobos Hace un mes

      Or you would just find another profession, like many many MANY others have throughout time...

    • Nightmare 3711
      Nightmare 3711 Hace un mes +1

      @phobos How unsympathetic can you possibly be?

    • Buster
      Buster Hace un mes

      You get the same advice the coal miners got "Learn how to code pal"

  • strogg42
    strogg42 Hace un mes

    This reminds me so much of the excellent film The Congress (2013), where Robin Wright has to give up the rights for her face, body and acting when she is digitized - absolutely prescient, and a visually stunning film on top. You should totally watch it!

  • Jason Sidwell
    Jason Sidwell Hace un mes

    I think eventually the studios will see how much this strike is affecting their overall status change from "Beloved Film Studios" to "Horrible Bosses" or even worse, "Horrible Bosses 2". I loved those movies btw.

  • Beaniiman
    Beaniiman Hace un mes

    I feel like there will continue to be more of a union with video games and movie effects. A tech developed for background characters in a diner in a video game may be worked on with a studio to be used for both. Video game AI breakthroughs could also help the movie industry.

  • Funfunfun
    Funfunfun Hace un mes

    I think it will be determined by what audiences are willing to accept. I think the industry will be split. You will have movies that are crazy and full CG. But you will also have movies with more realism. Even today, I think there is a massive demand for more realism in movies. In general, its very sad. The most fun thing about movies is working with others.

  • Amhiel
    Amhiel Hace un mes

    I would like to recommend checking Neal Stephenson's book The Diamond Age, which I think is quite relevant to this conversation and curren developments. In that sci-fi book actors have some implants that read the impulses in the muscles of their bodies and do acting gigs from their own home real time on digital avatars. Instead of dots on the face, the implants capture directly what their muscles are doing under the skin providing a perfectly accurate capture of the performance. Given what is explained in the video about face animation it looks like an interesting next step in the technology. If you know anything about this author you know he has an uncanny forseeing ability for new technologies and the impact they'll have in the world. In the same book he also predicted 3D printing, nanotech, and AI applications on personalized content just to name a few.

  • fudeldideldu
    fudeldideldu Hace un mes

    Sorry, but you guys are so amazing. I Love evry Episode/video with so much detail and love to the topic. Keep it going!