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We Made Slightly Offensive Toys
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Camera Collar on a Farm Cat!
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  • Cullen Tapprich
    Cullen Tapprich Hace 3 minutos

    What Dreams May Come came out in 1998. To make up for this error, do Fight Club. (:

  • SlimeTime1
    SlimeTime1 Hace 10 minutos

    the haircut?

  • Untrained Professional
    Untrained Professional Hace 10 minutos


  • SlimeTime1
    SlimeTime1 Hace 13 minutos


  • SlimeTime1
    SlimeTime1 Hace 15 minutos

    i knew that that wren wasnt real imagine wren just dissapeared from corridor forever after this

  • Samuel D Chubb
    Samuel D Chubb Hace 19 minutos

    Best one yet

  • Wic ed1
    Wic ed1 Hace 23 minutos

    I liked my own comment 🦪

  • Carlos Andrés Cortés
    Carlos Andrés Cortés Hace 25 minutos

    There's nothing sacred anymore

  • Qerm
    Qerm Hace 27 minutos

    I spat out my drink when i saw that picture of "Corridor digital 1972" on the sponsored segment, been watching you guys since the early days, it's been a helluva journey!

  • Ze N00B
    Ze N00B Hace 30 minutos

    I like eating while watchin this sort of stuff more because the contrast makes whatever bland food I'm eating instantly more appetizing compared what is shown on-screen.

  • Andre Mclean
    Andre Mclean Hace 42 minutos

    Is the new Tesla bot video cgi?

  • Maphew404
    Maphew404 Hace 44 minutos

    I get Trump and Seagal confused all the time lol. Literally one and the same.

  • Jeffry Gutiérrez
    Jeffry Gutiérrez Hace 49 minutos

    I feel so bad for the current state of VFX in hollywood, I feel these people are being exploded and for what? a crappy super hero movie every 6 months? this is what happens when you turn a form of art into a manufactured product and is awful, super hero movies have always been my favorites and lately I just feel like watching transformers all over again, a lot of explosions and lens flares and lightning and almost no heart or quality or love for the craft, for me right now less should be more, the other one that was a disaster for me was Antman Quantunmania -.-

  • Eric J
    Eric J Hace 53 minutos

    Gui with the cameo means a stunt men reacts is on the way!

  • Ninja Doge
    Ninja Doge Hace 55 minutos

    15:12 even i was able to solve it!

  • sugarshaun
    sugarshaun Hace 59 minutos

    Gui falling asleep at 15:15 is so funny to me

  • Nidhogg Hulk
    Nidhogg Hulk Hace un hora

    There are some cool stunts in the late 90s Mummy movies. One that sticks out is in the first one, a guy gets thrown from a car and (appears) to hit a light pole at speed. Could get an episode or two on the trilogy.

  • Nick Janson
    Nick Janson Hace un hora

    You spelled attic wrong

  • TheFrozenFlame
    TheFrozenFlame Hace un hora

    5:47 Jake sounded like a dad who didn't want to crush his son's feelings about his art project.

  • Dtrn
    Dtrn Hace un hora

    This is next level, like muuuuch better than I would see on this channel

  • Charlie Callister
    Charlie Callister Hace un hora

    Great video, always fantastic to have Peter back

  • Roy
    Roy Hace un hora

    This is by far my favorite rated R remake thus far.

  • happyeditz456
    happyeditz456 Hace un hora

    I’ll be here for a year and I’m still her

  • Bind Media
    Bind Media Hace un hora

    Please bring back Ted for another episode, this guy is the kind of animator that makes me love animation all the more

  • Drunken Angel
    Drunken Angel Hace un hora

    Please evacuate LA before igniting your little toy! Otherwise people will sue you and it will be really expensive!

  • random cat
    random cat Hace un hora

    Scar, I don't think that scarland should be polluting the atmosphere

  • Clickety Brickity
    Clickety Brickity Hace un hora

    Why haven’t they done sea monsters yet? Whyyyyyyyy????? Sad

  • Allen Newberry
    Allen Newberry Hace un hora

    Only problem is the Russians are building their stockpiles again since we no longer get along i the slightest

  • Slump God
    Slump God Hace un hora

    Pres.Byden is currently pushing us closer to this reality everyday. I pray that America wakes up and gets him out - before its too late. 🙏

  • Krish Modi
    Krish Modi Hace un hora

    This is so good I Mean I am watching this for the 5th time and i watched the batman one literally 6 times I think that’s the better one

  • Max Bowen
    Max Bowen Hace un hora

    Pop goes the weasel😂

  • Off100_24
    Off100_24 Hace un hora

    im not hungry anymore ALSO WHAT THE F*cK I HAVE TRYPHOBIA

  • Joe F
    Joe F Hace un hora

    Oh no…LA is gone…

  • I AM Zero223
    I AM Zero223 Hace un hora

    I like your optimism but Saudi Arabia and Iran talking about making nukes and Russia talking about upping their nukes it just matter of time😢

  • B Y
    B Y Hace un hora

    This is only possible if we (humanity) stop making every "THING" for "MONEY".

  • Peace&Love
    Peace&Love Hace un hora

    Absolutely amazing!

  • John Larson
    John Larson Hace un hora

    All B-83s are based out of Whiteman AFB, Missouri and are primarily carried by the B-2 Spirit Bomber. The asset bunkers are on the southeast side of the base and those bombs do travel so not are all on base at any given time but each are HQ'd at Whiteman. ACLMs are at Minot and Barksdale (even though Barksdale will say otherwise) and of course ICBM fields at FE Warren, Minot, and Malestrom with SLBMs at Kitsap and Kingsbay with other maintaining facilities at Tonopah, Hill, Nellis, Indian Springs, Amarillo, Sandia labs in New Mexico and the liat goes on. Several B61 and B62 versions are forward deployed across the Earth. Also, newer science makes nukes not the biggest threat on the block.

  • Jefferson Rose
    Jefferson Rose Hace un hora

    Talk To Me was so refreshing and daring and new on so many levels. I'm organizing a watch party at my house for all my friends who missed it in theaters.

  • PedroManX
    PedroManX Hace un hora

    Oh woah, bizarre..

  • Tyler Tylerson
    Tyler Tylerson Hace un hora

    Have y'all ever heard of a movie called Brainscan? It's one of those movies you saw the cover for in Blockbuster growing up but never ended up renting. Theres a scene in the movie where the character Trickster comes out of a TV, morphing from weird 80s/90s.. whatever you call it, to what looks like organs, then into the character. Perhaps it's a simple effect, but for the time and the budget i figure you guys might get a kick out of looking at it.

  • Kalsang Rodd
    Kalsang Rodd Hace un hora

    Does the first kid explode?

  • MAAP
    MAAP Hace 2 horas

    duuuuuuuuuuuude you talk too much!

  • Spencer Burch
    Spencer Burch Hace 2 horas

    Y’all destroyed this introoooo 🔥

  • David Griffiths
    David Griffiths Hace 2 horas

    Hyperactive but high quality. This is exactly what the neoliberal puppets say we should not think about as it interferes with their geopolitical projects that funnel the bulk of national output, and the value of the currency itself, into a murderous political corporate cartel. The UK has plenty of unintelligent media consumers that are clearly not interested in real information or critical thought and are full of bravado when it comes to nuclear war. These fools love to hear about missile attacks on Russian cities. They would undoubtedly be very cheerful to hear of English weapons trainers helping Ukrainians fire British cruise missiles into Moscow, if that happened by accident or design. But they won’t sound so confident with their faces melted and their families and homes on fire. The radioactive infernos would be just the beginning. Billions of survivors would then die of radiation sickness, unless they understood how to shelter from it for a month, before freezing and starving to death. This is the game our so called elected representatives and their corporate masters, who no doubt do have radiation shelters, play with billions of lives and the entire global ecology. When we look at the Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Scholtz etc (these puppets have appeared in most Western nations) circus of weak and power hungry narcissists, we see a metastasised cancer of civilisation on the verge of killing the host species…. It’s not just about the nukes.

  • Cameron Rushton
    Cameron Rushton Hace 2 horas

    Ted was awesome!

  • B Y
    B Y Hace 2 horas

    THIS was profound ... and now I feel small

  • nordico
    nordico Hace 2 horas

    I had to gaslight myself into thinking this was a Ps3 game in the theater😂

  • BigMoon23 :D
    BigMoon23 :D Hace 2 horas

    This video made me feel uncomfortable

  • Christian Garibay
    Christian Garibay Hace 2 horas

    Ok just wanted to say those " real videos" are fakes, the military made those to scare the Russians into believing we had a lot of them. But i did love the video was super fascinating, also if you dont believe me on the nukes rewatch them, watch as the blast goes off, how did a car magically appear, that and how did the camera survive the devastating blast

  • Seehank
    Seehank Hace 2 horas

    I love Jordan, just need to get it out into the world.