We Compete to Make the Most SATISFYING CGi #5

  • Publicado el 24 sep 2023
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    The crew competes to make the most SATISFYING render in the 3D Program of their choice.
    Peter Hollens made the Skyrim cover for the Wrender! He's awesome check him out!
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    Chapters ►
    00:00 What Makes Something Satisfying?
    01:08 Ideas, Ideas, Ideas
    03:39 Satisfying Food
    05:27 Breakdown of the Scenes
    08:08 Wren's Render
    09:20 Sam's Render
    10:20 Jordan's Render
    12:14 Satisfying is Just Around the Corner
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  • Corridor Crew
    Corridor Crew  Hace 15 días +115

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  • DoodleChaos
    DoodleChaos Hace 15 días +3662

    Anybody else broken by Jorden this episode? The unhinged comments at the start had me dying 😆. Thank you for making me laugh today.

    • Brightsanta
      Brightsanta Hace 15 días +33

      He is a force to be reckoned with

    • Cory Prior
      Cory Prior Hace 15 días +16

      when did people start saying they were broken, to mean they enjoyed it and laughed
      From what I've been able to piece together, it was like 2 years ago, and I didn't start picking up on it until about 8 months ago
      now I'm broken....

    • Maxx B
      Maxx B Hace 15 días +15

      This was an assterpice of rendering!

    • deletrious
      deletrious Hace 15 días +7

      he makes this show feel like a kids show. Big L

    • Shingekirk
      Shingekirk Hace 15 días +7

      The tempo is consistent..

  • Buchnekromant
    Buchnekromant Hace 15 días +1053

    You guys should do a "most creepy CGI" episode for halloween. Be it a jump scare video, something with just a unsettling atmosphere, short creepypasta... Something along those lines.

      BTTRSWYT Hace 14 días +13

      That’d be dope

    • Merik Relian
      Merik Relian Hace 14 días +7

      would love to see a most creepy! :D

    • Asger Albæk Nørgaard
      Asger Albæk Nørgaard Hace 13 días +7

      Love it! Instead of Most SATISFYING render, it'll be the Most HORRIFYING!

    • Knives
      Knives Hace 9 días +1

      Oh my god yes.

    • Paradopx
      Paradopx Hace 9 días

      Love this idea

  • Andrew Cab
    Andrew Cab Hace 15 días +448

    Jordan’s render might be the funniest thing this channel has ever done. I was crying right along with Sam 😂🤣😂🤣

    • J Ramseier
      J Ramseier Hace 13 días +3


    • Gurra Tell
      Gurra Tell Hace 13 días

      To bad he only managed to get half the melody correct, but I guess that's what happens when you try something from a game you never played.

    • Alexander Semionov
      Alexander Semionov Hace 2 días +1

      what the hell Sam was trying to say when he was laughing?!!

  • Steven Porter
    Steven Porter Hace 15 días +1025

    I have never played Zelda and know basically nothing about it. This has really helped shape my understanding of why people love it so much

    • Cryptyyy _
      Cryptyyy _ Hace 15 días +2

      Certainly for the newer games :P

    • Ian Schock
      Ian Schock Hace 15 días +4

      Lol, as someone who has very much played Zelda, do not let this shape why people like the games lol.

    • Hate Hater
      Hate Hater Hace 15 días +28

      @Ian Schockhe’s telling a joke

    • Braddah Leeks
      Braddah Leeks Hace 14 días +2

      Yup, penguin-like creatures getting their booties slapped-all you need to know 😂😂😂

    • Yelsrow
      Yelsrow Hace 14 días +3

      Totk really is about doing what you want, how you want. This is just another korok torture build

  • Snozzer
    Snozzer Hace 14 días +154

    Sam's "what the hell did you make" giggle fit is so infectious. Absolutely hilarious ending.

  • Willie willcoxson
    Willie willcoxson Hace 14 días +99

    Jordan is one of the best things that has happened to the Corridor Crew. Keep crushing it dude!

    • Banyak Akal
      Banyak Akal Hace 12 días +3

      Exactly. An inspiring hire

  • RoomieOfficial
    RoomieOfficial Hace 15 días +2189

    Love your CGI competitions so much! More!!!!

    • aymon verheij
      aymon verheij Hace 15 días +31

      ofcourse you commented here it just makes sence

    • Christian Sørensen
      Christian Sørensen Hace 15 días +14

      This^ Also we'd love more of your music competitions and reactions, Joel! ❤

    • Melonimation
      Melonimation Hace 15 días +2

      I vote this

    • Lê Đăng Khoa
      Lê Đăng Khoa Hace 15 días +9

      OMFG!! you're my second favorite Sweden youtuber.

  • Bonez
    Bonez Hace 15 días +72

    I still don't think anything can beat Wren's viral satisfying clip. The sound of them sliding and then moving perfectly into place just itches a part of my brain that nothing else can

    • Andyblalock
      Andyblalock Hace 5 días

      scratches an itch? itch is the bad part

    • Bonez
      Bonez Hace 4 días

      @Andyblalock kinda semantics but sure

  • Gabriel Lynch
    Gabriel Lynch Hace 12 días +39

    Sam's slow descent into madness over the course of watching Jordan's is perfect.

  • Hey Just J
    Hey Just J Hace 14 días +55

    My wife is trying to go to sleep and I’m over here holding in laughter and giggling uncontrollably at the absurdity of the end of this video and Jordon being SO serious about his art. Chefs kiss to his humor.

  • Banyak Akal
    Banyak Akal Hace 12 días +28

    The flying helmet actually makes it a bit 'unreal' which in turn takes u out of the 'satisfying' part. Major part of satisfaction is the render needs to be feel like somewhat it could happen in the real world. So the flying helmet just feels like one of those bars that react to sound when you listen to music

  • Ickle Toonies
    Ickle Toonies Hace 15 días +107

    Oh my god. When Jordan played his animation I was in tears. I could watch that all day.

  • Deniz Gunduz
    Deniz Gunduz Hace 15 días +3184

    Jordan at it again with the out of pocket stuff.

    • ATCH
      ATCH Hace 15 días +76

      Jordan needs a restraining order

    • fatboi
      fatboi Hace 15 días +43

      ​@ATCHhe needs a restraining order on his brain to stop him from coming up with this stuff

    • Aiden Wallin
      Aiden Wallin Hace 15 días +5

      He didn't even use the whole Saria's Song.

    • Raymond Ortiz
      Raymond Ortiz Hace 15 días +9

      He broke everyone with that render. 😅😂

    • MrBest
      MrBest Hace 15 días +3

      Whens the first time you said "out of pocket" ? I find it interesting when people use these popular idioms. I always wonder, where did you hear it from and when did you decide that it sounds cool and you're going to adopt that phrase into your own speech?

  • BCT Alicorn
    BCT Alicorn Hace 14 días +72

    The lore behind Jordan's render is easily explained:
    There's a hidden room in a shrine in TotK where Link has to roll different bomb runes down a hill, and get them into the correct slots. Throughout the shrine, there are 8 stalkoblins, and if the player has 8 weapon slots open and they place all eight of them in hidden slots in the wall, a secret door opens to reveal four kikwis! They then talk to you about wanting to eat a plant that was lighting up their path as they accidentally wandered into the shrine (which is of course, the brightbloom seed). Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the Kikwi, they have a reaction with the brightbloom which inflates their glutes and makes their back bushes disappear for 10 minutes. The player must then ultrahand the kikwi to the colorful track, and place the rune bombs in the correct order by staring at a rune on the wall and figuring out the order of the colors. You can hit the rune bombs to discover the pitch they play. Then all you have to do is roll the bombs down the tracks in the correct order so that it plays any of the songs from Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask, then a cutscene will play of the kikwi bums being smacked.
    This extra room gives you a chest which contains the kikwi bum armor, which of course everyone knows has the absolute highest defense stat of any single armor piece in the game at 112.

    • JIBRANO!
      JIBRANO! Hace 9 días

      Tears of the kingdom didnt have bomb runes. You have failed

    • BCT Alicorn
      BCT Alicorn Hace 9 días +4

      Sure they are! For that one puzzle in the secret room of the shrine, they made an appearance ;)
      Why else would bomb runes be used in Jordan's render??

    • Shrooblord
      Shrooblord Hace un día


  • Braddah Leeks
    Braddah Leeks Hace 14 días +2

    Sam’s render reminds me of that miniature zombie apocalypse episode of Love, Death and Robots, while Jordan’s just comes outta nowhere 🤣🤣🤣

  • philbofetti archive
    philbofetti archive Hace 14 días +17

    Jordan, you honestly make my day whenever you're on screen. The stuff you come up with and your execution is just hilarious.
    Funniest render I've seen.

  • ICaNt mAKe YoU LAuHt YoU sAiD

    I love how they sit like 9feet apart from each other while spoiling and explaining what they will do to the camera man in detail but then act super surprised when they show it to each other.

  • Eva Adams Need. You.
    Eva Adams Need. You. Hace 15 días +31

    Jordan might be getting a little too comfortable with what he can say lmao

  • Digital Calamari
    Digital Calamari Hace 15 días +1479

    Can we have a "...Make the Most WEIRD CGI" ? Of course with Jorden taking the lead as teacher 😛

  • Bradley Carriger
    Bradley Carriger Hace 15 días +6

    I really want to download Jorden's render, so I can play it on loop for white noise while I work (and giggle)! Is there someone we can download these???

  • R4M_Solafar
    R4M_Solafar Hace 14 días +1

    Jordan really did one of the most renders ever.

  • Bladeswolf Gaming
    Bladeswolf Gaming Hace 15 días +18

    Jordan has such a great comedic timing

  • jack carver
    jack carver Hace 14 días +1

    Jordan brings so much boys' night energy and I am here for it

  • SergentBoucherie
    SergentBoucherie Hace 15 días +1385

    The only thing that would have made Jordan's render better would have been facial reactions for each slaps

    • omegadecisive
      omegadecisive Hace 15 días +67

      Even just a little eye close or something

    • HowMany Monkeys
      HowMany Monkeys Hace 15 días +54

      I was thinking more eye bulge lol each Cakewi could have different size eye bulges

    • Artor
      Artor Hace 15 días +56

      Or little waifu squeaks? That might have broken Sam irreparably.

    • Szymon
      Szymon Hace 15 días +5

      I was thinking the same during watching it, anyway brilliant stuff

    • Czef Czephatus Ch.
      Czef Czephatus Ch. Hace 15 días +10

      Add some of their screams, that would make duplet of like major perfect notes of each hit. Make it harmonize!

  • Gturnz
    Gturnz Hace 15 días +5

    JA’s ability to bring tears to everyones’ eyes is so great I love him to death. Great video as always gentleman!

  • Nightknight
    Nightknight Hace 14 días +2

    jordan is way too talented, but god damn you need to keep him on a leash xD

  • Travis Olander
    Travis Olander Hace 14 días

    That LoZ render is far and away the best thing in all the challenges to date. My sides have left orbit.

  • Mexipino
    Mexipino Hace 6 días +1

    Surprised these guys haven't done anything on Animusic. Pipe Dream is truly ~satisfying~

  • douglas lee
    douglas lee Hace 15 días +10

    Your next render challenge should be competing to have something create a predefined object in the most satisfying way.

  • MCsheepy
    MCsheepy Hace 15 días +963

    You know its a good day when corridor crew releases a render challenge

    • that dev
      that dev Hace 15 días +2

      the best day

    • ATCH
      ATCH Hace 15 días +1

      Oh such a good day. I’ve been waiting for this.

  • Hazardous Content
    Hazardous Content Hace 15 días +9

    at first I didn’t wanna like Jordan cause he felt like a Clint replacement but man I can’t help but love his personality, funny as hell

  • Reece Van Wyk
    Reece Van Wyk Hace 14 días

    I'm litterly just counting down the days for these satisfaction videos😂

  • Hey Nine!
    Hey Nine! Hace 14 días

    Jordan's on a different kind of smoke when it comes to these kinds of challenge. mASSterpiece! Do a creepy/ weird render challenge next in time for halloween!

  • Tyler Emery
    Tyler Emery Hace 13 días

    I don't think I've laughed so hard at a ESclips video in a while! Love it when y'all get cheeky with your animations

  • Ben Mills
    Ben Mills Hace 15 días

    I would love a Jordon and Peter Collab, would be beautifully chaotic

  • J McGill
    J McGill Hace 15 días +872

    Truly a slapper of an episode, guys!

  • CuppaJoJo
    CuppaJoJo Hace 6 días

    Guys. Animusic. It does EVERYTHING this video tries to accomplish. A masterclass in music animation.

  • EarthCybebe
    EarthCybebe Hace 14 días

    Jallen is such a golden member of Corridor. He is the chaos we all desire but are often too afraid to be ourselves.

  • The Great Lake
    The Great Lake Hace 15 días +13

    Laughing so hard with them after Jordan’s reveal. So funny 😂

  • Joe Turner
    Joe Turner Hace 15 días

    That was just amazing. Jordan is a genius.

  • Dxavior Sith
    Dxavior Sith Hace 14 días

    jordan has quickly become one of my favorite crew members

  • randomgamerdude87
    randomgamerdude87 Hace 15 días +441

    Jordan's chaotic energy is always one of my favorite parts about corridor vids

  • Kannan Chandra
    Kannan Chandra Hace 14 días

    If someone could figure out how to automate Wren’s thing to run in real time in response to music, that would be so dope as a visualization

  • Jason Quests
    Jason Quests Hace 13 días +1

    Wren: here is a video that perfectly captures the challenge
    Also Wren: here is my render which does the exact opposite

  • Yusuke Hoshi
    Yusuke Hoshi Hace 14 días

    There is a fine line between creativity and madness but Corridor walks it hard.

  • Apollolux
    Apollolux Hace 15 días +1

    That was an unexpected render by Jordan. I've played the heck out of Ocarina of Time back in the day and I've played and beaten Skyward Sword before, so I was familiar with the sources, but certainly wasn't anticipating seeing any of it done quite like that! XD

  • Andrea Stevens
    Andrea Stevens Hace 13 días

    Everyone’s renders are always entertaining but none will ever be as satisfying as Wrens puzzle render. It’s perfect

  • cyan10101
    cyan10101 Hace 15 días +366

    The more I see Jordan and his jokes, the more I love him being in videos.

  • Litrim
    Litrim Hace 14 días

    This video made my day, thank you! This whole satisfying CGi series is so great to watch, fine work.

  • SmashDriven
    SmashDriven Hace 14 días

    That is an excellent Zelda render. Very representative of what I did in Skyward Sword.

  • Fred Almeida
    Fred Almeida Hace 14 días +1

    2:03 That Puzzle Bobble sound effect never fails to amuse me!

  • JakeF
    JakeF Hace 13 días

    Literally almost spit out my drink multiple times watching this. The actual slap sound paired with the ocarina tune 😂😂😂

  • Mark V
    Mark V Hace 15 días +1

    Can't wait to see the zelda short get to 10 million views in a day

  • CrazyHorseInvincible
    CrazyHorseInvincible Hace 15 días +366

    I know this was released only 4 minutes ago and the video is 12 minutes long, but I'll claim that I saw the whole thing and loved every minute of it.

  • Nizmei
    Nizmei Hace 14 días

    Honestly, the butt chick render I can put on my TV to play in an infinite loop. It’s both satisfying in sound and visual aspects
    P.s: do a 10hour long version pls!

  • kanedakun
    kanedakun Hace 14 días

    Watching Sam break like this is always satysfying. 😂

  • EPOC 16
    EPOC 16 Hace 10 días

    There needs to be a challenge, like this with one of the industry pros you bring in. Have them judge it.

  • Andreas L
    Andreas L Hace 15 días

    A good laughter is also very satisfying, and I think Jordan nailed i-- slapped it right on the cheeks with this one

  • George Hernandez
    George Hernandez Hace 15 días +1

    Now I just need an endless loop if Jordans video.

  • benjerness
    benjerness Hace 15 días +73

    "The tempo is consistent
    We know what to expect
    And when it lands as we desire
    It makes us feel erect"
    Sun tzu - art of war

  • Hippyman
    Hippyman Hace 14 días

    Jordan went from sort of becoming my favorite person to flat out being my favorite person here.

  • SIV
    SIV Hace 8 días

    Jordan’s video is literally the definition of “send this to your friend and say nothing”

  • Carl Soll II
    Carl Soll II Hace 15 días

    The fly swatter sounding smacks in the end there 😅😄 I couldn’t stop smiling, soo funny

  • SharpWind
    SharpWind Hace 14 días

    Jordan is going more and more insane with each video

  • Amir Tapir
    Amir Tapir Hace 14 días +4

    Wren definitely got the most visually satisfying render.
    Sam got the most satisfying melody timed render.
    But Jordan got the best of both worlds in one!
    Great job guys, always pushing boundaries!!!!

  • CJCx3_Videos
    CJCx3_Videos Hace 15 días

    Even though i knew it was coming i laughed so hard at the cheek slapping. Something about the clap sound and zelda music is hilarious.

  • El Zofo
    El Zofo Hace 15 días

    From all the iconic characters and mobs from zelda, Jordan decided to use the most obscure and weird one lol

  • Ham Sandwichson
    Ham Sandwichson Hace 15 días

    I didn't even think it was that funny until they couldn't stop laughing! 😂

  • WindStrike
    WindStrike Hace 15 días +1

    Apparently, Kikwis are small, furry creatures with plantlike material on their bodies, used to camouflage them. They avoid violence and run at the first sign of danger. The part of their body that got slapped is supposed to be a bud that can bloom into a bush in order to hide. So, based on how Jordan decided to... "add music" to them, we have some interesting questions to ask:
    - Does this animation loop right before the blooming period?
    - If they were to bloom, with posteriors that jiggly, how much would they bloom?
    - What's the true reason they avoid violence? Is it purely out of fear? Or is it because they are satisfying to slap, and they don't want anyone else to find out how much "satisfaction" it brings them?
    - What causes them to become this jiggly? Is it someone controlling a slider from beyond the 4th Wall, or is it perhaps, a primal slapping nature from within their culture?
    As requested, I have dug into the lore, and those are the questions I have after considering Jordan's musical adventure with them. Please, anyone reading, do not answer these questions. I have enough mental damage for the next few weeks already.
    Also, as scarred as I am... kudos on making it work too well.

  • SStefann
    SStefann Hace 15 días

    The giggle physiques were incredible 😂

  • Dexter Hochstetler
    Dexter Hochstetler Hace 15 días +381

    I think we need a VFX Artists React to Animusic. Those were so wonderfully done.

    • Trixbur!
      Trixbur! Hace 15 días +4

      Oh my gosh I was just thinking about those but couldn’t remember what they were called! Thanks for reminding me!

    • Stolkmen
      Stolkmen Hace 15 días +6

      Loved them as a kid. Still do. Would be dope if they did this.

    • sannn
      sannn Hace 15 días +7

      I was thinking the same when Wren mentioned his instagram references, kinda crazy he is not aware of Animusic.

    • Nomadic Medic
      Nomadic Medic Hace 15 días +1

      I have the DVD collection of them thanks to my dad. Been watching them since I was a child.

    • Zeta4
      Zeta4 Hace 14 días +2

      yeah when Wren showed the xylophone instagram thing my mind immediately went to Animusic

  • Michael Pathmann
    Michael Pathmann Hace 14 días

    Huge Zelda fan. You made my day!

  • JarraxQ
    JarraxQ Hace 14 días

    "How jiggly should a butt be to be cute and not weird?" If Jordan really thought about this he'd realise he'd already crossed the line. 😂

  • Skydive117
    Skydive117 Hace 13 días

    Wren's render gave me goosebumps.

  • Chance
    Chance Hace 15 días +2

    How have you guys never made a video about animusic? Shit slaps and is satisfying as hell. We had to watch it in my elementary school music class

  • Mossie
    Mossie Hace 15 días

    I am not am artist nor a filmmaker. So bare with me while i try to explain my love for them and my challenge.
    First and foremost: I've alwat been a fan of your cinematography and cgi. The way you guys strive to use high-end technology in your vids (sometimes never been done tech) is astounding. If it is any good we will leave it to judge by the masses. So far it has been loved far and wide.
    Besides that, i have been loving your satisfying videos. This is a challenge where you all use a different skillset (because you all have a different skillset(derp)) to create a satisfying video.
    Lastly i think at the core of video editing lies transition. To transition from one scene to another. Or even closer to the core. One shot to another. For example you have a 2 fighters fighting. You have multiple shots. You gotta transition from one shot to amother real quick. This takes skill to see when it is a right moment or not. But this is basic (i think). But what if there is a little girl hitting a piñata whit a stick. And all of a sudden the stick transitions into a blade. Then she hits it again and it slices the piñata and candy flies out everywhere. But at that point the whole scene transitions into another scene. The candy change into spraks. The blade remains the blade . But the girl changes into a ninja or whatever.
    I would to see a challenge where yoy transition from a scene to another scene (which at first hand have nothing to do with eachother) to another scene fluently.

  • Mr. M
    Mr. M Hace 15 días +279

    Patiently waiting to see if Nintendo copyright strikes this video because of Jordan's render 🤣

    • Max Mustermann
      Max Mustermann Hace 15 días +82

      if they copyright strike it it's cannon, that's the rule

    • TheRealAlpha2
      TheRealAlpha2 Hace 15 días +28

      I think the couple of off tune notes makes it legally distinct enough.

    • Ashutosh Codes
      Ashutosh Codes Hace 15 días +1

      Disney might.

    • Adam Knight
      Adam Knight Hace 15 días +15

      @TheRealAlpha2 are they not bum notes?

    • firekirby123
      firekirby123 Hace 15 días +5

      @Adam Knight Oh, you!

    VIPER.GX Hace 14 días

    We need these satisfactory episodes more often... pleaaaase!

  • Gruzuk
    Gruzuk Hace 14 días

    Jordan unironically took it this round. Well played sir!

  • Arni Freyr Erlingsson
    Arni Freyr Erlingsson Hace 15 días

    Those slap sounds made my day. Can't stop laughing

  • Town TV
    Town TV Hace 15 días +4

    0:48 he already sowed what he was gonna reap with his render in this episode

  • Alex Mellor
    Alex Mellor Hace 15 días +326

    "Weird" might be a better adjective than "satisfying" for these renders

    • Millo234
      Millo234 Hace 15 días +28

      I dunno, Jordan’s render was pretty satisfying 😌

    • Dharma Jannyter
      Dharma Jannyter Hace 15 días +5

      Weirdly satisfying.

    • mtpr
      mtpr Hace 15 días +1

      "Why not both?"

    • GuyWithAnAmazingHat
      GuyWithAnAmazingHat Hace 14 días +9

      Yea honestly as someone with OCD, resulting in a very small tolerance for satisfaction, I don't think Corridor has ever made a single satisfying video in these challenges before.
      All the examples of satisfying videos they always show that inspired them are all way more satisfying, like the glowing jigsaw block falling into a seamless hole, that's what satisfying should look and feel like. Their videos are always chaotic and are more mildly irritating than satisfying.

    • Richard Crawford
      Richard Crawford Hace 14 días

      Definitely weird, and I really quite enjoy it in general. Absolutely amazing idea and it gets a good laugh. But considering the actual music is just objectively wrong makes it the opposite of satisfying. To execute it correctly he needed to extend the range note higher to hit the upper notes, but instead he shifted multiple notes an octave down, and it sounds completely wrong and its incredibly abrasive, imo.
      I guess if a person doesn't know the song, they wouldn't know its wrong so it sounds fine. But imagine taking any well known song and just playing 2 or 3 wrong notes in the middle of the chorus and most people would cringe.

  • صوت تشابك القوارض على أواني المطبخ الكبيرة

    Dang, for a second I almost thought Jordan was gonna make that render using Zelda herself, what with her BoTW design and all... 🤤🤤🤤

  • iambiggus
    iambiggus Hace 15 días

    I was ☠️ at the end. Plus Nick cracking up in the background while he was watching it take form 😂😂

  • Triston Loux
    Triston Loux Hace 11 días +1

    Jordan: hilarious
    Sam: solid
    Wren: sick

  • D Blom
    D Blom Hace 13 días

    Great work by all. Visually, all were excellent. My suggestions for wren: use the skyrim emblem for the pinnacle notes. My suggestion for Sam: soften the horn noise and have it hold longer (ligatto instead of sticcato). My suggestion for Jordan: increase the noise for the rolling ball to help avoid the silence. Of course this is coming from a nobody with no vfx skill so… grain of salt. Loved them all

  • S del George
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